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Begin Chapter 2

The next morning…

I felt myself slowly rising out of the dark of slumber. Something felt off, yet so terribly right… I tried to move, but something was wrong. I slowly opened my eyes, immediately seeing the problem. "…I'm still the same," I whispered to myself. "I'm still a Mudkip, a Pokémon…I still don't understand exactly how I came to be a Pokémon in this game…" I tried to think some more, but my sleep fogged brain refused to ponder the complexities of magic and the universe. "I feel so groggy and sleepy.." I muttered, trying to voice my feelings. "I don't feel so…good…" I trailed off and caught the sound of rustling to my side as I slowly returned to the blackness.

I felt myself returning to consciousness quickly, but my memories were much slower to come back to the forefront of my mind. I staggered upright onto his four legs, and slowly looked around. I was inside a large, one-roomed house. I wanted to call it a hut, but I kept picturing Hagrid's hut and this place was so much cleaner and more complex than his hut had been. There was a shallow pool stretching across one side of the house, and a row of candles lined the other wall. A small fountain was pouring water into the pool, and a large fireplace mirrored it on the other side. Small plants dotted the empty space between the two sides. There were two raised platforms: a larger stone one I was lying on, and a smaller straw one a large, red lizard was lying on.

Ah- right. Pokémon. I am one, my new friend is one, and all of the people needing to be rescued are Pokémon. Right now, I'm really wishing Dudley had watched more Pokémon, because I don't know almost anything about this Mudkip Pokémon I have been turned into, or the Char-thing Ann is.

I blinked when I took stock of my new body. "Huh! I'm feeling like I just slept on my Hogwart's bed, not a stone slab!" I exclaimed to myself, surprised at how relaxed my body was compared to how I assumed it would feel. I had not been impressed when I realized the bed Ann was offering was made of stone, but I had said nothing because it was better than nothing.

I sighed when I realized that despite my refreshed state, I was still a Pokémon. Four blue legs, two yellow whiskered cheeks, fish tail, and a fish fin on my head. Yay, the joys of being a Quadra-pedal fish-Pokémon-thing. At least Ann is bipedal. I frowned slightly and looked over at the snoring figure. She was quieter than Ron when he snored, but that wasn't saying much. I debated on whether or not to wake her, but I decided it would be better to think about what would happen next. Hermione would be so proud of me for thinking ahead.

I had agreed to form a 'Rescue Team' with the other Pokémon, whatever that was. Ann had said that a Rescue team was for saving Pokémon that got in trouble, but how do we do that? Do we just wander around in mazes looking for lost Pokémon hoping we don't get lost ourselves? Do we knock out Pokémon that are hurting others? At least the Pokémon we hurt heal quickly, and nobody seems to have to die here… I frowned as I remembered another piece of my new Pokémon physique. My scar had remained; an ever-present reminder of the Wizarding World and the deaths that came with it…and all the recent deaths have been my fault, and soon I'm going to have to add my own body count to the total…

Luckily, a voice saved me from further dark thoughts. "Hey, are you alright? You've got this really pensive look on your face, your whiskers are drooping, and everything about you is starting to scream depressed. Just so you know. You said you weren't a Pokémon before, so you might not realize all the really obvious signals you are giving off." I had turned around sometime during the explanation to see Ann sitting beside me, having awoken and moved while I was distracted. "Feeling any better now?"

I shrugged my shoulders, which felt really weird when I was standing on the limbs that did the shrugging… "I'm fine," my standard response slipped out unbidden. When Ann tossed me a clearly skeptical look, I expanded my explanation slightly. "I'm just…adjusting."

Ann seemed to think on this for a moment, then just shrugged and nodded. Her expression suddenly brightened. "Oh! I got distracted; are you ready to start our rescue team? Today marks the first day that the Gryffindors will go out and save others!" The Charmander –that's what that Pokémon is called, I finally remember!- was bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet. Balls- oh crap, what happened to mine? Wait, I have to think about that later, she's still talking. "I cannot believe that I can finally, finally go out and actually help others… let's go see if we have any job offers yet!"

