If This Is A Dream (Then I'm Happy You're Having It With Me)

Chapter Four | Who Are You?

When Rachel found Dave Karofsky hanging up in the large foyer of the school by duct tape and only in his underwear, she felt a sense of satisfaction swell up inside.

Santana had come up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder while she laughed along with the rest of the student body at the sight before them. "Isn't there something you'd like to say to Rachel?" She eyed up the boy that was struggling to free himself. It was no use, the tape was on thick and it would hurt like a bitch when they finally took him down.

"Screw you Lopez! You and your slutty friends." He spat and struggled against the wall more.

Quinn was about to step forward when Santana shot her arm out to stop her. "You know, you're really not in the position to be talking to me like that."

"When I get down from here..." Dave started to say something but he watched his fellow teammates step forward. "Come on guys, I thought we were friends."

"You thought wrong." Puck stated calmly and popped the collar of his jacket. He whipped out a roll of duct tape and ripped a piece of, getting ready to cover the other boy's mouth.

"Puckerman, hold up." Quinn shot forward to hold his hand back and narrowed her eyes on Dave. "I think you need to apologize to Rachel."

Dave tightened his jaw and wrestled against the tape with more force but it was no use. His eyes pinned the small brunette that was pulled into Brittany's arms and he bit his lip hard, struggling with his words. "I'm sorry, okay?"

"Good." Quinn smiled a little and grabbed the piece of tape from Puck's hand and climbed onto the ladder that was taunting the hanging student. "Now once more," she whispered against his ear, "with feeling."

"I'm sorry, Rachel. I'll never slushie you again." Dave huffed and desperately wanted down from where he was because the more students that piled out of their classrooms ready to go home, the more humiliated he was becoming.

Rachel tugged on Santana's arm and got the head cheerleader's attention. "He apologized, maybe the guys could cut him loose?"

"No way Berry." Santana sneered and rolled her neck a little while her attention went back to Quinn taping his mouth shut. "This jerk had it coming, long before you came into the picture. He can stew in the humiliation for a while. The guys will take him down after their practice."

"I don't know why you guys care so much about what he did to me." Rachel asked puzzled, clutching her binder close to her chest. "I'm nothing special."

"Aw, that's not true Rach," Brittany played with Rachel's hair, twirling it around her fingers. "You're new and that's special around here."

"Yeah, maybe you'll lighten up this dull place." Quinn wiped her hands on her skirt and gave the brunette a soft smile. "We have Cheerios practice but we can drive you home when we're done if you don't mind waiting for a bit?"

Santana nodded, giving the tiny brunette a tight-lipped smile before slipping her pinky into Brittany's. "We have time to spare though so Britt and I need a bathroom break."

"But I don't have to go." Brittany frowned innocently but her blue eyes widened in excitement behind Santana's words. "Oh! Yes, we must go now."

Rachel grinned and watched the two disappear through the crowd before turning back to Quinn. She bit her lip and gestured her hands towards the clothes she had on. "I'll change as soon as I get home and give these back. I mean, I'll wash them first of course."

Quinn smiled and shrugged. "Keep the hoodie if you want."

Rachel looked down at the slightly large grey hoodie she had on and her eyes widened. "But it's so comfortable, why would you want to give it away so easily?"

The blonde laughed and tilted her head slightly, her eyes taking in the girl before her. "It suits you, you look good in it." She paused and looked away quickly. "Just, consider it a souvenir or something, I don't know."

Rachel held her breath before nodded and whispering a thank you quietly.

"S'no big deal. I have another one in my locker that I can wear." Quinn turned away from the brunette when she heard Puck call her name. "You know where the gym is, right?" She asked Rachel and when the girl nodded, she squeezed her arm and took off towards the direction of where Puck was standing.

She allowed her eyes to scan the rest of the students as they started to leave the scene of Dave hung up on the wall and made the decision to make her way down the hall and towards the gym. Being alone for the first time since she woke up, Rachel was able to take in what exactly was going on – or at least try to.

If they had moved to Lima a month ago like her fathers mentioned, she couldn't figure out what happened between the night she fell asleep in Minnesota to that very morning when she woke up in Ohio. Just thinking about it all was giving her a headache and she took in a deep breath. Surely there was something to help her understand what or how it all happened.

Quinn parked her car behind a vehicle in Rachel's driveway. She looked over at the passenger and offered a soft grin. "Seems like you've had an eventful first day. I'm still sorry you were slushied. I hope you can get the stain out of your white sweater."

