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Bright sunlight filtered into the room through the drapes. A slight breeze blew in the open window. Danny opened his eyes and squinted at the light. Glancing over at the clock through bleary eyes, he saw it was only seven. He groaned and pushed off the covers. Sitting up he rubbed his eyes and yawned. Today was going to be a long day. He could feel it. The first sign was that he was awake at seven. The second? His ghost sense suddenly went off. Sighing, Danny let the white rings slip over his body allowing him to change to his ghost half.

The box ghost came into sight as he flew out his bedroom window. He did so not need this today. Instead of fighting or listening to his ranting Danny just pulled out a thermos and sucked him up. When he was back in his room he decided to just get dressed instead of trying to go back to sleep.

Descending the stairs, Danny could hear his parents talking. He stopped to listen and heard his name a few times. Great, it was probably about his less than stellar report card for the year. Even though he had improved with his ghost powers it wasn't enough to give him the extra time for homework or studying he needed. He had barely scraped by. It was bad enough that his grades were right above the mark for summer school.

Danny sighed and walked into the kitchen to make his breakfast. His parents stopped talking when he entered. Well, that's a wonderful sign. Maddie looked at her son for a moment as he made his way near them. "Danny, honey, would you sit down? We need to talk to you about something," his mother asked. His dad just looked at him with a smile. He sat down and waited for them to start yelling at him for his awful grades.

"Danny! How would you like to stay with Vlad this summer?!" His dad asked excitedly, almost bouncing out of his seat. Maddie gave her husband a look. All Danny could do was open his mouth and close it. Wasn't this supposed to be about his grades?

"W-What?" That was all Danny could manage. His dad didn't just ask him to spend his summer with Vlad, right?

His mother began to explain, "We have been invited to a summer ghost symposium in Arizona. This is a huge opportunity for us to meet other ghost hunters, show our inventions and to get more research funding. It starts in two days and lasts until mid August. You can't stay here by yourself sweetie so your father-"

"I thought you and V-man would love to spend some time together! Isn't it wonderful? My best friend and son getting to know each other!" Jack exclaimed, practically bursting with joy.

"Why can't I stay here? Isn't Jazz coming back?" Danny hurriedly asked. He wasn't going to stay with Vlad ALL summer if he had a say in it. Their fights started dying down around the middle of his sophomore year. By the beginning of his junior year it had stopped completely. Vlad was no longer going after his mom or trying to kill his father. He had resigned as mayor and moved back to Wisconsin. Vlad even stopped trying to make Danny his apprentice. He isn't sure what caused it, but he was grateful nonetheless. Despite this Danny was still apprehensive about Vlad.

"Jazz is taking some summer courses so she will be staying at college. We would ask you to come with us, but you aren't very interested ghosts. And don't think we didn't see your report card Danny," his mom chastised. "You are lucky you didn't wind up in summer school young man. We already talked to Vlad and he said you could stay. He also offered to bring in a tutor a few times a week to help you catch up."

Danny couldn't believe this. He was going to be spending his summer with Vlad. There was no way he was going with his parents to a ghost symposium. They also wouldn't let him stay home alone.

"What about Sam and Tucker? Can't I stay with them?" Pleaded Danny.

"You are not going to spend your summer goofing off with your friends when you were almost held back a year Danny," his mother said in a stern voice. There was no arguing with her now and he knew it. Sighing, Danny admitted defeat. Third sign today was a bad day? Finding out he gets to spend his summer with Vlad.

"Don't look so sad son! You and Vlad are going to have a great time, I know it!" his father looked at him happily. He patted Danny on the back and then bounded off towards the lab.

Maddie looked at her son and smiled. "Don't worry honey, it's only for the summer. We will all be back here before you know it." She gave him a hug and kissed his cheek then walked off to find her husband. Danny groaned and thumped his head on the table. This summer was not going the way he planned and it was only the first day. Well, he might as well tell Tucker and Sam. They were not going to be happy.

Danny got up and headed to his room. The clock read 7:43AM. They wouldn't be up this early. Grabbing his cell phone he shot Sam and Tucker a text asking them to come over when they woke up. Clouds started to dot the sky and roam over the sun. He collapsed back onto his bed with a sigh. There wasn't much he could do until they came over. He could start packing, but that could wait and he just didn't feel like doing it right now.

