it was a gloomy-day in clam-burg today a new girl was coming to school she was a little red girl name bianca, 'she spotted a large red cat the cat try to hurt her but she jump hi and punch it, ,you are a very bad kitty bad bad bad KITTY. 'she scream at it the cat was afraid of bianca he ran behind the school, 'as bianca past classroom 123 she enter 4,

'aw a new student will come in you much be bianca, 'yes i am and you much be Mr,milk it very new to met you, 'bianca sate by a blue girl, 'hi am Charlotte wanna be friends we could all kinds of games like hide-seek or even play tag, 'no thank you i rather read, 'this girl she a pain how could anyone like her yuck. she thought,

'then a green girl show up. 'hi who are you red girl. 'am bianca am new here,
'then the blue girl walk toward the green girl, 'hello Vendetta let play later on,
'no stay always from you stupid blue girl, ' Charlotte stop bugging her she hate you leave or ill punch you in the face, 'oh ok hey bianca what you color mine blue, 'shut up Charlotte you are a pain in the but, 'mmm hey you what your name tell me,Vendetta order her,

'as i said am bianca g that all you need to know, 'mm you hate her like i do come sit by me. 'bianca sate next to her
the class was shock they have never seen Vendetta being nice what could all this mean they wonder, 'thank Vendetta is that blue-girl always bugling you?. 'yes she drive me nuts i cant stand her, ' i agree with you Vendetta i cant stand her at all i hate her she not cool she dim, 'awww bianca you and i will get along will oh and this is my giant hamster he call Grudge, ' Vendetta what do you do 4 fun?'

'Oh i make Fiends i use them to control clamburg who about you bianca, 'i make evil living dolls and i tell them to destroy my enemy's hah aha, 'awww can i see one now bianca, 'bianca open her pack then a 1-foot-doll came out and stared to brake things. 'heheheehh she horrible cute what her name, 'she is call raven the living doll i had her for a long time

'bianca we shall rule clamburg together eheheheh, 'yes that sound cool Vendetta hahaahhahaha. "they both laugh at the sometime. ' Vendetta laugh heheheheheeh. '& bianca laugh hahaahhahaha' ' "wwill kids if it all right I would like to give you a test if that is ok., ahh is it time for recess. Grudge stare at . "Ahh yes it is go have fun.

Mr. milk fear vendetta , "as bianca & vendetta leave the rest stay inside it was too dangerous to go out there not with those too. "ahh it a horrible day today bianca.

"it is and seeing my doll scaring them was fun hahhaha raven go into my bag.

.bianca you and I are going to rule eheheheh. "oh I know I know hahaahhahaha.

The end