The brunette laughed and looked out the window. "I can't say I expected any of this when I woke up this morning." Her eyes turned back to Quinn's and they stared at each other for a few seconds before muffled sounds came from behind them. "Uh..." Rachel's head shift straight forward when she caught a quick glance at Brittany straddling Santana in the back seat.

"Hey! Not in my car!" Quinn threw her iPod cord back at them and rolled her eyes at the soft curses coming from Santana.

"Fine." The head cheerleader huffed but made no effort to push the leggy blonde off her lap.

"Did you want to come in?" Rachel asked hesitantly. She wasn't sure how nice the girls were being to her and didn't know if she could handle the rejection.

The three cheerleaders all made eye contact before nodding their heads.

Rachel couldn't stop the wide smile that plastered across her face. She opened the passenger door and jumped out more excited than necessary but she couldn't help. Three of the most popular cheerleaders, not only saved her that morning, but wanted to hang out with her willingly. For the first time since waking up, she hoped that she was dreaming.

The house was bigger than her previous one but it felt like home. The smell was the same and the feel of comfort surrounded as it did every other time she walked through the front door. The girls were chatting when they entered the hallway leading towards the living room and found two men sitting on the couch watching the Discovery Channel.

"Hey Berry Blossom!" Leroy gave her a grin but his eyes widened at the look of horror on his daughter's face when three other girls stepped into the room behind her.

"Berry Blossom?" Santana snickered quietly but was elbowed by Quinn to shut it.

"Dad, Daddy," Rachel stepped forward with confidence and gestured her hand towards her new friends, "I'd like you to meet Quinn, Santana and Brittany."

"Hello ladies." Hiram got up and shook their hands politely. "I'm Hiram and this oaf of a man is my husband, Leroy."

"Mr. Berries." Brittany did a little curtsy and smiled when they laughed a little. She was easily amused and easy to please; it was charm she had skilled to perfection without even knowing it.

"Please, Leroy and Hiram." The tall black man smiled warmly. "It looks a little cold outside, you girls want some hot chocolate?"

Rachel did a happy dance internally when all three of them nodded their heads. "I'm just going to change quickly." She turned towards her fathers. "Play nice."

"Did you join the squad?" Leroy asked, checking out her attire before noticing the other girls were wearing matching pants and hoodies.

"No." Rachel shrugged.

"She had an accident with a slushie this morning and we didn't want her walking around in cold purple stained clothes." Quinn explained with a sincere smile.

"Yeah, but don't worry, San will tear his testicles off if Karofsky goes near her again." Brittany nodded in assurance; completely unaware of the glares sent her way.

"Honey, are you having trouble in school again?" Hiram asked with concern lacing his voice. He took off his glasses and studied her cautiously.

Rachel didn't look in her friends' direction and she sighed heavily. "No, it was just a misunderstanding okay? I'm going to change." She hurried up the stairs to her room and closed the door behind her. A part of her didn't want them to know how much of loser she was because that would probably cost her their friendship but the other part didn't want to care; simply because she still had to figure out how she got to where she was and if the book had anything to do with it.

Ignoring the urge to tear her room apart from top to bottom in order to find that damn journal, she stripped her clothes and threw them in the hamper. She'd do laundry that night and give Quinn her clothes back clean. Picking out a pair of jeans and a simple grey tight fitting t-shirt, she made her way back down to the kitchen and heard the laughter and chatter coming from her dads and new friends.

"Did you like being a one of the only male cheerleaders?" Quinn asked Leroy with a look of awe on her face.

"Well, there were a few other male cheerleaders so I didn't feel out of place and it was fun. Hiram said I should've played on the basketball team but I didn't handle balls very well." Leroy sighed and when he heard the three girls burst into a fit of giggles, his face went bright red while Hiram choked on his water before coughing to catch his breath.

"Oh man Lee, I like you." Santana laughed and pointed to the taller man.

"Me too!" Brittany grinned and plopped herself on Santana's lap. "San and I don't like balls very much either. She says that's why we're cheerleaders."

"Oh god." Quinn breathed and put her head down when it was the men that took their turn to laugh. She heard a shuffle near the hallway and looked over to see Rachel staring at them in confusion. "Rach! Please save me from all this talk about balls."

Leroy and Hiram's laughter grew harder when their daughter turned a dark shade of red before walking towards the empty seat next to Quinn. "Dare I ask how the topic of... um, balls came up?"

