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Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

The thumping of fingernail to car window was starting to annoy me, and all the not-so-fond memories of my overbearing brother flooded back to me. We had only been separated for a year, but this long car ride already killed the excitement of the happy reunion between us twins.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Stop it." I moaned for the millionth time, as the annoying noise would not stop.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

I sighed. He probably didn't hear me. I tend to be invisible to people –even to those with whom I've lived with for about eighteen years of my life. You'd think after sharing the same womb or even sharing DNA would make my presence something to be acknowledged, but no. Of course not.

I untwisted the cap off my water bottle and flicked it at his blonde head.

Tap. Tap. Ta-HEY!

He looked at the tiny white cap that had just assaulted his head and shot me a glare.

Huh. So he remembered I was here now. All it took was a hit to the head. Jerk.

His glare lightened as was his nature. He couldn't hold a grudge that long. Not because he easily forgave people but because he had a short attention span.

My blonde twin raised his arm, and, with a flick of his wrist, he drew all the water out of my water bottle so it swirled around his hand. I didn't even bother reminding him that that was my water that I intended to drink at some point, but it would have been a waste of words.

The water was bending around and around then he broke it up into droplets that he then brought together into a translucent sphere. The car bounced from hitting a bump, and Alfred lost his concentration for a second. He dropped the ball of water, and it splashed into the floor of the car.

"Oops." He said, as he began to laugh like the maniac he is.

I knew he wouldn't clean it up himself so I reached my hands over to it and made it evaporate into small puffs of vapor until the fabric was dry again.

"Aw." He whined, as his source of entertainment was gone.

He could have extracted the water out of the air if he wanted to but that wasn't his forte. Just like how mine wasn't out-right water bending.

He pushed his glasses up further on his nose and slumped back on his seat, clearly bored, but, of course, he had to state it too. Alfred F. Jones had no inner monologue.

"I'm so bored! Are we there yet?"

"Alfred, we get there when we get there." The middle-aged woman driving sighed.

"Maybe it would be so far away if you didn't dump me off alone in another country with your latest fling."

"Alfred." I said softly.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. You brought Matt to Canada with you so you could go find some other guy to play deadbeat parents with. Did you find someone yet?"

"Alfred." I wasn't defending her. I just couldn't stand to hear this argument for the millionth time.

She did deserve some sort of reprimanding for being such a horrid parent, but she was our mom. That alone was the reason I couldn't buck up the courage to give her a what-for myself.

"Well, you won't have to be seeing me for much longer. Look."

Outside was the emerging college campus where we would be spending the next four years.

"Well it's about time!" He declared.

It was the World Conference Elemental Bending University. It was the most prestigious college for benders. Kids did, in fact, come here from all over the world. It offered the highest quality training and almost the only offer of bending-related majors.

The only reason I could go here was because I got a full-ride from my school for being third in my class.

How did my brother get into the same school as me? He got a full-ride for playing sports. I have to admit. He's pretty beast when it comes to his water bending.

We drove up to the campus and parked in front of the Northern-most dorm. This was a dorm entirely for water benders. Everything was painted blue and there was a huge fountain in front.

"We should go sign in and find our room now, eh?"

Alfred started to laugh as I mentally slapped myself for letting my verbal tick show. I'd been watching myself knowing I'd never hear the end of it from him if he heard it. Oh well. The cat's out of the bag now.

"Yeah! Let's go, eh!" He slapped me on the back much harder than he probably meant to and walked into the dorm laughing like a hyena.

When we got in, the lobby area was absolutely packed with people and their stuff. Baggage and parents shoved about. It was a nightmare. I had no idea where the front desk was, and I was apprehensive about asking anyone. I didn't want to look too much like a freshman.

But thank goodness for Alfred, whom the gods blessed with bounds of tact, who marched right into the middle of the fray and shouted, "SUP, EVERYBODY! WHERE DO WE SIGN IN!"

The crowd was silenced as they parted like the Red Sea, making a path right to the front desk that was hidden originally by the throng of people.

