Mason's POV

I groaned and rubbed y eyes as I made my way down the stairs of hell. Honestly, I don't understand why the hell we have to strat school so early. Don't I have a right to sleep in when I'm going to be this close to hell. My parents have already been freaking out on me for the entire summer about it, how they're 'proud' of me. I don't understand why though. A lot of kids make it into High School, it's ridiculous how excited they get over this stupid stuff.

I'll never understand the. Sometimes thyey can be so happy and joyful that it's creepy. And at other times they will be at each other's throats in arguements. It's obvious that the both of them have really strong personalities. And sometimes they go good and sometimes they don't. It makes me wonder how they stand each other's presence.

"MACY!" I groan in annyoance at my younger brother's nickname for me. Grey could be cute at times but, most of the time he was the most annoying person on the planet. Sure, that was kind of his job as my little brother. But, for fuck's sake! Was the nickname really necessary?!

Now, my other sibling. Her name is Violet and she is really really intelligent. Which I have no idea where she gets it from, my dad is an epic retard most of the time and as for my mom. She likes to make people think she isn't smart, she is, but she doesn't have the I.Q. of one million. "Mason! My main man, hurry it up! You don't want to be late!" my dad yells as he skips by me when I reach the bottom of the longest staircase in the world. Honestly, why do I have to live with these people.

If my dad wasn't able to get a job in construction, he would probably be a ballerina. Yes, I'm being serious. Another reason why I feel bad for my mother.

Katniss's POV

I smiled at Mason as he walked into the room. He looked annoyed and barely noticed me, but I understood how he felt. Finnick has been high off orange juice for the last week and has been getting on my nerves much more than usual. Though, I say this nearly every week. It's the truth this time.

Violet was also being more of a smartass than usual. Everything was spinning out of proportion these days. But, I was okay with it. Now that it was time for Mason to go to High School, I expect a lot more rebelliousness. Mason has never been that way before, but from what Johanna says. Hunter is turning out exactly like Gale, but he has both of their tempers combined! I would hate to be Johanna. And since Hunter and Mason are best friends, Hunter is going to rub off on my son BIG TIME!

As long as he doesn't get any girls pregnant at seventeen I'm cool. But, if he does, I'll have to put him up for adoption. Along with Finnick. But, Finnick would probably cry and guilt trip me into doing otherwise because he is so very convincing...

"How'd you sleep?" I finally asked after placing a plate of blueberry pancakes in front of him. He didn't reply and was about to dig his fork into the food, but I quickly yanked it backa nd asked him again, "How did you sleep?" he groaned and slammed his head on the table, at the same time, Grey entered the room and shreiked as Mason's face connected tot he table.

I frowned at my eight year old son who looked close to fainting as Mason lifted his head and made a sound similar to one of those zombies in a movie that he and Grey watched. Grey couldn't sleep for about two weeks and guess who's bed he stayed in? Finnick and his sexual frustration was close to getting the best of him right when Grey ran into the room with tears rushing down his face. I was so lucky that Violet was scared of absolutley nothing!

"Baby, it's okay. Mason is only being a dummy." I said and pressed my lips to his forehead, he wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned his head against my stomach. I pushed the pancakes back in Mason's direction and this time he answered me as I galred at him. Annoyed that he'd put me into this situation.

"I slept fine mom, there's no need to worry." I smiled and petted Grey's hair. But, he didn't release me, great. Now, he won't detach himself from me for the longest time.


Finnick's POV

"Dad, why can't I sit in the front seat with you! The boys should sit with each other instead! It only makes sense!" Violet crried and I grinned. "I suppose you should be driving the car too?" I asked and she screamed out "Yes!" I rolled my eyes and thought of how lucky she is that I'm the one that's driving. Katniss would probably strangle any of them is they talked too much while she was trying to focus on driving.

Sure, Katniss really had no problem murdering our children if she thinks they deserve it. As for me, I wouldn't mind because it would give me an excuse to make more. Of course, I'm only kidding. Not about having more kids, just about not minding if my wife killed my children. But, she might just kill me if I tried to complain about it. That wasn't something I wanted to deal with. She might not even kill me, she'll just do something to scar me for life. And I would be too scared to run away. Okay, maybe it wouldn't be because I was scared. Katniss just gets really sexy when she's angry.

"Dad, I'm feeling a little dizzy. You should take me home so mom can feel my forehead." Mason said stoicly and I rolled my eyes. Katniss was right, our child is a major drama queen. Why? Why do all of my sons have to be so...feminine? They definetly don't get it from Katniss. But...I'm not feminine on the least. I'm like the manliest guy in all of District 4! I mean, look at my abs!


Katniss's POV

I'd been completly at ease and relaxed for about five minutes, the kids were at school for the rest of the day and Finnick was at school and not annoying the crap out of me. But, then Johanna came in, and all hope of relazation was gone.

"HEY, WE SHOULD GO SUNBATHE!" I still don't know what I was thinking when I gave her a key to my house.

