A/N: Hey my peeps ! sorry I haven't been Updating in a while My best Friend just got me and my chrush together and were in this play called We love each other but we had to Kiss and now he's my Boy Friend! ok enough of me and here's How To rock Babies The Kids.
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The Robbins kids,
Sapphire Annabella Robbin's Age 15 Hi I'm Sapphire Robbins im 15 and I know how to rule the school.
I have a little sister named Stella and a Baby brother on the way ,( his name is going to be Max)
Anyways I'm a Queen Perf and my whole family thinks it's crazy to have a Perf in the house. Im nothing like my mom exsept for the hair and eye's and I'm like my dad In ways like I'll look at my myself to make sure I look Perf-amazing! But my sister gets in the way tons of time. I have a Big crush on Kyle Reed .Also My two Bff's are Nichole Baxtor and Elenor Cole.

Stella Olivia Robbin's age 5 Hi, I'm Stella Robbin's and im 5 and Im a truble maker I played with my mom's make up and got grounded to two days. I have an older sister named Sapphire Robbin's and a new bay brother on the way YAAA! I have a red and blue blanked named I got hime when I was Three.I have two Best friends named Ray Baxtor,Haylie Reed.I can tell people different things and then people just look at me like Im just crazy . I have a crush on Ray Baxtor he is H-o-t-t-t Hot! wow, now I'm talking like Sapphire.

Maxwell Ethan Robbin's Is not born yet.