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Peter sighed and leaned back in his chair, only-half listening to the argument unfolding between Tony and Logan as he counted the cracks on the ceiling. Beside him, world renewed scientist Reed Richards was talking quietly to his wife, both completely ignorant to the heated conversation. About a dozen other superheroes were standing around them, either contributing to the argument or trying their best to tune it out. Peter could hardly even remember what it was about, but he figured it was something stupid, as usual. Finally Ben Grim stood from where he had been dozing off against the wall, his stone body making a slight shifting sound as he moved.

"Alright, alright. Let's calm down. You guys are even worse than matchstick over there." He rumbled, stepping in between the two fighting heroes and putting a large hand on their chests, pushing them both a step back. Logan smirked and crossed his arms, puffing on his cigar as he glared at Tony. The billionaire blew him a mocking kiss but let it go, an unusual decision on his part.

"Thank you. Now can we please get to the problem?" Ben pleaded. Peter saw his chance and immediately stood.

"My pleasure." Peter walked over to the beat-up computer in the corner, idly wondering why whenever the heroes got together; it just had to be in his tiny apartment. He quickly powered it up and clicked on a file, bringing up a picture of... he didn't know what.

Its head looked vaguely humanoid, completely bald and covered with tattoos, with intelligent blue eyes that seemed to gleam with anger and cruelty. It's body was…just weird. Slightly bent over, resting on its balled up fists like an ape, with patches of fur on its shoulder and stomach. It's arms and legs were all bulging muscle, and it looked ready to leap at the camera, fangs beared.

The rest of the team crowded around Peter, all peering in fascinated horror at the thing on the screen.

"What is that thing?" Sue whispered, taking Reed's hand. Peter cleared his throat.

"I found it in the sewers, while I was inspecting the city. I managed to get a few shots, but I really have no clue as to what it is. I'm not even sure if it's an animal or a human at this point." Peter clicked through a couple more pictures, taken at different angles, glancing at Bruce for help. The scientist scratched his head, staring in bemusement at the monitor.

"I can't say I really know, Parker. It's really not like anything I've ever seen before. If I had to take a guess, I'd say it's…some sort of mutation. Do you think it may have been affected by Gamma radiation, like I was?" He asked, adjusting his glasses slightly. Peter shrugged and traced the creature's lines of hard muscle with his finger as he spoke.

"It has relatively the same components as the Hulk; the body composition seems loosely related to yours whenever you… change. But somehow it just doesn't…seem right. I really don't know with this." They fell silent as everyone just stared at the strange creature.

"…So what do you think we should do about it?" Logan finally asked, taking a drag from his cigar. Peter glanced at him.

"Could you please put that out? It's gonna stink in here for a week." Logan grumbled but reluctantly did as Peter asked, tossing the cigar into a wastebasket.

"Thank you. Now, to answer your question, I vote we should get…maybe four, five of us to go down there, and check it out. It might just be a mindless animal, and it doesn't mean us any harm. But I still think we should make sure." There were slow nods all around Peter and he smiled slightly in return.

"Which of us will be going?" Thor spoke for the first time, his deep, rumbling voice coming from directly behind Peter. Only years of being a highly active superhero kept him from jumping 20 feet in the air.

"I think maybe Reed should decide that, he's the genius here." Reed looked up sharply, already opening his mouth to protest, but the expectant looks that everyone turns to him stopped him short.

"Well…okay. I think…I think Spiderman should go, since he's who saw this…thing first. Then let's bring Wolverine, Hawkeye, Steve and then finally, me." Everyone nodded as their name was called.

"Hey, what about me?" Tony and Johnny demanded simultaneously. Reed shrugged.

"I don't think your fire and your suit would work very well in close quarters like that. You'd most likely end up frying your teammates if it came down to a fight." Both grumbled, but accepted his decision.

"When are we leaving?" Steve asked. Reed glanced at his watch.

"As soon as we suit up." He answered. Steve nodded seriously and quickly exited the room, followed by Hawkeye. Logan looked suspiciously up at the others in the room, prompting a sigh from Peter. Did the Wolverine still not trust them?

"What will the rest o' you be doing?" He asked. Sue stepped forward.

"We will be cross-referencing and researching anything to do with this creature, and see if we can find anything that vaguely resembles it." She answered. Logan gave an approving grunt and, with a nod to Peter, disappeared out the door.

"How come you get a nod from him?" Johnny complained.

"Maybe because he actually does something other than sitting around all day on his lazy-" "You should probably get ready too, Peter. We'll be leaving pretty soon." Reed quickly interrupted Ben with a warning look at his old friend. Peter smiled dryly.

"Well, I would, but there happens to be a ton of super humans residing in my apartment." He hinted. Reed nodded, looking sheepish as Sue took charge.

"Okay everyone! Let's get down to work. Bruce, can you, Storm and Ben head over to the public library? Maybe you will be able to find some books on the topic over there. Stark-"

"How come I'm on last name basis? You called them by their first names." Tony interrupted. Sue sighed.

"Stark I want you to go to Stark Tower and work on your computer programs. With you, I'd like Natalie, Johnny and Katy." Tony winked.

"You got it, sweetie." Sue covered her face with her hands. She continued to speak through them.

"Thor and I will stay here and monitor the squad's progress, just in case you get into anything dangerous." Reed nodded his acceptance and the teams slowly filed from the room.

"Research? C'mon! I thought I was done with school!" Johnny complained as Ben hauled him out the door. Reed was the last to go, with a quick wave.

"We'll rendezvous at the front of your hotel room." He started, but then stopped, probably imagining the looks they'd get if a bunch of superheroes were crowing the doors of a creaky building.

