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"At least he knows how you feel."- Stewy

Pink Panther- "Hey, first time being pink?"

"Yeah."- Brian

Pink Panther- "Welcome to Hell."

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Morning sunlight streaked through the crack between my curtains and cast bright sun sprawling across the king-sized bed in my bedroom. When it struck my eyes, I pulled the dark comforter over my head and tried to go back to sleep, but it was no use. The snow that was covering the street last night was blinding, but the sunlight is worse. Today was Monday, meaning I had to get up early and go into school to face my arch-nemesis. I threw the blanket off of my body and regretted it as soon as the cold of the room hit my bare shoulders and arms.

My dark purple walls with golden swirls looked fuzzy as my head was spinning and trying to become used to my eyes being open. The golden lamps on the bedside tables on each side of my bed were switched on, meaning my maid was in my room before I woke up. In the corner of my bedroom my bag was packed and ready for me to take to high-school in an hour or so. The doors to my balcony were luckily still locked, since I learned my lesson from yesterday morning when they blew open because they weren't locked.

The news was playing mutely on my flat screen television in on corner of my bedroom with a velvet purple couch, black leather couch, and two lazy-boy recliners pointing to it. A glass coffee table sat in the middle of the TV and furniture with old red roses sat in a vase filled with water. Everything in my bedroom was purple, gold, black, or some other dark color and it did nothing to lighten my mood this morning. I wanted to go back to bed and just miss school for the fifth time this month; it's only the seventeenth, so my parents were pretty pissed already.

Usually Macy, my maid, would wake me up in the morning but today she decided not to even try, good idea on her part. I pushed aside my curtains, trying not to shiver and stared out at the mush of mud and snow covering the yard and roads. A large truck was cleaning off the roads and multiple cars were slowly following behind it, trying to get to work. It was maybe seven o'clock and I had to get to my first period class by eight fifteen, I had plenty of time. Downstairs, though, I could hear my younger sister banging around trying to become perfect before school.

I turned to look at my phone to see if anyone tried to wake me up by calling me when I tripped over the leg of a chair and fell to my purple carpet. "Ugh!" I screamed into the air and forced myself to get to my feet and move over to the white door leading into my bathroom. Blue tiles, white walls, jet bath, the likes along with bare countertops since I find makeup stupid and useless. My bright blue eyes spot my reflection in the mirror and I groan at my tangled blonde hair, tired blue eyes, and slightly pinked face.

Warm water sprayed my body as soon as I stepped into the shower and started to hurriedly wash my hair and body. I stepped out about five minutes later with a purple towel wrapped around my body and a blue towel wrapping my hair. It was freezing this morning after last night's snow flurry, but my principal was too mental to give us a snow day. On my bed was an outfit like always when I stepped into my bedroom and started for my vanity table. I brushed through my wet hair, then I blow dried my hair, and then brushed through it until the blonde strands were flowing to mid-back and not all tangled in a knot.

"Miss Martinez, are you awake?" Macy called through my door; I glanced at it as I was clipping my bra and going for my shirt.

"Yeah, I'm up! And I'll be down for breakfast in five minutes!" I call back grumpily and pull the black top over my head.

Macy hesitantly calls back, "Miss Max, your mother requests you come down right this moment!" and I roll my eyes. Knowing Mom, she wanted to see me head off to school before she goes to work to sell some other happy couple their new home. She made it so obvious she was cheating on Dad, but I decided not to throw myself into the middle of it all.

I yell back in an obviously annoyed tone, "Tell her I'll be down when I'm dressed unless she wants me to go to school naked!" Then I listen as the sound of clacking heels scatter away from my door and down the stairs to tell my mother my 'regrets'.

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Today I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt with the part above my breasts lace along with the black lace sleeves and a part of the back. Then I slipped into the dark-wash skinny jeans and shoved my socked feet into black buckle-up leather boots. I put my arms into a gray-white leather jacket and zipped it up half-way; I put on a dark blue fedora on my head. To finish it all, I went over to my jewelry box and put silver hoop earrings through the small holes in my ears. Before I leave my bedroom, I slip on some black and gray sunglasses with bars where the shades should be. I drop my leather gray messenger bag over my head so it's cross-body and jog down two staircases to the kitchen.

"Morning," Mom yawns from the head of the table; I barely glance up at her as I sit down at the other end of the table. "Maximum Ivy Martinez, I don't want you wearing those things to school," she snaps at me angrily; I just eat another bite of eggs.

I reply, "I don't really care what you want," and a thick tension settles over the dining room, but it's normal for the two of us now. After I started dating the 'bad boy' of our town seven months ago she's found me disgusting and just a little pest. These were, of course, her words exactly.

She says, "I know you're angry at me since I refuse to meet that little boyfriend of yours, but that doesn't mean you can show me disrespect. Your father and I both agreed you need to act like a Martinez instead of one of the gangly members at your school. I want you to go upstairs this moment and change," but I only glare across the table at her.

