August Rush finally being heard

A/N: You all know the movie Agust Rush well this a fic based on it but it starts where Evan aka "August Rush" is at the park playing guitar and meets Louis. From that point after the concert in the park as Louis, Lyla and Evan will be reunited. Find out in August Rush finally being heard…



It was the middle of the fall season as young August Rush was at Washington Square with his guitar and case out as he stood by a tree playing a sad sort of song, depressed at being pulled away from playing in the concert by Wizard, he was now back into playing guitar as entertainment for Wizard in the street.

August standing by the tree as he looked down at his friend who he meet while being in the city along with Hope, his friend was named Arthur, he also works for Wizard, both talking and taking glances at Wizard who was standing by a pay phone talking to some companies for some gigs.

Arthur was the first to speak since August was not speaking so much to none at all since he got pulled away from his practice at Julliard, still down as Arthur said to August, "competition, I'll go but I will be back." Leaving as he went to chase the competition away. August hit the strings of his guitar, swaying back and forth with his eyes closed he began to feel the music as he played the notes that he felt.

Just then the sound of quarters hitting the case got his attention as he stared at the man he had brown hair, a guitar on his back, he had brown eyes (guessing here) as he spoke he had an Irish accent, the man had a warm feeling, his voice had a comforting feeling, "great sounds kid." Those words gave some hope to August, but he could not speak.

August kept staring at the man as almost as if he found his parent, but he could not think that yet, as his thoughts were interrupted when the man said, "can I see her" August was a little hesitant as he looked towards Wizard. (Note: I might put in POV's of some characters very few but I will)

Louis's POV

I saw a boy looking scared and alone…he had the look that no kid should have, fear. Even when I was a kid my brother's where always there for me, but this kid seems to be lost in this big world, almost as if he is searching for some one. I went over and placed affair number of quarters that I had in my pocket into the guitar case. The noise must have caught the boy's attention as he looked at me with fear and longing in his eyes, to me that is not something that kids should have. When I asked the boy if I could see the guitar I noticed the poor boy looking scared and frightened at the man in the cowboy hat and leather jacket talking on the pay phone. Then some strange feeling of parental protection came over me as if I want to protect the boy from the man in the hat, boy seemed so frightened of the man, to me the strange foreign feeling was almost like I felt connected to this kid somehow, somewhere. I felt like I know this boy somehow. The boy handed me his guitar as I handed mine to him.

End of POV

August and Louis where sitting by the tree as they both played the guitar together, almost as if they felt connected somehow, the music was connecting them in a way that no one could ever imagine. The smile on August's face gave Louis hope as he and August played in harmony. When they stopped Louis asked in a calm voice,"How long have you played for?" August with a shy smile said in a quiet voice loud enough for Louis to hear, "about six months" Louis was shocked at the news,

He then had to ask, "How did you learn how to play like that in six months?" August felt a little comforted by his voice almost like a father would with his son or daughter, "Julliard, I have a concert tonight but I don't want to go, I'm scared." Louis then thought of something to say then he began to say, "If I went to Julliard and I had a concert tonight I wouldn't miss it for the world." This seemed to help August but he had to ask, "what if something bad happens?"

Louis chuckled lightly at the question, he then said in a fatherly tone, "you never quit in your music, no matter what happens, cause any time som' bad happens to you, it's the one place you can escape too and to just let it go." After a bit of silence he then ended what he said with a sad sigh, "I learnt that the hard way. And anyway nothin' bad gonna happen to you. You gotta have a little faith." This gave August a confidence boost as he gave the man, Louis a smile, as Louis said, "I'm Louis." Shaking august's hand August said , "I'm Ev-August, August Rush." Just then a voice shouted to August getting both August and Louis attention it was the man in the cowboy hat.

Louis POV

After playing the guitar with the kid I saw how happy and free both me and the kid, when we were finished I asked him questions, it was a shock that his eleven year old kid goes to Julliard, and has a concert. At first I did not believe him but after we exchanged names we heard a voice shouting to August, I saw how scared the boy, August seems to be with that man. It made me feel like I should take the kid away from the man, he a frightening look almost like he could hurt a kid. I felt guilty as I walked away from the kid, I lloked back and saw the boy have a lost look in his eyes. The way that the boy looked at me gave me a guilty feeling almost as if I should protect this poor kid from that man, and when August said bye to me was a shock he sounded scared and frightened. I hoped to my self that this was not the last time we met.

End of POV

END- well what do you think huh, not bad for my first story of the August Rush movie fanfic…I LOVED THE MOVIE, so I decided to make a fanfic and after reading tons of fanfics on this movie I decided to make my own, message me PM, reviews good feedback and help on what I need to improve on your ideas support is greatly inspiring to me…