With that, the red Pokémon blurred out of the house and through the front yard to the mailbox. I followed after her at a slightly more sedate pace, still slightly confused about whatever was going on. By the time I reached the mailbox, Ann was practically jumping up and down while gleefully clutching a sack to her chest. "Yes! We have our Rescue Team Starter Set!" She promptly drew out a small item, a white and pink badge with wings. "Check it out!" She tossed it towards me, and I quickly snatched it out of the air. "A Rescue Team Badge for each of us! These show that we are a real, completely AWESOMERecue Team!" She practically squealed in glee, clutching her badge to her chest. I held my own up, trying to figure out where I could put it. I didn't have pockets or any clothes to stick it to.

When I looked back up, Ann had the badge somehow attached to her chest and was stroking it gently, evidently calmed somewhat and entranced by the item. I looked from her to the badge, then back again. With a shrug –and that still feel so weird- I pressed the badge to my chest. I was surprised when the badge actually stuck on and was only slightly irritating. I turned back to Ann, who was now cooing over a large…toolbox?

Yes, the fire Pokémon –and it was hard to forget the fire with her tail burning like that- was clutching a small, red toolbox to her chest. An adjustable strap was dangling over her arms, swinging back and forth as she rocked in place. I felt a bead of sweat drop down my face as I observed this scene. What have I gotten myself into now? Is she…sane? After several moments passed and she did nothing but croon to the inanimate object, I spoke up. "Erm…Ann? Are you alright?"

She froze and looked at me, blinking rapidly. She seemed confused, but a bright blush crossed her face after several seconds. "Ah! Sorry, I get weird when I get excited. And this! This is so exciting!" she exclaimed, doing a little twirl while I stared, flabbergasted. "This is the symbol of what I have been working towards for the last year! I just cannot believe I'm finally ready to help, with an awesome partner by my side!" An odd… squee-ing sound came from the Charmander.

Can humans make such a sound? After a moment more, she stopped, slung the toolbox strap over her shoulder, and dug back around through the bag. "Soo….what was that?"

Ann blinked, pausing in her rooting through the bag. "Oh, this?" she asked, tapping the box. "It's a toolbox…well, it's called a toolbox, but it's really just a really neat, upgradable* storage box. Its use is only permitted by authorized Rescue Teams, so I was really excited to get it. You can normally carry around one, maybe two things easily, but this toolbox can carry 20 things inside!" I looked skeptically at the small box, but Ann missed it when she was rooting around in the bag for something else. After a few minutes of searching, she gave up and pulled back with a disappointed expression.

"It's not here…" She said mournfully. "We were supposed to get an edition of Pokémon News, but I can't find it…" she trailed off miserably. I cautiously stepped forward and tried to pat her on the shoulder. Thankfully, my new quadruped form allowed me to stand on just my hind legs for a moment, long enough to be let me pat her shoulder a few times.

"It's alright…I don't read magazines anyways, and we can probably see if anyone else has one." I said cautiously. Should it be Pokébody now, or anypoké?

She nodded slowly. "I suppose you're right. I don't really read magazines anyways…I just want everything a real rescuer has. It hasn't quite sunk in yet, that I'm a real rescue team member now. Everything feels like a dream…" she trailed off. She perked back up again suddenly. "That's right! We actually have rescue request! I waited for you to get here before opening it."

I blinked. Had I taken that long to get outside? Ann was already scanning the paper she had pulled from inside the envelope, mouthing the words as she read the letter. "Ye-e-e-es!" She crowed. "Remember Caterpie? Well, apparently he told one of his friends about it, and they need our help! Two Magnemite were in a cave when a strange electromagnetic wave passed through and unexpectedly combined them! If three Magnemite get together, they can evolve into Magneton, but two Magnemite just are not complete!"

I think I missed 1 word in every 5. "Erm…Magnet-mite? Evolution?"

Ann paused, and then replied sheepishly, "Oh, right. I forgot that you don't know about Pokémon, but I assumed you would at least know evolution…though I suppose if you don't know about Pokémon, how would you know about evolution?" She mused to herself. After shaking her head as if to clear it, she continued speaking. "Anyways, Magnemite is an electric Pokémon and it evolves into Magneton when three Magnemite combine. Evolution is when a Pokémon, or as in this case, some Pokémon, have grown strong enough that their form can change and reflect that growth. Once most Pokémon reach a high enough level, they can 'evolve' in a special cave where their entire body changes."

