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The Rookie 12+6

Chapter 1

And So It Begins…

Naruto Uzumaki yawned; he had just woken up from a good nights sleep. His room was a disaster, but he ignored the fact that it looked like a tornado had blown through, and went over to the kitchen. He sleepily sat down and ate some toast, shook the milk - it didn't sound right - decided not to drink out of the milk carton in front of him, finished his toast, got dressed for the day, locked the door, and…

"OK, wake up, here we go! Rock and roll!" he said as he stretched, taking off at high speed towards the place where he and his three teammates were supposed to meet. "Hey good morning Sakura, what's up?" he asked as he arrived at the bridge, to find Sakura Haruno already there, but then he noticed Sasuke Uchiha and his face turned sour. Sasuke had already noticed Naruto, his face sour as well, and Sakura stood between the two looking back and forth, waiting to see if she had to break them up. She breathed a quiet sigh of relief as the two turned away from each other in annoyance, and of course she was the only one that could keep them from fighting at the moment, because, as usual, Kakashi Hatake, their sensei, was late.

'Good grief!' Sakura thought 'Not again! They've been like this ever since we got back from The Land of Waves! Ugh, it's like being stuck with a couple of children!' then her angry inner self flared up 'RAHRG! HURRY UP KAKSHI SENSEI, OR YOU'LL HAVE IT!'

Time passed…more time passed…more time passed…I think Gai's turtle has moved farther than them today…they had been standing on that bridge miserably for about three hours, until finally a familiar voice sounded.

"Hey guys, good morning, sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life," Kakashi said nonchalantly. Naruto and Sakura screamed in frustration, and once they calmed down Naruto marched up to Kakashi.

"I'm ready for the next ninja mission sensei," Naruto began but Kakashi tried to make him stop talking. "And hey, come on, no more of this dumb beginners stuff ok? I want a chance to prove myself! I'm talking a real mission! Where I can show what I'm made of! I've got to break out and burn it up! SEE!" he shouted. Kakashi could practically see the excitement radiating off of him.

Kakashi looked at him, "Uh…right, I get it, that's great Naruto, now take it easy would ya?"

Kakashi's eye was fixed on the Uchiha behind Naruto, and Naruto spun to look at Sasuke, only to see him standing perfectly calm, eyes closed. He suddenly opened them and gave Naruto that scary Sasuke look that he seemed to put on every time he looked at Naruto. Naruto was furious, and he made it clear by growling at Sasuke, dropping onto a fighting stance.

'Sasuke, he's always rescuing everyone on our missions, trying to grab all the glory and make me look like a chump, but he'll never get the edge on me!' Naruto thought.

Sakura was getting angry at Naruto as she thought 'He's such a twerp!'

Sasuke just looked at Naruto; he was really getting on his nerves. Naruto moved slowly, furious.

'Today's the day!' Naruto thought, as he thought of seeing Sasuke fall to his knees, a kunai speeding toward him. Naruto lunged and caught the kunai, saving Sasuke. "Ha, what's the matter; can't take care of yourself Sasuke?"

"BELEIVE IT!" he yelled.

"Let us know when you're done fantasizing Naruto, so we can start the mission, alright?" Kakashi asked.

"Right!" Naruto said enthusiastically.

"Could you not be so annoying Naruto, just for once?" Sakura asked him rudely, bringing him crashing back to reality, and they soon headed off to their mission.

Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura were working to get all the weeds from a garden, Sasuke was picking at a slow pace.

"Well I'm going to beat Sasuke anyways!" Naruto muttered to himself, quickly getting to work pulling every plant that crossed his path. Every plant. The only problem was that he also pulled out all the crops the woman had been growing…

"Hey you!" she yelled.

Naruto turned to her. "Oh, hi lady, I got rid of all your weeds! Pretty cool huh?"

The woman began to shake with anger. "You pulled the weeds, and you also pulled up my plants!"


"Those were special herbs I'd been growing, and you destroyed them!" she yelled, lunging at Naruto.

Naruto flicked a can into the basket on his back. Their next assignment was cleaning the river… and Kakashi simply sat, leaning back on a tree… reading his stupid book… Naruto grumbled for a few moments, before he slipped. He was quickly swept away by the current…and to make matters worse he was heading towards a waterfall. Unable to escape the current he began to fall until Sasuke caught him with a length of ninja wire.

"You are such a loser," Sasuke deadpanned.

Naruto growled, his eyebrows twitching.

For their final assignment of the day, they were walking dogs. "Hey! Hey! Not there! We were supposed to go the other way!" Naruto yelled, as the big dog he was supposed to be walking dragged him. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" he yelled as Sakura and Sasuke with their tiny little dogs watched.

"What a loser."

Sakura sighed. "Of course, he just had to choose the biggest dog!" she said as the large dog kept pulling him towards a hole in the fence.

"You're not supposed to go over there!" Naruto grunted, trying to pull the dog away from the fence, as Kakashi sat in a tree… still reading…as Naruto kept trying to keep the dog away from the fence. "That's not a place for dogs! It's a minefield!" But it was too late; the dog dragged him in, and several of the mines exploded. Sakura and Sasuke watched with almost surprised faces, but they were more 'I'm glad that's not me.' faces. They both sighed, as Kakashi kept on reading, and Naruto sat there on the ground, singed and dirty.

"Look at you," Sakura sighed. She and Sasuke were pretty much carrying him down the street. "You're hopeless Naruto." Naruto growled briefly at Sakura.

"You really are just one big problem," Sasuke said. Naruto's face turned sour at the statement, he stood up straight growling at his teammate.

"SASUKE!" he yelled, having had enough, but Sakura's arm flew in front of him as Sasuke walked away.

Sakura's face was dangerous, "IF YOU KEEP THIS UP I'LL FINISH YOU OFF MYSELF!" Sakura yelled loudly.

Kakashi sighed "I guess we're not making a lot of progress on the teamwork thing, huh?"

"That's right, our teamwork's all messed up! And it's all because of you, Sasuke!" Naruto yelled after him "You think you're better than everyone else!"

"Not everyone, just you," Sasuke deadpanned, then continued. "Face it; I'm better and stronger than you are." He stopped walking and turned his head a bit, "It's a fact; unless you have what it takes to prove me wrong." He turned around; Naruto looked at him with some shock, but quickly took up a fighting stance, growling.

Sakura was standing there a bit freaked out. 'They're actually getting along worse than before...if that's possible.'

