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When I told the girls about the dinner, they were ecstatic and pretty much screaming in excitement all too soon. They bombarded me with questions on how he asked me and whatnot; I told them of my bath and how he came in. That made them all melt, not really, with all the 'hotness' or whatever; by that point I wore earplugs. After a little while they started asking me about what I would wear, what I plan on doing with my hair and so on. When I truthfully told them I had no idea, they pounced and begged me to go to the mall and I agreed rather glumly; being taken to the mall with a bunch of girls on a mission isn't my idea of fun.

The day of the dinner was spent with pedicures, manicures, hair cuts, facials, mud baths, and shopping in the mall. Kate, Star, and JJ were the only ones that could make it and they flocked me, taking me into different stores and parlors. My blonde-brown hair was trimmed and curled so the locks looked like perfection and I was currently supporting twelve shopping bags. Fang said the dinner was to be formal and I had absolutely no idea what to wear, which is why I agreed to the shopping thing in the first place. That was when the girls pounced and dragged me into hair and nail salons and I was even forced into a mud bath.


"No! Please don't make me do this!" I screech, trying to tug away from Kate, who has her arms wrapped tightly around my waist. For such a tiny girl and her supermodel looks she seriously had some strength in her; I punched at her arm that was wrapped around me.

Kate laughed loudly, "Never! Your skin isn't smooth enough!" she tugs me closer to the huge tub of thick brown mud. Another lady was in there, looking horrified when I came to falling in and splashing her but I quickly pushed Kate backwards. I was only covered in a white towel with a stretching top that wrapped around my chest and under my armpits; I was almost completely naked under the thing.

Star came and grabbed my arms, pulling us forward to get me back to the tub, "It'll only take an hour Max, don't worry!" She cackled and JJ finally came and shoved on Kate; we all lost our balance and fell into the hot-tub sized tank of mud. We submerged in our soaked towel-things; I reached for the towel a worker held out to me but they had to brush it across my hand so I knew it was there.

We rested in the mud after wiping what we could off of our faces but the girls complained about their hair and it's state. After that incident and an hour in the mud, we stumbled out and over to the showers to wash off all of the hardening mud. We left the salon, going across from the store to the nail salon where ladies with bright colored hair swished us to a back room. I was forced onto a long table-plank thing and my arms and legs were cuffed down to the surface tightly. A second later a stinging pain ran up my arms, legs, and armpits quickly; it yanked all of the hair out of it's place. We were kicked out after I kicked one of the ladies too hard in the shin.


In the end I was hairless on my body from the neck down and my eyebrows were plucked harshly, along with the rest of it. I felt prim and proper but the multiple shopping bags on my arms were starting to make me lose my circulation. The girls chatted happily on the way back to my house where they were going to pick out one of the outfits and then do my make-up. As soon as we were in my room, the door was shut and locked with a chair firmly under the nod just in case; I gulp. They attack me with mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipgloss and a lot of other things that I just don't care to know the name of.


I drop my multiple bags onto my bed, shifting through one to find the knee-length skirt I planned to wear to the dinner. When the door slammed shut behind me I wondered why the girls left; I guess they believed I could do this on my own. Only a second later after I thought this foolishly, someone grabbed the back of my neck and told me to take a shower. They pushed me into the bathroom and I took a fast shower, trying not to panic about this whole thing. Afterwards the girls plopped me down on the seat in front of my vanity and I was tied to the chair; legs and all.

"No!" I screamed and wriggled, trying to get the ropes to drop or snap but I was tied firmly to the chair while the girls approached. Star held a contained of at least fifty shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner, and other stuff having to do with eye makeup. JJ held stuff having to do with lips; lip liner, lipstick, and that weird stuff that makes your lips look irresistible. And Kate had blush and foundation, which all of the girls agreed not to use since I was almost blemish-free.

Why would girls want to cake all of this crap on their faces anyways? Haven't they ever heard of natural beauty? Apparently three of my best friends don't think the same way, considering here they are; poking and prodding at me. It was enough to have my hair ripped off of my body, but this was just plain ridiculous even for a makeover. They were using way too much makeup for my liking.

