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Chapter 1: Old friends reunited

Adventures of Pika and friends

Pika's pov

"Gosh, I wish I was with my friends." I said to myself leaning down in my backyard. By the way, I am a yellow colored pokemon with long yellow ears which are black at the end, a long yellow zigzag tail and with same pattern as that on my ears (black at tip). I have red spots on my cheek and black stripes on my waists and a peach colored stomach, living on the outskirts of Poke-village. I'm now an adventurer who goes on adventure on my will.

"How much fun we had in those days? I really miss them a lot." I dreamed of playing with them like in my childhood. Suddenly I heard a voice coming from the side of the woods. I had lots of friends in my childhood, but out of them there were three of them who were my best buddies Fiery (a monferno), Icycles (a prinplup) and Chipa (a chikorita). We studied in the same school, and did lots of fun. But we parted our ways after we graduated. Suddenly I heard a voice coming from the woods.

"Help! Help! Somebody is stuck in the mud." a pokemon came into vision and I recognized her as a Butterfree from the Butterfree clan.

"What happened Butterfree, why are you so worried?" I called out at her.

"Someone has been sucked by the mudpool! Please help Pika!" She told me.

"OH, OK, Lets rescue him/her first then we will talk." I said

I ran with butterfree to the designated area where the poor pokemon was. there was a pokemon who was stuck in full mud and was trying to get out of it. I tried to get a clear view of the pokemon and to my surprise, I saw a familiar face which was none other than Fiery, my good old friend.

She was a Monferno with full orange body, a blue neck and a tail on fire, yes her tail had fire at its tip.I shouted

"Fiery, is that you?" Fiery looked at me and got overjoyed. This led to a fierce flame to rise from her tail, which cleared the mud around her. The butterfree got frightened of the fire and ran into the deep forest.

Fiery got out of the hole(where the mud was) and embraced me. I felt it like it was a dream but one of my best buddy was here(in front of me), I pinched myself and noticed it wasn't a dream.

I cried "Fiery, you here,(In Tears) how.. are.. you? I missed you so much, I can't tell it."

Fiery calmed me and said "I came here to do some research on the legends."

"What legend?" I asked

Fiery told "Can't we sit somewhere and talk?"

"Oh, of course we can, let's go to my house, it's near." Fiery and I went to my house and sitting in the lawn started chatting.

I asked "What was the legend you were talking about?"

On that Fiery answered "It is an old legend, it says, in kanto there is a pokemon, Mew, he was the one who stopped lucario and zoroark from fighting. The fighting which led to utmost destruction in our world. I came here to unlock the mysteries of mew, who had saved our world quite a lot times, so that we could gain knowledge using the help of mew."

"Wow, you have researched a lot and the story is quite interesting."

"It isn't a story, it is a fact, a legend!" exclaimed Fiery.

"Okay, can I help you somehow in this?"

"Yes! You can! You know most of the kanto and you could help me in this research."

"Oh yes! I will help you, it would be fun. Let start our adventure tomorrow morning. I'm a bit tired today." With that Fiery and I slept on the lawn dreaming about their new adventure which is going to begin shortly.

End of Pov

Next chapter, our friends will set off on a journey and only Arceus (and I) know where.

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