Naruto watched Sasuke as he growled, Sasuke watched Naruto with a glare as he thought, 'Grrrrr I don't have time to waste on Naruto and these lame missions, there are still ninja out there who can out fight me! I've got to hone my skills so that I can beat them!'

Kakashi noticed a hawk circle overhead.

"Alright guys, let's call it a day, and we can beat each other to a pulp some other time. Anyway, I have to file my report on this mission."

"Whatever I'm out of here." Sasuke said walking off.

Sakura gasped, "Wait! Sasuke, I'll come with you!" She yelled running after him.

"Sakura-" But he stopped when it became obvious Sakura wasn't listening. This made Naruto.

"So why don't we-I mean, you know-let's do something more personal, I mean to improve our team work and all." Sakura said.

"I swear you're just as bad as Naruto." Sasuke deadpanned "Instead of flirting, why don't you practice your jutsu, and make the team stronger. And lets face it, your actually worse than Naruto." Then Sasuke walked off, leaving a dejected Sakura behind him.

"He's right, what have I really done so far on any of our missions? Nothing…ZIP!" she seemed to be about to cry.

"Don't worry Sakura," Naruto said from behind her "just forget about Sasuke, you and me can develop our teamwork all day?" Sakura started to growl and Kakashi poofed away. 'Sensei disappeared, is he giving us some alone time?' He wondered. Until there was noise behind him and a box suddenly appeared, he looked at it with an annoyed face.

'Fake rocks? What's up with that?' but he decided to ignore the rocks and began to walk away. But the rocks kept following him, so he ran, but they kept up with him, they kept speeding up every time they turned around, until he finally stopped and turned around, "That's the worst disguise of all time, there's no such thing as square rocks! It's completely obvious!"

"You saw through my camouflage again, your slick boss just what I'd expect from my greatest rival!" the box then began glowing until there were three explosions, first blue, then yellow, then pink, and once the smoke dissipated three academy students appeared, coughing and wheezing.

"I think we might have used a little too much gun powder you guys." Konohamaru Sarutobi said, as he gagged, but they quickly recovered.

"I'm Moegi the sassiest kunoichi in preschool, check me out!" Moegi said.

"I love algebra, call me Udon!" the one with glasses said.

"And I'm the number one ninja in the village! Konohamaru! And when we're all together…"

"WE'RE THE KONOHAMARU NINJA SQUAD!" they all yelled together doing a pose as their goggles flashed.

"Yea, I knew it was you Konohamaru." Then he looked at them, "hmm what are those things?" he asked "Those Goggles you're wearing on your head."

Konohamaru laughed. "Ha, you used to wear goggles remember, so we're copying you!"

Naruto sighed. "Hey come on boss why are you being like that!? You ought to be more excited!" Konohamaru yelled.

"So, you want something?" Naruto asked, Konohamaru flashed over to Udon and put an arm around his shoulder.

"He's just trying to be cool."

Moegi stepped forward. "You know what we want! Are you busy now?!"

"Ummm…I have to train! Believe it!" Naruto answered.

"What?!" Konohamaru half asked half yelled "But you promised that you would play ninja with us today! Come on!"

"Uhhh…" Naruto was rubbing his head looking kind of sheepish. "Heh heh, oh did I say that?" 'Uggg,' Naruto thought 'if I say yes, these kids will keep bugging me all day, and I won't get any training done!'

Sakura was walking towards the four, she sighed, "A ninja playing ninja that is so twisted." She got there and Naruto perked up.

"Ahhh…Hey Sakura!"

'My ninja skills are worse than his?! Unbelievable!' Sakura thought.

'She's staring right at me; I think I'm turning red!' Naruto thought then burst out laughing randomly, Konohamaru looked at him.

"Hey boss who's that girl anyway?" Konohamaru asked 'The way she's staring at him it's like her eyes are daggers.' Konohamaru thought,"Ahhh, I get it you're a smooth operator boss."

"Uhhh," Naruto's head turned towards the kid.

"Come on I know that she's your…girlfriend!" Sakura looked ready to beat the brat to a pulp, and Naruto blushed.

"Well, you could tell she's really crazy about me huh?" Naruto asked. And that did it, Sakura was WAAAY BEYOND PISSED, she punched Naruto in the cheek, and blood spilled from his mouth as he flew towards the fence behind him rolling a bit before he crashed, and Sakura…lets just say looked extremely scary.

"BOSS!" Konohamaru yelled, but then turned to Sakura "WHAT KIND OF GIRLFRIEND ARE YOU!?" Konohamaru yelled as Moegi, and Udon ran over to Naruto.

"I think she cracked him!" Moegi yelled worried.

"We've got to check his pulse!" Udon said as Naruto groaned.

Konohamaru then shot his big mouth off again "YOU'RE A WITCH, AND YOU'RE UGLY TOO!" Sakura cracked her knuckles. Konohamaru was in for a world of pain. He instantly became scared when he saw her face, and began backing away, but he didn't move enough and got knocked out.

Sakura was walking away from the four. "Humph!"

"Hey Konohamaru, are you ok?" Udon asked as the two victims started to get up groaning.

"I don't even think she's human!" Konohamaru said. "Did to see how wide her forehead is?" Sakura stopped cold…

Her face was one of complete killing intent, she then turned around and began running full speed after them, they decided they didn't want to stick around to get beaten up and ran, but Konohamaru bumped into some one and fell onto his butt.

"Do you need something." The guy asked looking at him a scary look in his eye, Naruto and Sakura gasped.

"Alright, thanks for the report Kakashi sensei." Said Iruka as Kakashi handed him the mission report, but a thought suddenly crossed his mind, "How's Naruto doing, is he getting along ok with the other students?"

Kakashi looked at him, "Hmm? Well uhhh…little by little."

Iruka looked sheepish. "It's been so busy around here, I haven't seen him since he got back from the mission to The Land of Waves, I'm a little worried about him."

"Uh, you know, Sasuke is also in our group. Naruto sees him as a rival which puts a constant strain on the group, but it also pushes Naruto to excel, and he's making amazing progress. Some day his skills may be so strong, they'll match the person he respects most in the world, you." Iruka's face turned into a bright happy smile.

"You don't say." Iruka said.

Kurenai Yuhi was currently working with her squad, they seemed to have trained hard, and the only one not panting was Shino. She had been watching them until a bird squawked above them, she looked up and recognized the bird.

'Hmm I wonder.' She thought.

Asuma Sarutobi, had taken his team to get a snack something Choji was enjoying, but he heard a hawk, and looked up and saw a hawk as well.

'Huh, now?' Asuma asked himself, Shikamaru was the only one to notice his teacher look up.