"Stop moving or I will be forced to stab you in the eye with this eyeliner pencil!" Star shouts angrily when I blink quickly as she tries to work. I growl but stop myself, letting her do my eye makeup; I made sure to throw out complaints every time she pulls away for a second. The girls have to fight me once again when they let me out to get dressed; we ended up in a heap on the ground, laughing maniacally.


Now I stand in front of my full length mirror, staring at the girl that stared back at me with the same narrow-eyed look. My red-striped black dressed reached a little above mid-thigh thanks to my long, tanned legs and the heels I was forced into. A little black bow went around a black strip that wrapped around my waist; I slipped on my incredibly tall dark red heels. I put in some silver and black rose earrings with a matching ring for my left middle finger, and a red heart stone on a silver chain went around my neck. I grabbed my black handbag and slipped some black and silver bangles on my right wrist; and the girls attacked me with eye makeup.

"Ready?" Macy knocked on my door, telling me Fang was waiting outside again in his car at the gates; I fluff my hair once more. This dinner was making me jittery, but I tried to appear calm and collected as I turned towards some of my best friends.

JJ comes and places a hand on my bare shoulder, "Don't worry, hun, everything is going to go amazingly with you there." She hands me my black cover-up, which I shrug on but I don't put my arms through the sleeves; it's too hot for even a cover-up.

They walk me downstairs, me taking careful steps with my wobbling heels and when I walk in the kitchen I almost topple over in surprise. There stood Fang, leaning against the countertop in a button-down dark blue top, dark blue jeans without rips, and fancy-ish shoes. He was talking to my mother, nodding as she talked about the different colleges she wanted me to get into. Maya was sitting on Dylan's lap at the dining room table, feeding him fresh strawberries and sticking a grape in her mouth before kissing him and letting it into his mouth. It's quite sickening really; I wrinkle my nose slightly in disgust at the two idiots.

"You look amazing," Fang says suddenly, snapping we away from Maya and to the grinning guy I'd fallen in love with. My lips twitched in a smile but I didn't reply so he looked back at my mother, "Well, Mrs. Martinez, I better be on my way. Thank you for the lovely chat," he picked up her hand and kissed the back of it; he gently grasped my arm and pulled me out of the house.

It was a stunned silence from me for half of the ride before I finally snapped and looked at him, bewildered beyond belief. "What the heck was that, Fang? She absolutely hates you, why in the world would you actually try talking to her like a civil person? And what is with the whole hand kissing thing? Where did that come from?"

He smirked at me, "If sucking up to your mother helps me get on your good side and her good side again, then I'll do it. And the hand kissing thing was something I saw in a movie once," he adds after a moment; I cross my arms.

When we finally arrived at his house, I pull down the mirror and mess with my hair; yes, I am trying to stall incase you're wondering. Fang nudged me out of the car and I followed him up the walkway, fiddling with the edge of my cover-up sweater thing. The first thing I noticed when we stepped into his house was the mess sitting in almost every place of the house. Glass shards, drink spills, dents in the walls, and all of the loud noise coming from somewhere upstairs. Fang was glowering, staring at the mess as well before glancing over at me and dragging me through it all and into the kitchen.

"Mom, this is Max," Fang says as we enter the kitchen; a young woman turns from where she's at the stove and she smiles at me. Her blonde hair is done in an elaborate bun, her dark green eyes that Drake must have inherited are sparkling, and she looked amazing in her black cocktail dress.

She grins and walks over to me and giving me a tight hug, "The infamous Max! It's so great to finally meet you! I'm Fang's mom, of course, but you can call me Valencia!" she says with a bright smile once again.

That's when Drake literally rolls down the stairs in the same clothes as Fang but he was wearing green and black khakis. "Alright, come on Carter it's your turn!" he yells and soon a girl, maybe fourteen years old, rolls down like a ninja. She hops up and glares at Drake, running her hands down her dark purple dress and fluffing up her black hair.

"No stair rolling in the house," an older version of Fang sighs, walking past the two and then coming into the kitchen. There was an awkward silence even as another girl, older than Fang, comes waltzing down the stairs like a pageant girl. We all share looks before the older girls' mouth twists up into what would be a creepy smirk if it wasn't me that we're talking about.

