Author note: I do not own Count Cain: Godchild. Nor do I own Cain or Cassandra.

I swear, I bet some of you guys are thinking something along the lines of ' the world...are Cain and Cassandra of all people the main people of this fic?' or 'What the heck! How in the world could these two ever cooperate!?' Calm down. This is an AU fic. Anything can happen. Just thought I would remind you readers out there.

Also...this fic is dedicated to storm101 because this author writes awesome fics, such as 'Quite Contrary.' I don't know if storm101 is into the genres of drama/horror/suspense/supernatural, but...I will do my best, at the very least, to make sure everyone is in character. Or at least I hope I can do so.

Warning: AU fic, takes place pretty much after the Castrato arc (so that means there may be spoilers), mentioned abuse, violence...probably no pairings as of now.

Constructive Criticism would be great, and I hope you guys enjoy reading the fic! Thanks!



The sound of water droplets hitting the concrete floor was what roused Earl Cain Hargreaves from his unconsciousness. The earl sat up quickly staring around. The room was dimly lit, candles being the only light source, and water dripped from the ceiling onto the dusty, dusty ground. He could only see a door, and he had a good feeling it might be locked...

" finally woke up. How long was it since you were thrown in here, Earl Hargreaves? One, two hours maybe?"

Cain immediately recognized the voice, deep and like a blood-orange, its sweet innards dripping with a sweet sort of venom. However, the voice sounded much more...tired, exhausted. He turned, recognizing the silhouette in the shadows, sitting in a corner of the room. Cain spoke in response.

"Lord Cassandra Gladstone, isn't it?" Cain demanded. The sihlouette nodded its head silently. "What is this place?"

Cassandra seemed to hesitate before speaking. "We're...locked up, Earl Hargreaves. I think that part is quite obvious. The Cardmaster ordered it...when you...humiliated me at the operahouse...I was captured a little later by your half-brother...and that...that...Trump Card..." he said the words 'Trump Card' with an air of disgust. Cain had a feeling Cassandra took a strong dislike to Jizabel's assistant, Cassian.

" are an agent of DELILAH after all." Cain paused before speaking again. "And what part of DELILAH were you associated with, exactly? Another of the Major Arcana?"

Cassandra let out a cold laugh. "Ha! That's completely correct. I was no. 5 of the Major Arcana, the Hierophant...I initiated Jizabel into the Major Arcana...he took the position of Death. When I was captured, I was stripped of my rank, led to this."

It was only then that Cain wondered why Gladstone wasn't making any attempt to approach him. He thought if he were Gladstone, he would have walked over to Cain and tried to strangle him, as revenge for humiliating him. But Gladstone wasn't moving from his spot at all.

"Let me see your face."

"Do you think I take orders from you!?" Cassandra rasped, obviously offended. But then his tone of voice softened. "Do you really want to see me? And are you sure about that?"

"Yes and yes." Cain responded, crossing his arms and trying to seem cold, intimidating. There was silence before the older man responded.

"Fine. I'm sure you wouldn't regret it. But you better not laugh...or I may attempt to strangle you." Cain had a feeling that the threat was empty. Gladstone seemed much too weak to do so; he even appeared to have a hard time getting up at first. He finally stood, using one arm against the wall for support, and slowly, cautiously, walked forwards slightly.

Cain couldn't help but stare in horror at the ex-Hierophant.

The candlelight illuminated the pale, cream-coloured wing that seemed to stick out from Cassandra's back, clots of blood from the base of the wing. There were scars all over Cassandra's chest, scratches on his face and arms, and his hands were clawed. There were burns-most likely due to contact with acid-covering the abdomen and the left side of his face, making him look very grotesque, and reminding Cain of the time when all those ladies had their eyes gouged out due to the parasites within them...

"They experimented on me...and they used the whip on me...just like they did to you and Jizabel." Cassandra's voice seemed to quiver slightly. "And now they've left the both of us down here to die."