"Konohamaru!" Naruto yelled in alarm as the kid was held in the air by his scarf.

"So does this hurt punk?" the guy Konohamaru had bumped into earlier asked as he pulled him closer, Konohamaru was groaning.

"Put him down Kankuro, or you know you'll pay for it later." The girl he was with, Temari, said roughly.

"Hey, I'm sorry," Sakura began "The whole thing was my fault." 'Who are they? What are they?'


'So these are the leaf village's genin,' Kankuro thought. "We've got a few minutes before he gets here; let's mess with these punks huh?" Konohamaru began kicking.

"Let go of me you jerk!"

"You're feisty, but not for long…" Kankuro tightened his grip and pulled him closer, and by now Naruto was just about to kill Kankuro.

"Put him down!" Naruto yelled as he ran at Kankuro. Kankuro just smiled as he began to move his fingers, Naruto instantly flew backwards.

"What the, what the heck was that?!"

"You're a Leaf genin to, Looks like your village is full of wimps."

'They're outsiders from somewhere, but what are they doing here?' Sakura thought to herself.

"Uggg, Konohamaru!" Naruto yelled.


"Konohamaru!" Moegi and Udon yelled.

"Hey…cut it out." Konohamaru said turning kind of purple, "It hurts."

"That's it, drop him now or I take you apart, you got that fool?!" Naruto yelled.

Sakura then went up behind him and started choking him "Gah you're the fool! Making treats isn't going to help, Naruto!" Naruto began turning red.

Kankuro smiled. "You're annoying, all of you, and I don't like runts or any other scrawny weakling, so when a wimp like this starts shooting off his mouth," he hurt Konohamaru more, then turned his head towards Naruto, and Sakura, "I just want to break him in half." Naruto and Sakura got looks of shock on their faces, and poor Moegi and Udon were crying.

Temari sighed. "Fine, but I'm not involved in any of this, ok?"

'What's this guy's problem, this is getting ugly.' Sakura thought.

"First I'll take care of this little squirt, and then I'll waste the other ones!" Kankuro said pulling back his fist, Naruto started running to save Konohamaru, but a rock beat him to it cutting Kankuro and making him drop the kid.

Sasuke was sitting in a tree throwing a rock up, and catching it over and over again, "You're a long way from home, and you're way out of your league." Sasuke said trying to keep his voice cool even with his massive migraine.

"SASUKE!" Sakura squealed happily, as Kankuro, and Naruto looked at him with venom and Temari had a slight blush.

'Well, well there's a hotty.' She thought.

"Naruto," Konohamaru yelled as he ran to his friend.

"Oh, great, another wimp here to tick me off," Kankuro said, as Sasuke stopped throwing the rock and crushed it into dust, Moegi and Sakura went ballistic, as Sasuke tried to stay awake, his headache was getting to the point of making him pass out.

"Get lost." Sasuke said.

"Oh he's so cool!" Moegi and Sakura yelled, as Udon looked at Sasuke with admiration.

"How come you're not cool like that?!" Konohamaru asked Naruto.

"Ah, what do you mean? I could have taken that guy out in two seconds flat." Naruto answered he began to growl 'Sasuke! You're always trying to make me look bad in front of everyone!'

"Hey punk," Kankuro said "get down here," Sasuke just started at him "you're the kind of pesky little snot I hate the most, all attitude and nothing to back it up!" then he grabbed on the bandage thingy he had around his shoulder and pulled it.

"What, are you going to use the crow for this?!" the Temari asked.

"Kankuro back off." A voice said from right behind Sasuke, he gasped, but that was it, he couldn't keep himself awake anymore, but at least no one was going to die, and so he went unconscious, falling from the tree, Naruto barely catching him before he hit the ground, and even so Naruto only managed to catch his upper half, the rest of him slammed into the ground, Sakura, Moegi, and Udon ran to the two, Konohamaru after looking at Kankuro decided to join them, but then everyone looked up and saw a new face. "You are an embarrassment to our village…"

Everyone gasped then Kankuro spoke, "Uh…eh, hey Gaara." He said with a 'busted' voice, as he looked at the newly appeared.

'But how, no one not even Sasuke before he collapsed seemed to notice him, so then how, how did he get there?' Sakura asked in her mind.

And as all of that was happening, Shino, Hinata, and Kiba were walking towards the steak place, where they were supposed to meet with Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji, the six had decided since their sensei's had blown them off for the rest of the day, they might as well, but then Shino suddenly collapsed, and the strange thing was that he was the one of them with the most energy left, and they were still about three fourths of the village away from the meeting place, they carried him there, although only Ino was there.

"Wow, what's up with Shino?" Ino asked when they got there, Kiba had both of his hands digging into Shino's shoulders, and Hinata, who's upper half was soaked, had his legs.

"Well," Kiba began thinking about it "I had originally tried to do it alone, but Shino and Akamaru on me, not to mention Hinata because she had seen Naruto, he looked at her then left and she fainted…again, so I had tried Man beast clone, me and Akamaru ran out of chakra to use before we got half way here, so then I had three options, one I could drag Shino, and put Hinata on my back, two I could leave Shino in a deserted alley for fainting at a bad time, and just take Hinata,"

"And the third…" Ino asked almost not wanting to know.

"I could hurry to the stream, bring back a bucket of water, splash Hinata, and have her help me bring Shino, and now that he's here the hospital is a bit out of the way, but can you help us get him there?"

"Sure." Ino said

"So what's up about Shikamaru, and Choji, they aren't here yet I would have thought at least Choji would be here early." Kiba said, as Hinata saw Naruto again…and the poor thing fainted.

"Oh Hinata," Kiba exclaimed bringing out the towel he smartly carried all the time now, and began waving it at her to cool her off.

"Shikamaru wouldn't stop going on and on about how everything was such a drag and how the trees were such a drag because he couldn't see the sky, so he went up there," she said pointing to a building directly across from the small area they were standing in, "oh, and Choji ran out of chips to munch on, and went home to get some more."

"Ah, so now that were here and Choji should be here soon why don't you go get Shikamaru." Kiba said.

"Alright," Ino agreed walking off, then entered the building and went to his favorite spot to lay and watch the clouds, "Shikamaru get to that park right now!"

"Is everyone there yet?" Shikamaru asked lazily.

"Everyone but you and Choji, now move it!"

"Once Choji is here, tell me…" and now he did it, he pissed Ino off, great job Shikamaru.

