Chap: Interrupted and Neglected

Note: I hope it doesn't bother anyone that I forgot Teddy! Sorry for that, if you missed him in this story. Hmm, that sort of destroys the storyline from the cliff-hanger on the original show. Oh well, Silver has enough males after her in this story. So I guess I'll ignore the 'teddy' part-again sorry! SIDENOTE: Mild Suggestive/sensual themes included in Maomi/Nax scene. You have been warned.


Dixon barely got any sleep that night. Every time he slept, a portion of his accident would be on repeat. He blinked his eyes, he could tell that morning was fast approaching. He was in a room with a window, and although the blinds were closed, the suns immense light was creepily making its way through the slight openings. He barely had the strength to sit up, but he pushed himself to. He hated being bed-stricken, it was boring and not to mention suffocating being in one room for 12 hours all alone. He reached toward a button that he hardly pushed- it was to ring for assistance. He contemplated pushing the button, but at the same time, he didn't want the medical staff in his room. He considered them as an annoyance factor when they were ever so cautious around him. He was still a living person for god's sake! It was then he realized that his temper was on the rise again. He had to take it easy today. This morning would be his last morning here, and then it was off to rehab. "Wow", he said out loud, "I never thought I'd be going to a rehab center." Dixon, of course had memory loss, so he didn't know that he was in a rehab center recently…a drug rehab center anyway.

Liam woke up in the driver seat of his car with the window on both the driver side and the passenger side partially rolled down. He was still in the parking lot at the hospital, he was too tired to drive to the hotel where the others were staying at, so he slept in his vehicle. The sun was shining brightly in his rearview mirror which was the initial reason for his wake up. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the brightness of the environment. He placed his keys in the ignition and turned his car on so that he could see what time it was. It was still pretty early, in fact, it was only almost 7 am. And yes, that is considered early especially to bar owners who run late shifts to please extroverted customers. He decided to go make a run for the gas station and pick up some food. Yes, there was a cafeteria inside the hospital, but Liam had vowed to himself after his own accident that he would never ever again eat hospital cafeteria food.

Annie woke up to the movements in the waiting room. The staff was switching duties and it was surprising on what a commotion they were causing. Once she noticed that it was actually morning, she quickly sat up, and combed her hair with her fingers and straightening out her clothes with the brush of her hand. She walked to the front desk to ask about visiting hours. Unfortunately for her, she had to wait an hour and a half to see her brother Dixon again. After she was informed, she checked her phone. She got several text messages from friends, but she only bothered to check one, it was from her mom.

It read:Hey sweetie, we're staying at the Hilton. Come over. She slowly inhaled, and thought that it would be best to accept the invitation, besides she needed to the comfort of her mother, and a clean set of clothes. Annie called a cab to pick her up, and she decided to wait outside, plus she needed the fresh air.

Naomi was lying next to Max. Her head lay lightly on his chest. Both were breathing heavily for obvious reasons. "Max, I love you." Naomi whispered with her nails fondling his chest.

"I love you too, Naomi." Max said "and that's not just the 'sex trance' talking."

"Dirty boy, me like-y!" Naomi said flirtatiously with a bat of her lashes. "Say more."

"I love every inch of you, her hair, your eyes, your cute nose, your ass, and your toes." Max said poetically.

Naomi didn't need to say anymore, she gently placed a kiss on Max's upper lip. She pulled away, and then leaned back in and kissed him again, repeatedly in slow motions. "Max, max, max" she said between breathes.

Max could feel Naomi's body moving in, close. He couldn't stand the tension; he rolled Naomi over, as for him to be the dominant. He kissed Naomi back with more force. He left little time for breathing, and stuck his tongue in Naomi's mouth the first chance he got. They lay there moving in perfect unison, making the best out of their moment of passion. Max was about to enter Naomi until the phone rang. Fuck, Max said inwardly.

The two would have ignored it entirely, but it was killing the buzz, drowning the mood.

"Fuck, Max answer the damn thing." Naomi said irritated for not having reached her peak.

"Hello." Max said in a raspy voice.

"Hello, uh, Max, are you okay? Oh, this is Navid."

"Yeah, I'm fine. What is it?" He said trying to ease his irritation.

"Oh, uh, we, uh, Silver, Ade and I, we wondering if you guys were up to doing breakfast, together." Navid said while catching the point of the irritated voice.

"Well, uh, I'll see what Naomi says, but, uh, it's probable that we are going to take a rain check." Max said with the latter part being a give away of his intentions. Naomi was tickling his hipbone.

"Okay." Navid said, like he was taking a command. "Bye." As soon as Navid hung up the phone, he busted out laughing.

"What happened?" Silver asked anxiously.

"Oh, uh, their going to take a rain check." Navid answered with a smirk still spread widely across his face.

"Are they okay. You asked if they were okay?" Ade asked in concern. She was worried, and stressed, and she assumed others had the same feeling as she.

"Oh. No. I just interrupted there sex game, and Max-y was a little irritated, that's all. But I'm sure they pressed the play button once we hung up." Navid said amusing himself, and only himself.

"Navid!" Silver said sternly. "That's private. We're in a hotel, a nice one, be a gentleman, not an ass." Silver said while saying the latter part with her teeth clenched together. It seemed to be getting easier and easier to make a decision between Navid and Liam.

Ade too nodded in disapproval of Navid's actions.

Navid's expressions quickly changed. "I, I, I'm sorry." He said to both girls. He then gently pulled Silver toward him saying "Silver, I'm sorry. I, I know I sounded cocky, and it was stupid. But, I'm not trying to be an ass, Silver. I, I just want, I just wa…" Navid was saying.

"Stop it, Navid. Just. Stop." Silver said, again with her stern voice and a hint of irritancy.

Navid obeyed. He noticed Silver drifting away, more and more. He did not want to see Silver end up with Liam. He would not allow it. It will not happen. I'm going to win her back, he thought to himself.

Annie finally arrived at the hotel her mom and Ryan were staying at- and everyone else she thought to herself as she saw Silver, Navid and Ade.

Adrianna was the first to spark a conversation. "Annie, how's Dixon?"

Silver turned away at the mention of Dixon's name.

Navid was the only one who noticed.

"I haven't seen him since last night. Visiting hours aren't until 2 hours form now…even for family." Annie said.

"Annie…" This is all Ade could say, she couldn't form sentences, she couldn't face the fact that Dixon wanted to meet with someone else other than her.

After waiting several seconds for Ade to finish, Annie decided to finish the conversation. "Listen, guys, I'm meeting my mom here, so I have to go." Annie said and at that she walked off.

As Annie walked off, a new member was soon to join the group. "I'm here." Liam said.

"Oh, you got my text." Silver said.

Navid openly glared at Liam. WTF she texts him! Navid thought to himself.

"Yeah. So where's Annie going?" Liam asked.

"She's meeting her mom." Ade answered even though the question was directly at her.

"Oh." Liam answered as if half expecting a totally different answer. "And Naomi and Max?"

"Their busy." Navid interrupted. "So it's just us. You. Me. And Silver." Navid said.

"And Adrianna!" Silver said while giving Navid a harsh glare.

Navid felt bad for forgetting Ade.

Adrianna was slightly hurt by this too, but in a different way. How could all these guys want Silver, she thought. She knew she didn't want to declare a 'hate on' with Silver again, but she couldn't help but feel some form of jealousy boiling up inside her. "Let's just go and grab something to eat. Liam, did you have breakfast already?" Ade asked.

"I almost did. But, uh, Silver texted, saying to meet up for breakfast. So here I am." Liam said.

Adrianna nodded.

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