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Chapter 2

The Chuunin Exams: Part One,


Kouichi's eye's got a glazed look as he stared in shock, but his face soon showed a grudging comfort.

"Hello? Kouichi…? You still didn't answer my question!" Sasuke yelled looking at the kid impatiently.

"My friends they're all here, they all came to find me…?" Kouichi asked. His voice was regretful, and happy at the same time.

"What do you mean friends?!" Shino asked alarmed. "Do you mean there are more of you?!"

"Five, my twin brother, and my four other friends, J.P., Takuya, Tommy, and Zoe...They are all asleep within ten other people, although I don't know how it happened that they were able to come find me." Kouichi answered. Sasuke and Shino had their eyes fixed on him showing their full attention. "They followed me, they came to save me, but I don't know if they will be able to get back let alone take me, a mere soul along with them. I don't know how it was possible for them to come at all…"

"I see, but before anything else, you need to answer a few questions." Shino said calmly.

"Ask away,"

"First and foremost, are you and your comrades shinobi in any shape or form?" Shino asked.

"Sh-shinobi?" Kouichi asked. Shino looked him over to look for hints of lying. He found none.

Sasuke looked at Shino for permission to continue the interrogation. Shino nodded. "Next. How did you get here?" Sasuke asked.

"I-I don't know." Kouichi answered honestly. "The last thing I remember was giving Koji my spirits and…Oh no I hope Lucemon didn't hurt them, or…"

"Or…?" Shino questioned further.

"I hope he didn't kill them and that's why they're here, because I know I died before waking up here…" Kouichi said paling.

"Hmmm I don't know, but anyways here is our last question, do you pose any threat, or have any ill intent for Konoha, me or Sasuke?"

"No, I wish no harm upon you or anyone else." Kouichi finished.

"Ah so you must be the descendants of the shinobi that used to summon us." a voice said.

"Yes you both have the right aura...fairly dark." said another voice as it came closer.

Shino and Sasuke began fading.

"Well we mean you no harm and only wish to speak with Kouichi." the first voice said mysteriously.

"Kouichi, do you know them?" Shino asked as he flickered again.

"I know those voices. I know them. Don't worry they are my partners."

"Yes or as shinobi like to say comrades." the second voice said as Lowemon and Jagerlowemon burst through the bushes. Kouichi smiled at them but got confused when he noticed they were smaller than usual, Jagerlowemon only reached his waist, and Lowemon was his height.

"It seems we are waking up." Said Sasuke as he flickered.

Shino sighed. "Yes it does, well Kouichi I see no reason for you not to explore my mindscape, nor enjoy yourself. I will talk to you in a while once I fall asleep again, but do keep them under control." Shino said pointing at the two digimon spirits beside him.

"I second that for me," Said Sasuke, "just don't pass outside of the area with buildings, otherwise I will attack you next time we meet." Sasuke gave him a death glare.

"I promise I will heed your warning, assuming I can get to your mindscape...whatever a mindscape is." Kouichi said. Sasuke nodded for a job well done. Once they were gone Kouichi and his spirits got into a pleasant conversation.

Neji had seen Naruto disappeared five days ago, and there was still no sign that he had come back, or would come back anytime soon. So to keep himself occupied, he eventually decided to try and strike up a conversation with the one that Naruto had called 'Furface.' His fist attempt hadn't gone so well...

Naruto had disappeared four days ago, and Neji had no one to talk to. So he finally decided to meet 'Furface.' "Hello...ummm may I please have your name?" Neji asked. The fox stared at him, anger burning in his eyes, until finally he opened his mouth and spat a rush of chakra at him. Neji's doppelganger ran as fast as possible away from the acidic chakra.

"Wait, Nine Tailed Demon in a cage, Naruto must be the holder of the Kyubi...!" Neji said to himself as he ran.

The next day his second attempt didn't go much better...

"Hello...ummm I think I'm right but d-do you happen to be the Kyubi?" Neji asked nicely, he really hoped not to get killed. The fox stared at him for three milliseconds, but once again, sent his chakra out of the cage. Only this time he formed spears made of his acidic chakra. Once again Neji had to run for his life through the sewers.

Now on the next day, he was on his third attempt, he rathered having to run for his life instead of going insane from the loneliness he felt.

"Hello...I'm Neji Hyuga..." The fox took one glance and opened his mouth. "Please don't try and kill me again, I wish no disrespect." The Kyubi looked again and closed his mouth.

'Hmm spirited one, and brave as well, perhaps I should try not killing him...Even if he is annoying...' 'Furface' thought.

"Why do you keep coming back?" He asked.

