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Vash navigated around campus like a champ. He was probably the only freshman that actually knew what he was doing. The thing was, he was probably the only one already bored of it. After all, he'd been living here for practically his whole life.

His father was the Hall Director of the Earth Bending dorm which basically meant he was the staff authority of the hall. He was the one the RA's reported to and the one that the school would ask when wanting to know what condition the dorm was in. This meant that his family was given the apartment built into the dorm to live in. It was bigger than a normal dorm room for sure, but it wasn't much fancier either. Vash's father wasn't into decorating. Actually, he was just into saving money –a trait that Vash inherited. In fact, there was no way Vash would even consider attending this university if not for the extreme scholarships he got from his Dad working there.

The blonde hated move-in day. They, Vash and his sister, were always roped into helping people move their stuff in. It's not that Vash minded carrying the heavy loads. It was just that Vash hated people. Okay, he didn't hate people, but, more often then not, he was easily annoyed by people. He liked to be to himself. Was there something wrong with that?

"Big brother?" A tiny voice beside him asked.

Vash waited, but when the girl did not continue he prompted her.


"I'm going to be sad to see you go."

"Lili, I'm not going to be gone any longer than if I were still in high school. I'll probably still be home before you get home from elementary school, actually."

"No, I meant that I'll miss you when you graduate from here. Father will miss you too."

"That's still four years away, silly girl."

"I know. I just wanted you to know that I will miss my big brother."

"Okay, Lili."

Vash sometimes felt like a jerk for not being so sentimental when his little sister said things like that, but, the thing was, she said stuff like that 24/7. It wasn't that he'd taken her appreciation for granted. He honestly did like that his sister looked up to him and cared deeply for him, but he got the point the first time. He'd said thank you the first time. Sometimes Vash was almost creeped out by how content his sister was with life and everything. Sometimes it seemed like he was waiting for her head to spin around and start murdering people.

They waited in line in the enormous cafeteria. This room was the bane of Vash's existence. It was the concentrated and amplified collective of the stupidity and immaturity of the whole college campus. It took all of Vash's patience to get through the line.

"WHAT!" A high-pitched voice screeched above the normal cafeteria ruckus. The lunch line parted in a panic as flames shot out from what was revealed to be a pale freshman with light brown hair and an obnoxious curl flinging out to the side.

Vash immediately grabbed Lili and half shoved, half threw her behind a table that someone had knocked over in the panic, shielding her with his own body the whole way. No flames touched either of them, and they hid behind the table until it seemed like the distress had stopped. A

rmed with harsh and condescending green eyes, Vash peered above their shelter to see the freshman was restrained as well as the surrounding area drenched with water that was thrown by some fast-thinking water benders.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, FELICIANO!" The upperclassman that restrained the freshman bellowed.

The freshman, Feliciano, was crying as he squeaked out, "I'mma sorry! I didn't mean it! I- I just a-wanted pasta, but they-a didn't have any! I didn't mean to!"

It didn't take long for campus police to arrive and usher Feliciano to the side while they talked rather sternly with him. The upperclassman was trying to explain that the damage wasn't major and no one got hurt. It was true. They only signs of the incident were the two scorch marks on the wall. They eventually decided to charge Feliciano with the repair damages, but that was all. The policemen eventually waved the all-clear for everyone to continue to eat.

The line reformed again and lunch continued like nothing had happened.

"'Ello, Vash!" A too-cheery voice sang, as they finally made it to the front of the line.

"Hello, Francis." Vash deadpanned.

"I just don't understand 'ow anyone could not love the food I made! Not to mention Fire Bending at me for it! I just don't understand!" He said overdramatically.

Vash was getting frustrated with his need for small talk when all the green-eyed teen wanted was a plate of food.

"I don't think he was Fire Bending at you. He just seems like a moron."

"Oui. Although, I do think that iz a little 'arsh, no?"

Vash glared at him, and Francis sorrowfully scooped out the food onto the plate.

"Hello, Francis." Lilli cooed, as she held her plate up with huge green eyes.

"Mon petit, Lilli! I am always grateful for when school starts because then I get to see your beau smile once again!"

Lilli giggled and smiled. Vash pulled her away the instant Francis put the food on her plate while she called back a quick, "Thank you."

They walked to the far end of the cafeteria that was unofficially dubbed no-man's land last year. The whole cafeteria was usually sectioned off by cliques whether that be by floor or sport or gender or whatever. But, because of the massive influx of freshman, most of no-man's land had become…populated.

Vash literally cringed when he saw the only table with room. It was him.

The brunette looked up from his soup and saw them standing there. He adjusted his glasses that sat on his nose as he gestured to the seats beside him.

