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Chapter 16: The enchanting teleport!

"We can't!" The fairies replied to the now angry fox.

"But why? And I want a good reason or else…" Lucario cried in its head.

"Coz Lake Fusion is the only safe place remaining in this world and for the teleport we need quite an amount of energy and if we used it, Zoroark will surely notice our presence, understood!" the fairies explained.

"Oh! That means his terror has reached everywhere. But now we need to do something to get near him and we don't have much time!" Lucario calmed down a bit and started thinking.

"We can do one thing," Azelf shouted.

"And will you do the honors of telling it to us?" Lucario said.

"Oh yes! Listen…" and Azelf jolted out a plan and told it to the two guardians and the legendary fox.

"Good idea! Let's do it then…" Lucario, quite impressed, smirked. Then Lucario disconnected the psychic link, climbed down the rock and went towards the group. He could guess what they were thinking from the way they were looking at him.

"Yes, we have found a way but for that I need your help," Lucario stated.

"Just state what you want, we will try our best to do it!" Pika said while the others nodded.

"Ok it's simple! You have to summon your aura for it," Lucario told them.

"Summon your what?" the wrestler penguin asked.

"Your aura, it's the power that every pokemon in this world have in them. It is the inner power, inner will, the inner strength of the pokemon and to summon it, you need to concentrate on awakening it," Lucario completed. However, when he opened his eyes he just found four faces, which showed no sign of understanding.

"This is going to be difficult," he sighed and told them to meditate and just think about power and concentrate on it.

After some time of concentrating,

"Now tell me what do you see?" Lucario asked.

"I see a ball, a blue ball, shining!" Icycles stated.

"I see a ball of orange with light flicks of pink on it," Fiery stated.

"I see a green one, the same green as that of the leaf on my head," Chipa said.

"I just see a yellow surrounded by black and lightning sparks are coming out of it," Pika said.

"Yes, now concentrate on it and think of nothing and then you will see a figure, a black figure," Lucario told them as he also started meditating and then suddenly a black figure appeared near the auras of the four. The black figure surrounded the colored balls and then held it and disappeared. The disappearance of the balls sent lot of pain through their bodies and then they suddenly started disappearing. There was a bright flash in front of their eyes and then they felt nothing, not even their bodies. Their brain just went blank.

After some time they could hear voices, numerous voices, but they failed to identify them. They just could not think of anything, their mind were just blank. However, after some more time they saw a grey figure appearing with something glowing under its arm. The figure became clearer as it came forward, it then threw the glowing thing, and it just stopped and started glowing with more power. The grey figure just disappeared and their aura returned as they opened their eyes.

Their stood a big blue surface in front of them. It was the lake fusion.

"We're back!" Pika exclaimed as he saw the lake. The other three just opened their eyes and got lost into the beauty of the scenic lake.

"Guys, we are caught!" a voice from behind said. All of them turned to find Lucario with a worried face.

"Caught? But where? How? And by whom?" All of them asked simultaneously.

"Not actually caught but he has found out that we are planning against him," Lucario stated.

"But how is it possible? You said your plan would do it safe and securely!" Again they said in unison.

"When we aura teleported…"

"Aura teleported? The thing we did?" Icycles asked.

"Yes, when we aura teleported, he sensed our power levels and tried to interfere in it!" Lucario told.

"But we never felt anything?" Fiery asked.

"The time when you felt lifeless, when you just couldn't think of anything was the time he was interfering," Lucario said.

"But then how did we reach here that also safe and soundly?" Chipa asked.

"Even if he could interfere in Aura teleporting, he can't win against the Aura Master!" Lucario said.

"Who Aura Master?" Finally, Pika asked.

"I, Lucario!" Lucario jolted up angrily.

"Oh calm down, Luce," a voice came from behind Lucario.

"We can't! He has found about us," Lucario said calming down a bit.

"Now, he knows what we are up to, we just need to derive a plan that will work against that illusion monster," the three guardians came from behind Lucario.

"It's not that easy now!" Lucario sighed.

"But he hasn't found about this lake," Mesprit gave a look of hope.

"Yes, due to the Aura teleportation, he hasn't got any clue but he would surely know it by the end of a few days," Uxie said in his knowledgeable tone.

"He would send his minions all across the globe to search for us," Azelf sighed.

"We just can't afford to let him know about this place," Pika said.

"Why don't we go and attack him directly," Icycles gave an hopeless idea and just got an angered look from others.

"We can't! We have to just sit quietly for a few days," Lucario stated.

"But you said we don't have much time!" Chipa noted.

"I thought that he would collect the power in installments," Lucario answered.

"Installments?" Fiery asked.

"Yes, I thought he would turn all the auras of Sinnoh's pokemon black and absorb them before moving to the next region. However, he is collecting all the auras continuously without stopping and that means he hasn't absorbed them yet. If we stayed silent for a few days we can attack him with a good plan," Lucario completed.

"That seems the only way, let's do it then!" All of them nodded.

For the next few days, the heroes have decided not to do anything. Will they be able to hide themselves from the clutches of Zoroark, who knows?

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