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The Rookie 12+6

Chapter 8

The Chunin Exam: Part 7 Pranks and Training

Naruto's apartment

10:00 p.m.


"NARUTO! Get up!" Neji said kicking the boy lightly after Takuya couldn't get him to wake up.

"HUH?! What?! Oh...It's just you guys." Naruto said sounding almost relived. "Well now that I've had a nap I'll be right back." He said going out the window and returning five minutes later in a henge. He had four bags of chocolate, and some drinks. "Ah. The henge worked like a charm."

"Why did you henge?" Kiba asked.

Naruto dropped it. "Well one if I had gone in as myself I would've been kicked out. And well last time I got chocolate, and coffee...That was the day everyone woke up with different and very humiliating pranks." Neji turned pink remembering that day.

"Why are you pink?" Sasuke asked.

"That day...He put paint, wax, feathers, and flour in multiple buckets and by the time I actually managed to open the door of my room...Wait actually scratch that. By the time my uncle opened the door to my room to see if I had been hit with the rest of the clan I was completely cover in all of that stuff...What I always found strange was that Hinata never got pranked...Why did she always get left alone you tended to target the Hyuga clan more often than not."

"Oh well she never glared at me or anything like that. She even smiled at me once or twice, and looked regretful when..."

"When what?"

"Oh nothing! Well we had better start planning. Then we'll get supplies."

"But all of the stores we could get supplies from are closed already." Neji said.

"Oh don't worry. They always know when not to open. It's when they find items missing and a pile of money on the counter."

"And they're ok with that?"

"Silent agreement that they don't write me out, and I'll not prank them and if they stay closed it's likely they won't get any of us in there."

"Alright. So what exactly are we going to do...?"

"Well I already thought of the best way to start it off...And set it now we just need the rest. Oh and Sasuke I have a very special task for you..." Naruto said, an evil glint they didn't think could even enter his blue eyes appeared.

"I'm in. It's going to get her...Isn't it...?" Kiba said smirking very, very evilly as Naruto nodded...

11:00 p.m.

Sasuke returned to Naruto's apartment after completing his task. After he found out what he was supposed to do he couldn't exactly say he didn't want to...Because he did want to...Very much so...

"How did it go?" Kiba asked him.

"Oh it went great she didn't suspect a thing. And it was just in time because she was just about to get a shower too. Man I'm starting to get tired..." Naruto held out a chocolate bar and one of the drinks. He also handed Neji and Kiba the same giving Akamaru a caffeinated dog treat. (I don't know where he got the caffeinated dog treat, Naruto and Neji thought of it...(In my head as they attempt to use Kyubi's chakra to try and kill me…)

"Alright!" So Neji, Kiba, Koji, Akamaru, Takuya and I have been talking about ideas and we've finished, but before we get supplies I'm curious as to if you have any ideas."

"Oh OH OH OHHHHH! I have one!" Takuya and Koji yelled at the same time.


"Pink hair dye on a certain clan! You know which on I'm referring to…" Takuya said.

"You know that Anko Mitarashi. You should switch one of her meals with something totally discusting."

"Well I heard something interesting about Lee...And very possibly Gai because Lee has been copying him...They wear weights...So I wonder what happens if we quadruple them..."

"That I must see. They might actually let up on their insane training schedule." Neji said.

"What do you call an insane training schedule?" Kiba asked.

"Well first they get up at four in the morning and do anywhere from 100-500 laps around the village, 200-700 pushups. Then sometime around 6-7 in the morning Tenten and I have to be there and tend to somehow get into their insane schedule. And Lee tends to hammer me with his weights when we're sparring...And they just keep getting heavier. I think they're getting on towards a thousand pounds. And if he happens to get to take them off they make holes in the ground when he drops them...From three feet in the air..." They stared at him.


"Let's just go to the store!" Naruto said suddenly hopping up much more energetically than usual.

"Did you have sugar?" Sasuke asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Your being much more energetic than usual."

"So I wanted to have some chocolate...There's nothing wrong with that."

"Yes there is. You're going to be ten times more energetic."