"It was innocent, I swear." Her dad raised his hands up in the air before pointing to the other girls at the table. "They twisted it around."

"Well can we change the subject? I really don't need you two talking about... that, especially in front of me." Rachel raised an eyebrow and heard the two girls across the table start to chuckle.

"Your friends agreed to stay for dinner so why don't you show them your room while we start making it." Hiram waved the four girls out of the room before he resumed his snickering, having his husband quietly shush him when Rachel looked back at them with a scowl.

"You have a huge freaking house, Rachel." Brittany looked down the large halls before poking her head into a spare guest room. "We should play hide and go seek!"

"B," Santana pulled her away from the room and wrapped an arm around her waist, nuzzling her neck, "last time we played that, you got lost and you were the seeker."

Quinn chuckled and followed Rachel into a spacious bedroom with yellow walls and hardwood floors. "Wow," she breathed as she took in all the posters and different artwork tastefully crowding the walls. "My room isn't even half this size."

Rachel smiled a little and sat on the edge of her bed, folding her hands in her lap. "It gets lonely sometimes." She admitted and didn't feel bad for saying it because even though her other room was smaller, it still felt lonely with no friends.

"You think your dads will let you have us spend the night sometime?" Santana asked, scouting out the space on the floor. They could see the wheels turning in her head.

"Of course!" Rachel perked up and nodded eagerly.

"You act like you've never had friends before." Santana looked at the brunette, squinting her eyes a little. "I mean, you have had sleepovers right?"

"When I was younger, I guess." Rachel shrugged and jumped up off the bed. "Did you want to have one this Saturday?"

"Yes!" Brittany clapped her hands and tucked herself in Santana's side. "Is this like one of our sleepovers, S?"

"No!" Quinn and Santana both said, a little too loudly, startling Rachel and Brittany. "Britt, you and Santana can't have your type of sleepovers with me and Rachel in the same room, okay?"

"Well we asked if you wanted to join." Brittany rolled her eyes a little. "I don't know why you'd turn us down, we're hot."

Santana found herself nodding before scowling and facing Brittany. "Am I not good enough for you?"

Rachel's eyes widened a little. "I... don't think that's what she means, S ... Santana."

"Whatever." The other girl crossed her arms over her chest but she couldn't stay irritated at the pouty blonde for long. She found herself wrapped up in toned arms and lips hot on hers.

"Do they ever come up for air?" Rachel whispered to Quinn, trying to avoid the scene in front of her.

"Hardly." Quinn said in a bored tone and wrapped her hand around Rachel's arm, pulling her out of the bedroom. "They won't do anything on your bed but I wouldn't want to be in the same room as them when they get like this."

"Hey Quinn?" Rachel leaned against the hallway wall and tucked her bottom lip between her teeth while she waited to have the blonde's attention. When she had it, she shifted from one foot to the other and smiled shyly. "Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes today. I'll have them washed for you tomorrow."

"I told you it was no big deal." Quinn's tone was softer than it had been earlier that afternoon. "It's really sweet that your dads invited us over for dinner. You don't mind do you?"

"No, not at all." Rachel gushed, barely containing her excitement.

Quinn chuckled and leaned her back on the same wall Rachel was on, making them stand side by side. "So can I ask you a question?" She asked, looking towards the brunette.

"Of course." Rachel nodded as she tried to ignore the tingles coursing through her arm when Quinn's brushed against hers briefly.

"Who are you?" The blonde cheerleader asked with a hint of wonder in her voice. She watched as Rachel raised an eyebrow and looked around slightly confused.

"I'm Rachel Berry?" She answered, frowning before glancing at Quinn. "The Sagittarius?"

Quinn let out a genuine laugh and turned so that she was facing the brunette while her hand played with the hem of her skirt. "No, I meant... where did you come from? No one in his or her right mind would move to a place like Lima or a state like Ohio. You kind of came out of nowhere."

Rachel snorted and nodded in agreement but quickly composed herself. "You really wouldn't believe me if I told you." She shrugged with a baffled look because she couldn't really believe something she didn't understand herself.

"Well try me." Quinn raised her head a bit as her eyes studied the shorter girl's face carefully.

"How about we get to know each other more before we dive into that conversation." Rachel chuckled softly and felt her heart leap a little when Quinn flashed her playful smile while nodding her head. When they heard a crash coming from Rachel's room, their moment was broken. "What's going on?"