Ann sighed wistfully. "I can evolve once I reach level 16, but the evolution place has been messed up by the crazy incidents lately. There is a large chance that the evolution will go wrong, and the only thing that happens is being left in terrible pain for several days." Ann winced. "The chance of failure lessens the stronger you get…but…there's always at least a 25% chance of pure pain." A determined look suddenly filled her face. "But I will try to evolve once I reach level 20, and again at level 40! No matter how many tries it takes or how much pain I endure, I will become a Charizard someday!"

The focused look on her face was actually slightly intimidating. "Err…alright, I believe you. As long as you remain as focused as you are now," scarily focused, "I'm sure that you will be able to do it."

Ann sighed and nodded, all signs of her prior display disappearing. "Thanks. Anyways, we should probably head on over to Thunderwave cave where the Magnemites were hurt."

I shrugged and nodded, following her when she began to follow a path into the woods. I still didn't understand everything about what was going on, but I did get that I was about to go help someone with my new, slightly unstable friend.

- ThunderWave Cave

The trip to Thunderwave Cave was silent, both of us once more lost in our thoughts. I was still trying to adjust to this new world and form. Every so often, I would try a new maneuver that often left me tripping over my feet (all four of them) and landing on my face. I was incredibly grateful for my new speedy healing after an hour or so of experimenting. I had found out several interesting things about this new Mudkip body, however. Most importantly, I could stagger several steps upright if I really, really, really concentrated. I also realized that I could sense where the nearest water was, courtesy of my new hairdo, or rather, fin-do. What I thought were whiskers on my cheeks were actually gills. I couldn't help but compare this to the gills I had grown using Gillyweed during the second task. These were infinitely better; I could breathe outside of water as well as in.

Finally, we arrived at the entrance to a rather large cave. Waiting for us at the entrance were…two floating magnets? It looked like two magnets attached to a large metal ball was hovering in midair…and there was another one right beside it! Ann perked up, the flame on her tail flaring brighter as she caught sight of the metal things.

"Ah, Magnemites! Hello!" She called out as we drew even with the pair. These are Magnemites? What are these Pokémon creatures, really? Are there no limits to their- our weirdness? "Are you the ones who sent the message?"


One of my gill-whiskers twitched at their odd voice, the electricity humming in the air thrumming uncomfortably against my skin. Ann, however, seemed to feel nothing and simply nodded at the Magnemites before striding into the cave. Brushing off a shiver, I followed her into the well-lit cavern.

We slowly crawled through the tunnels, quickly coming to a dead end with a sleeping Pokémon. Ann let out a low hiss under her breath as the Pokémon startled awake. It was a large grey dog –though really, everything is large to me now- with fierce yellow eyes.

"A Poocheyana," Ann whispered to me, probably trying to avoid antagonizing it. There was no point in her efforts, however; the dog leapt forward and tackled into her. She held her ground against the creature, and I tackled into it in retribution as she smacked it with one of her paws. With a low whine, the creature fainted. Smirking, Ann turned back to me. "I knew it. You are an awesome partner."

"Thanks, I guess. You are too…though I wouldn't really know." I replied noncommittally. Ann rolled her eyes, but she had a pleased smile on her face as we kept on moving.

Along the way, we ran across several items. The most common were small grey stones that Ann called Gravelerocks. Apparently, they were amazing projectile weapons, almost homing in on the target on their own. I was about to throw one at Ann's general direction to test this when yet another Pokémon sprung out of the caves. It was a Poocheyana, and Ann timed her moves just so that she managed to get in the first strike. Howling with rage, the Poocheyana turned to flee, but I threw one of the rocks at it. Although I was more suited for catching and seeking than throwing, the stone struck true and the wild Poocheyana sank to the floor.

"Nice one!" Ann called. I grinned back at her.

"You, too!" We crossed paths with plenty more Pokémon along the way, all attempting to attack us. One of the Pokémon managed to attack me before I did, and I sank onto my knees as a strong electric current rushed through my body. Gasping as Ann dealt with another Pokémon, I swiped at the ground, Mud-Slapping the Electabuz right in the face. It howled and staggered back a step before fainting.