Closing his eyes he let his thoughts drift wherever they wanted. Danny hadn't realized he fell asleep until Sam and Tucker walked in his room. Sitting up, he smiled and then yawned. Sam sat next to him and Tucker sat in his computer chair. "So, what's up?" Sam asked.

"Well, my parents were invited to this ghost symposium thing that lasts all summer. Jazz isn't coming home because she is taking classes. I'm not going with them and they won't let me stay here by myself. So they are sending me to Vlad's until they get back," Danny explained.

"What?!" his best friends exclaimed. He knew it, they were angry.

"Why? Why can't you just stay with one of us? Why Vlad?" Sam demanded.

"Do you know how bad my grades are?" Danny inquired.

"Dude, you almost failed. What has that got do with you staying with Vlad?" Tucker looked confused.

"Mom said I wasn't allowed to stay here all summer and goof off because of that. Vlad is bringing a tutor to help me catch up…" he trailed off. There wasn't much else to say. They were staring at him so he just looked at the floor. Sam spoke up first.

"Why didn't you just say no? Or fight it?" She looked confused, even a little worried.

"There wasn't anything I could do. Both of them were totally for it. They are right about my grades though. We are seniors now and if I don't catch up I won't graduate next year. I can't even ask to stay with Jazz, she is in a dorm. And there was no way in hell I was going with them. I would have to be suicidal." Danny frowned. There really was no way out of this. His friends knew it too.

"When are you leaving?" Tucker asked.

"I don't know. The symposium starts in two days, so I'm guessing tomorrow." As he was saying this Sam pulled something out of her bag. Holding it up, he saw it was the newest video game. Smiling, he grabbed it and they all crowded around his computer to play. They didn't dwell on him leaving. Instead they made the most of their first and last day of summer break together.

Around dinner his mom came up and told him he needed to pack, that they were indeed, leaving tomorrow. Danny gave both of his best friends hugs as they left and he began to pack. It took him a lot longer than it should have. Mostly because he was stalling. He also couldn't stop thinking about it. Did he hate going to Vlad's that much? When he really thought about it, he didn't. Now that they were on more friendly terms, mainly no fighting, he wasn't as bothered by it. He was upset that he couldn't see his friends all summer. Otherwise the prospect didn't seem awful. The ghost fighting would stop for once, since he wasn't going to be in Amity Park. His grades would improve once he started school too.

Danny climbed into bed to get some sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. He just hoped it wouldn't be awkward living with Vlad for that long. Maybe they would actually start to get along. Who knows, they might even become friends. Danny stilled, Vlad and him friends? That was a weird thought, but not a bad one. Smiling, he drifted off to sleep.

Danny's morning started with his parents and him packing their things into the RV while it was pouring down rain. Lightning streaked the sky as thunder pounded their ears. The weather just made him anxious. Jack and Maddie were excited about the symposium and that was all they talked about. The trip to Vlad's mansion was going to be a long one. He tried to keep himself occupied, but it didn't work. His thoughts kept straying back to staying with Vlad. Danny didn't want to admit it, but he was nervous. Sure, they hadn't fought in about a year, but did that mean they were still enemies? He was just making himself sick, by thinking about it. Instead of thought of his friends and what they were doing with their summer breaks. That didn't really help brighten his mood.

When his dad was finally driving up Vlad's driveway, Danny felt ill. It was storming here too and it just made Vlad's mansion look haunted. He almost laughed, because in a way, it was. They said their goodbyes in the RV so they wouldn't get soaked standing outside. Danny grabbed his backpack and suitcase and hopped out and then ran to the front door. He thought about phasing in, but decided against it. Vlad probably wouldn't like that too well. Taking a deep breath Danny rang the doorbell and almost immediately the huge ornate door was opened. He stepped in and thanked the butler who had opened it for him. Vlad started walking towards him from the base of the stairs. Danny couldn't say anything. He just stood there dripping water all over Vlad's carpet.

Vlad smiled, "Welcome, Daniel."

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