"Actually only about five times. The old man and I actually tested it a few years ago it took about four hours but he finally couldn't go anymore and I was still moving for the next five hours! I pretty much don't need sleep!" They looked at him strangely. "What? It's true..."

"It is! I stumbled into a memory him staying up through an entire night, training," Takuya said, then muttered. "Though some of the other memories I've gotten into have really shaken me…"

"Let's just go..." Neji said going towards the door. 'What did you just say Takuya?' Neji asked him.

"We're going through the window I want all of the locks done up while I'm not here."

"Naruto. You're hiding something." Sasuke said.

"Sasuke drop it!" Neji said suddenly - forcefully with no warning, or room for question.

"Oh so you know?"

"Well considering we now share the secret, yes I know."

"Neji it's fine, and if you want to tell Tenten and Lee...I decided it's not fair to you if your holding something like that back from them..."

"Gosh Naruto you sound so upset about whatever this is. And I've only ever heard you mad - upset. Not disturbed - upset." Kiba said.

"Look Kiba if Naruto doesn't want to tell you he doesn't have to! It's his choice!" Koji yelled.

"So it sounds like Koji knows too."

"And Kouichi; I didn't know he knew the words he just used...I didn't even know them…" Sasuke said.

"Akamaru can you smell anything different about him?" Kiba asked.


"Well what is it?" Naruto gave the puppy a pleading look.

'I won't tell you. You have to figure it out yourself.'

"Akamaru, but…"

'NO BUTS! Those are for biting!' Kiba shut up with that sentence.

"Naruto...We're..." Sasuke started, his voice catching as though it was hard to finish his sentence.


"We're teammates! If something's going on at least Sakura and I should know!" Naruto's eyes widened when Sasuke said the word teammates.

"Alright fine I'll tell you. But you can't tell anyone else! I'm the only one that can tell them..." Kiba and Sasuke nodded; Neji just sighed, flopping back onto the bed to take a nap.

"Do you remember history when Iruka sensei would babble on and on about when the nine tails attacked the village?" They nodded. "Well the truth is that wasn't history...That was a lie set up by the old man to hide the truth. Iruka sensei was only teaching what he was supposed to, that the thing was killed. But in truth it was sealed inside...inside…inside…inside m-me...And..."

"And now the seal; and the back of Kyubi's cage has transferred to me as well. Takuya is powering the missing halves on each of us." Neji finished. "Although it does make for a good show when I'm stuck watching Naruto, and a fox about 100 times his size, in a shouting match."

"Fluffy won't stop calling me runt! It's freaking annoying!" Naruto said instantly back into his normal mood.

"Wasn't he Fuzzball yesterday?"

"Yesterday. Today it's Fluffy..."

"Ooookay...Well we only have an hour before she screams so we should hurry..." Sasuke said.

"When exactly did you set her alarm for?"

"Six in the morning. So we have to plan this perfectly." Sasuke answered.

Sakura woke up as her alarm started buzzing at her. "Six in the morning? When the heck was it set for six in the morning. She turned it off reset it and laid back down but there was a mirror rigged above her bed...And she saw something see didn't like...Her hair had a strange look too it...She got out of bed and turned on the light then looked in the mirror hanging on the wall to find her hair puke green. And all chaos ensued after she let out the most horrifyingly high pitched scream ever heard by the village

"That's the signal!" Naruto said and they all left in different directions to do their assignments.

Nara Compound

6:01 a.m.

Shikamaru shot out of bed and went to his window. "Sakura sure knows how to wake the entire village. I'm all the way across the village from her house."

"Whoa stalker much?" Koji asked letting a smirk sneak into his tone.

'So what if I know where she lives. I know where everyone else lives too. I got a map of the village a few years ago.'

"And you remember it all?!"

'Well yea...I do'

"You're insane, and scarily good at remembering information at the same time."

'Yea well now that I'm awake I'm hungry so...I'm going to go downstairs and eat. It also sounds like the rest of the clan is up and out of bed too…Oh and also note that it's too troublesome too stalk someone.'

"Well after that scream yea." Koji said. "Tommy says it's still echoing in his head, and it being to "Troublesome" does sound too much like you to be a lie..."

