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I opened my eyes slowly. My vision was blurry and my head was spinning a little. I rubbed my eyes for a moment and then, I could see perfectly. I turned around to see who was next to me; It was Kari, she was still sleeping. I turned to the other side, Neji and Sasuke were perfectly awake, I doubt Sasuke slept with Neji, he seems to be the 'lonesome' type.

I stared at them for a while, and then, I realized we had to keep going.

"Sakura, Good morning" Neji said with a soft voice, noticing that I was no longer asleep. "I made breakfast for you"

"Thanks, Neji" I smiled. Standing up, I stretched my body, sending my arms up and yawning. "How long have you been awake?" Neji chuckled. Sasuke didn't bother to look at my way.

"For a few minutes" He responded. "You can take a bath Sakura, Sasuke will wake up Kari, and in a few minutes, we'll be leaving, is that ok?"

"Uh." I responded, not putting attention to the things he said. "Yeah, sure!" Walking to the bathroom, I entered and closed the door with the lock. I didn't want anybody to interrupt my private time.

'How many days has it been? 3-4? Ugh, it seems like eternity; I hate being in this situation. A survival situation. Ah, I good shower would help me in these moments' I thought. 'My cellphone doesn't have any reception, our food is totally done, I wonder where they got the food, maybe the church had some? I don't care. How much longer do we have to travel to get to New York?'

My hands were busy taking my clothes off; they were dirty, full of blood and sweat. They smelled pretty bad, and me…well, I would smell worse!

I sighed, after taking every piece of cloth off me, I walked to the shower.

Opening the key, some cold water felt out, at first, it was uncomfortable, but after a few seconds, the hot water started stroking out, I sighed. It was relaxing; I needed this to clear my mind.

But I couldn't stop on thinking of a certain subject. The zombies.

Zombies that had been shown like monsters that ate brains, giving you bite's and converting you into one of them. They're dangerous, and even if they don't have a mind of their own, they won't doubt on attacking you. But there was something I realized. Whenever we are near them, sometimes, they don't notice that we are there, like we didn't exist; only if someone make's a sound, they would notice and then, attack us. Like what happened outside, I step wrongly on something and they quickly noticed.

I gasped.

Maybe this could help me for future encounters.

I closed my eyes, letting the water fall onto my body, relaxing my tensed muscles and taking away my dirt. I felt less heavy, like I just threw away the rocks I was carrying from all these days.

After a few minutes of taking a bath, I closed the key and started drying my body. There were a few clean towels for me to use. Grabbing new clothes I decided to try them, they fit perfectly.

I walked outside the bathroom and saw them all awake around the table, talking and eating. I walked towards them, my axe was just right next to Neji and he seemed to know I wanted to grab it. Sasuke and Kari quickly got up and walked to the door.

"Is everyone ready?" She asked. We all nodded and she opened the door. It was dawn, and everything had a grey tone, the sun was barely visible, yet it was perfect for us to go on without being noticed. As I turned my head, I noticed that Neji was close to me, or maybe we were both away from Sasuke and Kari. I turned again, now to the road. I watched from the corner of my eyes that he was smiling; did they tell a funny joke?

The church was now away from us, and there were now more trees than before; I remembered that at this place, there was a river, the Mississippi river, and at the other side there was the state we wanted to go, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin was a very humid place, the highest temperature was 114 F, yet the lowest was -55 F; I only been once there, in a trip from school. I never thought I would be going back, in this time of crisis. The nature sounds were changing, I did no longer hear the birds, now it was the river. The place was alone, and had a refreshing bliss; there was a small house and a boat. We walked to the boat, not sure if anyone could actually 'drive' it, but we should at least give it a shot, if we want to survive. Neji was going to start the engine when a sound caught our attention.

"Hey you!" A female voice screamed. We all turned to the direction of the voice, it was a red haired girl with glasses, a purple shirt, opened in a way that only her belly button could be seen, and some black shorts, black stockings and shoes from the same color, with her, there was a white haired guy and an unfamiliar eye color, purple. They both ran at us; we waited. "I thought we were the only ones, but gladly, we found you! We are survivors from Minnesota"

"What are you doing here, then?" Sasuke asked. "The river is up there too"

She hesitated to respond; the other looked at her by a second and turned to us.

"There weren't any boats, so we walked down, to Iowa" The red haired glanced to him and then sighed. "I'm Suigetsu!" He smiled.

"I'm Karin" She stared at us, and then, looked at Sasuke. She blushed and smiled.

"You're coming with us? Then hurry up" Sasuke sighed, they both ran inside the boat. The engine started and began our way to Wisconsin. The girl, Karin, didn't stop glaring at Sasuke, sighing at every movement he made.

"Could you stop that?" Sasuke growled at Karin, Suigetsu laughed.

"We didn't look if there was something dangerous in the boat" Neji suddenly said "Sakura, could you look around?"

"Sure" I stand up and went inside the boat. It was all dark but I managed to turn on a light. It was full with ropes, and boxes, which they were all empty, they didn't seem dangerous at all. "There's nothing" I said while walking to Neji. "I guess we will have some peace after a long time" I whispered while sitting down and closing my eyes.

All we could do is wait.

I wasn't sure how much time passed since I closed my eyes and slept, but we were already at land, Neji was the one who awaken me, as I rubbed my eyes and looked around.

"Where are we?"

"We're at Wisconsin, at the border, we should hurry up" Neji smiled and took my hand, something I didn't expect from him, as he pulled me down the boat. Karin was next to Sasuke, following him everywhere. His sister sighed and ran towards me.

"She's been following him everywhere! It's annoying" She whispered to my ear, as I chuckled quietly.

"He's hard to ignore, actually, he's good looking" I said. Kari laughed and nodded.

"I know…" She looked down.

"Everyone! Come here" Sasuke yelled at us. We walked to him, wondering what he could tell us now. "So, now that we made it to Wisconsin, we must think about how to get to Michigan, and after that, our destination, New York"

"There's an airport near here, maybe we could go there and contact someone to rescue us" Neji quickly said. "At least take us to Michigan, and after that we could take a boat towards New York…"

"Let's just hope everything works as we planned" I said as we walked to the depth of the forest. Karin and Suigetsu were behind us, but they're eyes were looking at something else, like searching for something. I got to admit that the first time I saw them, there was something I didn't like about them, but I don't know them yet, so I guess they're just theories.

I've never been with another person besides Neji, Kari and Sasuke, I trusted them now, like they were family, but now, another two, Karin and Suigetsu…there was something fishy going on, why didn't they take the boat when they had the chance? Why are they following us? I didn't believe that they come from Michigan and there weren't any survivors!

There was something hiding in those smiles, and I'll find out what.

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