A ninja is a tool used by a village to protect it. When a ninja dies in battle they are honored by they're peers for a certain time. The Kage, the most well-known and respected in a village is also a tool used by the village. When a Kage dies in battle, they are remembered for ever. When the 4th Hokage, the leader of the Leaf Village, and his wife were to have child they left the village do to the 4th's wife being the bearer of the Nine Tailed Fox, 1 of 9 giant beasts. The 4th Hokage and his wife traveled with the wife of the 3rd Hokage and members of a group known as Ambu to protect against intruders. They found a cave far away from the village and set up for the pregnancy.

In a smaller village, south from the Leaf Village. Another couple is expecting a child the same time. As the 4ths son is born, the Ambu and 3rd Hokage's wife is killed instantly, the 4ths son and wife are kidnapped by a masked man. The 4th Hokage is able to retrieve his son , but is unable to stop the masked man from releasing the Tailed Beast, who after being released ravages the land.

The other child is now born as the Nine Tails is attacking the Leaf. The villagers scramble for safety as the father grabs the child in his arms and takes his wife and newborn away. The 4th Hokage and the Masked Man fight while the other Leaf ninja try to subdue the 9 Tails. When the Masked Man escapes the 4th Hokage puts his attention on the Nine Tailed Fox. He as well as his wife give there life to seal the Tailed Beast inside their newborn son. The same time in the other village, a frightened villager sees a very young infant on the ground crying. The man looks to find two people, a man and woman crushed under a fallen tree. He quickly picks up and runs away from the destruction.

The Nine Tails sealed, the 4th Hokage and wife dead, the 3rd Hokage looks over at the devastation. An Ambu ninja comes over to him holding the still alive child of the 4th. The 3rd Hokage takes the child from the Ambu's arms and looks over at the child. The 3rd Hokage whispers in the child's ear "Naruto".

5 years later, his village left destroyed, his parents killed, the man that rescued him after his parents deaths died 2 years later to illness. Homeless and the only way to find food was to steal. The young orphan for many years survives as a street rat. The other boy, Naruto is shunned from the rest of the community. Hated upon for what is sealed within him, he creates a goal for himself to become Hokage and stride to be a great ninja.

Naruto is ridiculed by his classmates in the ninja academy. The teacher, Iruka tries to keep Naruto out of trouble, showing compassion to the young boy. The orphan also goes to the academy, but keeps him being a street rat a secret. The orphan seems to also hold compassion for Naruto, but seeing that he will also be ridiculed and bullied tries to keep his distance.

The orphan distances all the classmates from him, fearing that they'll learn of his homelessness. The only people that know are the 3rd Hokage and his teacher, Iruka. Iruka helps the orphan with food when he can and at sometimes try to give him a home. Naruto and the orphan have never come into contact until one day while walking around he sees Naruto and three kids fighting.

"Your the dumbest kid in this village if you think you of all people will be Hokage," one kid said.

"And your the kid in this world if you think I can't," Naruto yelled.

One of the kids pushed Naruto against a wall , the orphan wants to just leave and not get involved, but stays and watches.

"My father told me many things about you, you wanna know what he calls you," one of the boys smirked.

"I'D rather know what he calls his mother!" Naruto strikes his left foot into the kid's gut causing the boy to fall to the ground. The other boys grab Naruto and through him on the ground. The orphan having seen enough,runs over to the group and promptly puts his hand on one of the boys shoulder. The boy turns his head around and the orphan punches the boy in the face knocking him out. The other boy who was kicking Naruto in the stomach lunges toward the orphan.

The orphan dodges the attack and the boy goes head first in the wall. Naruto still on the ground tries to get the dirt out of his eyes. When Naruto opens his eyes he sees a hand in his face. He looks over the hand to see the orphan smiling. Naruto grabs the hand and is pulled up. Naruto brushes off the remaining dirt from his clothes.

"Thanks for the help...even though I was about to counterattack," Naruto said.

"No worries. Lets get out of here before these losers get up," the orphan said.

The orphan and Naruto find refuge back in the academy. Naruto sits on a swing by some trees as the orphan thinks of the actions he had just done, he had never fought and hurt anyone ever except if it was training in the academy.