"Great..." Shikamaru said walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. Not realizing that Naruto was in his room putting something on his bed.

The Hokage's Office

6:01 a.m.

The Hokage shot up. "Oh ouch…I have got to stop falling asleep at my desk. It hurts my back…" He decided that since he was already up he would look in on what Naruto was doing...

6:10 a.m.

He looked through the ball and saw Naruto putting itching powder in all of the beds in the Nara compound while the actual clan sat talking about what to do about the wailing kunoichi.

7:03 a.m.

He stopped watching Naruto and looked out the window in time to see Neji Hyuga pass letting weapons randomly drop out of his arms while Tenten chased him screaming bloody murder. He then checked in on Naruto's most likely partner in crime...Kiba Inuzuka. The two had been caught pranking together more than once. He was surprised when he saw that Kiba had a partner in crime as he got rid of any meat, chips and anything unhealthy then replaced it with greens in the Akimichi kitchen, Sasuke Uchiha was helping him...

8:44 a.m.

Hiruzen quickly had to put his ball away as the three village elders stormed into his office.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT NARUTO UZUMAKI JUST DID?!" Koharu yelled the three of them glaring at the blonde as he passed by the window towards the Yamanaka compound hair dye in hand, while a group of ninja chased and attempted to catch him.

"Hmmm...Well I would say he used red itching powder, orange paint, blue sparkles, and to top it all off golden feathers...He must've gotten his hands on some sugar..." They stormed out to find someone that could, and would, actually catch the boy.

Hiruzen then took his ball back out and looked in on Neji, noticing that he was getting ready to prank Naruto.

Some random area of the village

8:45 a.m.

Neji smirked as he finished setting up his trap, and henged. He had heard what Kakashi had done when he first tested squad 7. And moments later, right as he had expected Naruto's foot touched the ground, allowing the rope to wrap around his ankle and lift him up off the ground dangling helplessly in the air.

"Ugh! Kakashi-sensei, but you were just chasing me, how'd you get past me without being seen?!"

"Kakashi was chasing you and you were going faster?!" Neji asked dropping the henge, and staring at him incredulously.

"NEJI?! Grrrrr well I ought to...Just get me down...Please."

"Alright." Neji said smirking as he released the rope that he had been holding and let gravity do the rest. Neji had originally expected the blonde to attack him, but instead he just got ready to sprint. "What no yelling?"

"Sorry. Kaka-sensei is right behind me; I'll get you later, bye!" He said taking off and managing to mask his chakra so Kakashi couldn't find him. The man landed beside Neji seconds later.

"Have you seen Naruto?"

"Yes. Might I ask what he's done to you?"

"He stole my precious..." Kakashi said darkly.

"What is your precious?" Neji asked.

"My book..."

"Oh well in that case he went that way." Neji said pointing straight ahead. Of course he wasn't writing Naruto out, in fact his friend had gone right.

"Oh thanks." Kakashi said going to the direction he hoped that Naruto was in.

Naruto laughed evilly as he re-wrote Kakashi's book; then attached it to a fishing rod, he lowered it in front of his sensei, then dropped the end of the rod and ran away. Kakashi opened the book afraid of what he would find...And joined the ANBU, ROOT agents, and just plain pissed off ninja trying to kill him.

"MWA HA HA HA! You'll never catch me!" Naruto proclaimed as he ran across the rooftops.

"NARUTO UZUMAKI! I SWEAR WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU YOU'RE GOING TO WISH WE HAD NEVER MET!" Kakashi yelled as the blonde dropped the shredded remains of his book behind him.

"Only if you can manage to catch me! And I doubt you can...I had chocolate...And coffee..." He laughed veering to the left towards his next destination.

Just outside of the Hyuga compound

10:15 a.m.

Kiba sat in a tree waiting for Naruto just outside of the Hyuga clan compound.

"Come on Naruto where are you?!"

"Right here!. Sorry I took so long, I grabbed Sasuke on the way I think we'll need a bit of help with this one."

"Yea I agree with you there." Kiba said.

"Alright...So here is everything we have." Naruto said dropping three bags, while a clone dropped another three.

