Hi guy's I have been thinking about making a story like this for a while now and I finally wanted to get started after putting a lot of thought into this one and I will also be making a ton of effort to make sure that this story will be good for you guys, Love you guys-Meghan


Katniss' POV

I groan as I open my eyes to meet a bright light over me. This room is completely white and it really agitates me, I have never really liked white anyways. Always too stuck up and 'perfect' as some snobby people in the Capitol say in their dumb accents. "Why, good morning Sweetheart." says a loud voice, I open my eyes again to be met with my drunken mentor Haymitch Abernathy. Come on I just won the 72nd Hunger Games, give me a break already. "Why don't you tell that to your bottle?" I tell him, and I hear someone laughing loudly. I look to the side to see Johanna Mason and Finnick Odair. Johanna Mason is my type of person but the others two are just plain annoying if you ask me.

I yank out my I.V and stretch my arms. "Well at least we know you won't be a druggy Sweetheart." Says Haymitch looking at the I.V. Johanna laughs. "Why are you bothering me?" I groan at them. I'm 14 in need my sleep, especially after being in the Hunger Games of all things. "Sweetheart, you have been asleep for 2 days. No more beauty rest, it doesn't work for you anyways." Haymitch tells me. I look to the side of my hospital bed and see an empty plastic cup; I pick it up and chuck it at him. It hits him but not in the face where I wanted, it just hits him in the neck, well that's close enough for me. "I was hoping you would win, I love a kid with a mouth like yours." Johanna tells me. See exactly, everyone else thinks my mouth is rude but she loves me for it, finally someone with actual taste in language.

"Okay, when do I get out of this joint?" I ask. I jump out of my hospital bed and I notice I'm only in a revealing hospital gown. Finnick is eyeing me and Haymitch has a huge smile on his face, I strike a pose and put on my best Finnick Odair smirk, Johanna bursts out laughing and I bow my head. "Okay Sweetheart, we have had enough of the show, Cinna will be here to get you and dress you up back at the training center." Haymitch tells me standing in front of me blocking the two other victors from my view and their view of me. "I was enjoying the view Haymitch." Finnick whines. Johanna and I both laugh at the same time. "Too bad, Fish Boy." He tells Finnick. Then Cinna and my prep team barge into the room and shove Haymitch away from me and complain about my eyebrows and arms and legs. As we near the door I mouth to Haymitch, Johanna, and Finnick 'help me' they just chuckle and get back to their conversation.

I'm so going to kill them all later on.


As they wax my legs and poke and prod me I think about my family and what they will think of me. My two older brothers will say it is awesome that I made it out alive but I wonder what Prim will think of me after I have killed people. The only person I don't care about what they think of me is my mother. Trust me, I love my mother but she has never been my favorite person in the world or in the district, saying the district is nicer. My older brothers are twin but nothing alike, Tyler has blond hair and blue eyes like my mom and is the smart one then there is Tom he has black hair and Seam gray eyes like my dad and is sort of the strong sporty type of guy. My mom is completely berserk the way I think of it, after my father died she was 7 months pregnant, she stabbed herself in the stomach and the baby died right after that and Prim and I stitched up her stomach.

I also had an older sister but she was raped and murdered when I was 10 directly in front of me. My brothers weren't home and my mom was just sitting in a chair not exactly there you could says and Prim was at school, after he killed Daisy my sisters name was then he molested me and left. I cried on the floor until my brothers got home. I still can't get Daisy's terrified scream out of my head, it rings through my head whenever I fell asleep at home. Daisy would be 16 now she was a mixture of my mom and dad, black hair and blue eyes. My older brothers are 18 now, and Prim is ten. My brothers are always fighting with each other over dumb things if I died in the arena I would have missed their bickering. But now I'm just going to have to listen to it more often, the first thing I know is going to happen when I get back is them yelling at each other over a room.

Prim would usually die laughing during their arguments and I would sometimes see my mom smile at them. I'm broken from my thoughts by my prep team leaving the room and being pulled into a hug by Cinna. "Girl on Fire" he says pulling away to look at me. I smile at him, and he brings me to stand in the middle of the room and goes to grab a dress from the other room. I look at the whipping scars I have on my back, I got 27 for absolutely nothing. The only reason I got 27 was because of the Peacekeeper and I know each other. It was because my brothers went hunting and I was carrying the game to the Hob I took all the blame for them, they hated me for doing that but I would never rat my brothers out if I knew the punishment. The right amount I was supposed to get was 35 but like I said they cut me some slack. I have the big 'X' on my lower back from the man who killed Daisy. It is one of the other things that keep it glued into my mind forever.

I never want to forget about Daisy so it is a bad and good thing to keep. Daisy's memory and the sick man that killed my sister brutally, Cinna comes running back in with my dress. I slip it on and my back is completely covered and it looks like just a regular dress that a girl my age would wear. I then slip on some strappy heels and tightly curls my hair I hug him "Thank you" I whisper in his ear and he just smiles and leads me out and back stage for the interview. Finnick and Haymitch are awe struck looking when I walk in and Johanna smirks at the two men. "Close your mouth boys, you'll catch flies." I tell them and Johanna chuckles.

