It was a bright and sunny afternoon in the middle of June. It wasn't too hot yet and it wasn't nearly as cold as the winter that had pasted. Abby had been working in her lab all morning and the sun light had been begging her to crack a window, she finally gave in.

"There ya go guys! Some nice fresh air. Just what you need to get yourselves motivated to pop me out some data!" she spoke to the machines in the room with her and went back to typing on her computer. The door to her lab slid open and McGee walked in armed with Caf-Pow in hand.

"Don't need it, Timmy. I have got the good old Spring Fever to keep me going!" she smiled turning down the caffeine.

McGee was a little taken-a-back, she NEVER turned down a Caf-Pow but, she did seem in a really good mood, "Alright then. I just need those results from the stain we found in the car. Do you have them yet?" he asked her.

"Printed them about five minutes ago." she said pointing to the printer. As McGee turned around to comment on the results he found Abby climbing along the edge of the counter, dusting off the tops of her machines. He noticed the endless amount cleaning supplies around the lab then noticed how clean parts of it had become.

"Abbs, just be careful, please." he said returning his eyes to the paper in his hands.

"Relax, McGee. I have been at this all morning! And I do this every year. Not once have I been hurt." she said proudly.

It was clear Abby tried to be careful but, everyone has their off days. McGee just happened to look up and see her foot was dangerously close to the edge and she was unaware. Abby shifted her weight and lost all balance, "Abby!" McGee rushed to try and break her fall but he caused more damage than good. He caught her under the arm pits but then lost his own balance, they both toppled backward, Abby falling onto McGee and McGee's head slamming into the metal table behind them.

He tried to reach the back of his head, to identify the warm sensation flowing from him but he found he couldn't. Everything was fuzzy and he could hardly hear Abby scream and yell for help. That was when his world went dark.

Abby did everything she could once the shock wore off. She called 911 then Ducky and finally Gibbs, her lab was soon full of people.

"Abby, what the hell happened?" Gibbs asked looking at McGee laying still on the floor and Ducky giving him basic treatment.

Abby's hands were tight over her mouth but she uncovered it briefly to speak, "I-I don't know, Gibbs. I was dusting and I lost my footing. He called my name but I was falling and he sort of caught me but I knocked him over in the process. Ducky, please, tell me he is going to be alright!" Abby was pleading.

The good doctor just finished placing a gauze pad to the back of McGee's head, "He is out cold right now, and he will be needing stitches. I would offer to do them myself but I think it would be best if he went to the hospital, just to be safe. I also think he might have a broken rib, his breathing seems to be shallow." Ducky noted.

"I BROKE HIS RIB!?" Abby cried out.

"Abby, it's okay. You need to calm down before the paramedics come. You will have to go with him to make sure they know what happened. The team and I will be close behind." Gibbs reassured her.

Abby did as she was told. Explained to the paramedics what happened when they arrived, rode with him to the hospital, waited while he got a scan of his head done and while he got stitches then some more professional tape wrapped around his head. She sat in the room with him while the doctor told her he was simply knocked out cold. His brain was fine, his rib was in fact broken from the fall but, other than that, McGee was going to be okay. The only question that was left in Abby's (and the rest of the teams brains) was when would there friend be waking up...

Meanwhile, behind his lightly closed eye lids, McGee was lost in a dream of his own creation. He was well aware it was a dream, it had to have been, he concluded. The only problem was piecing together the parts of that dream to help him understand it all and then get back to Abby's lab.

McGee was being pulled up from the collar and then set back on his feet. The scene was bright, painted with orange and yellow, he could hear the ocean crashing just a few feet away.

"You alright there, Probie? The party has just begun! I can't have my best man passing out on me already!" DiNozzo joked with him and brushed sand off his shoulder. He was in dress pants, Tony was in a full tux, a wedding, Tony's wedding?

"McGee!" Abby was now running to him with two drinks in her hand, "Are you okay?" and he accepted the drink she was handing to him. He noticed she was wearing a yellow, knee length dress with a brown sash. Her hair was pulled back and totally straightened. She wore a button that read 'Maid of Honor'. But none of that stuck out to McGee more than the ring she had been wearing on her left hand.

Lucky she brought him a drink, he was going to need it. As he went to tilt the glass back he noticed a silver band on his hand as well and nearly spit the drink everywhere.

"You guys are going to think I'm nuts but, who-who am I-" he couldn't even get the question out, so Tony did it for him.

"Married to?" Tony looked from McGee to Abby.

"Tim, just how hard did you hit your head on that fall?" Abby asked standing on tip toes to kiss his forehead, "You shouldn't joke with me about things like that." she smiled at him, her face an inch from his and in a moment, it wasn't an inch. Her lips were on his, for just a second, the shortest second of McGee's life. After that she tilted her head a little and smiled at him again before turning around and running to the big white tent with people crammed inside.

