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That was the first word Teddy said, and when he said it, the entire room froze.

It had been a Saturday, and the entire Weasley clan was having lunch. Andromeda had been invited at Harry's request, she sat at one side of the large table, talking quietly with Audrey Meadows, soon to be Weasley, with Teddy blabbing incoherently at her other side. Percy and Arthur were discussing a new Ministry law that required all werewolves to register, with the exchange being shelter and Wolfsbane for each month. Molly and Angelina were already placing plates of food on the table, Ron smiling widely, holding Hermione's hand, who was chuckling at something Ginny had said. Charlie and George were bantering about dragons and the possibility of selling dragon egg replicas that hatch into miniature dragons.

Harry himself, had stood in the doorway, having just returned from another Ministry mission. When Ginny caught sight of him, she quickly stood up and kissed him quickly on the cheek, before directing him to a seat next to her own. Teddy had clapped, a smile on his face, his hair rapidly changing into Harry's own. Harry had chuckled, ruffled Teddy's hair, and greeted those around the table. When Molly and Angelina returned with the last few plates, they had all said a few words, complimenting Molly and Angelina's cooking. Soon they had all dug in, Andromeda helping Teddy eat.

It had happened just before Harry was done his shepherd's pie, and had cut pieces of meat for Teddy. After he fed Teddy a piece, and was spearing another, Teddy said it.

His words had been quite quiet, almost unheard from the rest of the adults, and yet, it was as loud as if he'd shouted it.


Had the situation been less serious, Harry would've found the table's reaction humorous. Andromeda spilt her glass of water across the table, Molly dropped a ladle of soup, Ginny's next bite of spaghetti hovered in mid-air, Hermione and Percy paused in the middle of their debate over the werewolf law, Ron choked on his sandwich, George and Charlie froze, Angelina gasped, Arthur gaped, and Audrey had been about to sit in her seat after returning from a trip to the washroom, and wound up missing her chair and landing on the floor.

Harry had dropped the fork into a bowl, sending broth everywhere. His eyes widened, his jaw dropped, all sound muted, his mind was whirling.

Dada, Daddy, Dad.

Teddy seemed very unaware of his surprising act, and was gleefully clapping his hands together, squealing the word over and over, "Dada! Dada! Dada!"

Andromeda closed her eyes, tears clinging to her lashes. Harry was shaking, his head turning from side to side. No, no, no.

Teddy stopped, seeming to notice the silence his words had induced. He looked around, before his hair turned a mousy brown, wondering what he did wrong.

Harry had stood up and left the room immediately, Teddy's cries echoing behind him, tears streaming down both their faces.

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