"SHIKAMARU NARA!" Ino yelled. Ten minutes into the park with Shikamaru righ behind her, she had been dragging him by his ear. Apparently he had decided he didn't want it ripped off, because he was walking willingly, he also noticed Shino, a wet, unconscious, red faced Hinata, and the fact that Kiba looked pissed. Then put two and two together and figured Shino had passed out on the way, and Hinata had seen Naruto.

"Hi guys." Choji said as he walked up to Ino holding Shikamaru's ear, a pissed Kiba, a half awake Hinata, and a totally unconscious Shino. "Wow what happened here?"

"Long story…" Kiba sighed as Choji looked a bit upset "I'll tell you over Barbequed steak…after we get Shino to the hospital…"

"I have summoned you for a very important purpose," began the Third Hokage. "seeing your fellow Jounin here, I'm sure you realize what this is about."

"So soon," Kakashi asked. "I thought we had a little more time."

"I take it all the other lands have been notified of the coming event, I noticed some of their genin have already arrived here in the village." Asuma said.

Kurenai then spoke. "And when do we start?"

"We will begin in one week." The Hokage said.

"That's pretty short notice…" Kakashi said his head raising an inch or two.

The Hokage took the pipe he had been smoking out of his mouth, and blew a cloud, "Take heed, exactly seven days from today, on the first day of July, the genin will be gathered and tested, only the very best will be selected as chunin." He declared.

Sasuke was sitting in his mindscape; it was the Uchiha compound before the massacre, he was the only one there but there were no bloodstains, no sign Itachi had ever been there. But there was just one problem…He couldn't leave, and he didn't feel alone anymore, there were two faint presences in his mindscape. One was kind of familiar, and the other was completely new. But at least he could still tell they were both friendly, and wouldn't harm him, and slowly over time he could see himself splitting. It was slow but noticeable, and the new presences were emerging, slowly a boy with raven hair appeared with a small device in one of his hands, and he was curled into the shape of an egg, and the other form was…Shino?

"Shino, what are you doing here, this is my mindscape." But before he could say more, he suddenly was able to see glimpses of a forest, and a confused Shino looking at a replica of Sasuke himself, then the Shino replica began speaking.

"I want to ask you the same question." He said.

"Wait, is there a raven haired kid appearing in your mindscape to?" Sasuke asked him

"Yea," Shino answered "Is he appearing clearer on your side?"

"No, he's disappearing…"

"Well now he's solid and from what I can tell is going to wake up soon…"

"What, ahhh my head it hurts!" Then any link they had cut off, and they began to wake up.

"Have you forgotten the reason we came all the way here?" Gaara asked

"I-I know, I-I mean they challenged us, they started the whole thing, r-really here's what happened-" Kankuro started

"Shut up…" Kankuro looked at the red head fearfully "Or I'll kill you…"

"R-right I was totally out of line, and I'm sorry Gaara, I was totally out of line."

Gaara looked at the group of five standing, or sitting round Sasuke worried, "I'm sorry for any trouble he caused…perhaps you should take him to the hospital…" and they quickly got Sasuke off the ground, Naruto carrying him.

"Alright, it is time we choose our genin for the Chunin examinations, to begin, would those in charge of the rookie genin step forward…Kakashi Kurenai and Asuma what do you say? Are there any in your squads you would recommend, who are ready for the exams despite the inexperience? As you know any genin who has carried out eight or more missions is technically eligible for the exam, beyond that only you can decide when they are ready, of course most genin require a much longer training period, at least twice that many missions." The Third Hokage said.

Iruka watched intently 'Of course there's no need to say all of this, its way to soon for their squads.'

"So Kakashi you begin…"

"I lead squad seven, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sakura Haruno. I, Kakashi Hatake recommend all three of these genin for the chunin selection exams…"

Kurenai went next "And my squad is number eight, Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame, and now I Kurenai Yuhi, recommend all three…"

Asuma then went "And my squad is number ten, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi, and now I Asuma Sarutobi, recommend all three." All present started jabbering about how all the rookies were going in.

"Hold on!" Iruka said forcefully

"Yes what is it Iruka?" the third asked

"Lord Hokage," Iruka began "with all respect, the nine names that were just given were all my students at the academy, I know their skills and abilities, everyone of them has great promise, but it's to soon, they need more experience before they are tested, if they try now they're sure to fail the exam."

Kakashi looked at him "When I became a chunin I was six years younger than Naruto is now-"

"Naruto is nothing like you!" Iruka said walking towards Kakashi "Are you trying to destroy him?!"

"Well, their always complaining about not being challenged enough, maybe wiping out in the exams will teach them a lesson, a little pain is good." Kakashi deadpanned.

Iruka looked at him "W-what did you say?!"

"Well nothing fatal of course, but seriously Iruka relax…Listen I understand how you feel, it's very personal for you and it upsets you but-"

"Alright," Kurenai cut in, "Kakashi, back off you've said enough."

"On the contrary Kurenai, Iruka needs to hear this, he needs to realize that they're not his students any more, they're mine." Iruka growled

'Uggg enough already,' Asuma thought

Kurenai sighed, as the Hokage watched them.

"But these exams could destroy them, you know that!" Iruka yelled

"Iruka," the Hokage said with a fatherly voice though it still had a sharp edge to it "You have made your point, I understand, and I have decided the best thing to do is hold a preliminary test."

It was about three in the morning and Naruto was taking Sasuke home until he saw Kiba with Shino on his back unconscious. "Hey Kiba, what's up with Shino?" Naruto asked as he moved Sasuke into a more comfortable position on his back.

"Long story short Shino passed out eighteen hours ago, I took him to the hospital, went back to have BBQ, then when I got back to the Hospital they said I could take Shino home, and that there was nothing seriously wrong." Kiba said "What about Sasuke?"

"Same thing, I wonder if there's any connection." Naruto said.

"A connection between these two, I don't think so," Kiba said "so where are you headed?"

"Home, I took Sasuke to the hospital earlier, and after sixteen hours of close observation, they finally said I could take him to my place for the night…Although Kakashi sensei had to help me convince them, they wouldn't let me take him even when they said he could leave if someone let him stay with them."

"Your place and the Aburame mansion aren't too far from each other…want to race then return back here?"

"GO!" Naruto instantly yelled, but he stopped two seconds later when Sasuke started stirring, Naruto nearly let him fall onto the ground, Shino and Kiba had about the same experience, and the two woke up, instantly wanting to stand on their own when they found out they were being carried.

"I feel like it's been days since I got stuck in my mindscape." Sasuke said sounding relived to be on his real feet again.