"I only want to talk..." Neji said.

"Fine, but you are to call me The Nine Tails, or preferably Kurama." The fox said.

"Nine Tails...? That must mean I was right...the number one hyperactive ninja is your container!" Neji yelled.

"Yes, the Fourth Hokage sealed me away inside the child. Quite annoying when I have to heal his wounds after almost every fight...And another thing, you've never met the runt so how do you know him?" Kurama sighed.

"He's well known for being a hyperactive, knucklehead that enjoys pranking the village...So anyways, is there a chance you would please tell me about the kid in my mindscape...?" Neji asked looking at him.

"He is going to wake up in your mindscape. And as I said earlier he is the master of fire. Though I don't know about how that will affect you and the runt...You may be able to use fire in battles or you may not, of that matter I am not certain..." Kurama mused. "But if the runt can use fire then I think that I might see if the Hokage tower is flammable..." He laughed.

Neji glared at him. "Don't burn down the tower, what if someone gets hurt?"

"The least I can hope for." Kurama said, a malicious grin on his face.

"Well, anyways can you please answer a couple of questions?"

"Alright, so long as they are reasonable." Kurama said.

"Do you know how the kid got here?" Neji asked.

"I notice signs of frailty, he seems to have been ripped from his body, and pushed into both your, and the runt's minds. As a result you both will eventually be able to communicate, via mind link..." Kurama mused.

Neji's eyes widened a fraction. "Hmm that may be useful..."

"Yes, but there's more. By using the channel, I can channel my potent chakra and give you a small amount of my power. Not that I can guarantee you not going berserk, but if the runt orders me to then I guess I will..."

"What do you mean berserk?!" Neji asked alarmed, as he made a mental note to tell the hyperactive blonde not to let the fox channel any of his chakra into him.

"On the mission to the land of waves, I pushed some chakra through. Naruto could barely channel half a tails worth, and even so he went berserk, destroying the enemy." Kurama looked somewhat triumphant at the statement.

"Why did you channel your chakra, when it seems you probably knew the risk?"

"His anger woke me from a nap, and when I looked through his eyes I found that there was a threat that could end his life, and therefore mine."

Neji sat down in the sewer water, but soon regretted it when water that seemed to be a small amount acidic burned his skin. He jumped into a standing position. "This water burns like acid!"

"Yes, my chakra is infused with the water, but if you would like to go to your mindscape, by this point, the other end of my cage should have appeared there." Kurama said.

"I think I'll do that..." Neji said as he focused on his mindscape. He was immediately transported to his beautiful forest clearing. "Now where is he?" Neji asked as he used his Byakugan to search. He quickly found Kurama, and also found out his mindscape was a lot larger than he had originally thought it was. But throwing that fact aside he quickly started off, it took hi about three minutes to finally reach the fox. And when he saw the cage there was also a door off to the side, and when he opened it there were three stairs that led down into Naruto's mindscape.

"You know child you have very long hair...not ideal for a ninja, easy for the enemy to grab and use against you...I think you should cut it shorter..." Kurama suddenly said. Neji walked over so he was facing the fox.

"No." Neji said calmly. "I quite like my hair at this length, thank you very much!"

Kurama got an evil grin and sent a blade of chakra, it passed right by his elbows shearing off about one foot, leaving it to hang about halfway down his back.

"That's better." Kurama said with a smirk.

"What do you think you're doing?! You better feel lucky that cutting my hair here doesn't cut it in real life!" Neji yelled enraged.

"Actually..." Kurama smirked, as Neji's face became one of mortification. "Anything that happens in your mindscape, or in the runts, will happen in reality."

Neji growled. Kurama smirked. Neji death glared him. Kurama's smirk widened, until he suddenly sent a fourth of a tail's worth of his chakra towards Neji.

Shikamaru was laying on his hill sleeping, after about a week Kiba and Akamaru had finally shut up. Why, or How? Shikamaru had no idea, because he was to LAZY to actually stand up and see what was going on...

It was about three in the afternoon, and Naruto had been laying in bed for approximately nine hours, though he was wide awake. He would have been sitting up, but his physical energy seemed to be gone. He soon got busy thinking about how his energy might have been taken from him…But suddenly the door opened. "Hello Naruto!" Iruka said in a cheerful voice, as he walked in with a covered basket in one of his hands.

"Iruka sensei!" Naruto yelped in surprise, while trying to spring from his bed to hug the man. But with his body being so drained he wasn't even able to sit up.

"How are you?" He asked.

"I feel like all of my energy is gone, but other than that I feel fine!" Naruto said.