"You may join me if you would like, Vashy."

The blonde teen's eyes narrowed, but he had no choice. Although, he found some sort of sadistic joy in the fact that the table Roderich sat at was the one that everyone chose to avoid.

He went over and sat down at the table but kept an empty seat between them and kept Lilli next to himself.

"Hello, Lilli. How are you?" Roderich asked, polite as ever.

Vash wanted to throw up from just hearing his voice. Snooty and pompous. Not to mention he was a music major. There's no way he could make a living off that major. It was insensible. Just like everything else he did.

"I'm fine, thank you." She smiled back and blinked her large eyes, oblivious to the tension in the air.

"And you, Vashy. Are things going well for you?"

"It was going fine until the only open table was the one you were sitting at. And I told you never to call me 'Vashy'." The blonde didn't hide any of his distain for the teen.

"Humph. So it seems."

The tense atmosphere continued as they ate their food. Neither of the adolescents looked at each other.

"Could you chew your food any louder?" Vash hissed, as he was about to climb the walls from the obnoxious sounds Roderich made while he ate.

"Now, now. Calm down, Vashy. We all know what happens when you loose your temper."

Vash dropped his fork and glared at Roderich. If looks could kill, the blonde wouldn't even need to double-tap.

"You had no right to go there." He growled deathly low, as he picked up his plate and huffed away.

Lilli followed shortly afterwards, confused but slightly indifferent to what just happened around her. Big brother would tell her what was wrong if he wanted to. If not, then he wouldn't. She didn't need to worry too much about it.

Vash was reeling with memories when he and Lilli walked out into the fading light of the day-turning-night. He was too busy shaking the flashbacks from his head when he ran into a little, blonde boy. He noticed the little kid standing there just before he walked into him.

"Hi! I'm Peter Kirkland! I'm a new student here! It's nice to meet you!"

Vash blinked slowly as he tried to process what the kid who looked no older than Lilli was saying –and why he claimed to have the same last name as that goody-goody sophomore, Arthur Kirkland.

"Hello. My name is Lilli Zwingli. This is my big brother. It's nice to meet you." Her little voice sang back.

Peter smiled wide.

"I'm normally busy considering I'm a college student, but I'm free this evening. Would you like to hang out?"

Vash couldn't believe what he was hearing. This kid was half his height.

"Sure. You can come to our apartment. I have lots of games we can play there." Lilli offered.

Peter smiled, "That sounds awesome!"

The two turned to walk away when they heard an angry Briton screaming Peter's name.

"Peter! I told you to not to walk off! You can't go wandering around a college campus by yourself!" Arthur raged, as he came up and grabbed the little kid's wrist and began to pull him away from Lilli.

"But I have a date tonight!"

"You do not. Now stop being such a bloody fool and come on. I'm taking you home!"

"You're such a jerk-face!" Peter whined, as he thrashed to get out of his brother's grip. Realizing it was hopeless, he bent the first source of water he came across and threw some of it at his brother's face.

Arthur's frown deepened.

"You are in so much trouble when we get home, lad."

"I don't care, jerk!"

When they finally got to the parking lot, they got in the car and Arthur drove off. Peter crossed his arms and refused to talk the entire time. That was fine with Arthur. That mean about an hour of silence.

They arrived at the ranch-styled house they lived in. Peter jumped out of the car the instant Arthur pulled in the driveway. The older brother slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting his brother who darted in front of the car. He scowled and muttered angrily to himself.

When the older blonde finally trudged toward the house, he muttered a hello to his grandfather who barely acknowledged him as he was sitting on the porch smoking his pipe and reading the paper as the porch lights flicked on. Even from outside the screen door he could smell the scent of fresh cookies wafting over the smell of pipe smoke. Inside, he found Peter sitting on the kitchen counter as their grandmother poured him a glass of milk to go with the cookies that were almost out of the oven.

"Good afternoon, Arthur! How are you, deary?"

"I'm fine, but Peter snuck off again. It took me forever to find the buggar! That's why we're late."

"Oh, Peter. You silly lad! What are we going to do with you! You're going to send your poor brother to an early grave, you are!" Grandmother was technically scolding him, but it sounded more like she was talking to a disobedient puppy. Sometimes Arthur wondered why he even bothered reporting Peter's misbehavior. She never punished him.

"It's not my fault he's so high-strung!"

Arthur scowled.

"He just has extra energy because of the moon." Grandmother said, matter of factly.

"Tell me about it." Arthur mumbled to himself, as he went upstairs to lock himself in his room. It was the only place he could try to find some peace.