"It's only been eighteen hours." Kiba said

And they finally got home, or in Sauske's case to Naruto's minefield of an apartment, there were scrolls all over, books he had been reading, and in the Kitchen there was sour milk, empty ramen bowls, and various other things Sasuke found disgusting, and what he found even more disgusting was that he had to sleep in the area, if only for a single night…unless he wanted to go back to the hospital, and that option didn't sound to appealing to him…so he stayed in Naruto's place, luckily Naruto's sleeping bag was clean as could be, and there were no bugs there, he really didn't like bugs.

Koji Minamoto, Zoe Orimoto, J.P. Shibayama, Takuya Kanbara, and Tommy Himi, all rushed into a medical room, and they found Kouichi laying there in a coma, it broke their hearts, especially when Koji, the tough guy, began crying. They all wished so much they could get him back, and as soon as they had all wished it together, the D-Tectors they had dropped, rose; all five of them became a hexagonal shape. A portal formed, the six looked at the portal completely ignoring the shocked adults, and so in hopes of getting Kouichi back, they stepped through the portal. And instantly felt themselves separating from their bodies, they were then pulled by something, a strange force, then they blacked out.

Shino woke up from a short night's sleep, after being out for eighteen hours, he wasn't exactly sleepy. So he got ready for the day and went to meet Hinata, since he was supposed to grab her on the way just in case she met Naruto and fainted, because it had happened, she showed up four hours later…so he grabbed her and they met at the BIG tree, then once Kurenai showed up, they went to the training ground they usually did.

Sasuke hadn't slept that night, like Shino, after eighteen hours of sleep, he wasn't in the mood for lying down, so instead he fixed Naruto's apartment, it bugged him the way everything was so unorganized, so Naruto woke up to a nice surprise, and that night as Sasuke cleaned he thought about how Naruto was so willing to let him stay at his house.

"Why-why would you let your rival stay in your own home?" Sasuke asked as he looked at his friend, then made a note and went home to change before their team was supposed to meet.

Naruto yawned, and then looked down to see an empty sleeping bag, "Sasuke?" Naruto instantly jumped out of bed, looking for Sasuke, not noticing everything organized, "Sasuke? Are you in here?" Naruto asked as he went into the kitchen, then knocked on the bathroom door, until finally he noticed the note Sasuke had left,


I couldn't sleep last night, so I cleaned up, mostly because I couldn't leave your house until morning came, then this morning I left to get ready for our training today, see you there…

Naruto was almost happy, suddenly Sasuke almost seemed so…so…so…caring towards him now, what could have changed, it was strange, could it have been the fact that he had taken Sasuke home instead of leaving him in the hospital for the needles to take? Or something else, but no mater the reason Sasuke was for some reason being nice to him… but that behind him he saw the clock, and he was half an hour late, he had to get ready. So he got dressed hurried out the door, locked it, and ran as fast as possible. He got there in record time and was actually there three hours early…not that he knew the three hours early part. But the point is, there was no one there and by the time he was being woken up it was midday, and Kakashi was saying his excuse.

"Sorry I'm late; I got lost on the path of life…"

"YOU LIAR!" Naruto and Sakura yelled.

"Well anyways this may sound a bit sudden, but I recommended you for the Chunin exams, here are the application forms," Kakashi said holding out three papers.

"Application forms?" Sakura asked.

"You're repeating me Sakura." Kakashi said feeling nit picky.

"ALRIGHT," Naruto yelled then he jumped on Kakashi giving him a hug "thanks Kakashi sensei you're the best!"

"Alright, don't slobber on the vest." Kakashi said prying him off. "If you want to take the exam, sign the application and come to room 301 at the academy, it's at 3:00 pm, five days from now, that's it." Then Kakashi poofed away, leaving three genin behind to think.

Naruto was excited, Sasuke was thinking about battling Gaara, and Sakura didn't know if she was, or would ever be ready.

Naruto was walking, when Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi spotted him.

"Hey Naruto come play ninja with us!" Konohamaru yelled.

"Sure, I don't have anything to do today, so I'm free." He said but suddenly some one a foreign ninja, got behind Moegi and grabbed her, then ran off.

"Moegi!" the three guys yelled as she was taken, they quickly went in hot pursuit, but Konohamaru, and Udon quickly got lost as Naruto was angry, and when he's angry he's fast, and quickly caught up.

"Let her go, let Moegi go!" Naruto yelled, "She's just a kid, let her go!" the ninja then pulled out a kunai and put it to Moegi's throat.

"Bring me the first Hokage's scroll of sealing!" the ninja said "Bring it to me!" Naruto didn't move "Why aren't you moving?!"

"What if I say no?"

"Then I guess you don't care about what happens to the girl."

"What do you mean girl, all I see is two dummies, you, and the one next to you made of straw."

"W-what, then where's the girl?"

"She's right here with the greatest ninja in the world!"

"WHAT? A clone jutsu?" The Nin growled "I'll waste you!"

"You don't know when to give up do you?" one of Naruto's clones yelled throwing a net over him, then three clones and Naruto tackled him.

"Boss we're here!" Yelled Konohamaru, as him and Udon ran into the clearing, having finally found them. Konohamaru ran up, and Moegi greeted him with a hug.

"Did you get im? Can we see him boss?"

"Yea he's right-huh? He used a substitution jutsu!" Naruto yelled.

'Ah, I see.' The Nin thought while listening to them from the other side of a tree.

Sakura was sitting on her balcony, she was having a hard time deciding what to do about the chunin exam until Sasuke walked by.

"Sakura!" he yelled.

"S-Sasuke?" she asked wondering why he was calling her.

"Come and walk with me, alone."

"Alright!" She then hurried down and they walked, and walked, until they entered a fog.

"Sasuke," Sakura finally asked "Why do you suddenly want to walk with me?"

"Because I want you to give up on the chunin exams, there's no way you'll be able to pass them, it's too hard, and you're too weak."

"I was afraid I would hear that sooner or later," Sakura grumbled

"The ninja participating are advanced and have no mercy; if you participate they may kill you."

"You're telling me this, you care!" Sakura said sounding completely in heaven

"I guess that is true…" Sasuke said turning around.

"Look at that, two lovebirds standing there waiting to die!" the Ninja from earlier said.

"Get lost or prepare to die."

"Talk is cheep!" yelled the ninja throwing three shuriken at Sasuke, but he dodged, pulled a kunai, and began running at the ninja.

"Now I'm really mad!" he stopped five feet away, the ninja jumped, and threw his umbrella, Sasuke threw his Kunai in defense, but the kunai only made the parasol split into a few hundred kunai, and they all rained down on him.

