Chapter 5: Prologue

"Mina Hazuki should be arriving in China right about now. I just hope nothing goes wrong." December said to himself as he looked out into the starry night sky. "Even for me, the future is quite an unpredictable thing."

" If everything goes as planned, the person that ordered Mister Shizume to take Miss Sawasaki's life will appear to you, and you will be capable of exacting your full revenge if you so desire." Hazuki thought about that mysterious man's promise as her plane landed in China while she was looking over her instructions given to her once finding BK-201.

"That man must have been an imbecile, he included everything I needed to once I find BK-201, except for the part where he told me how to find him!" Hazuki said aloud to herself frustrated that he forgot the most crucial part of information.

As the intercom on the plane came on and told everyone that the plane would be landing soon, Hazuki tried to calm down, hoping the man wasn't actually this dumb and had some sort of plan in not telling her how to find him. Although she assumed it could also be that he did not know where he would be exactly. After all, in hindsight, it would probably be impossible for him to have known where exactly BK-201 would be in all of China, but in that same respect it meant that it could take quite a long time to find him at all.

Hazuki decided not to worry about it and got off the plane when it landed. After looking around a while, she decided to see if anyone in the area had seen him, and walked up to a young man. "Excuse me, have you seen a man with black hair and eyes?"

"Japanese are you? Sorry lady but if you want my help you'll have to be a bit more specific." One man told Hazuki.

"He has a huge appetite." Hazuki included.

"That's slightly more specific, but sorry to say I haven't seen anyone like that around." The man said with a shrug.

"That's fine," Hazuki said and walked past him, but almost instantly stopped.

"Hey, lady, is something wrong?" The man asked.

"That's him," Hazuki said, looking strait at a man with black hair and eyes, accompanied by a girl with silver hair. She saw them go around a corner into an alleyway and then ran after them.

Her first instruction on what to do after finding BK-201 was to make sure they weren't hanging around the public, being in the back of an alleyway would take care of that. "BK-201!" She shouted as she entered the alleyway, and in hearing his Contractor Messier Code, Hei turned around and got defensive until he saw that it was Mina Hazuki, at which point he just became suspicious.

"What is someone like you doing here in China?" Hei asked.

"I'm here to get you back to Japan." Hazuki replied.

"Give me one good reason I should go back to Japan."

"The events of 6 months ago are not over." Hazuki said, following the next instruction she was given. "Izanami and Izanagi have yet to fulfill their prophecy."

"What are you talking about?" Hei asked, becoming defensive again at the mention of Izanami and Izanagi.

"If you need proof look up at the sky, I believe you'll find a certain star has appeared when it shouldn't have. Suou Pavlichenko's star has returned." Hazuki told Hei.

"What!?" Hei said with complete shock and disbelief and looked up at where Suou's star would be, and sure enough it had returned, shining in the spot it had before Izanami broke her Meteor Core.

"Suou was sent on her journey with you deliberately in accordance to test her ability to keep memories with the Meteor Core and to help with the events of Izanami. But you know as well as I what Izanami had done to her; the fact her star has returned means she has been restored and those events are not finished.

"So the Izanami events aren't over yet; why should I care?" Hei asked.

"You do have her tagging along with you everywhere you go, I would think it's in your own best interests to do so." Hazuki said pointing to Yin, who had been the vessel of Izanami 6 months ago.

"Hei," Yin spoke. "Listen to her." She said, surprising Hei a bit.

"I have your passports and tickets already right here." Hazuki said and tossed faked passports and a pair of plane tickets to Japan for Hei and Yin to them. "Your flight leaves in 2 hours.

Hei looked at Yin. "Are you sure?" He asked her, and she responded by nodding her head. "Fine then, let's go." Hei said, and walked past Hazuki.

"BK-201..." Hazuki stopped Hei just as he started to pass her. "... I told you last time, remember? 'Izanami is waiting for you'." She said, repeating herself from the Izanami events, just before she had fought Genma.

"What exactly, do you hope to achieve by doing all this?" Hei asked.

"Someone else is pulling the strings, that is all I am allowed to tell you. My instructions were all perfectly planned to get you back to Japan, then I am told not to tell you anymore details than what I have told you up to this point. Don't expect to hear much from me after we arrive in Japan." Hazuki said, and Hei and Yin walked toward the airport to wait for their flight back to Japan.

Misaki was looking up at BK-201's star again tonight through her telescope. Ever since the incidents at the gate 6 months ago, Misaki had been watching this star every night in hope to see it become active, but she hadn't ever seen the star shake, not even once. For a moment Misaki moved her telescope to look at December's star, thinking about how he had acted strange over the phone that day.

She doubted that the call being the last time he would call her had really warranted such a reaction. She was worried something was about to go wrong or had already gone wrong that caused their communications to halt. All she hoped was that it was nothing too major, nothing that would keep BK-201 from returning to Tokyo. All the while she just hoped and prayed she wasn't misplacing her trust in December, as a member of the MI-6, there was no telling what his true intentions or motives were.

Misaki's phone then started to ring, and in haste she picked it up thinking that perhaps it was December. "Hello?" She asked.

"Misaki, we've got him!" It was Madame Oreille. "BK-201 is returning to Japan!"

"Are you certain?" Misaki asked, almost unable to believe this all worked out as December planned.

"Yes, about one hour ago, two tickets were purchased for a flight from China to Japan. The tickets were purchased under aliases, but the pictures on the passports shown are of BK-201 and his Doll." Oreille told Misaki. "Where did you get the information on BK-201 anyways?"

Misaki thought for a moment, It wasn't a good idea to tell Oreille about December yet. "Let's just say I caught a lucky break." Misaki said.

"Well, what are you going to do about BK-201? Intercept him at the airport?"

"No, for right now I want to keep this on the down low, bringing the police into this could just make things complicated. For now I'll just play it by ear."

"I see, well try to keep me posted, alright."

"Will do," Misaki said and hung up, then continued to look up at the stars.

December walked into a bar and sat down. "What'll you have?" The bartender asked.

"Nothing tonight, I'm just meeting someone here." December said, and just a minute afterward, the door to the bar opened and August 7 walked in.

Seeing December, August smiled to himself and took a seat next to him. "Need me for something, 'Happy Ending'?" He asked.

"BK-201 is returning, his flight will land 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. I need you to tell July to take Suou and meet him there. Getting them all together again is a major step in my plans."

"Is there any specific instructions for them to follow once they find him?" August asked.

"Just tell him to do what comes naturally, that in itself will be enough." December replied, and stood up and walked out of the bar.

"Get it done first thing in the morning. This story really is turning out to be quite interesting." August said to himself with a grin.