He wished he could have stayed and worked on his project in the lab, but he had to bring Peter home who insisted he come and eat diner with him. He claimed he loved the cafeteria food even though Arthur was perfectly content on making food at home after he took care of his student council duties. Oh well.

Peter was glad Arthur went upstairs to go do his emo thing. That meant more cookies for him! He skipped off to his room that was across the hall from his brother's. Scarfing down the cookies, he looked up at the moon. He still didn't know why he liked full moons, but he did. Arthur said it was because he was a werewolf whose only purpose was to ruin his life. Peter didn't believe him. He only recently made the connection that it was because he could bend water while his brother couldn't.

Anyway, he opened his window in his room and imagined that he could literally drink in the power the moon seemed to grant him, but he fell asleep being that he was only a little kid still. He dreamt of how powerful he could become one day. He was like a superhero.

The moon was as full as Alfred's eyes. The lunar rays were shining onto his hair, reflecting off his retinas. His fingers buzzed, and his skin purred. The moon at is full strength was empowering the young Water Bender with a temporary high of command over his element.

He couldn't sit still. It was like he had just drank, like, fifty energy drinks. Even though it was late, he had to Bend. He had to get rid of some of this excess energy or else he might explode.

Unsteathfully, he clamored down the hallway and headed to the exit of the dorm. He was surprised to find that the doors were locked.

"What?" He asked, and was even more surprised when he heard an answer.

"Don't you know dat there's curfew on full moons?"

Alfred turned around to face that blonde Ice Bender, Ludwig, that was standing behind the front desk rather ominously.


"It vas explained in orientation, but I guess you didn't listen."

"Come on, dude! I just need to go outside for a few minutes!"

"It's to discourage Blood Bending, which, as you should know, can only be done on a full moon. It's just a safety precaution."

Blood Bending? What was that? It sounded pretty vampire-ish. Why would you even want to Bend blood anyway? That sounded kinda gross. Although, he was horribly curious.

Why was Blood Bending so scary that they had to be locked inside a building for a night? It sounded like the kind of thing that called for a hero!

Ludwig could see the wheels turning in the naïve freshman's mind.

"Try to get some sleep, kid. You don't need to be concerned over it. No one here can Blood Bend anyway." He waved him off with his hand.

Alfred slowly walked back to the room he shared with his twin. Thoughts of science fiction as well as spy movies he'd seen recently swirling in his head. He paced in the room. He couldn't possibly close his eyes for a second. He could feel every droplet in the soda can he left on the desk. He could sense the condensation forming on the window panes. He felt so contained. What he didn't notice was his brother was having just as sleepless of a night.

Matthew rolled over, finally fed up.
"Stop it," he moaned.

Alfred jumped about a foot in the air. He forgot his twin was there. He was beginning to wonder why there were bunk beds…

"Stop what?"

"Pacing creepily around the room. Being awake when it's three in the morning. Breathing like Sasquatch. Pick one."

Alfred sighed dramatically. Matt loved sleep almost as much as he loved maple syrup. Although, he had to chuckle to himself. It was times like this, when Matty was frustrated, that testified to the twins being alike in more than just looks. Matt could be snarky when he wanted to, but, being the Mr. Nice Guy that he tended to be, he chose not to.

"You're just upset because the moon's full."
"No. It doesn't matter what phase the moon's in. I want sleep. So either quiet down or leave."

"I tried leaving!" Alfred struggled to keep his voice to whisper. "But they don't let people outside on these nights!"

"I know, but there's a perfectly fine window right there. We're on ground level."

"Shame on you, Matty! The goody-goody is trying to get me to break the rules! Well, heroes don't break the rules so you'll just have to-"

"Well, I'll break your face if you don't let me have my sleep. How's that, eh?"

Okay, that definitely was more of the moon talking than Matt. Matt would never harm a fly not to mention his own brother. Even if it was a bluff, he knew he was really getting on his brother's nerves. He'd had a pretty bad day after all –saving his brother's skin and burning off his own. It was a miracle either of them were alive and well to have this argument.

Okay, maybe the hero could do his sidekick a favor.

"Alright, Matty. Just don't shut the window on me." He said, as he opened the window as softly as he could.

"Sure, Peter Pan. Just don't get killed by Captain Hook on your way to Neverland."

Alright, Alfred couldn't hold back a laugh on that one. That was his favorite childhood movie and pleasant memories of him and his twin watching that classic over and over came flooding back.

"It's alright. I'll just think happy thoughts!"

Matt just waved him off with his hand as he reburied his face in his pillow, his one curl tangled up in this blonde hair and blankets.

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