Quinn rolled her eyes in annoyance and sighed heavily. "I said they wouldn't touch your bed but I didn't factor in that you had a desk in your room." She was about to barge in the room when she felt a small hand wrap around her wrist. "What's wrong?"

"You're not just going to walk in on them are you?" Rachel's eyes widened.

"If you'd rather them not have sex in your room, then yes I am." Quinn smiled a little when the look of embarrassment crossed Rachel's face. "I've had to do this many times before, they're used to it."

"Oh." Rachel nodded her head towards her bedroom door.

Quinn chuckled quietly before throwing the door open and rolling her eyes at the fact that Brittany was pressed against the desk with Santana's hand up her shirt. "Are you kidding me right now?"

Santana grunted and extracted her flush body away from Brittany and gave Quinn her best death glare. "Problem, Fabray?"

"Where are your manners, Lopez?" Quinn crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot. "You have a kind invite to stay for dinner and this is how you repay them? By having sex in someone else's bedroom?"

"We weren't having sex, Q." Brittany said simply with a small shrug as she straightened out her uniform top. "San said she just wanted a quick grope."

Santana smirked at Rachel's shocked reaction and smoothed down her own clothes. "It would've been a longer grope if you hadn't ruined it." She directed her statement towards Quinn and resumed her previous glare.

Rachel looked at the three girls and bit her lip. "Well if you want to continue, Quinn and I can go downstairs?" She had never had friends before, at least friends that didn't willingly hang out at her house without putting up a fuss first. So she thought if she gave Santana a reason to like her, even it meant allowing them to defile her bedroom, she'd do it.

"Rach, no." Quinn scowled.

"Wow, I like you." Santana laughed and flung herself on the bed, inviting Brittany to cuddle up to her side. "But Quinn's right, I can't do that to you. As much as I'd love to have B's legs wrapped around me right now, it'd be rude of me."

Brittany nodded silently and placed a soft kiss to the girl's cheek.

"But thank you for the offer and I hope it stands within the future." Santana threw the short brunette a wink and closed her eyes.

Rachel blinked and Quinn wrapped an arm loosely around her shoulder. "I think you're going to fit right in with us." The blonde smiled sweetly.

Later on that night when Rachel sat down to eat with her dads and three new friends; she couldn't help but feel like she was about to wake up at any second. Her small frame had never been filled with so much happiness before that she figured it was some cosmic joke that, not only was it happening to her, but how it was happening.

"So did you want a ride to school tomorrow?" Quinn asked as she lingered in the front hallway, doing up her coat.

"It's okay," Rachel smiled politely, "I don't mind taking the bus. But thank you for the offer."

"The bus is for people who aren't cool enough to have a car." Brittany shrugged. "Since Quinn has a car, she makes us all cool."

Santana rolled her eyes. "I have my licence B, I'm just grounded from using the car for another two months."

"That's what happens when you let someone without a licence drive and then get pulled over by the cops." Quinn snickered and yelped when Santana threw a punch to her arm. "Ow, San!"

"Shut it, lesbo." Santana sneered but then let a smile fall to her lips while wrapping an arm around Brittany's waist. "I'd let B drive again if I could. She was only swerving because there was a family of ducks crossing the road."

Rachel stood back, clearly amused by the small banter between the three cheerleaders. "If I'm not out of the way, sure, I'd love a ride. Thank you Quinn."

Santana and Quinn shared a smirk before the head cheerleader ushered the taller blonde outside after saying their thanks to the older Berry men.

Quinn eyed up the short brunette and inhaled sharply before stepping forward and wrapping her arms around the small body. "Thank you for having us over." She whispered as she felt Rachel relax in her arms.

Rachel's arms encircled the blonde's waist and rested her cheek on Quinn's shoulder. "Thank you for rescuing me this morning."

Quinn chuckled quietly and pulled back, her hands lingering on Rachel's shoulders, giving them a light squeeze. "If this is the thanks we get, we should make it a habit to rescue you more often." The flirty tone was not lost on either of them but Quinn forced herself not to blush. "Then again, I'd hate to have all your clothes ruined with that sticky stuff."

Rachel laughed and nodded, her hands slipping from the girl's hips and to her own sides. "Drive safe?"

"Always do." The blonde cheerleader winked and opened the door behind her. "See you tomorrow Rach."

Rachel could only smile widely, unable to hide just how happy she was.