Fiona padded into her kitchen to get her phone that was ringing loudly on the counter. She kept wondering why she even had it so loud and who could be calling so early in the morning.

"Hello," Fiona said groggily.

"Hey, Fions! I have a super amazing surprise for you," Imogen said cheerily.

"Alright, what is it?" Fiona asked wondering why she couldn't wait until later at a more reasonable hour.

"Well, I was wondering if you want to go on vacation," Imogen paused, "With me?"

"Um, sure, where to?" Fiona asked unsure of what to expect.

"Well now you see, that's the surprise part, I'm not telling you where we're going," Imogen said casually.

"Ok then, when are we going?" Fiona asked not really thinking about anything else.

"As soon as we can," Imogen said pausing, "I was thinking in like an hour. Would that be enough time for you to pack?"

When Fiona didn't answer Imogen said, "I kind of already packed and I'm all ready to go, I could come over and help you if you'd like?"

"Yeah, sure I guess that'll work," Fiona said eventually still not really thinking through the vague details of this spontaneous vacation.

"Yay! I'll be over in a few," Imogen practically screamed into the phone.

Fiona hung up and put her phone back down on the counter before heading into her room to get dressed and then to start packing.

By the time Fiona had gotten dressed and had thrown a decent sized bag on the bed she heard Imogen knocking on the door.

"Hey, Immy," Fiona said opening the door to let her inside.

Imogen dragged a duffel bag into the loft and dropped it by the door before responding, "Hey, so you ready to pack?"

"I guess," Fiona said walking back into her room with Imogen closely behind.

The girls packed Fiona's bag quietly only exchanging a couple glances at each other here and there. When they were finally done they moved the bag over to the door and put it next to Imogens'.

"Ok, now are you ready to go?" Imogen asked looking up from the bags to look Fiona in the eyes.

"Um, I guess so," Fiona paused unsure of what she was really doing, "How long are we going to be gone?"

"I don't know. Maybe a week, maybe more," Imogen said throwing her bag over her shoulder so she could hold it more comfortably.

"You coming?" Imogen asked when Fiona didn't move or say anything while Imogen was standing in the doorway.

Fiona nodded in response, picking up her bag and following Imogen out to the street. Imogen led her over to where she parked, what Fiona assumed to be, her dad's old car. Imogen opened the back door and the girls threw their bags next to the blankets, pillows, snacks and other things that Imogen must have put in the car earlier that morning.

"Are we going on some sort of road trip?" Fiona asked curiously.

"Yep," Imogen said simply in response.

Fiona didn't really have anything else to say, she didn't object to the idea of a road trip but she wasn't entirely sure where they were going or better yet, why? As much as Fiona wanted to know she was too tired to ask so instead she just climbed into the passengers' seat.

"Hang on a sec," Imogen said before they pulled out onto the street, "I forgot something."

Fiona had no time to respond because Imogen took off running up to the loft. While Fiona was waiting she grabbed a pillow from the back and made herself comfortable up front so that she could, hopefully, get some more sleep. Imogen came back to the car a couple minutes later with the fluffy blanket she had become attached to over the past couple months. She jumped into the car and threw the blanket into the back with the others before starting the car.

"Ok, we're good to go now," Imogen said as she pulled out onto the street.

"Indeed we are. Where to?" Fiona asked yawning.

"Let me worry about that, why don't you get some sleep. I'll wake you whenever it is that we stop for breakfast," Imogen said glancing at Fiona.

"Ok," Fiona agreed resting her head on the pillow and closing her eyes.

The last thing Fiona heard before falling asleep was Imogen turning on the radio and searching for the right station to listen to.

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