"THANK YOU!" He bid them thanks at the same volume even though there was absolutely no need any more.

I stood still for a moment. I didn't want to be associated with him right then, but it was obvious considering the fact that we were identical. I shuffled, head down to the front desk hiding in Alfred's shadow.

We found our room and started the laborious task of bringing in all our crap from the car. I grabbed a box and started for the room, but I stopped when I felt a bump from something I must have run into. I turned as I peered around the box to see I had run into a little girl, about twelve or so, with a little purple ribbon in her blonde hair.

"Watch it!" I heard a harsh voice call. A guy came over, this one about my age. He glared at me with bright green earth bending eyes as he stood protectively in front of the little girl, clearly he was her older brother.

"I'm s-sorry. I just didn't see her there-"

"Well, be more careful! She could have been hurt!"

"I'm fine, big brother. I didn't see him coming. It was just an accident." Her soft, high voice cooed.

The brother looked down at her with almost a look of disbelief. He gave me one last glare then ushered her on.

"Goodbye!" She called, and even added a little wave.

I would have waved back, but I was kinda carrying a box. I hurried inside, red from embarrassment.

After we finished offloading all our stuff into the room (Alfred's idea of that was pitching the boxes into the room with no care of organizing it), we had to say goodbye to Mom.

"My boys…all in college! All so grown up!" Her eyes were starting to get watery.

"Goodbye, Mom." I said as I gave her one last hug.

She sniffled loudly in my ear as she was unable to hold back the tears.

After we broke the hug, she looked at Alfred who had been stewing, unusually silent, in the background.

"Alfred…" She started as she slowly walked toward him.

He crossed his arms and turned away –pouting like a three-year-old.

"Alfred, I know I've hurt you-"

"Will you just go already? It's what you're best at!"

She stopped in mid-step. She let a few more hot tears streak her make-up then wiped the rest of the moisture away while sorrowly nodding, utterly defeated.

She got back into the car and started to pull away when she stopped again and rolled down the window.

"I thought I should tell you. I-it's about your brothers-"

"Yeah? Should we be expecting more of them? Are you gonna dump them off on your lovers too? I know from experience! They'll love that!"

She furrowed her eyebrows in a look of disgust and anger and sadness all rolled into one then slammed on the gas and sped off –leaving behind only exhaust.

Alfred stalked off into the dorm as I followed slowly, both of us consumed in emotion and thought.

Of course I was nervous about the whole college aspect of everything. All this new. But I also had my stupid family drama to worry about. Alfred's moodiness, my mom's stupidness, and long list of half and step siblings that were scattered all over the globe. I shook my head as I told myself I didn't have to worry about that any more. Hakuna matata or whatever.

I weaved through the halls and approached the door to our room. Part of me was already wishing I had just gone potluck and ended up with some random, other person as my roommate. However, I've heard too many horror stories of college roommates to make me willingly put up with my other half for 24/7. At least I knew my brother wasn't a complete creeper. Although, part of that was due to the fact that he sometimes forgot I was even there.

The door to our room swung open and Alfred ran right into me.

"Oh, hey, they have class placement by the lake somewhere according to the guy at the front desk! You comin?"

"No," I said softly, "I was going to get the room together how I wanted it first and Kuma-"

"I'll take that as a yes! Come on! The hero will lead the way!" He grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall.

Oh well. At least he didn't forget about me.

We walked out to the dorm and out to the sidewalk. He proudly blazed the way while I figured I might as well try to figure out the campus too. No sense in being clueless for longer than I had to.

The next dorm we passed must have been the Earth bender dorm. It made sense because that's where the green-eyed boy and his little sister headed off to after I ran into them. This dorm was painted green and had a huge Greek-style column in front instead of a fountain. The grounds around the dorm were jagged and uneven. Clearly some benders had been holding sport on the lawn.

Beyond that was, naturally, the fire bender dorm. It followed the same pattern; painted red, charred lawn, and a huge bowl with a fire going in it.