"SASUKE!" Sakura yelled as a cloud of dirt formed from all of the kunai hitting the ground, she ran towards him as the dirt cloud cleared, and found a bloody, kunai covered Sasuke, lying on the ground motionless "SASUKE!" she got on her knees and began crying.

"Let this be a warning, enter the chunin exams, and you will end up the same!" the ninja growled, as Sakura cried, until suddenly…

"HA, I'm no idiot, I saw strait through that cheep Genjutsu from the first moment!" she stood.


"Sasuke suddenly asking me out, and acting like he cares about me, like he would ever, Naruto I could probably see doing something stupid like that, fool." Sakura said

"Are you saying I'm a fool?!"

"No, because you're only an illusion, so you're the illusion of a fool!"

"Ha ha ha, just what I'd expect from Kakashi's team, but are you sure I'm not real?" The ninja asked as he chucked his umbrella at her. Sakura just walked towards it casually, and she went through the umbrella.

"Very good but in the chunin exam there are more than mere illusions, we'll see if you cut it!"

"I'm not worried at all, the big bad chunin exams," Sakura yelled enthusiastically, but her head suddenly drooped "Actually I'm really worried about them."

Sasuke was fighting the mysterious ninja, and he had just landed a solid kick on his cheek, the ninja flew backwards, "Leave our village and never come back."

Naruto, Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi were playing ninja when suddenly Naruto began getting a headache, although he didn't notice it to much as he played, until suddenly he noticed it, stopping in his tracks, Konohamaru then spotted him, but knew something was wrong when Naruto passed out.

Neji Hyuga was sparring with Rock Lee, when suddenly a headache began, Neji ignored it, but he suddenly collapsed when Lee was just about to be knocked to the ground, his hand was out and everything, just ten millimeters off.

Kiba was sparring with Shino, and it seemed that Kiba was still mad at him for passing out at a bad time because he was showing absolutely no mercy whatsoever, of course that little bit helped when a mysterious ninja had attacked them, however now that they were back into their spar Kiba was out of focus, his eyes kept seeming off and into space, as was the case with Akamaru, until Kiba finally passed out…

'He must be getting pay back.' Shino thought

Asuma had decided to treat, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino, to the BBQ restaurant since they had gotten rid if a enemy ninja, Choji was shoveling steak into his mouth, Ino ate on her salad, and Shikamaru was playing with him on his mini Shogi set.

'Alright' thought Shikamaru. 'I've got three moves left and then I can end the game, so long as Asuma sensei doesn't make the one move that could screw up my plan then I should be able to win.' His eye's suddenly moved as he watched his teachers eyes move while they scanned for anything to mess Shikamaru's plan up, until suddenly Shikamaru's face nosedived into the table, Asuma looked at him, his student was out cold…Did he really take that long to make a move?

Choji was chowing down on BBQ steak, as Ino ate her salad, and Shikamaru played a game of Shogi with Asuma sensei, but suddenly Shikamaru's face crashed into the table, and Asuma had a face that said 'Did I really take that long to make a move?' not that Asuma actually said it, but as suddenly as Shikamaru had passed out, Choji got a headache, and the headache grew steadily worse over only thirty seconds until he too passed out, that's when Asuma knew something had to be wrong, because Choji passing out with steak still on the grill, it's like Naruto never eating ramen again, if it happens it must be the apocalypse!

Lee was sparring with Neji, but Neji suddenly collapsed.

"YES, I HAVE WON!" yelled Lee enthusiastically while doing a victory dance, but he to passed out about a minute and a half later, Tenten and Gai who had been watching, were amazed, they had actually used so much chakra, and energy they passed out.

"Lee needs to train more." Gai said, sounding waaay to enthusiastic about it...

Ino had been eating her salad, when she felt someone begin to enter into her mind, in fact there were two someone's, she instantly began getting ready to meditate, she needed to get into her mindscape, and fast, she had to know if these new minds were friends or foes, but no matter how quick she was, the stress on her mind beat her to the punch and she was unconscious and into her mindscape.

Neji was sparring with Lee, and Neji was one blow from winning, but he suddenly collapsed.

"YES, I HAVE WON!" yelled Lee enthusiastically while doing a victory dance, but he to passed out about a minute and a half later, Tenten and Gai who had been watching, were amazed, they had actually used so much chakra, and energy they passed out.

"Lee needs to train more." Gai said, sounding waaay to enthusiastic about it…until Tenten staggered and fell over, Gai caught her... And when Gai finally got them to the hospital, he found seven other rookies there, along with three kids by Naruto and Sakura, and two confused looking sensei. And when the doctors had finished checking Tenten out, she was apparently the only one on her squad without any head injury.

Hinata had been watching Kiba and Shino as they sparred. But she quickly got worried when Kiba got sloppy, his moves always missed, and Akamaru didn't do much better. Until finally Kiba and Akamaru both passed out, what worried her more though was when she felt two new, but unseen presences. She checked it out with her Byakugan and saw two figures made completely of foreign chakra, she watched as one went into Kiba, and another went into her, that's when she suddenly felt like fainting.

Sakura was walking along, she still had no idea what to do about the exam, and she didn't know if she wanted take it or leave it and go for it next year. But suddenly she felt like her head was splitting, until there were two very, very, very faint, new presences in her mind. She then remembered something Ino had once taught her when they were friends; it was how to get into your mindscape. But just like Ino, the headache beat her to it. Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi found her collapsed on the side of the street and took her to the hospital, since they were taking Naruto as well.

And as all of this was happening, Sasuke, and after he had helped take Kiba and Hinata to the hospital, Shino had met at the village gate, they planned to go into the forest right outside the village. They were hopping try to figure out three things, why they suddenly appeared in each others mindscapes, why there's a kid curled into a ball, with some kind of technology in his hand, while slowly waking up (No he was not awake quite yet), and why they can hear each other thinking every once in a while. And so at 3:00 p.m. sharp Sasuke and Shino arrived at the front gate. But there was just one problem…they'd been having problems getting out of their mindscapes, and the headaches were coming back, so just in case they went to Kotetsu and Izumo.

"Hello Kotetsu, Izumo." Said Shino.

"Hi Shino," said Kotetsu he then saw Shino's face, and got right down to business. "what do ya need?"

"It'll cost you dinner." Izumo added.

"Deal," Shino said.

"Talk away."

"Alright, Sasuke and I are going to go into the forest for a while, if we aren't back by 8:00 tonight come find us."

