Author note: ...I know, I should have had this chapter out by now. I apologize for the delay and despite this chapter being shorter than usual, I hope it makes up for its lateness.

Also, about this fic, it's probably going to be pretty short (I'm shooting for fifteen chapters at the maximum). I've got an idea for the ending already. If you were looking for a happy ending...well...let's just say you might have been looking at the wrong fic.


"This way."

The two dashed down the corridor as silently as they could; although it was difficult since their footsteps resounded in the nearly empty hall. Cain noticed that Gladstone looked behind them briefly sometimes; probably to check if anyone was following them-

"Stay back, will you?" Gladstone growled, grabbing Cain by the mouth and arm and pulling him back. "Unfortunately, there are a few of those...Trump Cards. I'll take care of them." Gladstone let go of Cain to walk towards the trump cards nearby, but Cain pulled him back. "What is it now, Earl Hargreaves?" he snapped.

"Are you crazy?" Cain whispered back frantically. "They could kill you. Or alert other Trump Cards. Or both."

"You underestimate me again." Cassandra responded, roughly pushing the teen aside. "Remember, I was experimented on. My body is practically a weapon, like I said earlier. Or do you have too short a memory?" with that remark, he turned towards the Trump Cards, which hadn't taken any attention towards Cassandra...yet. And then he struck.

There were no screams that resounded in the hall. The cracking of bones and the slicing of limbs were the only noises one could hear. Cain didn't know what to do, what to say. His whole body froze like the rivers in the winter. Never mind about Gladstone just merely looking inhuman...the way he's killing these people, just like he murdered Moon; it's animalistic. It's anything but human.

Cassandra stared down upon the bloody corpses with his dark amber eyes; full of obvious disgust. "So," he muttered quietly, turning his gaze to his blood-smeared claws. "This is what I can do now? Destroy any mere human by my own bare hands? How...sick." He lay one palm against the wall, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes briefly. He then turned to Cain. "Let's keep going."

The two had been silent the entire time. More corpses of Trump Cards and even a few Minor Arcana ended up in hallways, bloody and torn like the first victims that fell to Cassandra's wrath. With every kill, the older man just kept getting drenched in more of the scarlet, life giving liquid. Cain thought this sneaking about would go on forever, with nothing but silence and dead corpses until-

"I can't believe this sometimes." Cain looked up at Gladstone, who spoke. The older man sighed, leaning against the wall. "If we were stuck in the prison only a few days ago; I probably would have already strangled you. Either that, or you would have poisoned me by now. Am I correct?" he paused, biting his lip slightly before briefly closing his eyes. "How did we end up from enemies to...this, in a matter of a few hours or less?"

Cain sighed. The older man had a point about the whole thing. It was true; Cain probably would have strangled Cassandra or poisoned him if they were imprisoned days earlier. "I hate to admit this, but I honestly don't know-" Gladstone clamped a hand over the teen's mouth, his eyes wide with alarm.

"It's one of the Major Arcana." he muttered quietly. "Justice...shoot. Why now?" He let go of Cain, looking around the corner briefly before turning back towards Cain. "If any Trump Cards see you, just run. I'll keep them at bay." he whispered before turning towards Justice.

All Cain could do was listen as another throat was slashed, and a thud was heard afterwards. Slowly, deftly, Cain turned the corner and stared at Cassandra, who was on a knee and was peering at the bloodied corpse of a woman with long, dark brown hair. Roses of blood bloomed from the dead woman's chest and neck, and her black and plum-coloured dress was torn and bloody as well.

Cassandra put a hand to the woman's neck, as if searching for a pulse, and then turned to Cain, standing up as he spoke.

"She's dead." his voice seemed to quiver again, just like when Cain had first seen Gladstone, seemingly weak and desperate at the time. Cassandra just looked at Cain with fear written on his face. "Now Alexis will be out to kill me...killing one of the Major Arcana is a terminal offense. No doubt that Delilah will surely wish for my death now." he shook his head quietly.

Cain paused for a moment, before speaking.

"You didn't really want to kill her out of all people, did you?"

All Cassandra did was shake his head again before walking down the hall.