Well, this is just something that came to me in a fit of rage… Sorry Jason! (and co.)

So the premise is that all four bat boys were caught unaware in their civilian identities and tranquilized. Effectively kidnapped, the man behind it has yet to be revealed, but apparently wants money in exchange for the boys. All right? Cool.

I've updated this only a little. I remember in the Batman and Robin comics Bruce said something to Damian about him being a "millionaire, not a multibillionaire" so I wasn't sure how much was a good price. ^^" I've changed it now.


Warnings: angst, violence, and possible OOC portrayals. ^^"

Disclaimer: I own nothing DC/Time Warner does.

His muscles were slow and stiff. He didn't remember being drugged, but he sure as hell recognized the side effects. He tested his ligaments in a regular fashion. His hands were cuffed behind him, his legs chained to something... He screwed his eyes shut before opening them cautiously. The room was white walled and padded with no remarkable features, and beside him – oh shit – Dick, Tim, and Damian. His 'brothers'. None of them were shifting so he could safely assume the effects of whatever tranquilizers had been used were still wearing off on them. None of them were wearing their nightly personas either, that meant this was personal for whoever had taken them. It had to have something to do with Bruce – he was the only probable connection. He used his arms to maneuver himself closer to Dick, reaching out behind him to shake the older man.

Jason's efforts proved fruitful when Dick let out a sputtering cough and opened his bright blue eyes. "glad you could join the world of the living, Dickie-bird."

The man's eyes narrowed at the nickname, dumbly disoriented for a moment. Dick took a quick assessment of the situation, turning this way and that, testing his restraints much like Jason had moments ago. "How'd we get here, Little Wing?"

Jason growled at the endearing term, but didn't respond. As if on cue Tim shot upwards and took in a huge gulp of air. "We were drugged," He said matter-of-factly.

"Thanks for the astute observation, kid. I'm sure B would be proud," Jason sneered.

Just then Damian sat up and turned sleep-filled, but focused eyes on the three of them. He was closest to Jason while Tim and Dick lay a few meters away.

Jason sighed heavily. This was just not his night.

"OK. Let's not panic here. What's the last thing you all remember?" Dick asked.

Tim was the first to respond, "Uh… I think I was on my way to the manor. My bike was flipped and…" He shook his head, trying to remember. "and I felt this pinprick. That's all I can think of."

Damian grumbled something about Tim's incompetence before Dick's eyes slid to the youngest boy. "Father made me stay home…" They all caught the unspoken from patrol, "That's when I felt a dart hit my arm. Before I could adequately respond I was out. The sedative must have been strong."

Dick nodded. "I'd just left the Bludhaven Police Department when I experienced much the same thing. Did any of you actually see our attacker?"

"Attackers, plural. I caught a glimpse. I'd just gotten home, they missed the first dart, but caught me in the neck afterwards. The shadows hid their features, but I know there was more than one." Jason said evenly. He wasn't about to pick a fight with the others now; He may need to use them to get out of this mess.

"And how do we know you aren't behind this, Todd?" Damian spat.

Jason merely shifted the chains around his wrists to make an audible sound with them, pointing out that he too was trapped.

"Relax boys, I'm the one that brought you here." It was a voice coming in over a hidden speaker. The sound resonated through the room. "don't worry, you'll soon be released. Just as soon as your father antes up."

So, this was about money. Jason threw his head back and let out a deep laugh. "You do realize that Bruce doesn't give a rat's ass about me, right? Right. You can just let me go and we'll just pretend this never happened."

The voice returned the laughter in kind. "Well, we will just see about that, won't we. Let's get Daddy on the phone, shall we? I'm sure that by now he's realized that his sons have all gone missing." Jason could practically hear the grin in the voice.

"What do you mean 'by now'?" Dick asked uncertainly.

The thing chuckled, "it's been a few days now, Dick Grayson." It paused, "Don't worry. I'll allow you all to hear our conversation."

A click sounded through the building. Suddenly a dial tone. Then a gruff, familiar voice. "Who are you?" Bruce snapped clearly over the speaker.

"Now, now, Mr. Wayne, no need to get snippy. Your children are safe. All four of them."

"If you touch even a single hair-"

"Your empty threats will get you nowhere, Mr. Wayne, I assure you. Now if you don't mind, we should argue the terms of our –"

"how do I know they are even still alive." It was a statement.

"Now you see Bruce – do you mind if I call you Bruce? – your interruptions are starting to get on my nerves." There was a pause, "Maybe I'll just shoot the little one to show you I'm serious."

A slot on the wall opened and a gun was brought through, aimed at Damian. Dick was the first to speak up; he roared in rage and pulled at his restraints. Tim, ever the analyst, remained silent but began to pick at his chains furiously in an attempt at escape, while Damian loosed a string of curses in both Arabic and English. Jason was quiet. He was still. He watched the gun set its sights on the boy, four inches from the boys heart, half and inch from the diaphragm . It wouldn't be a kill shot, he calculated, but it would hit a lung and hurt like a bitch.

Still a risk. The kid, for all his frustratingly arrogant remarks, was still a child. Innocent. Jason looked at Dick and Tim in turn. They were too far away to be of any use. It had to be him.

That was why when the trigger was pulled, when Bruce could be heard screaming "NO", and when Damian found himself unable to move, Jason twisted to the side and took the bullet in the chest.

In all honesty he'd expected it to be painful, especially without Kevlar, but what he hadn't exactly planned for was the blood that filled his mouth. It was agony, choking on his own blood, and the breathless nature of the event reminded him of being in his grave... He let out a strangled cry that did not sound like his voice. His 'brothers' were shell-shocked. Bruce was silent. The voice wasn't.

"Oops, looks like little 'Jaybird' took the bullet instead. Maybe that's why you're so quiet." The voice laughed, but Jason was already starting to lose consciousness. Everything was growing fuzzy, and the taste of blood made him nauseated. His body betrayed him, going into painful spasms. Everything was going fuzzy...

"JASON! I swear to God, if he dies there will be nothing on Heaven or Earth to save your worthless-" The voice was full of inhuman rage and contempt. Jason shivered, coughing up the substance he couldn't seem to breathe around…

"Looks like I nicked his lung. Hear that, Bruce? That's the sound of your son choking on his own blood. You've got maybe a few hours before he bleeds out. I had better receive eighty million before that happens, or I'll shoot another one. Don't worry, I'll transmit the location to you." The noise abruptly cut off and the room was plunged into silence. Jason was plunged into the open arms of darkness.