"Well let's see...We have...Lint, feathers, paint, wax, buckets, toothpaste, mini exploding tags, sparkles, hair dye, and...Bleach?" Sasuke asked looking at Naruto, but Kiba was the one to answer him.

"You pour it in their drawers." Kiba said smirking.


"NARUTO!" Kakashi yelled trying to attack the boy and ending up with an uprooted tree in his face.

"Naruto what did you do?" Sasuke asked.

"I stole re-wrote, and shredded his book."

"Are you insane he'll kill you!"

"Did you notice how long it took him to get here? I'll be fine." By the time Kakashi was around the tree, the three boys had left with their supplies and he didn't dare follow them because he rathered not pissing off the entire Hyuga clan.

10:20 a.m.

"Alright, so I have some...special plans for Hinata's room, and I'll take that entire area. Kiba can take the back area like always, and Sasuke you can have what's left." Naruto directed. He was answered by a nod and Kiba taking off, then he also took off to do his work feeling the air shift as Sasuke moved away the opposite direction.

Naruto entered a hall and slowly made his way through the many rooms 'decorating' them as he went. He was sure he would know Hinata's room when he saw it. She liked flowers...A lot. So he assumed that there would be a lot of flowers in her room, and soon enough he found a room with flowers everywhere. On the tables, in a couple pictures, and even the bed sheets had flowers. He walked around the room figuring out how to rig it, then used hooks on sticky pads to hold up the string. He then set the plastic balls to pop open as soon as they moved more than an inch. Then he left through the window.

'Alright Neji send her in!'

'Alright.' Neji said as he left Hinata in front of her door then walked down the hall to his own room...only to find out that his room hadn't been untouched. A bucket of paint dropped on his head as soon as he walked in. "If I ever find out who did that...They will wish they were never born..."

"Kiba did it!" Takuya said writing the poor boy out.

"Thank you Takuya. I think I have an idea on how to get revenge..."

'Ooh can I help?!' Naruto asked.

'Why not...'

Inuzuka Compound

3:45 p.m.

Naruto and Neji grinned at each other before beginning to drop the skunks and stink pellets they had...procured, into the Inuzuka compound.

Just outside the Inuzuka compound

4:00 p.m.

"Oh my gosh that was so hilarious!" Naruto said, on the ground laughing, but was instantly up as he felt a wave of fire brush his face.

"Wow, you're getting faster!" Naruto said taking off, Neji just shook his head as he went on to his final prank fingering the bottle of melatonin in his pocket...

Training ground 2

4:30 p.m.

"Hello Lee, sensei."

"Hello Neji! What do you need?" Gai said loudly slapping Neji's back, and had the kid been a civilian he would have been flat on the ground.

"Well I just thought you two would want some drinks." Neji said holding out two cups of fruit smoothie, Naruto had somehow acquired, though he suspected he had made them himself considering he never seemed too go anywhere but Ichiraku, and the BBQ restaurant. (More like biased idiots kick him out everywhere else!)

"Thanks!" Gai said, Lee nodded gratefully and they gulped them down in seconds.

"Naruto is about to be severely injured by Kakashi, I should probably go and keep that from happening." Neji said then left, Naruto wasn't really...Ok so he was, but back to Neji. Neji sat in a tree waiting for the results of the sleeping drugs. And soon enough Gai and Lee were out cold and he got to work, he made their weights very odd, one side was about 500 pounds lighter, and the other one was about 500 pounds heavier. Then he sat in a tree and waited for the results soon enough the two woke up, the melatonin not taking so much time affecting them, but the problem was that they were rooted to the ground with one foot while the other one was flailing helplessly. Once Neji had gotten his laughing out, and some pictures he finally left the area towards the meeting place, AKA the Hokage monument.


Neji entered the monument right behind the faces, no one knew they would be there. He looked around and found that Naruto was behind him by three minutes.

"Naruto why is there dinner…and snack…and sleeping bags…And well, a kitchen, running water, a bathroom, and pretty much an entire house? Do you live here?" Sasuke asked.

"Nah, I just stay here for a night after the big pranking sprees, and I'm pretty sure I'm staying here tonight. Kaka-Sensei is still hunting me down...And well I don't think he's going to try and roast me anymore...Instead he's planning on using a lightning attack to try and end my career as a ninja..."

