The Creep Returns

Ivy is engaged with the Aeon Calcos, but she likes to call him the Lizardman to get him off his game. Her sword strikes against his axes again and again.

"Get off my ship, you're stinking it up with your smell."

Aeon yells and attacks with his axes. She surprised by his power and speed, he has gotten stronger from the last time they fought.

She is about to cut him with her attack but he laughs has wings appear and he flies away from it.

"You can fly? Impossible!"

He lands near her and charges at her at high speeds from the added momentum. But a sailor dashes in and elbows him off the ground. Aeon quickly follows with swipe attacks with his tail but the sailor easily jumps over them, staying crouched and prepared for the next attack. Aeon goes to bite him but the sailor punches him directly in the eye.

With a high scream and a smoking mouth, Aeon starts to fly. The sailor quickly uses an unseen gun in his sleeve to shoot bullets that grazes the top white feathers of Aeon's wings. Aeon screams loudly with rage before flying away.

"No sailor carries a pistol in his sleeve," Ivy says.

The sailor turns around and smiles, revealing himself as Ezio. "Hello Ivy."

Ivy says in disbelief, "Ezio? You've been on my ship…all this time?"

"Yes…working on my English…with the sailors. Are you ok?"

"I didn't need you're your help!"

He says calmly, "I meant no offense then or now. I think we should be allies."

She hates how calm he is. "How naïve…your assistance today doesn't change the fact that I want to tear you apart."

She whips her sword at him, but he moves to the side.

He simply says, "Do not test me."

"It's time to pay!" Ivy charges him angrily and she misses with her sword, but she ducks and dodges his kicks. Suddenly they punch each other in the face and knock each other back a few steps.

Ezio says, "You've gotten better." He rubs his face.

"Does it hurt?"

He grins as he stands ready. "Only my heart when I see your beauty."

Ivy charges him again; she has a desperate need for revenge, as her pride is in stake. But more importantly, she's learned not to give him time to use his weapons. However, she isn't ready when he flips over her and punches against the back of her head three times.

She falls, saying, "You…bastard…I'll kill…you." She slowly feels eyes getting heavy.

"Not yet." Ezio bends down and kisses her hand. "Ivy…I apologize."

She closes her eye for what seems like a moment. When she opens her eyes again, there's a perfect red rose in her hand with all the thorns cut off. She looks up and watches Ezio, now with a cloth bag wrapped to his back, running and then diving off the boat.