"No matter what you do, say, or try is going to make me get up and change into looking like you or the perfect daughter you wanted. I don't care if you want me seeing him or not, so suck it up and leave me the hell alone before I decide to pack up and leave altogether." I growl and she flinches before finishing her food and staying silent, waiting for me to finish so she can watch me leave for school instead of staying home again.

Ella, my younger sister, decided to skip into the dining room at that moment and plop down in front of her fruit salad at one side of the table. Her black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, her innocent brown eyes were staring between us, but she said nothing for once. Dad was at work early again, he's long since learned family breakfasts had spiraled to Hell months ago. My dad wasn't nearly as pushy as my mom, and he decided that he would love to have my boyfriend as an addition to our 'family'. They both loved sports and I often found the two of them in the living room watching a football game while Mom was at 'work' late.

Mom says, "You look very nice, Ella," and Ella looks over at her with a slight smile. Even the sixteen-year-old can tell when her mother is sleeping with someone other than her father. Ella just does an extremely good job hiding her anger until we're out of her line of vision and hearing.

"We better go," Ella murmurs and I nod as we stand and stalk out of the dining room to my car; I drive us towards the school. Now Ella chats excitedly all the way to school about cheerleader sign-ups and such while I listen to the radio quietly. I was itching to feel my boyfriend's hand in mine and his lips pressing to my lips, my forehead, and my neck; anywhere that makes me shiver.

When I pull up to our school, Ella jumps out and runs to the brick building where eighteen other girls are waving for her to hurry up. I sigh and get out of my car, pulling my jacket tighter around me to block out the cold forcing its way through the thin material of my shirt. Maybe it wasn't my smartest idea to wear a half-lace top on such a freezing day around here in Alaska. I walk towards the school and push through the front doors where heat immediately seeps into my body. Now I'm glad I wore the top as the school was almost to the point it was a sauna; I slipped off my jacket.

"MAX!" JJ, my best friend, shouted at the top of her lungs halfway across the hallway and she takes a running start towards me. Her dark brown hair was streaming behind her, her dark green eyes were wide in excitement, and she was tanner than most people in the school.

I smile, "Hey, JJ, why are you so excited on a Monday?"

"Sam finally asked me out!" she starts jumping up and down, excited out of her mind.

Now I was grinning ear-to-ear for my friend, "Did you say yes?" I tease.

"OF COURSE! OMG! THIS IS SSSOOO EXCITING! DON'T YOU THINK!?" she squeals and pouts when I push on her shoulders to get her to stop jumping. People were staring at us and I glare daggers until everyone turns back to their own business; being the girlfriend of the most badass person in this school has multiple perks.

I start walking towards my locker while talking to JJ, "Calm down and tell me how it happened and when the date is."

That did me in as JJ starts explaining, "So it was just a normal Monday where I was sitting on the bleachers waiting for Star to finish the routine for the cheerleading try-outs. I was about to text you when Sam Fleming comes out of nowhere and sits down beside me; I was so startled that I dropped my phone. He picked it up for me and started to talk about how he liked me a lot and wanted to know if I wanted to go to a movie or something. I hugged him and told him I would, like, a thousand times and he was laughing and smiling and then gave me his phone number."

"When's the date?" I ask her as we near my locker; she has to think back since she was already in dream-land again.

"Oh! Tuesday night around seven fifteen," she answers and grins just as the third person of our girl group joins us. Star has her blonde-streaked brown hair pulled into a high ponytail, her dark blue eyes were shining, and she was glowing.

I ask her teasingly, "How was Ratchet in the janitor's closet this time?" and she flushes a bright pink color. JJ and I start laughing as she blushes and looks around, trying to hide and make excuses for the pinkness as if the cold could make her that dark red.

"He was amazing, as always," she gives up with a wide grin; I roll my eyes at the expression I always wear when I'm usually with my boyfriend.

JJ wrinkles her nose in disgust, "That's almost too personal," and Star laughs, causing multiple guys to turn and look at her.

"Get used to it," I comment dryly, "you'll be the one saying it next," and JJ turns into the red tomato while I'm laughing to myself.

"Where is Mr. Amazing, anyways Max?" Star asks using a fake dreamy tone that I want to gag at, but I only roll my eyes for the hundredth time this morning.

"Maybe he's waiting at her locker, again," JJ says and draws out the 'again' part with a hint of longing in her words.

I shrug and reply, "Not my fault he's perfect," and they giggle; I glare at any guys watching our asses as we walk past. This was the normal morning for us at school since we were known for the guys we date or have dated or the clothes we've worn before. Usually the clothing that I wear that isn't all too appropriate was a dare, and all my friends know I can't back down from a dare.

