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If This Is A Dream (Then I'm Happy You're Having It With Me)

Chapter One | Cambridge, Minnesota

"Okay class," Mr. Burton clapped his hands to grab his students attention and when he got it, he dove right into that day's assignment. "We're splitting up into groups of two today for this assignment. Rows A and C, the person on your right will be your partner."

"Great." Alison Greyson muttered when she realized she was stuck with Rachel Berry. "This just killed my social status Mr. Burton. I'm blaming you if I don't make squad captain next year."

Rachel frowned but let the comment roll off her back.

"Just don't touch her okay? You might catch the gay." Lisa Kramer sneered loud enough for the brunette to hear and over half of the class laughed.

"It's not contagious." Rachel hissed and opened her textbook according to the pages that the teacher wrote on the board. "Mr. Burton, if you don't mind, I'd like to be my own partner. I find that I'll do a better job without some Barbie breathing over my shoulder telling me what to do when she can barely write her own name."

The blonde beside her gasped and narrowed her eyes. "I will make you pay for that!"

"I'm sorry Rachel, this assignment is about team work. There is no 'I' in team." Mr. Burton shrugged his bulky shoulders and instructed the class to get to work.

Rachel sighed heavily as Alison started to outline their project quietly. She knew though, by the end of the period, she would do the majority of the work and Alison would still take full credit.

"Could you stop breathing on me?" Alison whispered roughly when Rachel leaned too close to read what the blonde was writing down.

"You're wording it all wrong." Rachel sighed heavily and rubbed her temples.

"Would you like to do this?" The blonde barked and shoved the notebook her way. "Just use your own pen."

"Gladly." Rachel smirked. "Wouldn't wanna catch 'the stupid'." She mocked, loud enough for the others to hear as well.

"You can't even catch 'the stupid'." Lisa raised an eyebrow.

"No, you're right. That's only reserved for you special folk." The small brunette mumbled and slammed her notebook shut as soon as the bell rang.

"You better have this done by tomorrow midget, or else." Alison rammed into her shoulder, making Rachel fall back into a stack of chairs. The class laughed as they piled out of the room and she caught the gaze of Mr. Burton looking at her.

"I'll report her if you want me to." He said and cleaned his glasses.

Rachel shook her head and left the room silently, making her way to her locker. She smiled a little when she noticed Jacob waiting for her patiently. "Hey Rach!" He grinned and handed her a pack of M&M's, her favourite.

"I hope your day is going better than mine." She smiled tiredly at him and glanced at the bag of candy in her hands. "And thank you by the way."

"I can't complain about my day so far. I only received one wedgie." He shrugged and pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. Before he could ask her to hang out after school, they were surrounded by a bunch of jocks and cheerleaders in their letterman jackets.

"I heard your big motor mouth wouldn't shut up today." Dave Karofsky glared down at the smaller brunette. "I don't like it when people disrespect my girl." He tugged Alison closer to his side by her waist. "You make fun of her, you're making fun of me."

Jacob shook in his boots but he refused to leave Rachel's side. "M-maybe you should leave her alone."

"Really Jewfro?" Dave laughed in his face and shoved him against the lockers hard, pinning him there with one hand. "You better keep a tight leash on your girl or else we'll have some problems."

"I am not his girl." Rachel snapped and held her head high.

"Oh, right. I'm sorry. I almost forgot that you were gay." Dave let go of Jacob to high five his jock friends before he set his sights back on Rachel. "I want you to apologize to Alison."

"I will once she gives me one."

Dave shook his head and cracked his knuckles. "You know, my mother always taught me not to raise a hand to a lady. So I'll supervise while the girls have their fun."

Rachel barely had a chance to grasp what was going on. There was a slap to her face, a tug on her hair, her locker being opened while her personal things were strewn all over the crowded hallway and finally her jacket was being ripped out of her hands and passed along the football players.

"Have fun keeping warm on your way home, loser." Alison laughed and shoved her against the locker one last time before the swarm of them left her alone.

Jacob started to clean up the mess of loose papers on the floor and Rachel sighed, kneeling down to help him.

The day was just beginning for them both.

The snow fell silently on the quiet streets of Cambridge, Minnesota. The cold winter breeze cut through the tiny brunette's skin as sluggish footsteps left impressions in the deep snow along the empty road. Her arms wrapped around her body and her teeth chattered together when the wind picked up.

It had been a long afternoon and Rachel Berry couldn't wait until she got home to shut out the world for the weekend. In the meantime, she just wanted to get home so she could warm up. It didn't help that the jocks and cheerleaders from school had stolen her thick winter jacket and refused to return it by the time school was out. And of course it had to happen on the day that her Dad worked late and her Daddy wasn't due back until the next day because he was piloting over the Pacific Ocean for American Airlines. So she was left to walk home. Luckily, she only lived a few blocks from school so she wasn't too worried about it.

"Rachel!" Jacob Ben Israel caught up to her and offered his parka. He seemed to beam when she accepted it without hesitation. "Sorry those jocks got to you again."

Rachel shrugged as if it were no big deal. It wasn't anything new but a part of her was growing sick of the treatment she received by her peers. It didn't help that she had befriended the Jewish boy that was now walking with her. It hadn't been something she planned or wanted but Jacob seemed to be the only guy, no scratch that, the only person that gave her the time of day. Even if he constantly showered her in flowers and unwanted poetry, she was still thankful he was there for her even though she turned him down every single time.

"I tried to get your jacket back but they threatened to dunk my head in a pee filled toilet again." Jacob sighed.

"Thank you." Rachel smiled at him and patted his shoulder. She realized he was now shivering and immediately felt guilty for taking his jacket. So when they approached her house, she offered him to join her for hot chocolate to warm up.

Jacob grinned like a little boy on his sixth birthday and followed the brunette into the spacious house. It wasn't like he hadn't been in her house before but it never ceased to amaze him that he was friends with Rachel Berry.

If only the other kids thought that way.