I wasn't sure if this was a dream or a nightmare, my head was dizzy and my heart was pounding fast that in one point it hurt and it clearly reminded me that I was awake. There was blood all over the floor, walls and even, me. I was horrified, not knowing what to do, I grabbed the axe that was next to me and cut their heads off, not that they were human.

How could I survive? I was lacking power and agility to act that quickly, but somehow I made it, and now I'm looking for other survivors. The hall was pretty big, and full of rooms, while I opened each door, with the axe in my hand and ready to attack if someone –or something– tried to attack me. Luckily, nothing happened.

The place was filled with dead silent, there was nobody in here, it made me feel like this place was haunted with demons or spirits, knowing that it was WORSE. What is worse, you ask? ZOMBIES.

Out of the nowhere, a zombie infection started in the center of the city and it spread quickly all over the country. The only zombies I knew where in movies and books, they always said that the only way to kill them was cutting their heads off, exactly the thing I did with the axe, but later I realized it could be in other places of the body too. Sadly, I couldn't save anyone that was there with me, before they got infected.

I didn't have any hope that I would find someone here, but there were dead bodies all over the place, someone must have killed them, someone must be here! I started running the fastest my legs would permit me, hoping to see someone alive, dreaming. If I did I would-

"Watch out were you're going!" A tall man with brownish hair and white eyes yelled. A survivor!

"You…survived?" I asked

"Uh, yeah I suppose" He responded "What's up with the nurse outfit? Were you in a costume party?"

"Oh, no! I'm a nurse; I was healing some people until the zombies started attacking"

"Anyways, I'm Neji Hyuga, and you?" He said while extending his arm to me, in a form of salute.

"I'm Sakura Haruno" I extended also my hand and moved it from up to down "Nice to meet you" There was a minute of silence and then I asked "Have you seen any survivors?"

"I don't think there's nothing else in this floor; maybe the one below has, let's hurry" I walked to the elevator, but he shook he's head, saying no. He wanted to go to the stairs, explaining that the building didn't have any electricity.

While walking to through the stairs, I checked my phone; there was no connection, so no calls. This Neji dude had some really weird looking, intimidating I quickly stated in my mind.

"You're not good with Axes, right?" He asked, staring through my eyes, like trying to look into my mind.

"What makes you think I'm not good?" I snapped back, a little annoyed.

"The way you're grabbing it" He smiled "Look, if you grab it in this form, you can perform a more powerful attack, it's going to be easier that way" He moved my hands into the right position of the axe, and nodded and smiled back. After finally arriving to the next floor, we moved carefully. After opening all the doors, we didn't find anything.

When we were ready to leave the floor, we heard someone cry. We ran to the origin of the voice and found a young man, crying.

"Hey" I walked towards him and kneeled. "Are you okay? Anything hurt?"

"N-no…I'm fine" He sobbed. I was glad that we found another person, another survivor.

"Come with us, we are trying to get out of this building" Neji spoke from behind. He showed his hand into the men's direction, the other used it to get up and finally walk with us. "What's your name?" Neji asked as we walked downstairs, again. This time, the exit.

"My name…Is Kohaku…" He responded a little scared. "I tried to help my friends, but I couldn't! All I did was run…like always"

"Don't worry, the important thing right now is that we are all alive, and we are going to find an exit for this place" I smiled, trying to comfort him; he smiled back and cleaned his tears with his hands. It seemed eternity while we were walking, I wondered how much we had me walking, an hour? No…more. I wanted to see the sun. "It's been forever since we have been walking!" I yelled "How much are we going to walk?"

"It's only 5 more floors, Sakura" Neji sighed. "Besides, have you thought where are we going after we leave this place?"

"Uh…no" I admitted

"I have been thinking…the mall, there's probably someone there and besides, we need food and water, since we are changing cities" I never thought of the mall, but I was sure there was going to be more zombies, and now that we have to deal with a kid that doesn't know how to defend himself and doesn't have any weapon, not like I knew much but at least I tried. "We better be carefull"

And then, we FINALLY arrived to the last floor. I was happy, and exhausted. Kohaku was smiling; Neji didn't show any emotion as he opened the door. I was ready to walk through it until he stopped me.

"Wait…There's zombies out there, don't get separated" He ordered, I pushed Kohaku next to me as he opened the door and we walked through it. There were only 3 out, but we didn't stop thinking that they might call more. Neji shot the 3 of them quickly. Crossing the street, we arrived to the theater. The mall was only a few streets away.

I didn't want to but I had…thinking on all the zombies we could find and that we had to kill them all. It's just…sick, disgusting!

Kohaku was shaking by fear, and by shaking, he touched one of the cars –kicked it it's more like it– and set the alarm on. Neji and I looked at him, angrily, knowing that the sound will attract them.

"They're coming!" I screamed, getting my axe ready, and Neji his gun. Kohaku started crying. "Don't move Kohaku, I don't want you to make sound; more than you already did" My voice sound like I was being chocked, and angry.

And then, they came. They were running all around us, Neji started shooting them exactly in the head and I cutting them. Kohaku was afraid; he occasionally bumped us, making us fail. I could hear Neji say 'Stop it' to him. And as we didn't have any bad luck, he started running away from us.

"Where do you think you're going?" I yelled loudly enough for him to hear. He didn't turn and kept running. We chased him, until the zombies calm their horde. I was more than angry this time "What do you think you were doing? You could have been killed! Are you stupid?" He cried louder. I didn't care. "Kohaku, this better be the last time you do this because the next—"

"Shh, Sakura" Neji focused his attention on the background sounds. There was like a growl…a terrifying growl.

"Neji…What is that?" I asked. My breathing became heavier and deeper. And then I suddenly felt adrenaline going through my body, I was excited, I was afraid. And then another horde of zombies appear, Neji started shooting them right in the head and I was cutting their arms and later the heads. We were all covered in blood, but it didn't matter that much, as long we were together. I was looking around, it seemed that they were never going to be defeated, they were still appearing everywhere. In the deep, far of the steer, I saw a bomb, -which glowed and made a weird beeping sound to get their attention. "Neji! Shoot that bomb over there!" I pointed. He didn't seem to look where, until he found it. He nodded and pointed to the exact place I was talking about. Only one shot is all we needed. He stared at it and then…

BOOM! The bomb exploded and killed most of the zombies, there were only a few, but we could take care of them.

"Aah…"I sighed "I'm so tired of killing zombies, I'm glad we found that bomb and be able to kill the most, right Koha-" I turned to see where he was, but he wasn't there! Where could he go? "Where's Kohaku!"

"I don't know! Where did that kid go?" Neji responded angry. We ran inside a building where we thought he could have been. And we were right. He was there, sitting, crying. "Kohaku! Why did you do that?" Neji yelled at him.

No answer.

"Kohaku, I'm talking to you!" He looked angrier than before, I walked slowly towards Kohaku, and with my hand I turned him.

"AAAH!" I screamed. He was a zombie, he jumped and fell on me, trying to bite me, Neji quickly shot him in the forehead, and felt onto my side. "Why did you shoot him? We could have saved him!"

"Sakura, face the facts, once you are bitten, you become a zombie. There's no solution for it, and the only solution would be killing it. He probably got bitten while we didn't see. There's nothing else, come one" I grabbed his hand and stand up. His hand was warm and bloody. "We need to get to the mall"