"Alright!" Izumo and Kotetsu said.

That sealed it, and the two left into the forest, they followed the path for a while, and then veered to the left, and after about three minutes they found a small spring one of Shino's bugs had scouted earlier, it was just about the best place they could meditate so they could get into their mindscapes, but like Sakura and Ino, the headaches they had beat them to it...

Naruto was walking through his mindscape (Not that he knew it was called a mindscape)…the sewers and as he walked through them he came to a certain corridor, and found the nine tailed fox in his cage, he thought he heard the fox mutter runt or something, a kid with dark brown hair curled into the form of an egg, and a red and black device in one of his hands, and he found someone else, a ninja he had never met before in his life.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"I was about to ask the same thing, now my turn why are you in my mindscape?" The kid asked.

"I wanted to ask the same thing…" Naruto answered "But first what's a mindscape?"

The kid sighed, "First I need your name."

"Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto quickly said, happy someone actually wanted to know his name.

"I'm Neji Hyuga." Neji said.

"Hyuga, are you related to Hinata?" Naruto asked.

"We are, cousins." Neji said, sounding irritable because of the fact.

"So, what are mindscapes?"

"A mindscape is the landscape, or place that your mind creates it represents what you feel, and your state of mind."

"Ah that clears things up." Said Naruto.

"So why are you in my mindscape?" Neji asked.

"I don't know, how about you?"

"Same thing here, but there's also another, some kid curled into the shape of an egg, and he has a strange device in his hand."

"It's the same thing here…" Naruto said.

The Nine Tailed Fox Chuckled "That 'kid' as you call him is the one that can control fire, and therefore is the ruler of fire, weather he is aware of it or not." Naruto looked at him, surprised to hear him talk.

"Who was that?" Neji asked.

"Fur face thought he should say something." Naruto said, the fox growled at his new nickname, but as suddenly as Naruto had collapsed, he woke up, yet Neji didn't, and the kid became solid on Neji's side.

Shikamaru just laid back on his hill. He, for the most part, ignored the facts that there was some unknown kid in his head, Kiba was somehow shouting at him, and Akamaru was talking...Not the strangest experience ever… but still, it was getting annoyingly troublesome because they both kept yelling, and he already had a really bad headache.

"WOULD YOU SHUDUP ALREADY, DON'T YOUR THROATS EVER GET SORE?!" Shikamaru yelled his headache getting to him.

"NO! NO THEY DO NOT!" Akamaru yelled, Shikamaru got his temper back under control and ignored them.

Kiba and Akamaru were truly offended that Shikamaru was ignoring them and both yelled at the same time "Don't you dare ignore us, we're right here, get your butt off that hill and help us figure this out here!" they yelled as the kid became solid on Shikamaru's side.

Choji and Lee both screamed as they saw the others mindscape, they both saw their scariest nightmares, Lee saw the Barbeque restaurant that Choji, Ino, and Shikamaru always went to, and Lee's mindscape was an enormous training field, it was a huge clearing, targets were all around on every tree trunk, and a few were hidden in bushes, there was a hidden hole in the ground that led to a large room full of Kunai, Senbon, Explosive tags, shuriken, and various other weapons to use on the targets,(Not to mention spare green spandex outfits, with legwarmers to go with) then there were large logs deeply worn into, and to top it all off there was a rack with weights starting at 100 lbs. going all the way to 1001 lbs., the only thing was, there were two kids he had never met in his life.

"WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU?!" they both yelled at each other at the same time.

"I'm the kind of person that trains, morning, noon, and night." Lee said

"I just like food going into my mouth every second, mostly barbeque and chips, both if possible." Choji said, and just to prove his point he took a handful of chips and stuffed it into his mouth.

"So is that why you are such a fat ninja." Lee said, unbeknowst to him he had just crossed the line…

"HUMAN BOULDER!" Choji yelled his doppelganger in Lee's mind began to roll around, and eventually bowled Lee over leaving him to live only because he wasn't going to kill a fellow shinobi even if that fellow shinobi insulted him by calling him fat…

"This is not my day…" Lee said water flooding out of his eyes as he laid on the ground with a couple of broken bones, but decided to say something "So what is your name?"

"Choji Akimichi...what about you,"

"I am Rock Lee!" Lee said, having miraculously jumped up and taken up the nice guy pose, as the kid became more solid on Lee's side.

Ino was running through her mindscape, and what might it be? A shopping mall, what else? And it was a big shopping mall, she had only covered half the distance she needed too so she could get the area where the new minds were emerging.

'Come on I've got to get there faster!' she complained in her mind, and when she finally made it to the disturbance she found some girl curled into a ball while holding a strange device, although Ino admitted her clothes were stylish. Perhaps a bit to exposed for her taste, but then again she would love something like that outfit. It may not be ideal for a ninja but hey, she took style seriously, then once she was done looking at the girl's clothes, she looked over to see the other disturbance to her mind.

"Who are you; I demand you tell me your name!" Ino yelled forcefully, she was truly upset that someone had gotten into her mind.

"Say please and I'll tell you." The girl said stubbornly.

Ino screamed in frustration. "Fine, please!"

"I am Tenten." Tenten said "May I please have your name?"

Ino gritted her teeth."I'm Ino, Ino Yamanaka."

"Nice to meet you…so, do you have any idea where we are?" Tenten asked; Ino looked at her in amazement.

"You don't know where we are?" She asked, Tenten shook her head, "We, are in our mindscapes." Tenten looked at her in confusion "A mindscape is the landscape, or place that your mind creates, it represents what you feel, and your state of mind."

"I see, so any idea why there's some girl curled into the shape of an egg?" Tenten asked.

"No, all I know is that she's a brand new presence, and that she forced, or was forced into our minds, and she's going to wake up in about two days." But right as she finished the girl became more solid on her side.

Sakura was lying in a field of flowers; she had just woken up from collapsing in the street, it was odd she felt so weak at the moment, but forced herself into a sitting position anyways, then reached out in her mindscape to try and find the disturbance, and once she located the area she stood and ran towards it taking half an hour to get there, until she saw a strange little kid and Hinata, but as suddenly as she had found them the kid disappeared for the most part on her end, and appeared much more clearly on Hinata's side.

