Jayden's POV

"Give it up nilock" I yell as we run up.

"Are we ready ? "I say "Yes they all yell back " Then let's get to work. Samurizers... GO GO Samurai. We all say in unison. " red ranger" I know your secret would you mind if I told her?" No don't say it. I yell. I'm done talking to this creep. Says Emily. She is so beautiful when she fights. I... No what did you do to her I made her forget you and only you because you mean a lot to her and she means a lot to you so have fun fixing this problem. I'm drying out goooooood bye. We better get Em to the house. Mike says. On our way back to the Shiba house mike asked me if I had a crush on Emily of course I lied because I didn't want him or the the others to know about it.

Emily's POV

I can't remember anything that happened yesterday. Then a red figure walks in with a frown on his face ." Hey " I say but he doesn't say a word justs sits down next to me. " Who are you " I ask. I'm Jayden Shiba the red ranger says the red figure. Ummmmm I don't know you i blurted out. I know because the nilock made you forget who I am. Just because I...

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