"We should probably look for the sports complex at some point. You'll need to know where it is if you're going to play for the team here." I consciously held back the 'eh'.

Alfred smiled with his blue eyes wide.

"I know! I guess I'll have to remember! That's gonna be so much awesome, dude! Now where is the try-outs?"

He looked around for the nearest person. He found two dark-haired, brown-eyed guys talking near the fire bender dorm and ran over to them. Interrupting their conversation, he introduced himself, "Hey! I'm Alfred! I'm a water bender! Do you know where the try-outs are?"

The two guys looked at him like the freak he was.

"Why you talk so loud, aru? You're going to bust my ear drums!" The first one said.

The second one maintained a stoic expression then said, "My name is Kiku Honda. This is my older brother, Yao. You should find the try-outs for water bender at the lake. It would be down there."

"Haha! Thanks, man!" he slapped them both on the back then headed that direction. I followed slowly, cursing my genetics.

The lake was of decent size. There was a beach volleyball net set up on the sand, and some people had even set up to fish.

We approached the banks of the lake and got in line to try out.

"Are you a freshman?" The overly-studious guy with purple eyes and glasses snooted.

"Yeah! Alfred F. Jones!"

"Vat is your major?" He pushed his glasses up on his nose and took out a pencil to scribe the information on his clipboard.

"Water bending!"

"Just general water bending? No focus or concentration on healing or ice or anything?"

"Haahaa! Nope. Just the H2O!" He smiled widely.

"I see. Vell, you'll have to vait. Ludwig is next in line."

We turned to see a blonde guy with combed back hair waiting impatiently by the water.

"Roderich. Come on! I hate doing this every year! It's not like I suddenly became an earth bender or something between last year and now. Let's get this over with."

"Don't get your panties in a bunch, Ludy. Just go. I can see from here."

The blonde bender, Ludwig, snorted then turned to the lake. He took a stance then threw his arms up in the air. Water reacted to his call and flew up just as he had motioned. Then, bringing his arms out with a slice, the water crystalized into a huge block of ice and tumbled back down into the lake. The huge splash even got us a little wet as the iceberg bobbed up to the surface of the rippling waters.

"Very good. You may go now."

"Danke." He said simply as he started to walk away before he was ambushed by a brunette that had a funny hair curl on the side of his head.

"Ludwig! That was amazing~! You're so good at that ice-thing!"

"What did I tell you about hugging, Feliciano? You're going to burn me again." He said as he pushed the guy away from him.

"Ve~. I said I was sorry! It was only a little burn?"

"You're fine. It's just vhenever you get hyper like this…Just hurry up. We're going to be late."

The two walked off and left us with Roderich, whose bending ability I was unable to guess because of the unusual color of his eyes.

"Alright. Go ahead." The brunette gestured to the water, clipboard at the ready.

"Haha! Okay! Game time!" He fist pumped the air and took a stance.

Preforming a similar motion to Ludwig's first move, he lifted his arms up to summon the water vertical. However, contrary to Ludwig, practically the entire lake lifted up from its muddy bottom.

Roderich couldn't help but let his hardened frown gape a little. There was no way anyone should have been able to lift all that water by his self.

"So," Alfred began as he swirled the water around as it hovered in the sky, "how long do I need to keep this up?"

"Y-you're fine."

"Whoo. I was starting to get tired there." He sighed with relief as the water crashed back into the lake soaking absolutely everyone and causing almost a mini-flood in the area. Thank goodness we were around a lot of water benders who, once they came to their senses, struggled to contain the water.

My twin started laughing with joy about nothing again as Roderich started to wring out his clothes.

"Oh yeah! Matt! It's your turn!"

I turned pale. There was no way I could do this! And I wasn't even talking about comparing myself to Alfred. I was worried about lifting any water at all! That wasn't my gift.

"Vait. Who are you?"

Yeah, he probably just noticed me.

"M-matthew Williams. I'm m-majoring with a concentration in Evaporation."

"I see. Well go ahead. Just don't evaporate the whole lake. We need it for the other try outs."