"I think I'll stay here too. I would rather not find out what my room looks like after today."

"I don't see any reason not to stay here tonight." Sasuke said.

"I think I'm going home. Mom and Hana will send their dogs after me if I'm not home by curfew…"

"Actually… Neji and I had a bit too much fun at your house..."

"How bad was it?"

"Well let's just say your mom was much more scared than when I threatened to drink coffee…"

"Stink Pellets, Skunks. Those were our tools. And by the end your mother and sister ended up hiding behind a fortress of pillows with their dogs to try and hide from the stink." Neji said.

"Did you get pictures?!" Kiba asked enthusiastically.

"Yes, right here!" Naruto said holding out ten photos. "I always get photos of my victims, it makes good blackmail later!" He sat down and propped the ten photos and then some on the ground. "Feel free to pick as many as you want while eating, they work great if you need to get someone off your back!"

"Is that…Uncle Hiashi…?"

"Oh yea, I had too much fun with the paint…Oh and I got three other people with the paint…and snip snips…" Naruto said holding out the pictures. They kept on picking out pictures until finally they started to yawn, bored of the sport of picture trading.

"So Naruto… Fuzzball, is he the reason for your insane amount of chakra?"

"Yea, the old man told me so once."

"And what about your healing abilities?"

"That I think so to…"

"And the whiskers?"

"I'm not sure, I've asked the Old Man multiple times about them, but he says it's not the right time. I wish I could know…"

"What about in the land of waves. That Haku kid was way above either of us, yet somehow you get both of us out of there."

"Well…For one I don't think he actually wanted to kill either of us…Hence the reason you woke up."

"How did we get out of it though, without you fake dying too?"

"Oh…Uhh…Well…You see…After you supposedly died…I guess my anger…It sort of released a bit of Fluffy's chakra…And I don't really remember much other than stopping before killing Haku…And…Then the rest you probably know."

"Actually no I don't I was really out of it and Sakura, and sensei won't tell me. And I haven't wanted to ask you."

"Uhh…Well…Haku asked me to kill him because he didn't see himself as useful to Zabuza anymore…Well Zabuza was about to be killed, and instead Haku took his place-"

"Alright I know the end result; idiot, stop getting depressed, it's too un-Naruto for my liking."

"Alright." They talked for a few more minutes.

"Well let's get to bed." Neji said already rolling out his sleeping bag. The other three agreed taking their sleeping bags and putting them out on the floor. Sasuke slept in the corner farthest from Naruto and put in earplugs before going to sleep. Kiba and Neji did their normal before sleep activities, like stretching, brushing hair, and breathing before going to sleep. Naruto was out before any of them having fallen asleep in the middle of his conversation.

"Hey runt, get up. We have visitors…" Kurama said using a string of chakra to wake up his host.

"Wha-who?!" Naruto yelled jumping, his eyes quickly finding Kiba, Shikamaru, Shino, Sasuke, Akamaru, and two boys he didn't know (Koji and Kouichi).

"Hey Naruto, is this your mindscape?" Sasuke asked.


"It's awfully morbid…"

"Yea, I agree, and think I spend a bunch of time here exploring. And then there are the annoying rooms that have no floor, and no light to tell you so." Takuya said entering the room of Kurama's cage.

"Takuya might I kill you now for all the times you've almost given me a heart attack by pissing off the Kurama thing?" Koji asked.

"Hey I'm not a thing! I'm a force of nature! And I can eat you if I want to!" Kurama yelled.


"Oh come one fuzzy-snuggles, its ok. I want to kill Koji when I first met him too." Takuya said.


"Oh I know you love me deep down inside."

"And this is the reason Neji never comes in here." Naruto said.

"Yes, because you're annoying runt." Kurama said slyly.

"I swear if I ever get the chance you're dead!"

"Funny I just had the same train of thought…" Kurama said. They finally got into an all-out glaring contest; Kiba was on the floor laughing after two minutes.

