August Rush Finally being heard

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Chapter 1

Tonight was the night that August Rush was going to conduct at the concert, along with the band's fist gig at a club. This was going to be one hell of a night as people from everywhere pilled into the concert to watch, not only August Rush a musical genius and a prodigy, but also a well know cellist named Lyla Novacek. As people came to watch the concert somewhere else a band that has not been together in years were playing their first gig at a club in the city, the music was depressing and almost had sad feeling to it, as Louis sang the song.

The beat was slow and soft as he continued to sing, meanwhile in the city at the subway the young musical genius was with Wizard getting ready to leave for a gig outside of the city. August had a longing look in his sad eyes which Wizard did not notice nor did he care, he watch Wizard and Arthurexchange money, thoughts were going through his mind as he thought back to the time he spent with Louis at the park that evening and what Louis said to him.

At Central Park, Lyla Novacek was playing the cello, as the music was soft and sad as well, like Louis both having one thing in common with Evan Taylor aka August Rush, calling out to one another searching for each other. Lyla's thoughts were wondering around as she thought back to her father and the news that her baby was not dead struck a hard cored in her heart, thinking about her son made her play the music hoping for her child to come to her, to hear her.

Louis and his band were playing the sad music, Louis was also playing after years of living in San Francisco he worked there as an accountant, he came to New York after reading about Lyla the girl he meet ten years ago under the moon as he sang Moon dance to her. He rushed to New York after a fight with his brother Marshall, he loved his brother yes, but he had to do this on his own. Six months he searched until that one evening where he meet August Rush. Since then his thoughts where on both Lyla and August, as he hoped his music was being heard.

Back at the subway August began to hear sounds and music like they were sad calling out to him, he had to make a run for it, but not with Wizard there. Not until he saw his friend Arthur, he said, "I have to go now" both Arthur and Wizard looked at August weirdly, until he gave the guitar back to Wizard; he has finally made his own choice and that is to go to the concert and to search for his family by playing music, he remembered what Louis said to him and decided to go to the concert and play, hoping that his parents would listen and come for him. He told Wizard, "I'm not coming back this time." Even though Arthur tried to calm Wizard down August gave Arthur a look that had truth in them, he was not returning he had to leave. When Wizard smirked he said, "My money's on the fact that you won't be able to find your parents." With that said August sprinted like his life depended on it, he had to get away from Wizard, Arthur came up behind and hit Wizard giving August time to run. Once gone Wizard sat down and played his harmonica, a sad song being played as he looked up towards the ceiling of the subway.

Back with Louis and the band, Louis was in the car as the guys were drinking beer being driven to the airport he noticed a sign that said something about a concert in Central park and at the bottom it mentions Lyla's name and August Rush, with that he said immediately, "stop here." least, he thought that was his voice. It had to be his voice, because he's the one who said it in the first place. "Let me out! Let meout!" Louis opened the door as soon as the driver unlocked it. He slammed the car door shut and ran to the park as fast as he can. "Louis! Louis!" Marshall got out of the car. "Where are you going?" he shouted. Oh, man! What's wrong now? He quickly got inside the car again and sat motionlessly. "What's wrong with him?" Nick asked.

Marshall just stared out of the window, didn't know what exactly happened to his baby brother. Then it hit him. There's a banner out there and had Lyla Novacek's name on it. He pointed out of the window to the banner. "Lyla," Steve said. "He's looking for Lyla." "Oh, no. Not again." Nick said hopelessly. Marshall closed his eyes and shook his head. Oh, Louie. Not again.He quickly got out and ran to Central Park, Marshall his brother began to worry about his little brother, the rest of the band too. "Unfortunately," The Dean said carefully to the crowd.

At the concert as the last performance was about to start the Dean talked to the people "Our last performer seems to have-""He's here! He's here! He's here!" Hope told the Dean Dean smiled gratefully. "Oh, excellent!" she looked at the murmuring crowd. "Perhaps, there's no one else, who can better personify the mystery that is music, than our final composer."the concert was packed with thousands of people wanting to hear August Rush, as he went up on stage, he closed his eyes to calm himself then opened them immediately as the noted began to be played softly, and the guitar and violins were playing. Many other instilments were playing Lyla was leaving, her long flowing dress draping on the grass she stopped and paused as she listened to the music.

Louis was running towards Central Park hoping to find his true love the woman that he made love to under the moon. He was running as fast as his legs could take him towards the park, with each step he could hear music, not one but two songs. The music was calling to him, it sounded to him as I'm here waiting for you, come to me, do you hear me? As he ran he slowed down once he reached the park he followed the music into the audience.

Both Louis and Lyla were at the back of the crow watching and listening to the music being played it sounded as if someone was calling out to them, the music was sounding as if wanting to be found, a girl's voice was being heard as she sung a tune that was gentle but strong want ting to be heard, both Lyla and Louis were making their way through the crowd of people getting to the front row. As the music changed when the girl sang the high note, the music of that special night eleven years ago Moon dance was being played, gentle and soft, Lyla remembered the song that Louis sang to her that special night under the moon.