"This will be interesting," she says and Fang shoots her a hard look.


"Just calm down, Max is there," I try to console Iggy on the way to my house; he actually dressed nicely for this dinner. I knew Max was still pretty angry from what Fang told me the night before, but I also knew she would love the conversations of this family. We aren't normal, that's for sure, but neither is she or Iggy; they aren't the wimps we used to date back when.

Iggy's grip only slightly loosens from his death hold on the steering wheel, "Your father already hates me, Nudge. He's known me since I moved here and now he wants to kill me," he remarks with a sardonic smile; I bite down on my bottom lip.

"He doesn't know it was you, maybe it won't be too bad since you're already like a second son to him," I try.

He glances at me, amused, "He already has two sons, Nudge."

"Okay then you're a third son. That's not the point! The point is he's going to like you after this dinner and we'll be fine." I say, he doesn't reply and instead turns so we're parked in the driveway and staring at my, now filled, home.

Max walks out in a short-ish dress and rushes over to the car, "I don't care how angry I am with you guys, but you have to get in there. It's like you can pretty much slice the tension in the air," she says, yanking open my door and grabbing my wrist. She pulls me into the house, leaving Iggy to switch off the car and mess with his hair before he believed it looked perfect. Max wasn't lying, inside the house was completely silent with Fang and Carmen giving each other the evil eye that I hadn't seen since the girlfriend that ran away screaming a couple of years ago.

Mom brightens when she sees me walk into the kitchen, "Nudge! Honey, you look beautiful!" she grins at my dark pink dress and small black pumps. Fang breaks the stare down long enough to pull Max into his side; she doesn't pull away but she doesn't relax like she usually would.

A few moments later Iggy shuffles into the room with his eyes pointed on the ground; Mom swoops him into a hug. "Young James Griffiths, you look so grown up and handsome! You must be the secret boyfriend Nudge rambles on and on about over the phone all the time!" she exclaims and I flush at Iggy's smirk sent my way.

Dad glares daggers at Iggy then moves us all to the dining room, sitting us all around the table and helping Mom get all of the food. I take a seat beside Iggy before Carmen can, Iggy sits beside Max, and Fang is on the other side of Max. Drake, Carmen, and Carter all sit across from us and Mom takes one head of the table while Dad takes another. At first it's completely silent other than the clinking of metal spoons on glass as we eat the first course, the soup. Max is fiddling with her dress, trying to pull it down somewhere it rode up a lot from her sitting down in it; Fang slid off his dress jacket and handed it to her. Her lips twitched slightly as she lays the jacket over her legs, crossing them and sitting back while eating soup; Fang smirks a little.

Carmen breaks the ice, "So from what I can tell Max and Fang have had sex? And little Nudge have had sex? Right?" I almost snicker when she says it about Max and Fang, but when she brings me and Iggy into it I feel myself flush.

Mom is mortified, "Carmen, don't speak like that to guests!" she says in a harsh voice, but she doesn't yell or even raise her voice.

Max sets down her spoon calmly, "Actually yes, Carmen, we have and it was absolutely amazing unlike your experiences, I'm sure." Fang almost starts laughing, but he grabs his napkin and holds it over his mouth as he snickers at Carmen's peeved expression.

Dad is completely silent as Carmen replies, "Oh really now? So is your bellybutton still bruised from the impact?" [A/N: If you don't get it then she's asking if her bellybutton is still bruised from when Fang 'missed'. Yeah... awkward.] To my utter surprise Max starts to laugh, having to take a drink of water when her throat runs dry.

"Trust me, that's not the place that's bruised," she says, picking up her glass and pretending to study the water in it. Carmen starts gagging, choking on the pieces of chicken Mom chopped; Fang was laughing along with Drake, Dad, and Iggy.

I snickered a little as Mom got up, red in the face from laughing as well, and started gathering bowls but max stood up. She smiled and helped Mom take all of the dirty dishes into the kitchen, I hear them murmuring together and Mom laughing at something. Fang finally controls himself first, grabbing the soda he poured in his wine glass and taking a few gulps. Dinner went by slowly with Max going back and forth against Carmen and sometimes Carter; Drake was too busy looking through porn on his phone to care about even eating. Afterwards Fang took Max back to his room and Iggy stayed for a little while longer to talk to my dad; I kissed his cheek before I followed my sisters to their room.