Tony's plopped his arm over McGee's, "You didn't really forget Abbs was your wife, did you? I mean, you gotta know who I'm married to, after all it did JUST happen." Tony was wearing the biggest and proudest smile Tim had ever seen on his face but, sadly, he wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the giant sign on the tent saying, 'CONGRATZ, TONY & ZIVA!'. Tony was now married to Ziva, that was going to take some getting used to. Then he thought for a minute, 'I'm married to Abby.' that would take some getting used to as well but, not nearly as much as Tony and Ziva!

"Of coarse not, Tony. How could I ever forget you and Ziva?" he laughed it off while his brain screamed for him to wake up.

He downed two or three more drinks before feeling some what comfortable with the idea of him being married to his best friend and his two other best friends being married to one and other. He gazed around the room and found the Director and his wife not to far away. Gibbs was enjoying a piece of cake and talking to Fornell about lord only knows what.

It was Abby who broke him from his daze, "They are going to have the first dance at the end of this song." she told him and wrapped an arm around him and he did the same with out even thinking about it, it just felt natural to him.

The fast song was replaced with a slower one and vocals came in a language McGee had only heard Ziva speak only in a while. The newly weds were called to the floor and everyone gathered to watch.

"Her dress looks amazing!" Abby said and leaned onto his chest.

"It sure does." McGee said noting the designs in the fabric and the beading around the neckline.

The DJ called for anyone to join the couple out on the floor, "C'mon, Tim. You haven't danced all night." Abby said and tugged at him.

"Alright." he smiled, even in a dream he couldn't tell her no.

He spun her around, she held him tight and people made room so they could join their friends in the center, "You are having a good time, yes?" Ziva asked them.

"It's great, Ziva. Everything is amazing!" Abby smiled.

"I could not have done most of it with out you."

"What are Maids of Honors for?" she asked her laughing as Tim and Tony both twirled the girls together.

"More like what are best friends for." Ziva said and squeezed Abby's hand.

They danced with their friends for a few more songs and McGee was finding it more and more natural to just be with Abby. He even stole a few kisses from her in the middle of the music and it was okay.

Abby finally broke the grip she had on Tim, "I think I'm going to tell Ziva and Tony I think I'm done for the night. Do you want to stay out a little later or will you join me?" she asked walking to their friends.

"I'll come with you." he smiled feeling that was what she wanted.

They bid their good-bye to the happy couple and walked up to the hotel, rode the elevator up to their floor, and finally, Tim found the key to unlock their room. They both washed their faces and brushed teeth, almost like they had been doing the routine for years. Abby was still finishing up as Tim went and laid on the bed, he was going to share a bed with Abby. It was going to be fine, nothing they hadn't done before and he was married to her, it was okay; he kept repeating in his head. It caught him off guard when she crawled into the bed and flopped down on top of him.

"I know I said we would get special 'us time' on this vacation but, Tim, I'm pooped! I promise we can tomorrow." she smiled up to him and kissed his cheek. With out even thinking about it, he cup his hand to her face and kissed her. It might have only been dream Abby but, something about it felt all too real. Something about the whole dream felt real.

As he closed his eye's to go to sleep, he didn't know he was about to be woken up for real this time. He didn't know Abby would still be next to him when he woke.

Abby fell asleep in the hospital at around ten at night. She was still in Tim's room, she hadn't left except to find a Caf-Pow (because her spring fever was long gone) and a bathroom to drain the Caf-Pow about an hour later. All their friends came to visit a some point in the day and, Gibbs was currently out in the waiting room of the hospital but, Abby didn't even know that. She had pulled up a chair next to McGee's bed and snaked her fingers between his just before closing her eyes.

McGee had opened his eyes and he was sure he was going to be waking up to a beach or a lab but, a hospital wasn't on the list. The lights were dimmed but the bed sheets were white and clinical. His worries faded just a minute when he saw Abby, he head resting on the bed. Then they were kept at bay a little longer when he saw his hand in hers. It was when he didn't see rings on their hands that he knew he was back and with that, reality sank in and the question burned, why was he in the hospital?

He groaned trying to sit up, then grabbed at his side due to the pain and caused Abby to wake up, "Tim! Your awake! Thank God!" she kissed him on the cheek and almost fell over the chair trying to rush to see if anyone was still in the waiting room or if she would have to call everyone, her eyes fell on Gibbs reading a paper and sipping a coffee. He looked up like he always did when she had news, "He up finally?" he asked across the room.

All Abby could do was nod with excitement and then she ran back to Tim's room.