I blinked in surprise at my felled opponent as Ann finished off another Electabuz with her new attack, Ember, which sent streams of flame shooting from her mouth. "How in Merlin's name did that take him down?"

Ann giggled at my dumbfounded expression. "We're Pokémon! Logic doesn't always work with us. You'll find strange things happen, like you will always find mud for your attack even if there isn't any dirt nearby, or that dirt can really hurt when tossed." She frowned. "I haven't told you about type advantages yet, have I?"

I tried to recall the various tidbits of conversation we had while walking around. She had told me about berries that could heal, Oran berries, and Berries that removed poison, Pecha berries, and Rawst berries that could heal burns, but nothing about 'type advantages.' I shook my head and told her so.

She turned to the nearest wall and promptly thwacked her head on it, pulling back and wincing after a dull thud was heard throughout the halls. "Ow. Stupid me times two. Types are…well…I'm a fire type Pokémon, you are water, and that Electabuz was electricity. Electric moves do more damage to a water type Pokémon, and Water moves do more against a fire type. Your move, Mud-Slap, was a ground move, which has an advantage over lightning. Don't question it, just try to memorize the advantages and disadvantages as you come across them."

I tried to say something several times, but eventually gave up at the illogic of Pokémon.

After many more battles and another leveling up for both of us, we finally spotted the two magnet Pokémon entangled in each other. "Oh! There they are!" Ann pointed out to me, and we rushed over to their sides. "Let's get you out safely," she murmured soothingly to them. The Magnemite were silent, perhaps muted by the same electromagnetic wave that had joined them, but they slowly followed us out of the cave. I was confused at how easily we made it out, but I realized that I was following the badge; it was leading us out.

Soon, we emerged back into the sunlight. The Magnemite hovering worriedly by the door quickly rushed forward and pulled their brethren apart. The two now freed Magnemites seemed to bounce in midair, turning back to us.

"OUR BODIES ARE SEPERATED, REJOICE! BZBZBZZT!" Cried out one of the electric Pokémon. The other magnet Pokémon spun around in place, buzzing and crying out jubilantly. One of the other Magnemites began admonishing them, warning the two to be more careful in the future. Ann was grinning as she watched the scene, practically glowing with happiness.

I was standing slightly back, watching the happy proceedings. Why was I able to help those two so easily here, when all I could do when it really mattered was screw up and get people killed? I distantly heard one of the Magnemites calling us Heroes, thanking us profusely. Heroes. Hah. My vision blurred slightly as Ann took the reward from the Magnemites: 500 poke, their local currency; a reviver seed, which could apparently revive a fainted Pokémon, and another Rawst berry.

After delivering their promised rewards, the Magnemites hurried off to do who knows what. As soon as they were out of sight, Ann started vibrating in excitement again. "That was amazing, Harry! We helped them! We were actually able to help them!" She turned to me, eyes shining with unshed tears. "We helped saved two Pokémon today," she said softly. "Two lives were improved by the two of us. We saved them." Her smile was soft, small, and private, as if savoring some personal triumph.

She seemed to snap out of her happy daze in a moment, pulling off her Rescuer Badge. "These badges aren't just to let people know you are a rescuer team, though that is their primary function, they can also teleport us back to our home base!"

"Wait, wha-" I tried to ask, but Ann had grabbed my arm and did something with the badge and everything was blurring and tugging and suddenly we were home.

Ann sighed in relief, staggering inside and collapsing onto her bed. I followed suit, crashing onto the comfy stone platform. Seriously, it cannot be regular stone, it's far too soft. Exhausted, I was beginning to drift to sleep when Ann spoke.

"Hey, Harry? We did good today, right?" What? I raised my head slightly, peering over and seeing the turned back of the Charmander. "This was our first Rescue Mission as a real rescue team and I was so nervous…did we do okay? Did the Pokémon that we save really need our help? Are the Pokémon we knocked out going to be alright?" Her voice wavered slightly at the end.

