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For all of you who were waiting for the smut. HERE YOU GO.


Flying home from the airport, Danny landed in Vlad's office as the white rings slid over his body. Black hair replaced white as the teen walked over and wrapped his arms around broad shoulders. "Hey fruitloop." He just dropped Sam and Tucker off so they could catch their flight back to Amity Park. It had been nice seeing them again. At first it was a little awkward, even though they made up months ago. But after a bad joke from Tucker, the tension had dissipated. It was their winter break and it was a good excuse to invite them over. The billionaire had actually been the one to suggest and offer it, even though he never really cared for the teens, but he did it for Danny.

"Did it go well?" Vlad asked as he turned his chair around to face Danny. Crawling onto the man's lap, the teen smiled.

"Yeah, Tucker actually started crying, it was kind of funny, especially when he tried to play it off as something stupid." Looking thoughtful, he gave Vlad a soft smile. "Can they come back during summer?" A grin was still on his face from spending so much time with his friends.

The billionaire rubbed their noses together as his hands slid over the teen. "Of course. Now," his mouth attached to the pale neck, licking and nipping the sweet skin there. The teen arched as a gasp tumbled from his lips. "I haven't had you all week, I think it's time for me to have some fun as well." Vlad smirked as he phased off the shirt and started marking the toned chest.

A moan fell from his mouth when a nipple was sucked on. "Vlad," the teen panted, already hard. His eyes widened when he was pushed back onto the desk; everything was thrown off and scattered onto the floor.

"I hope you're prepared little badger. You've been teasing me all week, but wouldn't follow through because your friends were here. It's time to finish what you started," Vlad whispered huskily against his ear. Hot breath ghosted over cool flesh, sending shivers through his body.

Danny began to pant as hands explored his body and a tongue traced lines of muscle down the chest. A hand slipped past his waistband, phasing the jeans off and to the floor. As the bulge in his boxers was gripped and then massaged, the teen moaned loudly. He was just as impatient as Vlad. Surprise flitted through the young halfa when his boxers were pushed aside and a slick finger entered him. Moaning at the feeling, he rocked his hips onto it at an attempt to gain more friction. It was strange to have the silk material still on him as fingers pumped in and out of him. As one hand stretched him, the other roamed his chest and stomach. A whine escaped his throat when the fingers disappeared, but a happy moan replaced it when something much larger pressed and slowly began to slid into his entrance.

"Vlad," Danny moaned softly, gripping aimlessly at the desk, trying to find something to hold. Settling on the billionaire's arms braced on the desk next to his chest, he gripped them tightly. As the hard shaft began to move, he threw his head back in ecstasy, bumping it against the expensive wood.

"Daniel, so beautiful." The words sent blood rushing into his cheeks as he turned his face away in embarrassment. Vlad's compliments always made him blush and shy, no matter how many times he said them. Lips kissed his hot cheek as the pace never faltered. Stars unexpectedly filled the ghost hero's vision as his prostate was rubbed. A loud moan fell from his kiss bruised lips as the pace sped up. Wrapping his legs around the slim waist, Danny began to meet Vlad thrust for thrust. Noticing that the billionaire was still fully clothed sent a wave of arousal through him. Normally he preferred skin to skin, but there was something electrifying with having the older hybrid in all of his clothes while he still had his boxers on.

That familiar coil began to tighten in his lower abdomen as sweat gathered on his skin, pants and moans filled the room along with the musky smell of sweat and sex. "Vlad, I-I'm goi-" His eyes slipped fully closed when a hand massaged his clothed erection, sending a shock through him. A few rough thrusts later and he was climaxing with a shout of his lover's name. Less than a minute after he felt hot cum fill him up, helping Danny ride out his orgasm. Vlad braced himself a few inches above him to keep from collapsing on top of the teen.

"Well that was hot," the young halfa panted out with a satisfied grin. It was unusual that Vlad would be so impatient to do this kind of thing on his desk, but it was worth it. Maybe he should tease the man in his office more.

A chuckle vibrated through his chest from the body above him. "That it was. I love you Daniel." A kiss to his lips solidified the statement. A smirk played on the teen's lips as they pulled apart.

"I love you too fruitloop."

After quick shower and a change of clothes, they sat and watched TV; cuddled on the couch. A hand ran through Danny's hair, playing with the raven black tresses. "Daniel?"

"Hm?" His eyes were half open from the simple pleasure of having his hair played with.

"I was going to make this a surprise, however I wasn't sure how you would feel about it. Would you like for your sister to come spend Christmas with you?" Danny's eyes widened as he pulled away to glance up to the man.

"Jazz will…come here?" His heart was beating excitedly in his chest at the idea. They had been talking ever since they moved here, but with her in college, it was hard to set up a time to visit the either.

A relieved smile graced the older halfa's face. "Yes, she will spend all of her Christmas break here. Do you want her to?"

Instead of answering, Danny wrapped his arms tightly around Vlad and kissed him with all the love in the world. "Sounds like the best Christmas present ever fruitloop." They rubbed noses as Vlad chuckled. Crawling onto the billionaire's lap, Danny snuggled as close as he could before they continued watching TV.

Jazz had tried talking to their parents after everything, but they wouldn't listen. She stopped visiting them and shut them out of her life. A simple statement that if they were going to renounce Danny as their son, then they would lose their daughter as well. Maddie and Jack Fenton now considered themselves childless. Despite all the months in Vlad's care and the therapy sessions, Danny still had a hard time getting past his parents. But he had been prepared for this to happen. The moment he got his powers, he prepared himself for the worst and the best. The worst happened and it hurt. The teen was learning to deal with it. He still had his friends and sister after all.

The kidnapping was a whole other story. His nightmares still plagued him, but not as frequently. About once a week he would wake up screaming and in Vlad's arms. Danny wasn't sure why the kidnapping affected him worse than his parents. Both Vlad and his therapist had explanations for it. And it made sense. Mostly. In Danny's mind, that wasn't the worst thing he had gone through physically. He had been hurt much worse in many different fights. It was all of the events together that made the experience what it was. Especially when he was left defenseless without his powers; something he was used to having all the time. He wasn't getting over it. And he wasn't sure he ever would. Danny wasn't sure he would ever be okay again, despite the billionaire's and the therapist's assurance he would.

It was difficult adjusting to his life here, but he made do. A few months ago he was just worried about whether or not he had a crush on his old archenemy. Now, the enemy was his everything. Vlad was sure to keep him busy and distracted. Helped him with homework and his ghost powers. When the teen had a breakdown, he was there. The fruitloop was always there for him. Helping him, healing him, holding him. Loving him. Everything. A brighter smile lifted his lips as Danny snuggled closer to Vlad. His chest filled with warmth as his heart beat happily against his ribs.

Perhaps, with a little more time, he would be okay after all.

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