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Chapter 3:

Flashback, Anyone?

"ROMANO! Dove sea stato?! Ero così preoccupata!" an angered 2P!Italy shouted.

"Eheheheh… Well, about that… It's a long story…"

"Romano. Tell. Me. Now." 2p!Italy ordered. The other nations in the room remained frozen, listening to the seemingly one-sided conversation 2P!Romano was having (though they all knew that wasn't the case.)

Romano sighed, "Okay… So… It happened like this…"

Flashback that happened after up until Lovino ordered Feliciano to call for a meeting

"An emergency World Meeting. Idiota." Lovino said matter-of-factly.

"O-okay but wh-why can't I tell-"

"You can't tell that potato-bastardo because if you did then he would come running and demand we answer questions that we don't even know the answer to!" Lovino snapped.

"Who ARE you people?!" The poor confused 2P!Romano asked, calming down somewhat.

"I'm Romano, the South part of Italy. Who are you anyways?! You're the one who claimed to be me!" Lovino snapped in return.

"I-I'm also R-Romano, and I'm also South Italy! M-My younger brother, Veneziano said there was another world with people just like us but they were our opposites! He-he said he didn't know how to crossover but a few of the other nations had before!" The 2P explained, the memory of his England going missing returning.

"What?!" The Italy brothers exclaimed, Feliciano texting all of the other countries, instead of calling them.

"It-it's true! A few of your nations have to know!" Romano stuttered.

"Well, whatever. We're calling a World Meeting- like I said before- so you're going to have to come," Lovino stated, "For now, since all of us are going to get confused with the name thing, you can call me Lovino Vargas. It's my human name."

Romano beamed at Lovino, "R-REALLY?! We're never allowed to use our human names because we're always at war with each other and we only use them when we go undercover!"

"Ve~! Ro-Lo- Fratello, what should I call you?" Feliciano asked.

"We'll use our human names and try to get this dimwit back to wherever he claims to be from, alright, Feli?" Lovino answered.

"Okay! We'll, everyone's said they can meet here soon, so we better go get our conference room ready~!" Feliciano smiled happily and ran towards his car.

"U-uhm, Lovino…"

"What is it… R-Romano?" Lovino questioned.

"W-well, my brother is a really safe driver-except when we're in a car chase or he's mad- So… Is your brother… going to…" Romano's eyes widened at Lovino as Lovino became increasingly scared.

". He's frightening." Lovino and Romano both shuddered at the thought.

During the entire car ride, Lovino cussed and Romano tried not to puke on anything inside the car- or at all, for that matter! By the time they had actually gotten there, Romano's face was a little green and Lovino's face was flushed from screaming out curses.

They walked up to the building and Feliciano took a key off his key-ring and unlocked the door. After the door locked behind them, the Italy brothers led Romano through the lobby and to a back room that was set up perfectly for a conference meeting.

"Ve~. This hotel is only for us nations! And the only reason it's a hotel is so that the nations who want to stay for a while after a conference can stay here!" Feliciano explained, jumping around the room excitedly. Lovino began grabbing chairs for the other major nations to sit on, as the chairs had been stacked neatly off to one side of the room. Romano helped him as well.

"How did you know how many chairs we needed?" Asked Lovino.

"Well, we have the same number of major nations, so I figured… But… Aren't you guys at war too?" Romano replied.

"No… We're all at peace right now. That's why we have world meetings. To keep that peace. Why?" Lovino briefly answered.

"We're always at war. In fact, I can't remember a time when we were in a real peace!" Romano awkwardly laughed.

That's when they heard a door being unlocked.

"Quick! Hide Romano!" Lovino exclaimed, pushing his blond-twin into a room across the hall as Germany walked inside.


"So, that's what happened so far~!" Romano finished happily.

"I… See…" Italy responded over the phone.

"Wait!" Lovino shouted out of nowhere. Everyone looked at him expectantly.

"How did that crazy English-bastard know who That Romano is?!"

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