Hey hey hey, what's up guys? Sophia Griffin here presenting my first 2P!Hetalia fanfiction! No time to make this lengthy, being rushed so let's-a go!

Chapter 1:

Of Shattered Glass

"I'm so, so, so, so, sorry, Veneziano!" A blond man cried to his younger twin, who was having a serious tantrum.

"SORRY DOESN'T CUT IT!" Veneziano shrieked at his elder sibling, "YOUR PATHETIC LIFE COST US THAT BATTLE!"

"I know, I shouldn't have come, I'm sorry!" The blond man- Romano- cried. Just half an hour earlier the Axis had been demolishing the Allies, but Romano had come too soon to the battle assuming his younger twin had already won. In order to save his older brother, Veneziano was forced to retreat. Romano had suffered a brutal beating by one of the Allies, and with Northern Italy in a fit, he knew this wasn't going to end well for him.

"YOU'RE A WUSS! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PUNCH SOMEONE! NOT EVEN SLAP THEM, AND THAT'S SOMETHING 5 YEAR OLDS KNOW HOW TO DO!" Veneziano howled, launching his cell phone at Romano- He had hardly missed grabbing his knife- and Romano caught it and pocketed it, to protect his brother from breaking another of his phones. Fifteen more minutes of ranting ensued before he snapped.

"AT LEAST ITRIED!" Romano screamed. Startled and offended that his rant was interrupted, Veneziano froze, his eyes covered by his bangs.

Then there was silence. The kind of tense silence, waiting for something to move, to do anything, daring either twin to speak. The two sat there in the Axis' living room. 2P!Romano stared at the mirror above the fireplace, hoping he could see his little brother's face. When he discovered that he could not, he held back a slightly relieved sigh. He had to break the ice he had created.

"… F-Fratello, I-" Romano began.

"You're worthless. I should have killed you years ago." The venomous voice poured itself out of Veneziano's mouth and seemed to curl around Romano, telling him to run for his life, "YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN BORN!"

2P!Veneziano still prayed this had never, ever happened.

As he screamed in his older brother's face, Veneziano picked up Romano from under the arms, tossing him with pure adrenaline at the mirror above the fireplace.

In Southern Italy's point of view, when he made contact, instead of the sharp glass and painful landing he felt something similar to ice cold water devour him.

In Northern Italy's point of view, his older brother hit the mirror with a scared look on his face, and vanished into it. It broke seconds later.

Veneziano gave a long shriek. It started off as a "Manly" scream, ending in a high-pitched and distressed wail. He just saw his brother go through a mirror. A solid mirror. Germany and Japan came running, obviously, as Italy screaming was most definitely not something they ever had heard before.

"Vhat is VRONG Italy?!" Germany bellowed over the shorter man's screaming.

"I-ROMANO-MIRROR-AHHHHHHHHHH!" Japan rested a hand on Italy's shoulder.

"You must calm down. We do not understand you." The Japanese man said.

"… I-I'll explain." Veneziano muttered after he got all his shocked wailing out.

"Ve~! Fratello~!" 1P!Veneziano (AN: hereby called by their human names) called into the living room, where his brother lay.

"What do you want, bastard?!" Lovino yelled from the couch. He had been feeling sick for about a week now, and was even testier than usual. His seista had also just been interrupted.

"I made you PASTA~~!" North Italy skipped into the room with a large bowl of pasta, and shoved it into Romano's face.

"IDIOTA!-" Lovino had a slight coughing fit "- Don't shove it in my face, it makes it hard to breath when you startle me like that!"

Did I mention that Lovino's lungs became hypersensitive while he was having this cold?

"I'm sorry, fratallo~…" Feliciano gave him big, sad puppy eyes as he gently gave his brother the bowl.

"It's alright, Feli." Lovino sighed, and started to eat the pasta while it stayed warm.

Then it happened.

A bright light began to melt into the room from the mirror on the fireplace. Feliciano began crying in fear while Lovino became perfectly frozen. He couldn't look away from the light.

A figure came through, the glass rippling like water. The figure looked like it had been a doll, thrashed around until all the fancy clothing was tattered and bleeding in several areas. As it hit the ground, though, Lovino's throught and lungs felt better, the aching and itching leaving immediately. The figure was panting.

In fact, the figure was a man about Lovino's size, with blond hair and an identical curl. Said man suddenly began shouting for his Fratello, while apologizing profusely. That is until he noticed the two other figures in the room…

And looked straight at his identical twin.

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