"So where's Neji's mindscape?" Sasuke asked. Naruto broke away from his glaring contest. "Oh there's a door between our mindscapes." His head snapped back behind him. "And I'll be back to my contest with you in a minute."

"Humph. I don't care runt."

"Whatever…Kit…" Naruto said a vengeful smirk on his face.


"Yea, yea, whatever…"

"I'll join you in a few minutes. As soon as I finish exploring for the day…" Takuya said walking past the door the rest had entered.

"Does anyone mind if we join him?" Kouichi asked.

"Feel free…Just don't touch anything, last time Takuya did that he ended up not waking up for almost four months…or several days in real life."

"So that was the wonderful silence we experienced…"

"Kiba, Shikamaru, Shino, Sasuke, Akamaru, Takuya, and who're those two?" Neji asked.

"I'm Koji."

"I'm Kouichi Kimura."

"We're twins." They said together.

"It's still creepy when you do that you know?" Takuya asked.

"Yea, we know, but it's fun to creep out our 'oh so optimistic and fearless leader.'" They said once again in unison.

"Alright well…let's just go." Takuya said.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Neji asked the new ninja.

"Well when I woke up in my mindscape I found a door, opened it and ended up in Naruto's mindscape. Then we followed the evil chuckling…" Sasuke said.

"Same here." Kiba said.

"Hmmm…I wonder if getting closer to someone makes a bond…Let's just hope you don't have to deal with the nine tails chakra. It isn't pleasant to be a drainpipe for the excess…"

"Experience?" Sasuke asked.

"The forest of death…I passed out from the pain. And then something happened to the seal, maybe it weakened after Naruto got pissed off enough that some of it escaped…"

"Yea that Orochimaru guy did something to screw it up! I have absolutely no chakra control at all anymore! Either I get too little or I get too much, I can't even get the right amount of shadow clones, I had a few times when I made a few too many and had to dispel them! Oh and speaking of that thing, I have to go and annoy it more!" Naruto said stepping to the right of the door they had just come out of. But Neji stopped him and with a glare got the blonde too turned around going back to his mindscape. "It's not fair I can't sit in my mindscape!"

"Why can't he sit in his mindscape?" Shikamaru asked.

"The water is infused with Kyubi's chakra, making it work like acid. Sit in it and you're bound to get burned. I learned that the hard way the first time I was there."

"Huh..." Just then Takuya opened the door entering with Koji and Kouichi.

"I told you too be careful of rooms with no floors." Takuya said.

"Well I listened, but you could've at least told us it would get darker." Koji said.

"Please don't fight." Kouichi said.

"If you decide to fight, you can join Naruto in his mindscape." Neji said.

"Well…take a look at that…The children of Darkness and Light are here as well…" Burningreymon said.

"That's good…" Agunimon said.

"Didn't think this day would come for a long time…" Burningreymon said.

"Well I was wondering when you two would re-appear…" Takuya mused.

"We were summoned because the spirits of light and of darkness are now very near. We can sense their presence. So we came to see what was going on." Burningreymon said.

"Ok. Well could it be because Koji and Kouichi are here?" Takuya asked as Naruto entered Neji's mindscape again.

"Nope, actually we aren't bonded as spirits, and humans anymore, in fact you aren't exactly human anymore. Instead you're more like ghosts." Naruto was up a tree in seconds sitting about twenty feet up.

"Does that bother you Naruto?"


"I think it does. You had better not let Kurama know."

"I already know, that runt's been afraid of the word since he found out what it means." Kurama said appearing on Neji's side of the cage. "Just another reason the brat isn't worthy to be container, not to mention he's tiny, and weak."

"Would you shuddup?!"



"Fuzzy Snuggles you have been a bit harsh…" Takuya said (If you couldn't guess).

"HUMPH! My last Jinchuriki was at least better suited to show my strength. I didn't exactly like being chained up, but she was strong enough to at least represent me. This brat is weak and always running from everything, it makes me very upset that would be sealed into something so tiny and weak!"

"Well then maybe you shouldn't have attacked the village! Ever thought of that?!"