"Mom says we're going to move," Carter says as soon as the door is shut and she plops down on the bed to take off her heels.

Carmen shakes her head, "Knowing her it'll be somewhere far away from here and we won't be coming back anytime soon. I can't believe that Max girl said something like that to me, and then the guys just laughed while I almost died!"

"You had it coming," I shake my head and help Carter unzip her dress; she goes into the closet to grab her suitcase and pajamas. "Never thought you would meet your match, huh?" I snicker when she tries and fails to glare at me properly; we'd always been the closest of us four.

"Maybe we should invite Max over again for a girls' day," Carter suggests, throwing one of her high-heels across the room. It slams into the wall, making a small hole where the blade on the bottom of the heel goes straight through. She throws the other one, making it in the small red circle of the dartboard, which she unpacks before anything else every time.

Carmen nods, a plan forming, "Yes, let's."

***MAX'S POV***

"What the heck is that girls' problem? How did they roll down stairs like that and get up like they didn't feel a thing? That isn't possible, Fang!" I pace on his dark grey carpet, ignoring my bra that I accidently left here last time. Two strong arms wrap around my waist and they sit me on a lap that belongs to a boy, who sits on a dark gray loveseat sofa.

The familiar scent of Fang, woodsy and chocolatey, reach my nose immediately and I relax in his grip but only slightly. He isn't forgiven for bringing me to his house just for a dinner with his family even though I did mostly enjoy himself. It isn't easy getting back the full trust of Maximum Martinez, as well all know, but after a while at least I'll give them a second chance. Fang peppered my neck in small kisses, never trying to advance or slow down while I tried to make sense of it all in my head. When I didn't resume to the way I act when he usually does this, I'm too distracted to get into it at the moment, he finally gives in.

Fang sighs into my neck and, ignoring the shudders I felt, he said, "We aren't exactly a very normal family." I look at him like "no duh" and he continues, "The thing is we have this huge family secret that no one knows. Not even Iggy knows; Nudge does since she's a part of it but no one else," he snuggles into my neck again.

"You're all having secret affairs?" I guess and he shakes his head, chuckling a little bit at my insane guessing skills. "You're all actors in disguise? No wonder you look exactly like Avan Jogia, because you are him!" I exclaim, but he once again shakes his head with a smirk. "I lost my memory four years ago and we're actually married where you're the king and I'm the queen and we actually live in a land that no one but our families know exists?" I try,

"No Max, I would've already tried to get you to remember that if that were the case," he says softly and I nod a little.

"You're secret spies that have to save the world from a man in a white suit that always carries around a cat and has a princess in hostage?" I guess. I swear I felt him tense up only a little behind me, but it could've just been my overactive imagination making that happen.

He finally says, so quiet I can barely hear it, "Something like that," and then he lets me go and slides me onto the couch. "Come on, I'll drive you home," he says and holds out his hand, which I take and let him pull me out of the room and down the hall again.

Carter and Carmen step in front of us on our way to the front door, "Max, we wanted to know if you'd want to have a sleepover sometime. We need some friends so you can bring them, too," Carter says innocently, too innocently but I didn't really care.

"Uh, sure," I agree and then Fang swooshes me out of the house and into his car where I flip on the radio in silence. All too soon we arrive in front of my house and he pauses the car, flipping off the car and turning to look at me.

He takes both of my hands in his and I look down, "I know you're angry at me, Max, and I feel terrible because of it. The truth is I wanted to tell you about my family, but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried to get it out. Right now, I can't explain it unless my family says it's okay, then I will tell you everything that I haven't already told you. Family comes first no matter how annoying they are," he reaches towards my face and pushes my hair behind my ear, taking a single teardrop with it.

I nod a little, "You're right, Fang. Family should always come first, but right now I can't fully forgive you so I just want a little break. We'll still talk, but until you're family says it's alright I don't think I can trust you." Then I lean forward and pecked his cheek, "Bye Fang, I'll see you tomorrow," and I hurriedly get out of the car before I can see his expression. I rush inside and collapse on my bed, crying and wondering what I just ruined.

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