"What are we talking about?" Kate, the fourth girl to our group, asks as she latches onto Star's side while I'm between Star and JJ. Her black hair was in a pixie cut, her light green eyes were dull and tired this morning, but she looked as great as ever. Her pink lip-gloss was smeared and I knew she got into another make-out session with some guy that hits on her in the mornings.

Star, JJ, and I all sigh and say together, "Who was it this time?" and she glares at us but replies anyways.

"Holden Green," her voice takes on this dreamy-tone and we all stare at her with bulging eyes. This Holden guy was her make-out morning buddy for the second time, which was a first for Kate since it's usually a different guy every day. "I know it's weird, but I really like him. I'm always the one the make the first move. It's never him, ever. And he told me this morning when I wanted to confront him about it but all he said was he didn't want to pressure me into anything. Then I asked him if he wanted to see a movie tonight," she shrugs as if this is nothing and then JJ starts up.

"OMG YOU LIKE HIM! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE EIGHT YEARS! THIS IS SOOO EXCITING!" she squeals and I slap a hand over her open mouth before she can continue. She was so much like Nudge, our sixth girl that it got really annoying when the two of them were always rambling either together or not.

"Don't start," I groan as we finally reach my locker and I swing it open to start pushing my books and such into the tall but skinny space. "So what's this Holden guy like?" I ask Kate and sort through some papers and books while we wait for the bell to ring.

"He's so romantic," Kate sighs and continues before Star or Kate can interrupt and start asking embarrassing questions. "This morning he put a rose and poem in my locker with a little note telling me he wishes that Friday wasn't just a fling. So of course I had to go up to him and confront him about it, which about five minutes later made me kiss him. But it was different; this time I actually saw fireworks behind my eyelids and I just felt sparks and everything." She stops suddenly and realizes she was rambling about a guy out of all the people she could ramble about.

"Well, I'll see you guys in class," JJ says abruptly and they all spin around at the same time and stalk off together. I turn back to my locker and slam the door shut just as two arms move around my waist and pull me back into a sturdy chest.

"Hey," the smooth voice murmurs in my ear and he kisses the top of my head as I smile and turn around in his arms.

I reply, "Good morning," and reach up to wrap my arms around his neck; he smiles at me like he always does when it's the two of us. His shaggy black hair looked messed up in all the best ways and I ran my fingers through it, playing with the silky strands. Those intense onyx eyes that held golden specks were staring into my own and he was stealthily moving me backwards. My back pressed against the cool lockers and I studied his olive-toned exposed arms and his rock hard, yet perfectly comfy eight-pack of abs.

"Morning, Gorgeous," he says right before gently pressing his lips to my own; I smile and kiss him back before pulling away. If a teacher caught us again then I would be caught for the sixth time in three weeks and I would be suspended.

I sigh and pull my bag back over my head, "Fang, we can't get caught again; my mom already hates you enough." He chuckles and instead grabs onto my hand to pull me to our class; those same annoying tingles run through the skin that collides with his.

"Your mom has hated me since we were four-years-old and I moved into your neighborhood," he comments with a slight smile. People stare as the star couple of the school walk down the hall together, hands attached while they talk. Fang Ride has been considered as the 'bad boy' of our small town and he's known for almost everything he does. He's captain of the school's basketball, football, and racing teams so it's impossible for him to ever get suspended or detention.

The school's racing team is like NASCAR but with teens in the cars they 'decorate' and they compete with different schools. Fang earned the name Fang from his racecar that I helped paint so there's a huge fang on the hood and the side. I thought it was pretty badass, but back then Fang and I were only friends so he freaked and refused to drive it. The next day at school people seemed to forget about his actual name, Nicholas or Nick, and started calling him Fang. Now he would only drive that car when he was racing and I had to be at the pit-stops since I'm considered his good luck charm or whatever.

One night I came to one of his races and stood in the pit-stop to talk to him when he pulled in and so I could encourage him. That first race, he was terribly nervous and I kissed him to try and calm him down or whatever and I realized then that I liked him more than just a best friend. He won that race and I started coming to all of his races, he won every one of those until one race I had volleyball practice so I couldn't go. He lost that race in seventh place and the one after that when I felt sick, then I went to the race after that and he won. After that race I was considered his good-luck charm and he believed it so I went to every race and every game he has.

We started dating soon after and I was the first one to confess my love for him at a race when he was really nervous. He was going against one of the best school's in Alaska and he was practically ready to run away from it. So I went by his window, kissed him hard on the mouth, and finally told him what I was thinking for the past four months. He said it in a much calmer voice back to me and kissed me passionately for a minute and he won that race. Ever since then we've been the star couple of our school and we even had a title that half the school came up with: The Seventh Month Couple That Said They Loved Each Other And Haven't Slept Together Yet. Yeah, I'm serious.

Now I shrug and reply with a smile, "I really don't care," he squeezes my hand before we walk into our classroom together.