"Why did you help me?" Naruto abruptly asked making the orphan loose his track of thought.

"You were being attacked, I just did what I did was right," the orphan said. Naruto looks at the orphan with a strange look. "Why...why does everyone hate you?"

Naruto breaths out deeply. "I...I don't know. They just see me and they intently hate me," Naruto sighed.

"And you didn't do anything to make them act like that?" the orphan asked.

"No, I...didn't do...anything," Naruto said.

"Hmm, and you don't have any friends?" the orphan said. Naruto looks at the ground, in deep thought.

"No," he said. "No one seems to want to be seen talking to me."

Sadness envelopes the orphan now. No friend, no parents. Naruto and the orphan are practically similar in every way. The orphan gulps down as he walks to Naruto and holds out his hand. Naruto looks confused, never in his life has anyone tried to do something compassionate. Naruto slowly puts his hand up as well and they both shake hands.

As they shook hands the orphan was thinking about what might happen in the future. Will he be beaten and harassed to. Will people mock him for hanging out with Naruto. Will the orphan be tormented forever for what he's doing right now. His thoughts seem to overtake him until he sees Naruto start to smile. It's the first time he the orphan ever saw Naruto smile. It gave him this weird feeling, but the orphan actually, seeing Naruto smiling as they shake hands makes the orphan smile as well.

In minutes the orphan and Naruto are sitting looking at the sky as they talk. Both of them now friends. Naruto's first, as well as the orphan's first friend. The day soon begins to end and both of them are getting tired. Naruto and the orphan start to walk out of the academy.

"That was the funnest day I've had in years," Naruto laughed.

"Yeah, I never knew someone can actually have that much fun in one day," the orphan exclaimed.

"Yeah, hey. This whole time we were hanging out I never got your name?" Naruto said.

The orphan quivered at the question. He feared this day would come, his secret would come out. He turns around facing Naruto. "I...don't," the orphan whispered.

Naruto looked like he heard the strangest thing in his life. The orphan looked like he committed a crime. "So, you don't have a name?" Naruto asks.

The orphan didn't want to say it a second time. "Yeah, never had one," he said with deep humility.

Naruto surprisingly smiles. "Then we'll just have to give you one," Naruto smiles. The orphan's eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. Did this boy really just say that, are we able to just give me a name. When the orphan's first came to the academy he had a meeting with Iruka,he didn't tell Iruka that he didn't have a name only to point at me when it was time for role call.

Was that all going to change. "Was I really going to get a name" the orphan thought. Naruto was thinking real hard about this. As for the orphan he couldn't think of a name. He never really thought he'd get one.

"Hmm, how about Kei," Naruto said.

"Kei?" the orphan said confused.

"It sounds cool," Naruto smiles.

"Ummm," Kei said. "Ok..."

"Well, see ya tomorrow...Kei," Naruto waved goodbye as he runs to his house. Thank the Hokage he didn't ask were I lived. Kei walks through the now dark streets of the Leaf Village. His home unlike most of the villagers is just a pile of pillows tied together and a small blanket to keep the young kid from freezing. He wished he had more, but knows that might not happen. The orphan knows he doesn't have the money to buy the cheapest of homes in the village. He lays down on the pillows/bed and wonders about what transpired today.

He met his first friend. A friend he never thought he would ever talk to nor make a friendship with. But the thought of his new found friendship can't stop the idea that he will become a target now. "Will I get beaten now too?"

"This is your home?" Naruto asks standing few feet away from the Kei. Kei jumps out of his bed and onto the ground with a thud. Naruto comes racing over to him and picks him up. Just great, two secrets gone in just one day. Again Kei looks humiliated, this was a bigger secret Kei tried to keep more than his name. Naruto looks worried and mad at the same time.

"I..can explain Naruto," Kei said.

"Why didn't you just say you were homeless?" he said. Surprising Kei for the second time.

"'t want anyone to know," Kei sighed. "My name and me being homeless was something I wanted to not get out."

"Why?" Naruto trying to understand.

"I...just was embarrassed," Kei said sitting on the pillows again.