Yeah. That's what they all expect after seeing Alfy. I bit my lip. I was still unsure if I could do anything though.

I took a stance and tried my hardest to bend even a small bundle of water from the lake so I could evaporate it. Evaporation of just a small section of water from its body is pretty much impossible. You have to separate it out first or evaporate the whole thing which certainly wasn't going to happen. I tried with all my might to draw up some of the water into the air, but all that happened was a small rippling of the water's surface. I repeated the motion with more force and more concentration, but that didn't seem to help at all. My arms sagged at my side as I started mumbling an explanation.

"You're fine, bro! Just keep trying!" Alfred said encouragingly.

I half-heartedly repeated the motion, but, this time, water did come and focused into a small ball that hovered above the surface of the water. I almost couldn't believe myself, but then I realized what happened. Alfred was helping me. I kept enough of my head to keep miming the motion before I started actually evaporating it. It took a few seconds, but I had successfully evaporated the whole thing. I turned around to Roderich who had abandoned his waterlogged clipboard. He simply nodded in a curt approval before motioning us on. I didn't need a second opinion as I quickly walked away. When we were far enough away, I confronted my brother.

"Alfred! Why did you do that?"

"Haha! You just looked like you needed a hero! I'm here for you, buddy!"

I gave him a weak smile as I was partly frustrated at my own inability to do basic water bending and partly fearful at the fact that I cheated on my very first college test!

Sensing the disturbance in the twin-force, Alfred jokingly punched me in the shoulder which actually really hurt.

"Don't worry, Matty! All he was really looking for was you evaporating something, right? He wasn't judging you on whether or not you could move water! Now, come on! Let's go find where the sports arena thing is! Hahaha!" He walked off without a care in the world. I shook my head, my curl swinging side to side in front of my face. That was the thing about Alfred. No matter how much he acted like an idiot, he usually meant well.

We made our way to the stadium. It was a sight to see. It basically looked like the Coliseum. We walked in and saw that there was already some sort of game being played. There weren't a whole ton of people in the stands so it must have been a practice game.

"Dude, this is the greatest place ever! It's so shiny and awesome and everything is so big and awesome and I can't believe I get to play here this is so the best thing in the whole world!" Alfred babbled.

On the field were two teams. Two teams of three were facing off on a metal platform raised high. Behind them were two pools full of water.

The team on the left was made up of what I could see were two fire benders and one water bender. The water bender was actually the ice bender from before, Ludwig, and one of the fire benders on his team was the brunette with the curl that he was with, Feli-whatever. Something very Italian. But I couldn't figure out which one. The two fire benders looked identical except for the side of their head their curl was on. I didn't remember well enough which side Feli's was on. Oh well. I guess I could find out later if I wanted to right? After all, the two sets of identical twins had to have some sort of twin-ly connection, right?

The second team had one fire bender, one earth bender, and one water bender. None of them I had seen before.

A buzzer sounded and the team on the left, the one with Ludwig and the Italian twins took their positions. Ludwig slowly moved the water into a stream that slithered above their heads toward the other team's side. The second team's silver-haired, fire bender cackled as he pumped his fists toward the water sending a burst of flames toward it. The water started to turn to steam instantly. However, the water bender diverted some of the water from the stream toward his opponent's feet and, slicing with his hand, turned it to ice around the fire bender's ankles.

Alfred kept moving toward the platform as if by magnet. We were now close enough to hear their conversations.

Team two's fire bender stopped momentarily as he was tripped to the ground.

"Nice move, bruder! Although, dat won't be enough to stop the awesome Me!" The fire bender's red eyes complimented his smirk as he flipped himself over and continued to throw fire at the water above his head.

Now that he was farther away though, being on the ground, most of the water was getting past him.

"I'll help you out, amigo!" The earth bender brought his arms up, and a boulder was ripped from the wall of the stadium. He brought it over and drove it into the path of the water, sending the liquid flying in a ricochet off of it. Much of it splashed down onto the red-eyed fire bender who was unable to roll out of the way in time. It doused all his flames and got him sopping wet to boot.

