Title: Rewriting the Reminiscence for Future Preference

Chap: A Flicker in an old Flame

Creds: 90210. The Vow. I do not own the characters or the plot that the story is built upon.

Note: Takes place 72 hours after Dixon was admitted into the hospital.

. _._._.

The news of Dixon's accident spread like wildfire. It also gave off similar effects of a wildfire. The impact was massive and chaotic. The damage was injurious. The heat was like hell, and the recovery process was a future prospect that had no promise. Each person inhaled the suffocating fumes, which is figuratively the human response to bad news.

The gang of friends gathered together at the hospital where Dixon was taken into. The doctor providing the care was speaking to Debbie, Dixon's adoptive mother. Tears were running down her face as she tried to hold herself tighter. Those in the waiting room included Annie, Adrianna, Liam, Silver, Navid, Naomi and Max. Annie was distraught to say the least. She remained silent while the others engaged in conversation of sorrow.

Adrianna was obviously the second most hysterical person in the room. Upon hearing the news, she ditched Austin and kissed her free ride to has-been stardom goodbye. She reflected on her previous conversations with Dixon. She hated herself for believing that Dixon had neglected her.

Liam and Dixon were best friends; you could even call their relationship a bro-mance. Liam, being a man full of pessimistic thoughts just couldn't bear thinking about the outcome. The guy many ladies thought had a heart made of stone sat on the cold waiting room seats, living in despair, observably taken aback. Tears could be seen slowly curving down Liam's face.

Silver was caught of guard by the news. It didn't seem pragmatic. She was lost in thought and had no words for the situation. She too faced a future of uncertainty, yet she could not find a way to relate to the matter. The tragedy was overwhelming in a sense that she lost any connection to feelings.

Navid was another close friend of Dixon's, not to mention a business partner. He on the other hand, had no trouble releasing his emotions. He tried to find a silver lining, but right now all that mattered to him was the hope that Dixon would pull through from his detrimental state.

Naomi and Max had no direct connection with Dixon, yet this saddened both of them as any calamity would do to any person. It reminded the couple that someone you love could be taken away from you instantaneously. It was fact, a crucial reality and it terrified them both.

Debbie returned to the group and said "Dixon is recovering. He, he still has no movement from the waist down. He can speak, he's still confused about the accident and he hasn't grasp the concept of time…"

"What, what does that mean?" Navid interrupted.

"He doesn't understand what day, month or year it even is. But um, I already visited with Dixon. The doctor says its okay for him to have two visitors at a time so um, I guess Annie and…uh…" Debbie was saying.

"I'll go." Adrianna asserted.

The group nodded in agreement that Annie and Adrianna should be the two to see Dixon next.

Annie and Ade made their way in utter silence to Dixon's room. Upon arrival both inhaled a deep breath as to soothe the anxiety that each one shared. They walked in and Annie made her presence known first which of course only seemed logical. Annie approached his bedside, carefully reached out her hand to touch his ever so gently. "Dix…It's me Annie. How are you?" Annie said slowly and softly in a genuine tone that she has not used in a long time.

Dixon's lips moved, but sound was hardly detected. He again prepared himself to speak his words again. It was human instinct. He spoke under his breath again but this time it was slightly more decipherable. He said "Where's Silver?"

Both Annie and Ade glanced at each other evidently both being caught off guard. Annie went on to say "The doctor is only allowing two visitors at a time. It's just me and Ade here."

"Dixon, I'm right here." Ade said in a compassionate tone. She gently led her fingertips away from his hand and toward his face having the intention to caress him.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" Dixon said in surprise, well as surprised a wounded man could sound.

Ade didn't understand. She didn't know why Dixon reacted in such a way. Was he upset that she blew him off to go to Vegas? She thought to herself and concluded that he must be slightly disconcerted by her actions.

"Dix, it's okay. Ade's your girlfriend…." Annie was saying.

Dixon facial expression quickly changed from being caught up in an uncomfortable situation to entering a state of sheer perplexity. He blinked several times indicating his bewilderment.

Annie caught on that he had no clue whatsoever that Adrianna was his girlfriend. It now made sense to her as to why he asked where Silver was. Annie gave Ade a distressed look. She was lost for words, but Ade caught on as well.

Ade felt hurt to her heart. It was like someone literally slit her throat. She felt her throat swell up and her eyes were visible teary. She simple nodded knowing Dixon's unspoken wishes. A few seconds later, Ade fought the pain in her gut and spoke consolingly "I'll go send Silver in." At that she walked out. She returned to the group and looked at Silver with watery eyes. Silver stared back in wonderment eventually saying "What is it?" "Dixon wants to see you." Ade blurted out in a shaky voice.

Silver didn't move for a few seconds. She was still struck by Ade's demeanor. She half expected for Ade to give a reason, but no further response was given. Silver bit her lower lip and nervously made her way to Dixon's room.

The others that were still in the waiting room were also anticipating a reason of some sort as to why Ade wasn't with Dixon that long. Yet despite their eagerness, no one spoke.

Silver composed herself before knocking on the door to enter Dixon's room. Annie gestured her in.

"Silver." Dixon gasped as if she intoxicated him with her company.

"Yeah?" Silver hesitantly answered.

"Silver, I…I …I'm glad you came. You're the person…I….I need you now. I'm sorry; I hope I can still take you to the dance…" Dixon said.

Silver and Annie were both confused. Annie spoke up. "Dix…remember, we graduated from High School. We haven't been to a school dance in years." Silver nodded in agreement still not knowing what to make of the situation.

Those words had no meaning; in fact, they made no sense to Dixon. He shook his head in denial. "But Silver…" He said.

Annie looked at Silver with concern. "I'll let you sort things out." Annie cautiously said.

Annie walked out in mayhem of mixed emotions and thoughts. The mystification was clearly seen on her face. She approached the others still in an upheaval. Again, Annie's expression made the group anxious, yet she was speechless.

Finally, Liam got his nerves worked up and approached Annie saying "So…how's he doing?"

"He's talking, but he…he thinks…he thinks we're all still in High School. He thinks that he's still dating Silver." Annie said the last part as if she was still trying to convince herself of that matter.

Everyone's jaws dropped slightly. Annie continued "I think we should let Silver and Dix talk for a bit."

Those who agreed nodded their heads, and those who didn't remained silent.

Silver stood next to Dixon with her hands laid upon his. Dixon was first to speak. "Silver, I know that I never said this enough, but, I…I love you."


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