Iruka's eye's widened just a fraction. 'Naruto's energy NEVER runs out, what could've happened?!'

"Iruka sensei…?" Naruto asked when his sensei went silent.

"Huh? Oh sorry…anyways, I have something for you." Iruka said as he uncovered the basket letting the wonderful aroma of ramen fill the air.

Naruto drooled. "I-is that, ramen I smell…?" he asked his energy instantly being restored enough to sit up straight.

"Fresh from Ichiraku…" Iruka said as he helped Naruto get into a sitting position.

"Wow! Thanks Iruka sensei!" Naruto exclaimed as he broke apart the chopsticks, and started to inhale the ramen. "Ah...that hit the spot." Naruto said as he began feeling drowsy. He eventually couldn't keep himself awake, and passed out, falling head first towards the open edge of the bed. Iruka barely caught him.

Ino, and Tenten had been talking until Ino felt the child in her mind stir, beginning to wake up.

"It's time!" Ino said as her hands flew together creating a few hand signs, putting her into a trance and dropping her into her mindscape.

Tenten felt a pull in her mind, and was soon pulled into Ino's mindscape by the blonde, collapsing on her bed.

Sakura and Hinata soon felt drowsy as they each got headaches, eventually collapsing, falling into their mindscapes. It was time indeed...

Sasuke, and Shino had just woken up, after Kouichi had woken they quickly disappeared from their mindscapes. They found two ninja they had never met, and then there was Choji and Kiba there to. Why six ninja that could kill each other were put in the same room, they would never know... (It's actually because all of the twelve rookies showed up at once, and they still had other patients...) But what they really noticed was that one of the unknowns had an red chakra around him like a shield.

Sasuke had been trying to figure out who it was since he had felt that chakra before...But when he heard something in his head he quickly turned to Shino. "Hey, Shino, are you- can you- do you happen to be hearing a voice in your head...?" Sasuke asked as Kouichi's soft voice echoed lightly in his head. The other ninja in the room that were conscious looked at Sasuke as if he were insane.

"Well- actually, yea quite loudly in fact..." Shino answered. There was silence until a small thump was heard, and Kiba and Akamaru had collapsed on their bed...Kiba ended up landing on poor Akamaru...Shino and Sasuke had enough compassion to free the small canine before he was crushed to death...

"That was sudden..." Sasuke said. But as suddenly as Kiba and Akamaru had collapsed, or as Sasuke said, 'fainted'. The unknown ninja (Lee) still awake collapsed closely followed by Choji, whom had a hand full of chips in his mouth went he nose dived onto the bed.

Shino sighed. "Things just get more like the Apocalypse every second..."

Naruto fell into a forest where he saw the strangest sight…Neji, the genius of the Hyuuga clan was yelling at the enormous fox demon…something about how the fox had no right and that he shouldn't have hit him with chakra…

"Gosh," Naruto said unexpectedly. "The two of you fight like Ino and Sakura."

Neji and Kurama both turned a bit red from being compared to a couple of girls, "Hmmm, yes but doesn't that mean that you and that Sasuke brat also fight like them…?" Kurama asked with a triumphant smirk.


"You should show respect to those who are older and more powerful than you!" Kurama yelled. Then took one of his tails and attempted to attack Naruto with it through his cage. He barely slapped Naruto's ankle as he dodged.

"Ow, what was that?!" he gasped.

"A lesson in respect," Kurama said smugly.

"You apologize right now!" Naruto yelled as loudly as possible.

…Three hours later…


"I refuse you runt!"

"Stop calling me runt!"

"I will not, you little runt!"

Neji sighed as he walked towards them, he had left to get away from the noise, but the two were yelling so loudly that he could go the opposite edge of his mindscape and still hear them.

"Will the two of you just shut up?!" Neji yelled as loudly as he could. Naruto glared at him, and Kurama looked at him with interest. "The kid that invaded our mindscapes is about to wake up! So Naruto, I need you to come with me!" Neji yelled forcefully as he grabbed Naruto's arm, and dragged him kicking and screaming towards the clearing where the odd child lay, seemingly asleep.

"You let me go right now!" Naruto yelled as he kicked Neji's leg.


"WELL THEN LET ME GO!" Naruto screamed.

"No! I want you to be there with me in case the kid is dangerous!" Naruto instantly calmed down.

"He's waking up?"

"I told you before…" Neji deadpanned.

"Oh...heh heh heh..." Naruto stood straight and walked.

They walked for another minute before seeing the kid laying on the ground his eyes just barely slitted open.

"He is almost awake." Neji said. Him and Naruto stood back about three feet just in case.

