"Why the hell would you tell Emily that!" Mia yelled at Mike. " Because I like Emily and she would like me if she would spend a little less time with Jayden and a little more time with mwa." Mike argued. "Well if you do that ever again then you will start liking my fists." Mia said.


"Oh man I wish I could freeze this moment and live in it for the rest of my life." Jayden Told Emily. "I feel the same way." Emily stated." I'm sorry doubted our relationship Jay." "Em it's fine Mike brain washed you it wasn't your fault." Jayden claimed. "You'll always be mine forever and always." Jayden said. No I like Emily way more than you will ever love her. Mike barged in. MIKE LEAVE ME ALONE I DON'T LIKE YOU LIKE THAT SO STOP IT OR THE ONLY THING YOU'LL BE HITTING ON IS MY FISTS. Emily screamed. Sorry Emily that you will be with Jayden for the rest of your life. Mike uttered under his breath. Emily herd it and she said "that's it Mike." Emily don't do anything to Mike remember that I love you and nothing will ever happen to us. I love you to Jayden! Mike finally left and gave up liking Emily. Jayden and Emily started making out in Jayden's room and knew that they were meant to be.

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