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Chapter 1

**Emmett's POV**

"Edward, entertain me," I whined watching the game on TV.

"Go away Emmett," he grumbled and kept reading his book.

I sighed and turned my attention back to the TV. I love sports, but it's the fact that Alice ruined this game for me by telling me who won. Everyone is out hunting, except Eddie and I. He needs to find someone, his sulking is annoying. I've got my Rosie to cuddle with as long as I haven't pissed her off for doing something incredibly stupid, which actually happens a lot. I sighed and leaned back, before I heard what sounded like crying.

"Emmett I know you're bored, but stop," Edward said looking at me as I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You mean that wasn't you?" I shook my head.

We both jumped up and started looking. I noticed the closer to the front door the louder the sound. So I went and opened the front door. On the doorstep was a baby wrapped tight in thick pink blankets. My eyes widened as I picked up the baby. Who would leave a baby on a doorstep in the middle of Alaska? I rocked the crying baby in my arms as I brought her inside. She soon settled down and starting gurgling in my arms.

'Edward get down here now,' I thought.

I smiled down at the little girl. She had to of been 6 months old. She had beautiful blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes. She's going to break some hearts when she's older.

"What the-," Edward said coming into the room.

"She's a baby must have been cold. Can you turn the heat on higher?" I asked.

He turned up the heat, before coming back over to me.

"Is there a note or anything?" I shrugged and unwrapped some of the blankets not finding one.


"What gets me is that we didn't hear or smell anyone or thing. How'd she get here?" he asked I shrugged.

Then the front door flew open and the others ran in. Alice had to of seen the baby.

"I just saw Emmett with a baby and we came back. What happened?" she asked as Edward filled her in.

I just played with the baby. She loved grabbing my finger with her tiny hand. She giggled and looked at me. I never had time for a child while I was human. I worked all of the time trying to provide food for my family. I never had a wife, of course I dated and got around, but no one interested me enough to marry them.

"So what are we going to do about the baby?" Edward asked.

"I say we keep her," I said smiling down at the baby.

"Emmett she's not a dog. She's a baby and needs to be taken care of," Rosie said taking the baby from me.

"So is it settled then?" Carlisle asked as everyone nodded.

"Can you guys watch her while we go and get baby stuff?" Alice asked.

I smirked and took the baby from Rose. She glared at me, before grabbing her purse and left with Alice. Esme decided that we needed baby formula first and went to get some.

"Emmett, since she likes you so much would you like to help me give her a checkup?" Carlisle asked as I nodded.

I followed Carlisle up the stairs to his office. I unwrapped the blankets from her and took off her pajama outfit leaving her in her diaper. She didn't like that very much and started crying. I started rubbing her tummy and shushing her. She seemed to like that and smiled. Carlisle did all of the stuff.

"She's healthy that's for sure, I just don't understand how or why she was left with us," Carlisle said I nodded agreeing.

I redressed her and carried her back down stairs. Jasper was watching the game now and Eddie boy was still reading that damn book. I laid down on the couch laying the baby on my chest. I looked at her and started thinking of names.


"What are you doing?" Edward asked.

"Thinking of names," I stated.

"Emmett, you know that's it's dangerous for her to be here right?"

"I'll take care of her, we'll all just feed a little more to make sure," I said.

"We are also mush stronger than her. And what about when we have to move, will a child really be able to keep such a secret?"

"Forget it Edward she's here and she's staying," I said now ignoring him.

I looked at the baby and smiled she was smiling at me, before she started yawning. I rubbed her little back lightly lulling her to sleep. Esme came back in with diapers, formulas, bottles and everything we could need.

"We're back and we got everything that we could need," Alice said dancing in the door arms loaded with bags.

Rose sat her bags down and came over to me. She lightly lifted the baby in her arms amazing the baby still slept.

"Jazz let's go and get the stuff," I said as he nodded.

We went to the garage and I saw boxes on top of boxes expertly stacked in Rose's car along with Eddie's. I opened the doors and started pulling out boxes carrying a few at a time.

"You're not scared?" Jasper asked.

"About the baby, no," I said.

"Emmett we could so easily lose control, especially you and I."

"I know we're just going to have to feed more. I never had time for a child while I was human. And neither did Rose, I think this is a great time for us all to have something that we were all denied by becoming what we are."

"Good point," he smiled at me.

We started carrying everything inside. Alice directed us to the only open room we have at the moment. It wasn't long before Jasper and I had everything inside. I started opening everything and putting it together.

"Wow guys not bad," Rose said as she came in carrying the baby.

We had the crib and everything else that had to be put together put together. I smiled and went over taking the baby from Rose.

"Time for decorating," Alice said skipping in happily.

"We still have to name her though," Rose said.

"I know." I sighed going downstairs.

"Time for a bottle," Esme said handing me the giraffe designed bottle.

I went and sat on the couch and fed her. I couldn't get enough of this little girl, she was the sweetest and most precious thing ever and I know for sure she's going to be spoiled. Once she finished the bottle I sat it on the coffee table and starting burping her. After she burped I smiled and sat her on my lap facing at me. She laughed and smiled at me, she started holding out her arms wanting me to actually hold her.

"She's already a daddy's girl," Rose said as I turned my head.

Rose was leaning over the couch looking at the both of us. I laughed and nodded turning my attention back to the baby. She let out a yawn and Rose decided it was bed time. I carried her upstairs with Rose beside me. Once I was in the room it was decorated with pink and purple everywhere. Rose took her from me, so she could change her into pajamas. I smiled as we laid here down and put a blanket over her. Her little eyes tried to fight sleep but she was knocked out.

"She's precious," Rose said.

"I know," I said wrapping my arm around her waist pulling her to my side.

"Lily-Belle," she muttered.


"The perfect name for her, Lily-Belle."

"Lily-Belle McCarty Cullen has a ring to it," I laughed.

My little Lily-Belle.