Louis heard the beat of Moon dance and remembered the special night with Lyla, his true love. As he made his way through the crowd still, he noticed someone in the crowd standing out from everyone else, it was her. His true love the woman that he fell in love with lyla Novacek, she was standing five feet away as he saw her making her way to the front row, and he also did following her, not wanting to lose her again.

Once at the front row she looked up the conductor a boy, her son, the one she was looking for, he was calling out to her. She then felt a hand intertwining with heir's as she saw a hand looking back up and into the face of the man she had meet ten years ago, Louis Connelly,

The couple stood there proudly with a smile on their faces. Oh, Louis. Louis! You're here. You're here. We're here. She held his hand back, tightening their hands' embrace. She just stared at his big blue eyes, knowing that their future would be bright now. Now they're together; as a family, the only thing left was for her to look at their son, for the first time.

On stage August opened his eyes as the song ended, he slowly turned around and looked at the crowd of thousands of people, he then noticed two people at the front row, his parents. He could not believe it, he was finally heard by his parents after years of calling out to them, his journey was complete, now a new one with his parents will begin. The pull of his family's eyes on him turned him around, and in that moment, he met the eyes of a beautiful blond-haired woman. She was staring up at him with so much love that he just knew, he knew that she must be his mother.

He turned to see the man beside her, and a thrill ran through him – Louis! The amazing guitarist from the park, the one who gave him the courage to run away from Wizard, the one to inspire him and cheer him up when he'd been so down! He held his breath, waiting for a response from Louis, and a grin lit up his face at Louis' nod.

He looked up to the moon and thought 'the music is all around us, all you have to do is listen' once the concert ended and people were leaving Central Park, both Louis and Lyla were embracing each other after years of not being together, Louis held his love tightly against his chest, as Lyla cried her arms wrapped around his neck. As everyone left the park after the amazing concert August went back stage to clean up, meanwhile a shocked Mr. Jefferies went to find August, back stage he saw August cleaning up a bit so he walked over and said in a gentle tone, "amazing concert Evan, now I found your mother, her name is Lyla Novacek, she is a cellists and she has been searching for you for the past six months, she loved you greatly and is eager to meet you."

Evan had tears in his eyes as he nodded, Mr. Jefferies understood as he said, "well I will go find her and so you wait here while I go get her." As he left August had many thoughts going through his head, does she remember me? Do I have any siblings? Is she married as thoughts continued to go through his head he noticed many people from the concert, finally he spotted Mr. Jefferies and a woman with a long white gown, her eyes shining bright as well as her curly blond and or brown hair and thin figure was noticeable.

Lyla and Louis were approached by a man who lyla introduced Louis to, the man told her that her son was waiting for her. Her eyes had tears in them as Louis had a curious, but also shocked, he then asked as Mr. Jefferies led the couple to Evan. Louis turned to Lyla and asked ion a shocked voice, "Lyla? You have a son?" Lyla saw Louis's shocked expression as she placed a hand on his shoulder, she said.

"yes, I have a son, his name is Evan Taylor and I have been searching for him for the past six months and this is the first time that I will be seeing him after being separated for the past 10-11 years." Louis stopped short as he had the courage to ask, "is he-?" but he could not finish what he had to say because Lyla rant to the boy and hugged him close.

Lyla had tears flowing down her cheeks as Evan wrapped his arms around her neck burring his face into her shoulder, Lyla turned to Louis and said, "This is my son, Louis, Evan Taylor he is the one I have been searching for six months." She then looked up to Louis and said in a gentle voice, "he is also your son Louis; he was made on that night under the moon."

After those words were said, Louis could not believe that he has a son, a son, the word felt right as he looked at the boy in Lyla's arms he could see that he was his son as well as Lyla's. But not only that he looked closer and saw that the boy was the same boy that he met at the park earlier this evening, playing guitar.

August slowly looked towards Louis, who still was in shock still trying to get over the shock of having a son with the woman he loves, he then heard August ask in a shaky voice, "Are you m-my d-dad?" Louis then did something that he knew he would always remember, he opened his arms as August threw himself into his dad's embrace crying, wrapping his arms around his dad's neck.

Louis bent down and pulled both Lyla and his son into a warm embrace as he looked up to Mr. Jefferies and said, "Could we take him with us?" Mr. Jefferies shook his head no as he said, "there is a legal prcess in order to gain guardian ship over Evan, I am the social worker that worked on his case and still is, your son is a fine boy. But I need to a have a court hearing and a DNA test to confirm that you and Lyla are the parents, but I can see that you are. But we should do the test tomorrow and the court session this week, I should not take any longer than one week, by then you can have custody of August. But for now he has to go to the orphanage, I'm sorry."

Mr. Jefferies then asked Louis, "excuse me; I did not catch your name before?" Louis turned to face the social worker as he said, "My name is Louis Connelly" this took the social worker by surprise as he said, "I thought that you did not have any contact with the father Lyla?" Lyla said as she still held August, "no I did not but, we both just found d each other tonight, we have not seen each other for the past 10-11 years." Mr. Jefferies nodded, understanding now, he then said that tomorrow is the DNA test as he left, he gave Lyla and Louis the address for the orphanage.