Maleficent: My Life and Times

Summary: Everyone knows me as the evil one who cursed Aurora. Everyone believes that I was born evil. They couldn't have been more wrong. This is the story about a young girl who eventually turned into the Mistress of all Evil…who is me, Maleficent.

Author's Note: My take on a Disney fanfiction. I always wanted to do a Disney fanfic, and now I'm doing it. Everyone is doing the princesses, and only a couple doing villains. I'm doing the biggest villain in Disney history: Maleficent. With a movie coming out in 2014 about her, this is my view of how Maleficent became the Mistress of all Evil. Yes, it's in first person.

Chapter 1 And So It Starts

Back in the "Once Upon A Time" time, I was a young girl around the age of seven. My family and I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. My father, Murdock, and my mother, Annella, were the Royal fitters for the King and Queen. They made all the clothing for them from dresses to cloaks to robes. Since I was the same age as the Prince, we played together while I was with my mum and dad at the castle. Stephan and I would run around in the courtyard playing chase.

"Maisie, you can't catch me!"

I haven't gone by that name in years. I was an adorable little girl; long hair black as night, skin pale as alabaster stone, and emerald green eyes. I was a couple inches taller than Stephan meaning I had longer legs, and could out run him anytime.

After running for a while, I got him, "Got you, Stephan! Now you're turn to catch me!"

I took off in a sprint. We ran passed the kitchen where we almost tripped one of the kitchen servants. He cursed at us as we continued to run yelling out an apology. I ran down the hall with suits of armor posing as statues, and hid between two of them. Stephan ran passed me, and I giggled loudly. He heard me, and he found me. We stopped chasing each other when the King called for us.

"Stephan! Maisie! Come here this instant!"

Stephan and I looked at each other. We knew it wasn't good by the sound of his voice. He sounded angrier than a dog getting his favorite bone snatched by another dog. Stephan and I made it to the throne room, and my parents were there as well. They looked angry as well. We were in serious trouble.

The King cleared his throat, "Stephan, what did your mother and I tell you about running in the castle?"

I decided to answer, "It wasn't Stephan, your majesty, it was me. I was the one who ran into the castle. Stephan stayed outside when I was chasing him, but when it was my turn, I was the one who ran inside. Please sir, don't take it out on him. It was me."

"Silence! How dare you speak before the Prince?"

Stephan jumped in, "Dad, please, don't do that to Maisie! She's my friend!"

The Queen decided to interject on our behalf, "Malcolm, please, they're only children. They were having fun."

King Malcolm turned to his wife, sighed, and replied, "Sorry children, I jumped to conclusions too quickly. However, you need to keep your little game of chase outside."

Stephan and I answered, "Yes, sir."

We grabbed hands and walked out the throne room. We took off in a sprint outside to look at the night sky on the balcony.

"Maisie, what do you think we will be like when we grow up?"

I thought that was a strange question. Where did that come from? Stephan was always a thinker. He thought before he leapt.

I answered truthfully, "I don't know, Stephan. I hope we stay friends."

Stephan turned toward me, and answered back, "I hope we stay friends, too. Let's make a pact. We stay friends forever, and if we end up alone, we will be together forever."


What did I just agree to? At that time, I didn't know what Stephan was thinking, and I don't know if Stephan knew what he was thinking. All I remember is, we made a pact that we would be friends forever, and if either of us never got married, then we would marry each other.

Thus started the beginning of a strange relationship between the future King and myself who no one believed would one day turn into the Mistress of all Evil; Maleficent.