"Urrg my head feels like it's smashed into a rock!" The boy said as his eyes opened more.

"That's because it did..." Neji said.

"Wh-who are you, and where am, and when the heck did my head hit a rock?!" The kid asked as a flaming aura held him up off the ground in a standing position.

"First it would be appreciated if you would please answer a few questions." Neji said.

Takuya huffed. "Fine, whatever."

"Alright first question. Who are you and how did you get into our minds?" Neji asked him with a look in his eye that said. 'If you don't answer truthfully then I'll kill you.'

"My name is Takuya," He said squirming under Neji's gaze. "Takuya Kanbara, and all I remember is stepping through a portal that might possibly take me to a friend."

"Hmm, you don't seem to be lying...but I still don't trust you." Neji said.

"Next question!" Naruto barked making Takuya jump. "Are you alone, or are there more of you, and are you a shinobi?!"

"I don't know where the rest of my friends are, and what's a shinobi...?"

Naruto and Neji then got the same question and began at the same moment. "Now, do you pose any threat to Konoha?!" They asked worried for their home.

"No, I don't even know who or what 'Konoha' could be." Takuya said. He stopped squirming turned from the cold looks, and used his aura to look for his friends. What he found shocked him. All of his friends were spread out through ten other kids, including Kouichi...

"What the heck is wrong with you?!" Naruto asked after thirty seconds of silence.

"I sense my friends, all of them, including Kouichi..." Takuya said absentmindedly.

"There are more of you?" Neji asked.

"And why are you surprised about this 'Kouichi' guy?" Naruto asked.

"I wonder if this could be another world...?"

"Answer me!" Naruto yelled impatiently.

"Fine," Takuya said, wiping around as flames flashed dangerously in his eyes. "YES there are more, there are five more, my friends Koji, Zoe, Tommy, J.P., and Kouichi! And I'm going to speak assuming that this is another world. So Kouichi died in our world, me and the rest of my friends went into a portal hoping to find him, I remember blacking out and waking up here! There happy?!" He yelled the flames in his eyes dancing as though warming up for battle. (Not that the flames needed warming up...)

"You didn't have to yell at us like that." Neji said then felt a small cinder. "What the?" He looked up... "What, you, how? You set my forest on fire! And you didn't even move or break a sweat." Neji said alarmed.

Takuya stood there with a 'You shouldn't have pissed me off then' look on his face, but still gazed up for a second to see the damage he had caused. And noticed that as he got calmer the flames diminished. So he took a few deep breaths and calmed down.

"You three are annoying!" a voice said from the bushes behind them.

"I think it's funny." said another voice.

"Oh shut up, you only think it's funny because you're younger and more obnoxious." said the first voice.

"Still they have the same aura as them..."

"Yes defiantly descendents." the first voice mused, as Neji and Naruto flickered.

"Hmm to bad we can't talk with them."

'I know those voices! From from somewhere!' Takuya thought.

"Yes they seem to be waking up." said the first voice as Burninggreymon walked through the bushed though only about half the size he used to be. Then a few seconds later Agunimon walked through the bushes also shrunk.

"Who are you?" Neji asked.

"We are friends of Takuya. You seem very much like the last Hyuga I used to know before he died..." Agunimon said.

"And you blonde seem a lot like some one I used to know..." said Burninggreymon.

Neji and Naruto flickered threatening to wake up. "Well whatever, Takuya you have no signs of lying, I trust you for now...but if I come back and find anything tampered with I will lose any trust I have, so don't-touch-anything."

"Go ahead explore my mindscape, knock yourself out." Naruto said in an uncaring voice. They flickered twice more until finally they disappeared. Takuya then turned to his spirits getting them to talk whit him about stuff.

Iruka sat there by the edge of Naruto's bed, Naruto had passed out ten minutes ago, and now he was muttering things in his sleep like 'Dang furball!' and 'Shut up you pain in the butt!' this went on for about twenty minutes until he quieted down. But suddenly the door opened, and Inoichi and Kakashi entered. Right as Naruto was muttering something angrily.

"Hello." Iruka said watching as the two walked towards Naruto.

Kakashi was the first of the pair to speak. "Hi. Um, well, we asked the Hokage, and he said it would be fine and actually would be more than ok if Inoichi took a look at the seal. Just to make sure it's holding."

"I would appreciate it if you would leave Iruka you may come back in a while." Inoichi said.

"Alright..." Iruka said standing, then he walked to the door and decided to wait outside.

He heard a gasp about five minutes later and some inaudible whispering.