Slamming my face on the kitchen table like Mason had this morning, I pretended that I couldn't hear her. But, that never worked. No matter how many times I try, she never falls for it. Though, if she did and she actually had a soul, an ambulance would quickly be called and all hell would break loose. We've managed to hide from the Capital's press since our wedding, and I really don't want them near us ever again. I will never have another interview with Caesar Flickerman or whoever the hell does interviews these days for the life of me.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP!" And I suddenly found myself on the cold tile floor. Thank God I didn't hit my head, that wouldn't be good. Not that Johanna would care, unless I was dead. Then she might not laugh for ten hours. Eight hours at the least!

"Give me back the key to my house..." I groaned as I made my way back onto my feet and glared at her.

She wore a bikin and had her hands on her hips. Her brown hair was up in a loose bun and her deep brown eyes were glaring straight back at me. Honestly, why did I have to be the only person in the world that is friends with Johanna Mason. Who is also the reason why my son's name is Mason. Yes, I have no idea what I had been thinking at that moment. It's ridiculous.

"Nope, you are going to go put on a swimsuit and get your skinny ass out onto the beach. We still look good Everdeen!" I put my hand up and corrected her, "Odair.." and she just rolled her eyes and yanked me towards the staircase by my wrist. Of course, I didn't bother fighting back because I just didn't want to have a stupid arguement over this and then the neighbors would complain again. I mean, our neighbors are assholes. Not only do I have to deal with Johanna fifty percent of the time. I also have to deal with the old guy across the street that sits on his porch and stares at my ass whenever I walk by.

God, I miss Haymitch!


Hunter's POV

"HEY! ODAIR!" I yell as I see Mason slam the door to his dad's car shut. I chuckle as he stomps over to where I stand by the school gates. Not bothering to go into the actual parking lot. There is no real reason, I mean, all girls do is stare at me like I'm a piece of meat. And guys glare at me in envy. I mean, I know I'm hot but don't you think you should tone it down a bit?

Mason's POV

As Hunter and I made our way down the hallway, there were kids yelling and laughing and some were just cowering in the corner, looking terrified. But, there was also a couple of kids dressed in leather jacket even though it was about ninty degrees outside. Honestly, I don't understand what the hell is wrong with our generation?!


When we reached the main office, the lady at the front desk stared at the two of us in shock, her jaw was to the floor as she stared at the two of us. "You're Kat-" before she could scream out the words I knew were coming I cut her off with an 'I know' and grabbed my schedule that had been lying in front of her and turned on my heel before walking away and heading down the hallway to find my locker, '347', which is written on the top of my schedule sheet. It's really convenient.

Soon, Hunter is trailing behind me again and quickly bumps into me. Nearly slamming me straight into a senior. What sucks is that Hunter is a lot taller than me. I know that I'm soon going to be the height of my Dad but, it hasn't come yet and I hope it does by the time I'm a senior.

"Dude, what's the big deal? Do your parents embarrass you that much?" I roll my eyes and respond while opening my new locker. "No, it's because people like to think I'm exactly like them. Which is wrong on so many levels. The only way I am similar to them is because I look similar to my mom. Not that it's a bad thing."

He scoffs and leans agaisnt the locker next to me. "I wish I was recognized. I look too much like my dad for anyone to think anything of me."



Finnick's POV

I whistle and stride through the front door and instantly call out for Katniss, work ended early today and I'd very much like to spend time with my wife. Maybe get her to not act like she's on her period whenever I'm in her presence.

But, there isn't a response. I sigh and kick off my flip-flops before heading to the backdoor. One great thing about District 4 is that I can wear board shorts and a t-shirt anywhere and no one will think you're crazy. Looking out the back window I see Johanna sleeping in the sand and Katniss reading a book a few feet away from her. In a bikini.

A grin makes it's way onto my lips and I yank off my shirt before running outside. "KATNISS!" She lifts her head from her book and looks at me with an eyebrow risen above her sunglasses before standing up and walking over to me.

"Where's you come from stranger?" she asks and I laugh. "The boss man let everyone go home early, mainly because all of our kids are at school and we deserve a bit of relaxation with our spouses..." I draw and she shoves me.

"Since when do you say spouses?" she asks and I burst into laughter.

But, I quickly compose myself and manage to reply, "Well, I am a mature father and husband. I am no longer as immature as I used to be. I'm a mature gentleman..." she scoffs and just shoves me again.

"Yes, you are very very mature. I understand."


Mason's POV

Sooner rather than later, lunch time comes around and Hunter and I are just standing in the parking lot. Sure, we had the option to stay in the cafeteria but, we have yet to talk to anyone and were not going to put ourselves in a awkward position. Besides, most people who have tried to talk to me start telling me that I happen to look a lot like 'Katniss Everdeen' a.k.a. my mother.

How would you feel if everyone suddenly started to compare you to your mom and dad. Obviosuly I hate it, so I think everyone else in the world would too.

"Hey, maybe we should leave for lunch. I don't know about you. But, I don't feel like starving out here while all the assholes in the caf stuff their faces. So, let's just...go down a couple blocks, head to"

Not bothering to put up an arguement, I just nod. There is no point to try and reason with him to do otherwise.



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