Oh Merlin, help me. "I think we did fine. They called you a hero, remember? They sent a letter specifically to you, asking for your help, which you did. You helped save those two floating magnets, and we didn't leave any lasting harm on the crazy inhabitants of that cave. You did well," I offered, trying to help. I wasn't Hermione; I don't know what makes people tick.

Apparently, I said something right. She turned back to face me, eyes shining slightly in the dark. "Yeah. We saved them. We did it together." Sighing, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

I tried to follow her example, but it was a long while before I was able to follow suit, kept awake by thoughts spinning around my head.

-End Chapter 2

AN) Alright! New chapter, so quickly! Do not expect this again. god, I should not have done this…I just spent the last 3 or 4 hours working on this when I need to be preparing for the first test of the semester…

So, I realized partway through the story that I keep using elements from the later Mystery Dungeon game. Eheh, oops? So, yeah. The toolbox will be upgraded later in the game to hold more items because I hated the 22 item limit. I also mentioned that I wanted to evolve the Pokémon. I honestly forgot that evolution was unheard of until after you defeat the main storyline. Really, all those evolved Pokémon were born that way? Pft, no way. So, yeah. I did try to balance the early equation with the fact that it hurts like hell more than half the time, with nothing to show for it. I;m not sure whether the Pokémon will get a stat boost like in the normal Pokémon games or not. (Thank you .)

Oh! Someone asked if it would be a Harry/Ann pairing. Honestly…I don't know. I try not to plan out relationships ahead of time. My characters take a life of their own, and I find myself typing a reaction I did NOT predict happening. Ever. Like in Healing Children, I expected Loki to be mad and blow up at Tony. Instead, found myself typing int his laughter. I might be able to control it if you want it one way or the other, because Ann is based on my character. (I took shameless advantage of the fact that my Pokémon personality is Charmander, Charmander is my favorite character, and that I like to pair up my starter Pokémon with a Pokémon that is super effective against its weakness. In this case, fire burns up the grass that cuts the water.) So…get back to me on that.

Let's see…I'm willing to listen to any ideas you offer. I might offer spoilers ahead of time in recompense. I'm sorry if Harry is OOC. Luckily, the evolutions of Mudkip are apparently more tempermental. Yay! Harry will not be quiet for long if I can help it. I hate taking the lead, and the same goes for my character, so Harry will be the leader once he gets a handle on the situation. However, he doesn't really seem to talk much in the books, does he?

You have probably noticed that I am changing the dialogue quite a bit. If that bothers you, here are some of the gameplay notes I took below. *actions* are in asterisk, and normal words are Ann speaking. My choice is in carrot brackets. It is not the entire dialogue, but it is the entire section of them in front of the house. If you want or don't want more or less, let me know.

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- - - - Gameplay Notes

…Hunh? Oh, no! Haha, sorry! I was so excited, I came here at dawn to wait for you! I must have snoozed off. Anyway…Today marks the start of our rescue team! Let's always do our best! … ….. But, anyway, we don't have any job offers yet….hahahaha… Oh yeah! Maybe there is something in the mailbox… *Ann checked the mailbox. The mailbox contained a Rescue Team Starter Set!* I knew it would be there! It's the Rescue Team Starter Set! They always give you one if you start a rescue team.

*Ann opened the Rescue Starter Team Set. Inside is: Rescue Team Badge, Toolbox, and an issue of Pokémon News* Yes! There are some good things here! First off, the Rescue Team badge. It shows that we're a rescue team. This is a toolbox. You use it for carrying items you find in dungeons. Lets put the stuff butterfree gave us in here for now. Items are very useful, so let's use them on our adventures. And finally, a copy of the Pokémon News. It's useful for rescue teams. Anything else? Is there any other mail…? Maybe not? … Ok, so there isn't any mail for use after all… If there were rescue jobs, we would be getting mail, but… Nobody knows about us since we are a new team, I guess. Hahaha…

*Flap Flap, Wingull drops by with a letter* Oh? I wonder what it could be? Maybe it's a rescue job offer! What does it say? *Harry reads the letter*


What do you think? Should we go? Yes! Let's Go! That's the spirit! Let's do our best!

Thunderwave Cave


Ann learned Ember at level 7

Mud-slap super effective

Poocheyana runs

Feraligator is a monster type Pokémon. Magic, aura, dreams.