Iruka closed the door and Inoichi went to work. He found the seal, made a few hand signs and placed his hands on Naruto's stomach, going into a trance as he examined the seal.

'Hmm, where is the seal?' Inoichi thought to himself.

"Ah, there it is." he said as he spotted the symbol that he had seen on Naruto's stomach. He looked and saw almost half of it was gone, he watched entranced with fear as he saw the last of the half disappear. "Could it be that my presence has altered the balance and the seal is collapsing?!" Inoichi asked as the seal began burning red, all sense of power he originally felt from it was now gone. But he soon relaxed as power returned filling the 'air' three times as thickly as it had before. Inoichi smiled detaching from that part of Naruto's mind.

Inoichi was back in the hospital room. He noticed Naruto was awake, and Kakashi was reading his book again. But then he noticed something off about Kakashi, he looked like he had begun panicking a bit just a few seconds ago... Oh well, the man is impossible to read, whatever goes on in his mind, Inoichi couldn't figure out with out reading it.

"So," Kakashi asked, his voice a bit shaky. "How is it looking?" Inoichi walked over to a corner Kakashi following.

"I don't know how but half of it erased it's self, and then it reappeared, only in flames..." Inoichi explained quietly so no prying ears could hear.

"I don't know how but the seal somehow became three times more powerful...I have no idea how it happened."

"Well if it's three times more powerful, I guess we don't have to worry about it breaking anytime soon..." Kakashi said as he kept his eye on the book.

"Well at least that's one thing off of our chests...well we ought to go tell the Hokage about this, and tell Iruka he can come back in." So they walked to the door and left, Naruto staring as they walked out. A minute later Iruka walked in and took his seat back.

"So your awake Naruto." Iruka said. "You feel more energetic now?" He asked as Naruto's lips began sliding into a grin.

Naruto decided he wanted to have some fun. "Hey Iruka sensei..." He began. Iruka looked at him knowing exactly what was going on in Naruto's mind.

'The village is doomed.' He thought, sighing in his mind, as Naruto looked at him.

Suddenly the door opened.

Shikamaru stayed sitting on his hill until Kiba and Akamaru's annoying voices began echoing...again.


"Yea Kiba, but...if I'm an idiot, then what are you?" Shikamaru countered with a smirk.

Akamaru growled. "How dare you speak to my master that way?!" He demanded, as he thought about maybe gnawing Shikamaru's ponytail off.

"Because he's annoying." Shikamaru deadpanned.

"Oh yea well if you don't get up right now I'll chew your ponytail until you're bald!" Akamaru yelled. Kiba looked at his Akamaru as though he his was a mother.

"Now now Akamaru." Kiba said. "I think a kunai might be quicker than chewing!" Kiba said pulling out a kunai.

"Don't you dare try and cut my hair." Shikamaru said.

And then, the biggest shocker ever known...Shikamaru stood! (THE WORLD'S ENDING! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!)


"Shut up bigmouth. I just though that I should meet our intruder." Shikamaru said.

"Whatever." Kiba and Akamaru said at the same time.

Kiba watched as Shikamaru watched the strange kid that he noticed was now laying on the ground asleep or so he thought...Then he looked back at Shikamaru, Shikamaru's eyes were going into overdrive as they scanned the intruder up and down over and over again.

"Grrr Kouichi I can see Takuya getting me into a strange place that I have no idea about, but you?" said the kid. He swore, sat up and started rubbing a bump on his head.

"Who are you?" Shikamaru asked.

The kid's head instantly turned to lock a pair of eyes on Shikamaru. "Who are you?!" He asked alarmed.

"I want your name first." Shikamaru said.

The kid glared at Shikamaru, but then felt someone behind him glaring at him. "Fine, whatever, my name is Koji Minamoto." Koji said, arms folded.

"Well Koji," Kiba said his arms folded. "Where are you from?"

"I'm from earth, from Japan, the human world." Koji answered.

"Where's Japan? And what do you mean 'Human world'?" Shikamaru questioned.

Koji growled in frustration. 'How can I make the dimwit over there understand?!' "Alright here's how it is, I went through a portal, woke up here, and am going to assume that this is a different dimension from where I came from. Alright?" He asked getting frustrated with the two of them.

"Huh?" Kiba asked eyes locking on the boy.

"ALRIGHT! You had better listen up! First I think you're harder to teach than Takuya. Second as far as I can tell I'm from another dimension. And third I want to know each of your names." He yelled.



"What a drag...Oh well, I'm Shikamaru."

Koji nodded for a job well done. "Alright now that we officially know each other I guess you can ask me anything you want..."

Shikamaru immediately opened his mouth. "You've mentioned two other names, are there more of you?"

