Summary: This time Shining Saotome made a very crazy thing. Well much more crazier than the other things that he do… What it is? It's just that he made a swapped gender potion. Asking how? Well don't know either… but the thing is what if Ittoki Otoya accidentally drank the potion and make him turn into a girl? Would he be able to come back to his true form? Will he be able to handle being a girl? How will the people react? What will they do? But most importantly… what would Tokiya Ichinose. His roommate and his secret crush react?

Gender Swapped!

"Bwahahaha!" Laugh Shining Saotome as he put various things on a boiling cauldron. He is wearing a wizards clothes and hat, he also had this weird staff on his hand while chanting weird incantations. And then

"AND MOTE IT BE!" His booming voice echoed through the room and the smoke came up high from the cauldron making a explosive sound and then

"Time to make the secret ingredient," He said and go to grab things. A red rose, vanilla, green leaf and many more… and after he gathered the things he stands in front of them all and mix them up together while also chanting a different words

"Now… now… the potion is done!" He said and mix the liquid of a half a bottle that he get from the cauldron and the bottle of the mix.. or more of the secret ingredient. And as the two substance mix a smoke of a pink appeared with a mix of a girls scent

"Now the gender swapper is complete! BWAHAHAHA!" He laugh while holding the little bottle






"Nanami!" Shouted Otoya as he saw Haruka

"Ittoki-kun," She called out to with a smile

" The Head master said that he need to discuss things with us on his room. Along with the group," Otoya said mentioning the Starish Band

"Ok… Come on lets gather them up," She said and two people run to look for their group





"Head master," Haruka said as she knocked on the door of the room

"Come in," He said. Somehow the time that Otoya was getting closed on the room he felt like his stomach flutter back and his feet getting heavy. Weird he thought.

"So… Nanami Haruka, Jinguji Ren, Hijirikawa Masato, ittoki Otoya, Ichinose Tokiya, Kuruso Shou and Shinomiya Natsuki. I have something to discuss for all of you," He said and mention the group to sit down on the couch. They obliged and sat down

"So Ringo-san… Can you please make tea for our students," Saotome said and Ringo nodded

"What is this thing you want to discuss with?" Asked Tokiya

"Well…" And then he started to blabbered things on his own way of talking

Ringo's Pov

Hmm…. I wonder what kind of tea should I make? Oh! Maybe a green tea. I said to myself smiling and I get the box where the green tea is.

I took nine Aynsley tea cups. Make the tea and finish! But then…


The wind blew a little since the window is open. And then a nice smell hit my nose trills. It was so nice. Like a girls scent but also like a sweet treats.

I walk around and took the scents trace and found a small bottle on the Head masters table. A pink liquid with a mix of red liquid is in there. I took the bottle and smell the scent. It smell so nice… making me crazy over it. Maybe I can put it on the teas? Yeah…

So I run back to the still hot green tea and put a small droplet on the first cup when…

"Ringo!" Shouted the Head master to me, making me yelp from surprised.

"W-what is it head master?" I asked still a little surprised

"The tea," Now he said it more calmly. When I look once again on the teas… and the bottle it had been poured down on a single cup!. But where?... It should have a little hint of a color red or pink.. but then

It was like I didn't put any. I look on my feet maybe it drip on the floor? But nothing. And then I look on the silver tray there's a stained of the liquid

"Wah…. Ringo-sensei… what is that smell?" I heard Haruka asked and then I heard the others sniffed the air

"Yeah.. Ringo- san what's that smell?" Asked Otoya

"Well maybe my new perfume it is," I make a excused and walk over them to give the tea. I took fast the tea that I expect I had poured all the substance

Ittoki's Pov

Wahh…. The smell is so nice. And when I took my cup the smell gets more strong… It was so nice to smell. Slowly I took a sip and felt relief wash over my body. Like cleansing me… or more.. of

"ahh…." I coughed with a crack voice. Everyone attention is on me.

"Ittoki-kun what's the problem?!" Shouted Haruka worried. All of them shouted my name but then I saw Ringo-sempai. She had this shocked face with both her palms covering her mouth and her eyes are big like scared and shocked. And then I blocked out last seeing Tokiya's worried face.





Minutes past as Ittoki past out

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry," This words kept on repeating on Ringos mouth while crying

"Ringo-sempai it's not your fault," Haruka said as she sooth the back of the crying teacher

"Its my fault! Maybe that thing is not really need to put on food," She cried again and the others along with the head master look at her confused

"What thing?" Asked Tokiya

"The bottle that I got from the Head master table," She said and pointed to the used empty bottle on the table

The Head master rushed to his desk and fail to find the bottle of potion he made. He turn around and look on the table where Ringo always make tea and there on the table he saw its bottle empty

The Head master turn around with a frown on his face

"Otoya- kun drank a gender changing potion," The head master mumbled but the words didn't made its escape from the ears of the people on the room

"Gender changing?" Asked all of them confused

"Yes… I made it on my secret base," He said ad spun around again like the usual

"And why do you make it?" Asked Ren curious

"Simple… because I want to experience the feeling of being a girl," He said like the normal thing on the world. And because of its dumbness even Ringos crying stop in a snapped. Masato even had his jaws hanging open along with the others and also had their color drained out of their body

'What a Lame excuse.. to make that kind of potion,' They all thought on the same time. But then

"Ugh…" They heard a low groan and look at where Otoya is. And found a girl version of him

His hair grew and It was now pass her shoulders. Her eyes become more round and wide. Her lips are pinkish red. She still wear the same uniform but it was quite baggy and big for her so she look cute on it. He also gets small maybe even smaller than Shou and only on the same height as Haruka.

The people gathered around him. And he look up at them with those big red innocent eyes

"What's the problem?" He asked and even his voiced change into a deep mans cheery voice to a sweet calm little voice of a girls

"EHH!?" All shouted well of course except for the Head master who's laugh is echoing on their background…

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