"Were are your parents?" Naruto asks. Kei couldn't answer. "You...don't...have...parents?"

Kei shakes his head. Naruto looks even more worried and holds out his hand. Kei examines what Naruto is doing and looks at Naruto who is smiling.

"What?" Kei asked bewildered.

"Come, my home ain't the biggest, but I bet we could make it work," Naruto smiled. Kei begins to cry. He couldn't believe what has happened today. In one day he has his first friendship, he gets his own name, and is even asked to come stay with a friend. Kei grabs Naruto's hand and hugs him. This is the first time he ever felt he had a real friend, a brotherly bond.

Naruto took Kei back to Naruto's home. Kei holding in one hand one of the pillows he took from his makeshift bed and the blanket. Naruto opens the door and both enter.

"It's really late tonight so we should get to sleep soon. I think Iruka Sensei has some kind of test tomorrow," Naruto looks like he feels sick to his stomach. "I hate when he gives us tests, I always fail."

Kei begins to set up his pillow and blanket. "They're not that hard, he'll probably just have us throwing shurikans at moving targets. That's easy," Kei said.

"Easy for you to say, I can't keep track on one target then go on to another one in that short of time," Naruto sighed.

"They go really slow," Kei said.

"Not slow enough!" Naruto said. Kei begins to laugh making Naruto laugh as well. As the night goes on and Naruto asleep, Kei still awake still tries to wonder what has transpired today. He looks over at the sleeping Naruto. This boy who everyone in the village calls a a monster and evil showed me kindness like no one else showed Kei. He gave me a name and a roof over my head.

"This kid ain't a monster," I thought. "He's..." Kei remembers what Naruto said to those boys. Said something about him becoming the next Hokage. Kei chuckles t the thought of this. The whole village hating and berating this kid, who could actually be the next Hokage. "That would be something to live to see," Kei thought as he finally fell asleep.

7 years later at the graduation, Naruto now 12 and excited to finally become a full fledged ninja walks into the classroom were everyone else that is graduating. He intently spots his arch rival Sasuke Uchiha sitting next to Sakura Haruno, a girl Naruto desperately tries to impress.

He begins to walk over to Sasuke. "Naruto, Naruto over here I saved you a spot," a familiar voice calls out. Naruto looks over to see Kei, his adopted brother sitting near the front of the class.

"Kei, you graduated as well!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Of course. The Shadow Clone Jutsu was way too easy for me. "I guess you finally got the hang of it too it seems," I say.

"Ya," Naruto rubs the back of his head thinking hard about something.

"Must of been from the scroll you got from (laugh) the Hokage's desk," I laugh. "I still can't believe you did that (laugh). Come on sit down, Iruka Sensei is about to come in."

Naruto sits down next to me as our teacher Iruka Sensei who for some reason is walking like he got hit in the back with a giant shurikan or something.

"Okay is everyone here, good. Today all of you will be split off into a three-man group. You all will be given a jōnin to lead you in missions given to you by the 3rd Hokage. Now, lets begin with the teams," Iruka Sensei said.

I looked around and I could see everyone looking patient in their seat looking at Iruka.

"Hinata Hyūga, Shino Aburame, and Kiba Inuzuka, you are Team 8. Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Chōji Akimichi, you three are Team 10," Iruka said.

I sat tense in my seat. Who was I going to be paired up with. I look around the room and see the still available. There's Kazuki Nakashima, a young guy who I usually sat next to in class. Then there's Masaru Murakami, he was one of the boys that beat up Naruto the day we became friends, I really hope we don't get teamed up.

"Sasuke Uchiha...Sakura Haruno...and...and...," Iruka was studying the papers in his hands. His eyes were in a state of shock. "Um...and...and Naruto Uzumaki."

Everyone in the room looked like they were about to fall over. The girl Sakura Haruno put her head down in disgrace while another girl laughs silently. Naruto and Sasuke glanced at each other, I knew they were bitter enemies before I became Naruto's brother. Was this really the greatest of choices. These two hate each other, they want to beat each other up not work as a team.