"That wasn't me in the beginning. A Sharingan user forced me to do it. That is one of the abilities of the Sharingan, it can control the tailed beasts, and I was force to attack the village. In fact when I was released the only thing I wanted to do was leave as quickly as possible, hopefully get to a place where I couldn't be found and sealed again. But that Uchiha ordered me to destroy it as soon as I was completely free, a seal was placed on the Sharingan user and I was freed, but my hate for your village is deeper than my will to be free, I am treated like a mindless mass with no will, or feelings. But then that danged Hokage finally persuaded my previous Jinchuriki to help him seal me inside you. When I realized what they were doing I tried to destroy you, but they stopped me by intercepting my claw, and taking the wound themselves. And then the Hokage used the dead demon consuming seal, sealing me inside of you."

"So then you still did do it too yourself! That makes no point at all!" Naruto complained.

"Actually it does make a point. It wasn't my entire fault. Should I not have been already attacking and succeeding in the destruction of your village I might not have tried to finish the job after being freed from control; in fact I would have fled and never returned to your country. The only problem is that the one who freed, and then controlled me, might have just come after me and had me destroy your village anyways. In fact I know he's still attempting to control me again, except it's harder; much harder with a human host in between." Naruto plopped down thinking.

"Naruto? What are you doing…Are you…Thinking?"


"Amazing…What are you thinking about?"

"I'm just curious as to why the Hokage, and Fuzzy's last container would die in my place…You know why Fuzzbutt?"

Kurama swore at the stupidity of well…Everyone really. "I would've been doing the world a favor to wipe this village full of idiots off the map…it's unbelievable how stupid humans are because of little facts like having a demon sealed inside of your gut. Especially unhappy demons…I can't believe no one's ever realized it."

"Shikamaru's figured it out, but he won't go around telling everyone about it because the Hokage told him not to." Koji said.

"When did I tell you that?"

"You mutter all sorts of weird things in your sleep…Honestly man eating penguins? Fire breathing penguins, Sharingan penguins, gravity controlling penguins…Do you have a fear of penguins or something?" Koji asked.

"Before I became a genin and was leaving the village…I had only gone outside the wall once with my dad…We went to the land of snow…And yes I developed a fear of penguins after a traumatizing experience…You can ask Choji for details if nothing else…His mind is connected to mine so you've just got to go through Naruto's mindscape, then Kiba's, then to mine, then there's a door that leads to his. Just knock in case he's sleeping…Oh an try not to step in any dog poop when you're in Kiba's mindscape."

"Well…Back on topic." Kurama mused. "Nara brat I want you to prove you know what you're saying."

"It's simple. I figured it out with four facts. 1) Any and all pictures of the fourth Hokage were confiscated after his death. There are only two left, one in the Nara clan library the other in the Hokage's office. 2) Kushina Uzumaki, originally from another village, comes to Konoha for pretty much no reason. 3) Kushina Uzumaki, only seven when she's kidnapped for an unknown reason. 4) Naruto born October 10th. Exactly the night the Kyubi attacked the village; the battle ending with the Fourth Hokage supposedly 'killing' it. There were also reports from multiple people that he had a newborn in his arms going into the direct path of destruction; odd? I don't think so. After I figured it out I went to the Hokage, and he told me the rest of the facts, given I promised to keep the secret since it was an S-class secret. So do you all get it?"

"I'm impressed…" Kurama said ruefully.

"I don't get it…" Naruto said.

Shikamaru sighed. "Your dad was the Fourth Hokage, and you mom was Kushina Uzumaki."

"So then…And…" Naruto passed out realizing what Shikamaru was saying.

"Are you all satisfied? If so I want a nap talking so much has worn me out..."

"You only spoke 181 words…" Kurama said.

"Hn…No wonder Naruto's always shouting in his sleep, you're truly annoying…"

"Well…It seems as though Naruto is waking up." Neji said, the blonde boy fading before their eyes.

Naruto woke up and noticed that it was still really early; he looked at his alarm clock that he kept there. (If he has running water, and can practically live there he has electricity too.)