"Well me and my friends, Takuya, J.P., Tommy, and Zoe all entered a portal hoping to find my twin brother Kouichi...and it must have worked because I sense him." Koji explained. "I also sense the rest of them, they're all spread through ten other people..."

Shikamaru finally understood.(Thank you Ino and your boring lectures about the human mind!) "Ten other people...That must mean that the reason that Shino and the snobby Uchiha kid passed out yesterday because someone was bonding to their minds...And perhaps that is why me, Kiba, and Akamaru passed out as well, the stress it put on our minds must have been, and still seems to be enormous!" Shikamaru said. His normal 'everything's a drag' attitude disappearing for a few minutes.

Kiba looked at him, the most Shikamaru had moved and talked in the last week was very little... "WHO in the world gave Shikamaru sugar?!" Kiba yelled.

"Ino gave me a sugary thing called a lollipop...she must've put some kind of stimulant in it..." Shikamaru sighed.

Koji looked at Shikamaru as though he was insane."Ummm you dooo realize su-"

"Shush." Kiba said. "He's hardly moved in the last couple days since I've been back. Don't tell him why he's so hyper."

"Maybe he won't just sit around all day playing Shogi." Akamaru added.

"You do realize playing Shogi improves my intellect and allows me to plan out every possible move, or on a mission figure out and plan for any trick."

Kiba sighed. "Whatever floats your boat... Anyways, why are you here?" Kiba asked looking towards Koji.

Koji sighed, the guy was impossible to teach... "I'm here to find my twin brother, and you are a total dimwit."

"WHAT?! How dare you call me a dimwit?! YOU BRAT!" Kiba yelled indignantly.

"Do you even know what dimwit means?" Koji asked mockingly.

"Brat..." Kiba said a little to quietly for Shikamaru's liking, he noticed Kiba's hand slowly twitching towards his Kunai pouch.

"Don't you dare throw that Kunai!" Shikamaru finally said when Kiba had a Kunai in his hand, and face that said 'I hate the brat, he dies!'.

"Fine whatever." Kiba said, putting away the Kunai.

"Well anyways...Koji would you please tell us something?"

"Fine so long as he doesn't attack me with anything pointy..." Koji said, as he pointed over his shoulder. Kiba growled.

"Do you have any kind of wish to harm Konoha, or anyone inside of it's walls?" Shikamaru asked.

"I have no idea What Konoha is, and even so, from what it sounds like it's some kind of city. You live in it, I pretty much live in you now. So why would I harm it?" Koji asked, Noticing Shikamaru and Kiba flicker.

"You just flickered..." Koji said.

Shikamaru sighed. "Well then we must be waking up...What a drag. Well anyways feel free to stay on my hill..." Shikamaru yawned getting his old non energy self back. "Oh and there's a small village down there, where you can get something to get if you get hungry..." Shikamaru said pointing down to the bottom of the hill.

"Don't go into my mindscape until I'm here again assuming you can get there..." Kiba said.

"Fine whatever." Koji said. The two disappeared, but he was startled by a voice below him.

J.P. Woke up and found his worst nightmare...Exercise equipment.

He squealed like a little girl and attempted to stand but he was feeling to weak. Then he felt two set's of eye's on him. He tilted his head up to find... Choji and Lee! Staring at him...one looked scary and the other dangerous. Aw crap.

"You really did it this time Takuya!" J.P. said.

"Who are you?" Lee asked.

"I want your names first." J.P. said stubbornly as he slowly sat up energy beginning to return to him.

Choji sighed then stuck a handful of chips in his mouth. "Fine, whatever. I'm Choji."

"And I am ROCK LEE!" Lee said taking the nice guy pose.

"I'm J.P. Shibayama. Yea so where am I?" J.P. Asked.

"Well, you are in my mindscape." Lee said.

"What's a mindscape?"

"A place that manifests your state of mind, and what you feel..." Lee said.

"So why are you...*munch*...here?" Choji asked.

"Well...My friend...Kouichi...He...He...He died, and a portal formed...Me and the rest of my friends went through it...We hoped to find him...Then I woke up here." J.P. said.

"Wait that must be why Shikamaru passed out during Shogi!" Choji said forgetting his chips for the time being.

"And Neji passed out during our spar!" Lee pieced together.

"And so that must have been what happened to the Uchiha, Shino and Kiba, because they were in the same hospital room!"

"And let's see I thought I heard the name Tenten!"

"And right before I passed out Ino seemed about to faint as well!" Choji said. "I think it's safe to assume that Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Naruto all passed out as well. For some reason all twelve of us seem to have passed out."