"Hinata what's going on?" Sakura asked

"I don't know," Hinata said "all I remember is seeing two strange entities made entirely of foreign chakra enter Kiba then a few seconds later one entered me…"

"Foreign entities, I wonder if they might be from another world maybe, although that's a real long shot, but what if they are from another place, does that mean that there are more of them, or is it a new kind of jutsu maybe?" Sakura asked

"I don't know, but I do remember a small disturbance earlier and then only an hour later the entity entered me…Oh I don't know." Hinata said

Shino was standing on a large tree branch in his mindscape, but he wasn't the only one on the branch, he was sharing it with the Sasuke doppelganger and the kid, only this time the kid wasn't curled, and was lying on the branch still half asleep.

"Is he ever going to wake up?" Sasuke asked, he had figured out that if he really focused, then he could see through the eyes of his doppelganger, and figured that he might eventually be able to go into Shino's mindscape himself, although this was also making him bored, and now that the kid was half awake, and it had been three hours since that had happened, plus they couldn't get out of their mindscape, and they had been stuck for almost three days, this was getting annoying…
"Well, he seems to be waking up more…" Shino said.

"In fact…I'm awake…" The kid said sounding groggy, and in pain.

"You've been able to talk this last while?!" Sasuke asked his voice kind of angry.

"No, it hurt too much to try and move, so I stayed still…" the kid groaned.

"Fine, but even so you invaded our mindscapes, so your name would be appreciated." Shino said keeping his cool, as the moon in his mindscape slowly rose into the sky.

"I'm Kouichi, Kouichi Kimura." Kouichi said, and then pushed himself up into a standing position as faint dark aura helped him stay upright.

"Shino Aburame." Shino said then looked at a stubborn faced Uchiha, but after Shino had given him a look, he quickly decided he wanted to speak up.

"Sasuke Uchiha." He grumbled.

"It's nice to meet you, so either of you have any idea where I am?"

"My mindscape," Shino said right as Sasuke said "his mindscape."

Kouichi stayed silent, there were five other very faint presences in the area, they were all familiar, and once he singled one out his face became shocked, he had found his twin brothers cold aura in two kids, then he checked and found the last four were found in two kids as well, he was totally shocked about this revelation.

"Hey, are you ok?" Shino asked him as his face turned into one of shock.

"Wake up, come on we've been stuck in here for days what's your problem." Sasuke asked grumpily.

Kotetsu and Izumo were sitting at the gates like they did every day, it was boring, but at least they could look forward to a yummy dinner, so Kotetsu watched the clock intently, until finally, it ticked to 8:00 pm., "Alright Izumo, they aren't back yet, so let's do rock, paper, scissors, and see who has to stay."

"ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!" they both yelled Izumo putting out rock and Kotetsu doing paper.

"Ha, ha, I finally get off this seat, see you in a bit!" Kotetsu said then started out of the village only to be met by Kakashi.

"Oh hi Kakashi sensei," Kotetsu said when he saw him.

"I would like to go with you." Kakashi said, his face determined.

"Alright, I'm not going to say no, help is welcome."

"Well then let's go." Kakashi said, they then sped off to find Sasuke, and Shino, and two hours later returned together. Kotetsu was carrying Shino, and Kakashi had Sasuke.

"Well that took a while." Kakashi said "Even with the help of Pakkun, they were hard to find."

It was about midnight, and the mysterious ninja appeared behind Kakashi.

"So how did it go?" Kakashi asked.

"All nine made it." The ninja replied shortly.

"Perfect." Said Kakashi, as the ninja poofed and became a battered, bruised, and barely recognizable Iruka.

"You were right Kakashi, they are good." He said 'but the problem is that the chunin exam can break anyone…'

"Although, I don't know if they will be able to make it…"

"Why, you seemed to have so much faith before."

"Well it seems the twelve rookies been dropping unconscious like rain falls from the sky, Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, Tenten, Hinata, Kiba, Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Sakura, and Naruto have all gone unconscious, they're all at the hospital right now, but from what I heard apparently Sasuke and Shino both passed out yesterday, and than I heard Kotetsu say he was going to find them, I helped him and we found them unconscious two hours later." Kakashi said, and Iruka's face had turned from painful to shocked.

"W-what do you think is causing this?" Iruka asked flabbergasted.

"I don't know, but I'm beginning to worry about the seal, on our mission to the land of waves the seal loosened and some of the Nine Tailed Fox's chakra leaked through, admittedly if it hadn't, Naruto and Sasuke probably would have died, but it still has me worried at this point."

"I see." Iruka said nodding "Do you think you can do anything to check the seal?"

"No…but Inoichi can…"

Naruto woke up in a hospital bed, it was warm crisp and clean, it was around three in the morning, so the hallway outside was quiet, and on another bed inside the room was Shikamaru though seemed not to be awake, but he didn't think about that too much, and instead thought about what had just happened, until the thought of Neji popped into his head.

"Grrrrr…that Neji guy is such an arrogant jerk, talking about Hinata like he hates her, and would love to be related to anyone but her, who does he think he is?!" Naruto said angrily, "What's his problem!"

Sakura woke up, she was currently in a nice comfortable bed, well if you compared it to the ground. She looked around to see that Ino, Hinata, and some female ninja (Tenten) that she had never seen before were all waking up as well. But instead of focusing on Ino and the unknown ninja she swung her legs over the side of her bed and tried to stand, she nearly fell over but caught the bed just in time.

"Ahhh I feel like I've been drained of all my energy." Sakura complained.

"I feel it to." Hinata said in her quiet voice.

Lee woke up to see Neji, Choji, and three other ninja, of whom he was unfamiliar with (Sasuke, Shino, Kiba). Choji, and one of the unfamiliar ninja was awake (Kiba). While the other three were out cold. Lee tried to stand but like Sakura his legs gave out and he barely caught the bed in time to keep himself from hitting the floor.

"How is it I cannot stand upright?" Lee asked.

"I can't really move," Choji said as he munched on a handful of chips. "luckily someone was smart and left me a gift basket full of chips." Lee sighed at the Akimichi's appetite.

Hey, first Naruto crossover with anything. Well that I've written, read lots of Naruto Harry Potter crossovers…my sister is on a Harry Potter Naruto Crossover spree so I get a lot of those from her. Well anyways I hope I kept them in character for the last bit, I copied the episode dialogue as it played until the scene where Sasuke passed out, and then it went back to the original dialogue until the scene where Kiba and Naruto are taking Sasuke and Shino home. So I hope the last parts are good enough to fit their personalities.

Okay just in case your confused, Kouichi was first to go to the Naruto world, and the time gap between him and the others might seem to big but the whole thing is, is that the other five left for the Naruto world after Kouichi, and Kouichi's spirit left his body naturally, while the spirits of the other five were literally having to be ripped from their bodies, and so that is why there is such a big gap.

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