The blonde Ludwig smiled as he saw his opportunity and motioned for some of the water to become ice around the now wet boulder. The added weight caused the rock to drop as it became too heavy for the earth bender to hold up –not to mention it was also covered in something not within his element. The stream of water was now beginning to rush faster over the heads of the fire bender and earth bender as they both became rather ineffective. The only one left in the way was their water bender who had been, up until this point, filing his nails.

He let out a chuckle as he finally started to pay attention.

"It's about time! I was beginning to forget why you needed me here in the first place."

He blew his teammates or maybe the opposing team a kiss before he reached for the stream with his own powers. There was clearly a struggle for control over the water as it rippled and splattered and shot rain everywhere. However, it was clear the offensive team's water bender was tiring from taking on the whole team by his self and the defense won the contest. With the water now in his control, the long haired water bender made the water change directions, and, twirling around for effect, sent it up into the air to come crashing down gloriously upon the other team.

There was a moment of silence as the water dripped off the other team until a huge, "YAY!" erupted from one of the fire benders who threw his arms up in the air and spun around gleefully, causing the water to fly everywhere. The ice bender just walked off the platform after mumbling 'good game'. The one of the twin fire benders started swearing and cursing about how it was unfair and how they just had a horrible water bender on their team.

His voice did not match the high and immature voice of the twin we met earlier. That must not have been Feli.

"That's so cooool! Omigosh! I want to play!"

"Who are you~?" Yeah. That one was him. He came over to us smiling goofily, still dripping from the splash.

"I'm Alfred Jones! Majoring in Water Bending!"

"I'm Feliciano Vargas and I'm Majoring in Fire stuff! This is my brother, Lovino! He's also a Fire Bender. And that is my best friend, Ludwig! He's Majoring in Ice Bending 'cause he's cool like that! Oh! I made a joke! Ludwig! Did you hear my joke! I was so funny~!"

"Hey, dudes! So how do you play that game? It looks pretty awesome!"

"Ve! It's simple really~! I can teach you if you like?"

"Come on! Stop chatting and let's go." The ice bender scowled.

"Aw! But I want to teach my new friend, Alfred, how to Bend Battle!"

The blonde came over, towering above us. He must be an upperclassman or something.

"You vant to play dat stupid game? It's challenging. I'm not sure you look cut out for it."

He must have missed Alfred's grand exhibition

"I'm super strong! Trust me, man! I just need to know how it's played!"

He furrowed his eyebrows at Alfred, unconvinced, but shrugged.

"Vhatever. It's your funeral."

"Yay! I'll tell you! Let me tell you! I'm really good~!" Feliciano jumped up and down.

"Haha! Okay!" Alfred laughed as the Italian dragged him onto the court.

The other team from before was still loitering around and looked over in complete surprise at seeing what their next competition would be.

"Really? You can't be serious. You know zat there are three of us and two of you. We will crush you." The water bender with the French accent laughed.

"Don't worry, amigo! He's new, isn't he? We'll just take it easy on them."

"Ha. Forget that! Suck it, losers! You're going to burn in my awesome!" The red-eyed fire bender took his stance. The other two rolled their eyes.

"Ha. Fratello's going to get himself killed. No one beats the Bad Touch Trio. Only he would be stupid enough to try to beat him with only one other person!" Lovino said with folded arms as he sat down to watch none the less.

"Okiedokie~! Here's how the game works! You try to get all the water from this pool over to the pool on their side! It's simple! Then, when it's their turn, we try to stop them from getting the water from their side to our side. Whoever has the most water in their opponent's pool wins! Or unless you surrender~! That's what I always do!" He added with a smile.

"And das why we always lose, idiot! Not dat you ever help anyway!" Ludwig called from the side.

Alfred looked at the Italian funny, but laughed all the same.

"That's okay! I probably won't need your help 'cuz the hero's got this one!"