Cinna rolls his eyes which is so un-Cinna like I gasp. He laughs at me and leads me to the stage entrance, "Now for the Girl on Fire!" Caesar says and I walk on stage with a smile and wave to the audience. Caesar takes my hand and we take a seat, "Welcome back, Katniss." Caesar says. "Thank you Caesar, it is great to be back." I tell him with a flirty smile. "I didn't get to ask you the last interview. What is was your favorite part of being here in the Capitol?" he asks. Okay, just play the crowd, just play the crowd Katniss. "When I had my interview where I met he most handsome man in the Capitol." I tell him. He puts his hand to his heart "Why thank you Katniss." He says to me. "Now why don't we watch your games?" he asks me, "I would love to" I tell him and we look at the screen that shows the games but mostly where I was the entire time.

The arena was snowy and clod and it was all tall grass so you never knew who really was behind everything. The part at the Cornucopia where I kicked the girl from district 7 right in the temple and she died instantly, I grabbed a few knives and ran to a really tall patch of grass land. I was on my own the entire time in there so I had no allies and killed anyone who got in my way. I killed three of the Careers while I was in there. My district partner got caught by the Careers camp and got killed by a knife that hit him right in the heart. Aden never really had a chance anyways he was a scrawny Merchant kid to all of us Seam kids back home. I always felt bad for him a few of the rude kids from the Seam would taunt him. Amelia my best friend stood up for him one time by calling the guys bothering him a couple of 'crap flinging oafs'. Our friends Randy and Rodney nearly died laughing as they walked off with angered looks on their faces.

Randy and Rodney are cousins from the Seam but you would think they were twins with their looks and attitudes. Rodney was my first kiss, he kissed me first for my birthday one time, he has a crush on me but I never really give him the time of day. Besides I never really had time for a boyfriend or stuff like that. If any guys even try anything Tom will have them thrown half way across the district in two seconds flat. Tom is the protective older brother and he scares all the younger guys and some of the Merchants that are his age. It's because he is muscular and tall like my father was, my father would have been overly protective too.

It now shows the finale showing me driving a sharp rock into the last Career's chest. Her name was Sapphire from district 1 I saw the fear in her eyes as I wielded the rock she was older than me but scared out of her wits for sure. Caesar then turns to me "If you could change anything in your games would you?" he asks me. I shake my head no, "I wouldn't otherwise I wouldn't be here today" I tell him. He smiles and nods Then President Snow comes onto the stage and places the crown on my head. The smell of blood and roses fill my nostrils and I resist the urge to gag or vomit or both. The smell makes me want to do both but I smile at him as he congratulates me and tell him 'thank you'. I walk off and back stage Haymitch and Cinna are waiting to bring me onto the train back home. I will be home tomorrow and I will see my friend and my family. I finally get out of this land of Capitolies and weirdly dressed people.


I lie down onto my bed on the train and let out the breath I have been holding in for the last few hours now. I feel like I have been watched ever since I came into the Capitol, I feel tied down when I'm there. I'm forced to wear what they want, I'm forced to do what they want, I'm forced to go where they want, and sometimes I'm forced to say what they want to hear from me. It's sickening, I want just a little freedom, but living in Panem it sadly doesn't offer that. I need to clear my head I get up and try to pull down the lacey nightgown that I was forced to wear. It was all lacey garments in my draw so I had to wear one of them. It is pretty much see through you can see the black underwear that I put on perfectly. I feel so disgusting the way they are dressing me. I look at the little clock decide my bed and it says that it is 10:30 pm. It's not that late, I walk out of my room and down to the dining car.

I see all different kinds of alcohol on one table I wonder how it works for Haymitch… I grab a glass and just fill it up with some wine because if I have a hangover tomorrow Haymitch and Effie well mostly Effie will freak out. I think Haymitch would be proud that followed in his footsteps. Or just have a drunken rant yeah drunken rant is the better answer considering who I'm talking about. I did get drunk one time with Randy, Rodney, and Amelia behind the school. That was this year, Randy and Rodney stole it from someone in town and thought that it would be a good idea if we drank it. That didn't end well for any of us, we all went home drunk and my brothers were so mad they looked like they were ready t throw me in the mines. They asked where I got it from and I lied and said I didn't remember it is a good thing that they can't tell I'm lying. Plus I'm a pretty good liar if I do say so myself. I take another sip of the wine which is surprisingly strong and I giggle randomly.

Haymitch walks in and when he sees me by the table with all the alcohol he looks like he will explode. "What on earth are you doing, Sweetheart?" he asks me taking the glass out of my hand, "Living" I respond and he scowls as I giggle some more.

Haymitch's POV

Just great, Sweetheart is drunk. How am I supposed to deal with this right now? She's a giggling mess for Pete's sake, all I know right now is that Effie is going to lose her wig if she has a hangover tomorrow. I lift her up in my arms and carry her to her room, in this nightgown I'm finding it hard to control myself. Well anyone in my situation would probably jump right on Sweetheart and take her but I know I can't do that. That nightgown…ugh Haymitch what is wrong with you, I lay her on the bed and she is still laughing like maniac but I think it's cute in a way. Her eyes are droopy which means she might pass out which I'm grateful for, I really can't deal with this right now. "What are you thinking?" I ask her, "That you need to unpitch that tent." She says motioning to my pants. I scowl and she giggles more. I cross my legs a little which makes her laugh louder because of the irony of it all.

I roll my eyes and kiss her forehead as her lids flutter closed. She may be asleep but I can still see that stupid grin on her face. I get up and walk out of the room closing the door quietly and walk back to my room and go to bed wondering what I feel for Sweetheart.