"But why?" Lee asked, as J.P. Stood and started moving away from their insane babbling. And then once he had found a nice spot on the grass he sat down and began searching for the aura of his friends.

"Wait! Ino's lessons that she tied me and Shikamaru to seats for...She taught us about how the human mind works! And also about how your mind can react to new presences." Choji said thinking back on the lecture.

Ino looked at her chart with some pride. "So you see the human mind is fragile. Most minds will reject intrusions. So if someone were to try and get into and bond to your mind, you would pass out and if the other mind wins, it will bond to yours and you will share the mindscape, and other parts of your mind." Ino said. Then looked away from her chart, and back at the two boys. "GR SHIKAMARU NARA WAKE UP RIGHT NOW YOU LAZY IDIOT!"

"Huh is the torture over?" He asked.

"Oh, no, Shikamaru...just because you fell asleep we will have to take an extra three hours to start over." Ino said with an innocent smile on her face.

"I see so that is how it works." Lee said.

"Alright! It worked!" J.P. Yelled.

"What worked?" Choji asked.

"I located my friends, they're spread through ten other kids." J.P. Said as the other two flickered.

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha." A voice boomed from behind them.

"We didn't expect you also to figure it out so quickly!" Another voice said. Choji and Lee flickered again.

"I-I know those voices!" J.P. exclaimed.

"So you recognize us..." The first voice said.

"You should, we only were with you for about six months in the digital world." Then the source of the first voice came through the bushes...A shrunk Beetlemon!

Then a few seconds later a human sized Metalkabuterimon came through the bushes.

"Hello guys." J.P. said a bit surprised. Lee and Choji flickered.

"You are waking up, alright. Then we only wish to talk to J.P. For a while. Goodbye." Said Beetlemon a bit childishly.

"Feel free to exercise while I'm gone!" Lee said before disappearing.

J.P. Shuttered at the thought of exercise. But stopped when he felt his spirits look at him seriously.

Zoe sat on the mattress she had woken up on about twenty minutes ago. And by the time the two girls she had met when she had awoken were done with her...well she wished she hadn't. Ino had decided to yell at her as loudly, and as much as possible. And Tenten sat on a comfy mattress eventually falling asleep. By the time she had answered all of Ino's questions, she was scared, about to fall asleep, and barely trusted. This was not her day. Lucky for her the two disappeared from Ino's mindscape after about 15 minutes of the yelling. And now as she sat there cursing Takuya for going through first, and making the rest of the group have to go in because they were worried about their leader, she finally stopped and tried to look for her friends. She found all of them, safe a and sound. Except...

"What the heck?! They're all in ten other people! But there's only FIVE of them. HOW?!" She yelled, but her ranting was cut short when a voice echoed through the mall.

"I know the mattress store is around here!" One said.

"Your wrong, like always Kazemon. It's back there." Another voice said.

"Wait I know those voices, and Kazemon!" Zoe said. She then went to the door and peeked around the corner. "Kazemon, Zephyrmon!" She squealed.

"Ah there you are Zoe. We've been looking for you." Kazemon said.

"You are one hard little human to find." Zephyrmon said.

"We've been looking fro almost two hours."

Zephyrmon then decided it was time to get to the point.

Tommy was staring at his spirits(After meeting Sakura, scary inner Sakura, and Hinata of course). They had just found him and he was happy to see them. They talked for awhile but then Korikakumon decided it was time to get to the point of them being there.

"Tommy there is a point in us having found you."

Lowemon looked at Kouichi seriously. "You see we need to talk about something. About this world."

Koji stared at his spirits. "You see this is a completely different dimension."

Takuya was surprised about being right for once, and only on a wild guess. "When Kouichi died his spirit and soul slipped through a gap in the dimensional barrier." Said Burninggreymon

"We could not do anything alone to find him. Your wishful thinking gave us the power we needed," Said Agunimon

"To create a portal to this dimension." Zephyrmon explained.

"We met to try and reverse it to take you all home, all six of you." Kazemon said.

"But we were unsuccessful." Beetlemon said miserably.

Metalkabuterimon took up the explanation. "Do to the fact that your minds bonded with two minds."

"And we can't detach you fully from two minds," Lowemon said.

"This setup with your mind being split between two minds..." Jagerlowemon continued.

"Is permanent." Kumamon said. Tommy's eyes began to swell with tears.

Korikakumon continued, while Kumamon went over to comfort their human. "We will keep trying but after another day we will not be able to detach you from these minds."

Zoe felt tears begin to form in her eyes. "And the gap in dimensions you came through is gone." Kazemon said.