They took their stances. The buzzer rang, and Alfred took a deep breath. Then, with one smooth motion lifted all the water in the pool up above his head at once and sent it smashing through his opponents. They didn't even have time to put up a defense before the torpedo of water slammed into them and sent them flying back into the pool behind them.

"Woohoo! The hero wins! That was awesome! Alright! Next round!"

The entire stadium was silent in disbelief of both Alfred's impossible strength and the brutality by which he destroyed the other team.

"Gilbert!" Ludwig ran to what was left of the other team.

They were coughing and gagging as they tried to regain the breath that was viciously knocked out of them.

"The awesome Me doesn't feel so awesome, but I'm fine. Antonio? You okay?"

"Si. Just…shaken. Francis?"


I suddenly became pale.

"Um, is that guy Francis Bonnefoy?"

Lovino who was still occupied by wringing out his clothes replied, "The French snob? Yeah. Wait? When'd you get here? Who the heck are you?"

I ignored his demands as I couldn't help but stare in complete disbelief. I ran down to the platform.
"Alfred! Alfred!" I called, but I got no reaction.

Of course. The moment I have something important to say, I'm invisible.

"What is wrong with you, you bloody moron! You could have killed them!" A blonde earth bender stepped on to the arena and marched toward Alfred, arms crossed.

"Um, I'm going to retreat now! Bye!" Feliciano ran off the platform to hide behind his brother.

Alfred held his ground, confidence unwavering.

"I thought that was how the game was played, and I totally dominated! You have something against me winning or something, British dude?"

"Arthur Kirkland. Majoring in Metal Bending. And, actually, those three annoy the crap out of me, and I wouldn't mind seeing someone finally beat them, but what you did- you could have murdered them!"

"Kirkland…where have I heard that name before?" Alfred thought out loud, completely ignoring me.

"Alfred! That's what Mom was trying to tell us! Our older brothers are here too!"

"Well, if I can't remember, then it must not be important! So, are you gonna play or what?"

"Actually, that sounds like a fantastic idea." He smirked as he walked over to the other side where the other team was recovering.

"Alfred! Hello! This is a bad idea! You're outnumbered four to one! They're going to destroy you! Listen to me! Alfred!" I tried in vain as he adjusted his glasses and took a stance.

Why was I invisible to people! Why didn't anyone listen to me!

The other group stood up, furious and revenge-hungry.

"Let me handle this." Arthur announced to the group as he matched Alfred with his own stance.

"Oh ho no! There's no way I'm ever letting you take what is rightfully mine! You cannot even water bend, you scone-eater!" Francis walked in front to block Arthur.

"Listen, frog! I'm perfectly capable of handling this on my own unlike you who would lose to everyone if they weren't there to help you! Even this stupid freshman could beat you!"

"Haha! But what you're forgetting is that I'm the hero! And the hero never loses!"

With that, Alfred once more shot practically the whole pool toward them, but, what he didn't notice was the metal of the platform ripping off and clamping over his feet. When he tried to take a step forward, he tripped but caught himself. Then metal morphed up and restrained his hands as well.

However, the torpedo was still headed for the opponents. Even though Alfred was now unable to bend, that didn't stop the momentum of the water projectile. Francis, in the greatest feat of strength he could muster, swung his arms around, boomeranged the water around him, and shot it back toward the one who launched it.

It wasn't until too late that everyone realized that Alfred had no way of defending himself now. Arthur quickly tried to bend back the metal he just bent so that Alfred could get free, but it was too late. The water was going to impale him.

My twin closed his eyes preparing for the worst as I, before I could almost comprehend what I was doing, jumped in front of the torrent of water. I barely had time to put my arms in front of me, but, when I pushed them out to the side, a huge explosion sounded as I, with all my strength and probably even some I didn't know I had, evaporated the entire mass into a steaming vapor that slowly dissipated into the atmosphere.

Maybe it was because I was deafened by the sound for a moment or because I was distracted by the feeling of my own horrendous pain, but the whole coliseum became silent.

