The Creep

In her studies of Soul Edge, the worlds of dreams, heaven, and hell was open. So Ivy knows that there's no time to wonder what mysterious creature is hiding amongst the trees stalking her like a some hapless victim; although she understands its notion based on how visually stunning she is.

"Well, enough waiting," Ivy says as her sword breaks apart and strikes through the branches.

"There's nowhere you can hide from me!"

She whips her sword back and forth until a young man leaps from the trees like a leopard but lands twenty feet away from her with the grace of cat. As her sword locks together he stands up. She looks him over. His white and red hooded coat made him look like a monk, but the black leather pants and boots were a giveaway. Along with his leather belts with a sword and daggers attached to his sides and a crossbow on his back. Only his hands and two armbands were bare.

Though, the only thing that bothered her is that his eyes are covered in the shadow of the hood. Not knowing if he was ogling her or not was bothering her. Her outfit was meant for one thing only, distraction.

"Come ti chiami?"

"What?" She curses her luck.



He touches his chest briefly and says, "Ezio Auditore." His style of clothes matched his tone, sharp and to the point.

She still fights the urge to laugh at his attempt of the caveman form of communication. "Ivy…who sent you Ezio? Why do I think you'll suddenly understand me?"

"Dove è questo posto?"

She rolls his eyes as she thinks to herself. He's not from noble blood, what noble hides in the trees. And he's too armed to even consider him a fighting monk. He's meant to kill but whom and for what purpose is unclear. She's only sure of one thing: He's too dangerous to be left alone.

He takes a single step towards her and she digs her sword into the ground. It swims through the ground towards him, but before it comes up he rolls forward Ivy. He stands up and comes at her with his sword, but not fast enough as she's able to pull her sword together and block the attack.

As they exchange sword strikes, she notes that he fights with precision but not much power. She believes she has his timing down until he puts away his sword and, in a sudden quiet rage, grabs her and punches her twice in the face. She falls to the ground hard; he's truly was no noble man.

"Non provare ancora una volta," Ezio says pointing at her.

She rubs her chin briefly before quickly getting up. She's pissed. Her outfit is meant to distract his eyes, but he's remaining focused. She is supposed to be mocking and teasing him by now. He's the one that should be in pain. She snaps her sword back into a whip, she intends on rectifying the situation.

He quickly takes his daggers out, but her attacks with more venom with her frontal attacks. Every time he flips or dashes away, the edges of her blades were waiting for him; taking small cuts of his arms and legs. She's hurting, but she doesn't feel justified; he showing no signs of a bruised ego. The only reason why he's still in the fight is because he's cautious. Then a thought creeps into her head that maybe he's planning something.

She jerks to prod him into action, but he doesn't take the bait. She grins but she just learned another thing about him. For a man armed with daggers he could throw at her and a crossbow he could use on her, he's smart enough to know when to use them.

She attacks with a heel kick, but he dodges. She swipes at him with her sword, but he blocks with the base of his bow before taking a shot at her feet with a hidden gun. She steps back, not having the time to react to his shoulder dash that pushes her back and unto the ground. She looks up and sees him pointing his reloaded crossbow at her; he wasn't fast and quick like Maxi, but he was resourceful.

She grits her teeth as he grins widely. 'Well?"

As he starts to back away he says, "Addio Ivy."

He puts away the crossbow and disappears into the shadows of the trees.

"Figures." As Ivy slowly stands up, she can only think about grabbing unto his neck and never letting go. She tells herself to get better to fight a walking arsenal, so she can mock him when he crawls in pain on the ground.