"Unless we find a new one within twenty four hours..." Zephyrmon continued.

"You will never be able to go home." Burninggreymon said.

Agunimon sighed as a tear fell down Takuya's face. "We are sorry.

"But this can not be hidden from you." Kendogarurumon said.

"There is no way to hide it." Lobomon said sadly.

Agunimon and Burninggreymon watched as Takuya cried. "But if you would like we can create a mind link between you and your friends, then you can talk to each other anytime you want."

"Alright." Takuya said regaining his composer.

"It will only take a second, they all just have to say yes, and then all of us spirits will use our power to create it. Then just think something to a specific person, or all of them, and see what happens." Burninggreymon said. Then a few minutes later told him to try it.

Takuya focused soon seeing a projection of himself. "Ummm hello can anyone hear me? HELLO!" Takuya asked in his mind.

Koji's voice rang out seconds later, a projection of Koji appearing. "Hello? Takuya is that you? Well of course it's him only he could be that annoying." The small sound of laughter echoed in to the conversation.

"Tommy! So you can hear us!" Takuya said. Then the laughter of J.P. and the giggling of Zoe joined the sounds in their minds. "And I hear J.P. and Zoe to!"

"Hi." Zoe said still in a giggling fit.

"Hey!" J.P. said loudly.

"Oh hello J.P." Kouichi said.

"Kouichi!" Koji yelled happily.

"Hey buddy!" J.P. and Takuya said at the same time.

"And J.P. says it's creepy when we talk at the same time." Koji and Kouichi said together.

Tommy sniffled. And laughed a bit. "Maybe they're twins to!" He said trying not to cry anymore. And so they talked about what had happened for the next three hours.

Neji woke up to the strangest conversation he had ever heard. Not around him, but in him...In his head to be exact.

"What...?" Neji asked himself, befuddled as to why there was a voice seemingly talking to it's self yet talking like there was more in the conversation, in his head. "This can't be happening, unless...What just happened wasn't a dream, there really is someone in my mind, AND I'm linked with the most annoying ninja in the village!"

"Oh don't worry Neji, you aren't going insane, I really am here ya know." Takuya said happily.

"Why are you so so happy?" Neji felt a slight jolt in his mind and it was like a tunnel or something had been closed.

"Because, even if I never get to go home, at least I'm going to be able to spend the rest of my days tormenting, and corrupting you through blackmail." Takuya answered. Then laughed evilly as the "Tunnel" so to speak opened again "Alright Tommy you can listen again."

"Why do I feel, like I should figure out how to get you out of my mind and into T and I right now?" Neji asked.

"What's T and I?" Takuya asked.

"Torture and Interrogation." Neji said nonchalantly.

"T-t-t-t-torture and interrogation...?" Takuya asked feeling fully afraid at the moment.

"Well if you're so uncomfortable with Torture and Interrogation, then what do you do in your world?" Neji asked.

"If proven guilty then criminals are imprisoned for a certain amount of time ranging from months to the rest of their lives." Takuya explained smartly.

"Well that's ineffective." Neji said. He sighed, Takuya already getting annoying. "Don't you feel like annoying Naruto?" He asked.

"Na you're more fun!" Takuya said.




"Takuya,"Neji said in a deathly calm voice. "If you do not go to Naruto's mindscape right now...I. Will. Kill. You." Neji said growling.

"Alright fine whatever see you later." Takuya said dejectedly.

"Ha ha ha ha! You just got kicked out!" J.P. said.

"Yea whatever shut up J.P." Takuya said.

Zoe sighed. "Well anyways Ino, Tenten and I were going to talk and get to know each other maybe have some fun in Ino's mindscape."

"What could be fun about mindscapes? I'm stuck at the top of a freaking hill." Koji said. Frustrated he couldn't get down.

"I'm stuck in a tree." Kouichi said.

"Surrounded by EXERCISE equipment." J.P. Said as he shuttered.

Tommy went next. "I'm kinda stuck with someone called inner Sakura glaring at me."

"I ended up hitting my head on a rock..." Takuya said.

"And I woke up in a mattress store that was inside a mall!" Zoe said innocently.

"Girls." J.P., Koji, and Takuya said.

"Boys." Zoe said, then left the conversation.

The next three days went smoothly, as everyone got used to being able to talk to another shinobi in their minds, having another presence in their minds. And for Neji and Naruto hearing the Nine Tails musing after his naps (And snoring during them).

Next time: Sakura walked up to her other two team mates in front of the academy. "Hey Sakura! Ready?" Naruto asked.

"Yea! Lets do this!"

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