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Peter backed up along the ceiling, farther from the creatures inching closer. Below him, his friends were readying themselves for battle; Hawkeye pulling out his bow, Steve brandishing his shield, and Logan crouching into a battle position, his claws out.

"Guys? No offense to your fighting abilities, but I really don't think we can win this one...or at least not without more people." Peter advised. Logan glanced up at him.

"Are you serious? What if these…things got out into the population? What then?" He demanded. But Reed looked thoughtful.

"I think Peter may be right with this one. We can come back, but with back-up.

"Got it." Hawkeye said, beginning to back up, with his arrow still notched in the bow and pointed directly at the oncoming creatures. Steve followed his lead, leaving Logan, Reed and Peter still there.

"Come on, professor. Let's move." Peter suggested, moving quickly backwards across the ceiling. Reed grabbed Logan's arm.

"We'll come back later." He insisted. Logan hesitated, but then shrugged Reed's arm off.

"Let's move." By now the monsters had almost reached them, so they turned and ran. The creatures, sensing their prey fast disappearing, let out an enraged chorus of yells and sped up. Peter glanced behind him to see a couple in their ranks fall, black arrows sticking from there chests, but the majority kept moving. As good as he was, Hawkeye couldn't kill them all, and certainly not while running.

"Where's the next manhole?" Logan yelled at Peter. His tone ticked him off, and Peter found himself shouting, "What do you take me for? I'm no expert in the sewage system!" Logan shot him a look.

"Could've fooled me." He muttered. Peter bristled but tripped as something caught his foot, sending him sprawling. He tried to leap back up, but his foot seemed stuck to the floor. He looked down to see…a web. It looked almost exactly like the ones that he shot, and it was keeping him stuck to the floor.

He swore under his breath and pulled at the web; it came apart in his hands easily; obviously not as durable as his own, but it had still served its purpose. It had slowed him down.

Peter glanced behind him to see one of the webbed things practically on top of him, swinging at his face. Peter ducked, but not fast enough. The blow sent him sprawling into a wall, cracking his head against the unforgiving stone.

"Ow." He muttered. Whatever they were, these things were fast. He felt a hand on his arm and lashed out, hitting Hawkeye across the face. He quickly realized his mistake.

"I'm so sorry!" He apologized as the archer pulled him to his feet.

"Let's just go." Peter nodded and nearly tripped again as Hawkeye started running full force, towing Spiderman behind him like a child. The others had stopped farther ahead, waiting, but Hawkeye motioned furiously for them to keep going. They hesitated, but then ran, way ahead of the two despite the speed at which Hawkeye was running. The group ahead turned a corner, and they lost sight of them.

Peter stumbled as a fireball shot past him; most likely projected by the burned creatures. He heard Hawkeye let out a small grunt, but was too busy freaking out and trying not get hit to take much notice. They reached the fork in the tunnels that the others had taken, but instead of take the same route that the rest of them had, Hawkeye turned down the other passageway.

"What are you doing?" Peter yelled. Hawkeye kept calm as he ran, the flashlight he had stuck into his belt casting abnormally large shadows on the walls.

"I want to lead them away from the others." Came his reasonable reply.

"Oh. That's actually pretty smart." Peter muttered before he was forced to duck as a web came flying at his head. They had been running for a good few minutes before Hawkeye slung his bow over his back again so that he could reach down and switch the flashlight off, surrounding them in inky black darkness. Before Peter could protest, Hawkeye yanked him to the side and pulled him into a crouch.

"What are you-" he began, but Hawkeye's hand clamped over his mouth, cutting of any sound. Peter could only lie still as the sound of uneven footsteps came closer and closer. He held his breath, hanging onto the vague hope that if he was completely silent, no one would notice a bright red and blue-covered man with a full face mask hiding in the gloom. Hawkeye carefully grabbed the flashlight, angling it so that when he turned it on, the beam hit the wall far ahead; making it look like whoever was using the flashlight was way ahead of where the two now lay. To Peter's surprise, the creatures ran right past them, their rank smell assaulting his nostrils as they flooded by. After a few more seconds they had completely passed the two, and were headed to where the flashlight pointed. Hawkeye waited until they were far enough away and then turned it off, getting to his feet and pulling Peter up with him.

"Come on; let's meet the others, before those things come back." He suggested. Peter only nodded and allowed the archer to pull him through the tunnels.

"Do you know where the manhole we entered in is located?" Hawkeye asked as he ran. Peter tried to work out their current location in his mind but failed, thrown off by the darkness and the similarity between every tunnel.

"No, I'm sorry." He whispered, glancing behind him and straining to see if they were being followed. He felt more than saw Hawkeye shrug.

"We'll find one, eventually."

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