It wasn't until a few more moments later that I became aware of a terrifying noise that echoed through the open building –my own screams. My hands and face felt like they were on fire. It hurt so much! Make it stop! Make it stop!
The voices around me barely registered.

"Matt! What's wrong!"

"He's in severe pain-"

"We need to get him to-"

I writhed in complete agony until I felt that someone was healing me, dulling the pain enough for me to slip into peaceful unconsciousness.

I awoke in what looked like a hospital-style room. It must have been on campus though, because none of the water benders healing me looked old enough to be legit doctors. It must have been their practice hospital thing.

I lifted my hands and brought them over my face so I could see the damage for myself. It wasn't as bad now. It would be tender, but the burns were mostly taken care of due to the special healing of the water benders. They probably got burn patients a lot, come to think of it. After all, this is a campus full of young-twenties fire benders.

The door opened and Alfred came in along with the rest of the group that was involved.

At first, they didn't say anything. They just looked at me with sorrowful eyes.

"I'm sorry, Matt! Why did you do that! I didn't even know you were there! You didn't have to do that for me! I-I'm the hero! I would have been fine…" Alfred's lip trembled as his voice cracked a little.

"It's okay." I squeaked out. It hurt to move my face any. "I'm use to injuries. I play hockey remember?" I tried to smile, but my lips were burnt to a crisp, and it made them crack and bleed.

"We're all sorry. We shouldn't have been so impulsive. I apologize." Arthur began as Francis nodded in agreement.

"I just don't even understand what happened." Alfred sighed, for once admitting he didn't know everything.

"By changing the water from a liquid to a gas requires the breaking of several hydrogen bonds of the H20 molecules. This causes a release of enormous amounts of energy in the form of heat. So by evaporating the water too fast, he burnt himself on the extremely hot gas that was the product of the state change."

Alfred looked at Arthur with a completely brain-dead reaction and shrugged.

"Whatever. I still hate you though."

"Hey! If you hadn't been such a bloody-"

"Stop!" I said, and miraculously the both heard me. "Mom tried to tell us this earlier, but you're our brother."

"What?" Alfred said, as he looked Arthur up and down.
"Don't believe it." He said simply.

"He's our brother too." I weakly pointed to Francis who had been standing silently in the background the whole time.

"How? He's clearly from somewhere British, and he's from France or something!"

I gave him a look. Did I really need to explain it to him? After all, he was president of the Hate Mom For Being a Tramp Club.

He looked me over to make sure I was in my right mind. I hoped enough translated through our twin-telepathy because it hurt too much to talk right now.

"My mom did get around. In both senses of the phrase." Francis said softly.

"And, from what I heard, my mother did move to America after she left me with my father."

"But you guys would be the worst older brothers ever!"

"You know, amigos, I've always considered you my brothers!" Antonio chimed in.

"No one cares."

"Just get a DNA test. It's not that hard." Ludwig said, as he pushed himself back from the doorframe and left the room, the Italian twins tagging behind.

So, yeah. That was a rather long thing. I'm not sure if I'll ever finish it, but it was something that was in my head for a while. Figured I might as well write it.

I basically went with everyone's eye color to determine what they were able to bend. Blue = water (America, Canada, France, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia); green = earth (Britain, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Poland, Estonia); and brown = fire (Italy twins, China, Japan, Austria, Prussia). Some of them with the weird or ambiguous eye colors I just did what I wanted. I didn't include air benders because it was simpler.

I also don't plan on including the Nordics or because I feel like I don't know them well enough to write for them. Same with the obscure countries like Seychelles or countries that aren't canon like Scotland. And Belarus is, well, Belarus, and that's just creepy. I might be able to somehow work in a Sealand appearance, but that's going to be hard considering he's clearly not old enough to be in college.

I have to admit that Canada is my favorite character followed by America in case you were wondering why in the world I wrote from Canada's point of view.

I don't support yaoi or incest pairings. No like-y, no read-y.

Anywhom, review if you'd like.

Looking forward to it.