"Never mind. We'll meet you up on the roof, got it?" Peter hesitated.

"Stupid question but Reed…how do we all get up there? Not all of us can fly or spin webs." Reed chuckled. "Not a stupid question at all, but it does have a simple answer. You can carry Hawkeye, and I can bring Logan and Steve. And before you ask, no, I cannot fly, but I think I could stretch an arm to the top of the building, it isn't that tall." Reed laughed and then left, gently closing the door behind him. Peter stared after him in bemusement, but then shrugged and waltzed over to the chest where he usually kept his suit if he wasn't wearing it.

"Hello old friend. We meet again." Peter muttered as he lifted the top of the chest, and pulled out his costume-ah hem, I meant suit-in all of its spider-webby goodness.

It took maybe two minutes to get completely suited up, so he figured he should probably take the liberty to give M.J a quick call, remembering his promise to keep her caught up on all of his little adventures.

"Hello, this is M.J speaking." She answered on the second ring.

"Hey, M.J. It's Peter, and I just thought you should know that me and the guys are going for a night out." It was their code for: I am taking the Avengers to go and save the world again, you know how it is.

"Okay, love you! Be careful, Pete." She answered with a laugh.

"You know I am." He said. They said their good-byes and hung up. Peter fought for a minute to control the goofy grin that had spread over his features. Talking to M.J always made him ridiculously happy for no reason whatsoever. He turned to the window, ready to make his escape, and nearly jumped out of his skin. Logan was waving at him from just outside, hanging in mid-air, suspended by an elongated arm that was wrapped around his waist. Peter opened the window, nearly whacking Logan in the face.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked, staring at the x-man in bewilderment.

"You were taking too long. I was starting to wonder whether you'd just ditched us, Spidey." Peter began to stammer an apology, when he suddenly froze and peered at Logan with suspicion.

"What if I had still been changing when you "checked up" on me?" Peter asked, horrified. Logan just laughed.

"See you in a bit, Spider." Logan did some sort of signal and Reed-wherever he was-hoisted him up and out of view. Peter shook his head to rid himself of the disturbing images that had entered his head, before clambering out of the pen window and shooting a web at the building opposite him, quickly manoeuvring himself down to the ground, where Hawkeye waited patiently, his bow strapped to his back.

"Sorry I'm late." Peter apologized, meekly offering Hawkeye his hand. Hawkeye inclined his head and grabbed on. Peter craned his neck upwards; searching for an area he could latch onto and eventually decided on the chimney.

"Hold on." He warned, shooting his web and holding it tightly. Hawkeye nodded again and they took off, soaring upwards, towards the waiting heroes up above.

"Hey guys." Peter greeted them as Hawkeye and him joined the others. He released his grip on the archer's hand and disconnected the web.

"Okay, so the manhole closest to where I first saw the thing is only a few blocks away, we should reach it in no more than five minutes. Everyone okay with that?" Everyone nodded at the same time, creepy, but Peter could accept it.

"Okay, so…that's it. Reed, given the way your arms can stretch, you can probably swing around just like I can, right?" Reed nodded, although a little hesitantly. "I've never really tried, but it could probably work…" Reed trailed off. Peter nodded.

"Yeah, I think so too. So could you carry-" "I can move on my own, thanks. I'll head along the ground; meet you at that manhole you were talking about." Logan interrupted. Steve nodded, and Hawkeye inclined his head in agreement.

"I'll choose the ground-way too, if that's okay, Peter." Reed piped up and Peter nodded again.

"Okay, I guess I'll go by air then." I quickly gave Reed the location of the manhole and watched as Logan's metallic claws slid out.

"See you later, Spidey." Wolverine gave a mock salute and jumped off the building, grappling down the edge of the building by sticking his claws into the brick. Peter watched him in exasperation.

"Is it really necessary for him to destroy my apartment? He could have just asked for a lift down." He muttered. Steve let out a short laugh at that.

"Well, to stay on your good side, I think I'll ask Reed to give me a lift." The super-soldier said, glancing pointedly at the scientist.

"No problem." Reed wrapped his elastic arm around Steve's waist and slowly lowered him over the side of the building, careful not to let him crash into the walls or windows.

"I bet a bunch of the tenants are going to get quite a shock to see Captain America outside their windows tonight." Reed chuckled and drew back his arm as soon as he saw that Steve was on solid ground. As Reed was helping Hawkeye, Peter turned away and shot a web to the next building over.

"I'll meet you guys there." He informed Reed before swinging. Lurching through the air suspended by nothing but a thin web was somehow exhilarating, feeling the wind in your hair and knowing that one slip and you could end up a pancake on the street below. Every time Peter did it, he felt strangely proud, knowing that what he was doing by all rights should have been impossible, yet he was swinging away almost everyday. It just came so naturally to him…like he had been doing it every single day of his life. To lose his powers would be like losing an arm or a leg, which in short, would suck. A lot.

A couple minutes later, Peter touched down a few centimetres from the manhole and crouched down beside it. He hadn't noticed this before, but the manhole was covered with swirling designs that Peter had never seen before; he traced his finger along one, feeling the deep carvings that had to go at least a few centimetres deep.

"Watcha doin' there Spidey? You look like you just can't wait to go down there." Logan's mocking voice sounded from behind him, and Peter spun around, seeing the rest of his team jog up. He smiled weakly.

"It should be…interesting." He said in way of answer.

"What are you waiting for then?" Logan jogged right past him and lifted the cover easily, sliding it onto the road, revealing the metal ladder leading down into darkness.

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