Before there was a confrontation between Iruka Sensei continued through the list. "Um...Kei Uzumaki, Teru Hosono, and Hikaru Koizumi, your Team 4," Iruka said. and Teru have a bad relationship. Let's just say when me becoming Naruto's brother became known, Teru was the first to try to make a name for himself and beat me to a pulp. Me becoming team members with him is going to be a challenge. I turn to see Teru claw on the his desk with his nails as he looks at me.

I quickly turn back around and hope the day ends soon so we can go home. The less I stay in the same room with Teru the for me there was only 3 more teams left to create and we were free. As we walk out of the room me and Naruto walk to the door way and are blocked by Teru.

The guy was 13, but looked like 16. I was ready for it, what would it be. A punch to the face, a knee to the gut, a simple name calling. He extended his hand toward me surprising me. I guess he even a guy like Teru would put hatred aside for the sake of the team. I shake his hand and as we shake hands I could feel he strengthening his grip, he continued until it was really starting to hurt until he pulled me into his face.

"If you get in my way in missions, I will kill you," he whispered in my ear. He let me go and walked to his friends.

"Are you okay bro?" Naruto asked. "What did that guy tell you?"

"Nothing...he said...nothing," I shuddered.

Hikaru, the female in our team comes over to us. "Don't let that jock intimidate you," she said. "If he actually does try to kill you I'll stop him."

I try to say something, but shock overtakes me and I am left standing there. Hikaru leaves as Naruto tries to bring me back to reality.

"Kei, Kei what is talking about killing?" Naruto waves his hand in front of my face. "Kei...Kei are you okay."

Inside the Hokage's office, the 3rd watches as the new ninja walk back to their families. Iruka enters the room, looking a combination of confusion and anger.

"Why have Naruto and Sasuke in the same team?" Iruka quickly asks. The 3rd Hokage turns away from the window and faces Iruka.

"For balance," the 3rd said.

"Balance?" Iruka said. "What do you mean?"

"Naruto will benefit from both Sasuke Uchiha's skill in Ninjutsu, and Sakura's wisdom. Sasuke will learn to work in a team and not as a lone wolf, and Sakura will benefit from her more battle-prone teammates," the 3rd said.

"But is Naruto even going to try to learn from his teammates. He and Sasuke Uchiha have grown to dislike each other very greatly," Iruka said.

"They will learn to work together, I have made sure the leader of Team 7 be a perfect match for the three," the 3rd said going back to looking out of the window.

"Who?" Iruka asked intrigued.

"A well known jōnin in the village, I believe you might know him," the 3rd Hokage said.

"Who!?" Iruka asks inpatient.

"You might know him as the Copy Cat Ninja," he said.

Iruka froze were he stood. He heard about this ninja. The rumors about him is that he is extremely hard with new recruits. Every Genin that go with him intently are sent back to the academy.

"3rd Hokage are you sure...," The Hokage rose his hand.

"Do not fear Iruka, you have more pressing matters to attend, like your new Team," the 3rd said.

"What...what do you mean, I'm the instructor for the academy," Iruka said.

"Not anymore. I have a new mission for you," the 3rd said.

"What?" Iruka asked.

"I want you to be the leader for Team 4," the 3rd said.

"It's about Kei Uzumaki isn't it," Iruka says. "It's about him and Naruto."

The 3rd Hokage turns back around again and sits in his chair. "Now that Naruto knows that he has the Nine Tails Fox inside of him, I need to make sure Kei doesn't already know," the 3rd said.

Iruka looked annoyed by this. "You think Kei will be just like the others?" Iruka said.

"Naruto and Kei's brotherly friendship might be destroyed if Kei learns the truth. I want you to make sure Kei doesn't learn about the Tailed Beast and continues to not know," the 3rd said. "Understand?"

"Yes," Iruka walks to the door. "Sir., who will replace me as instructor for the academy?"

"Another person you probably know. He is regarded as one of the three Sanin," the 3rd said.

"Do you think a man that perverted should teach a class full of kids?" Iruka said opening the door.

"I'm sure he'll do a good job keeping the kids out of trouble," the 3rd said. Iruka says nothing more. He leaves walking out of the room leaving the 3rd Hokage to his work.