Chapter 8

**Lily's POV**

We sat in the woods and talked about anything. Alec mostly wanted to hear about me and my life. He's honestly the perfect guy.

"Just when I thought that there was no way you could be any cuter to me," He said looking down at me.

I was sitting on his lap leaning back into him. I looked up and him and smiled.

"If my blood's so sweet to you why aren't you trying to kill me?' I asked.

"I have been alive for many years Belle, blood does not affect me like it would affect a younger vampire. I am older than most of your family, so blood does not negatively affect me," he explained as I nodded.

It started getting darker and Alec decided that it was time for us to go home. He picked me up and ran back to the house. He sat me down outside of the house and I fixed my hair laughing, this always happens when anyone runs with me. We walked in the house, I smelled garlic bread and knew grandma was cooking me spaghetti.

"And where have you two been?" daddy asked from the couch.

"We went out in the woods and talked about everything," I said.

"That's nice, you're mother isn't happy just so you know," he said I nodded I could have guessed that.

"Lily-Belle McCarty Cullen you do not run off like that, do you hear me," mom said coming into the living room.

"Mom I'm fine, it was nothing bad we went and talked," I said she just gave me the look of disappointment, she usually only gives daddy that look. "But I will tell you before I go off somewhere."

That made her happy she nodded and went into the kitchen I'm guessing to talk to grandma.

**Time Skip a few months**

Everything in my opinion has been perfect and I don't think anyone in my family is going to argue with me. It's now mid-January and everything seems to be going the way it's supost to. I won the state title for volleyball and I was majorly happy. A lot of colleges have been sending letters trying to recruit me for any or all of the sports I play. I figured if I wasn't turning into a vampire this summer, then I would be going to college for free and possibly a shot at the pros. It's sad honestly, because that's something I would love to do, but I can't the Volturi will make sure. I'm actually the number one recruit in the country for women's basketball in the top 50 for volleyball and the top 20 for softball. Granddaddy and Edward said I need to go and visit some colleges, so when I 'die' it'll look a lot better than me saying no and disappearing.

Alec and I are great; I can honestly say I'm happy I get to spend forever with him. I always thought that he was going to be cold, heartless and wouldn't care, but he's the complete opposite. He loves me and does anything he can to make sure I'm taken care of.

"Belle it is time to wake up," Alec said into my ear. And he lays in bed with me as I sleep.

"I don't want to," I whined.

"You have a game today mio angelo," he muttered making me groan.

"I'm awake," I said sitting up.

I had an away game at La Push tonight and I knew my family couldn't go, stupid wolves. So I knew this was going to be a long ride there and back. Alec left as usual when I go take a shower. I came out and got dressed in light jeans and a dark green long sleeved V-neck. I pulled my basketball hoodie over my head and went downstairs. I went to the dining room and ate my breakfast when Jasper placed it in front of me. After I ate I was running around getting everything that I would need. Since I didn't have anyone to bring me my stuff tonight. When I got all of my stuff we had to leave for school. Uncle Eddie walked through handing me my cup of coffee and we all went out to the cars. Alec and daddy rode with me while mom, Alice, Jazz and Eddie rode in Eddie's car.

When we pulled into school it had started raining and I groaned. I pulled my hood up, Alec grabbed my basketball bag and I ran into the building, I hate when it rains and it always does. I walked down to my locker and Alec followed me. I took my bag from him giving him a kiss and shoved it in my locker. We are officially 'dating' according to the school newspaper. Alec, daddy and I made our way to Advanced PE, where they were playing volleyball. I had to sit out since I'm on the basketball team along with two other guys in our class. I kept score while they were the referees. Finally after what seemed like forever we went to history.

Game days are always bad for me, because I want to play so bad and I have to pay attention, it's a really bad mix. Thankfully the rest of the day flew by.

"Do you have everything you need?" mom asked as I was getting all of my stuff settled for the game and after.

"I think so, I have my bag, gear, iPod and money," I said going over everything in my head.

"Ok good luck, have fun and please be careful," mom said kissing my head.

I hugged her before walking down to where the bus was picking us up at. I saw my team waiting around on all of the benches. Alec was leaning against the wall waiting on me. I walked up to him and he smiled. I could slightly see his red eyes meaning the contacts were about to burn off again.

"I wish that I could go, but I cannot due to your family's treaty," he said quietly so no one could hear him.

"I know, but this is a great opportunity to go hunting, since there is nothing that you all can do," I said.

He rolled his eyes annoyed; it's cute seeing just how many human qualities he's picked up living with us.

"I guess you can say that, call Emmett and we will come and get you when you get back here."

"I will don't worry," I laughed smiling at him.

He smiled at me and kissed me. I kissed him back and pulled away, since we are still in the school. I hugged and kissed him one last time, before he had to leave and I had to get on the bus.

"Lily run 5 Game," coach yelled from the bench as I was dribbling up the court.

I called the play and waited, before passing the ball to another guard. I cut to the paint and posted up the girl guarding me. The guard gave me the ball and I turned shooting a hook shot making the basketball. We all ran and got back on defense. I looked up at the clock 30 seconds and we're up by 3.

"Don't foul!" I shouted to everyone.

Coached called 1 which is our 1-3-1 defense. I got up to half court turning so I could push the girl to her weak hand. She threw the ball in the corner the last place you want the ball in this defense. The ball was thrown back out and I easily stole it, running down and making a layup as the clock ran out.

After we shook hands we went into the locker room. Some of the girls went to shower; I just put my sweats over my uniform. I walked out of the locker room, coach stopped and talked to me for a minute, before I told him I was on a mission for food. He laughed and let me go out to the snack bar. I got nachos and PowerAde.

"A Cullen in La Push," I heard someone say behind me.

I took my food and thanked the woman, before turning. The guy was really tall and really muscular, he must be a wolf.

"Yeah," was all I said trying to go back to the gym.

"Your kind is not welcome here," he growled at me, like actually growled.

"No humans really?" I asked being a smartass.

"Blood sucker."

"I'm human my family are vampires, I'm still permitted to be here, so shove that up your ass," I glared.

He growled again and turned to leave. Great I just got in an argument with a werewolf. Not even a vampire yet and the dogs are already out to get me.