"Four in the morning huh? Well I'm not sure I want to go back to them after fainting like I did…So I think that I'll just make breakfast, then I'll go and check in my apartment…Hopefully it isn't too much of a wreck this time…" He said silently getting up and creeping over to the small kitchen area. He opened the door of the small fridge he had and cursed as quietly as he could; there was nothing in it because he had ended up clearing it out after the last time he had been at the monument, and had unplugged it. He plugged it back in sighing. "I guess I'll just have to go get supplies right now…" He said leaving the monument and going to the store. He was in luck because the only grocery store he could even put a toe in before being kicked out was going to open soon so the door was unlocked, and his friend who always took first shift was standing at the counter. He walked around the store silently grabbing the things he needed before going to the counter.

"Hey Tomoko!" He said cheerfully.

"Hi Naruto, just so you know I've been able to hear you the entire time you've been in here."

"Really? Darn!" He said snapping his fingers for effect. Tomoko giggled a little at his reaction. He tended to try and make her laugh…And guess what, it was working!

"What do you have today?"

"Let's see…Milk, eggs, bacon, and rice."

"Alright, let's see…" She mused adding it up in her head. A moment later Naruto carefully counted out the amount and put it in her hand.

"Thanks. I might need some other stuff later; I haven't been to my apartment yet so I might have to work on it…A bit…I'll leave you a list of what I need then someone from team 5 can help you get everything there later. I don't mind when, just so long as it gets done and is no bother to you guys." Naruto said.

"Naruto, it's never a bother. We enjoy doing it. One or all of Team 5 gets a break, I get out of the shop, and you get groceries. We enjoy helping you, especially since no one else does."

"Thanks Tomoko! You rock!"

"I hope she doesn't rock more than Hinata, especially since you really liked her." Takuya said, much to Naruto's embarrassment when he heard chuckling in the background…And a growl…Probably Neji, cause he and Naruto had, had a long talk and Neji begrudgingly started trying to learn to like Hinata…It was working well…

'And why can't they both rock?'

"I guess you have a point there…" Takuya replied.

"Oh Tomoko before I go just a warning ahead of time, I'm going to be training today, then I'll be around to pick you up, it'll probably be later than expected so you know."

"Ok." She said. He grinned at her, and then left the store. (Now before you get to thinking anything odd, or bad Tomoko is a friend. She's has some problems and isn't allowed to go out on her own. That's all I really am going to tell you right now, otherwise it would ruin the chapter I have ten pages of on paper (That's right, handwritten! Boo yah!)

When Naruto got back he immediately got to cooking. He made fairly large breakfast, and made a note in case the others woke up before he got back. He stuck it on Neji's forehead and promptly left to check on his apartment. (Promptly as in fast enough that Neji had no time to wake up and kill him for sticking the note on his forehead…) Even with three locks on the door, and a second story window; people tended to break in a lot. He figured there were lock pickers that opened his door then they were able to enter, it got significantly worse when he went on a pranking spree, but he needed something to push his limits otherwise he didn't get much stronger. But he had felt fairly drained the night before so he hoped that he would be slightly stronger. He entered the apartment warily surveying the area and watching around him with every step he took. He knew someone had been in the small apartment because one of his plants was out of place. He slowly made his way moving around traps that had been left with practiced ease. Anyone who would have seen him without knowing what he was doing might have even thought he was dancing.

Once he decided they must've all been sprung he walked into his kitchen, and just as he had expected there was a mess of food thrown at random. He had thought that it would be messy just now this bad.

Neji sat up and let out a small yawn while Kiba and Sasuke weren't up to see it. His eye's widened when he smelled something that had been recently cooked; he also found the note on his forehead and ripped it off.

Hey, I left this just in case you woke up before I got back. And Neji before you declare war, the only reason I put it on your forehead was because I wanted it somewhere it would be noticed. Now, I'll be back later, if you don't want to stick around or you need to go, feel free. I made breakfast it's in the fridge, but you'll have to have it cold. I'm busy doing something right now, but I'll be back to eat later, enjoy the food!

Naruto had just finished cleaning up to the point it had been at before. Although one trap he had missed, and eventually triggered had been very painful, and he severely doubted he would want to use his arm too much for the next couple hours. But nevertheless, he made a list of groceries, and left some money on the kitchen counter. Tomoko was one of the few people who had a set of keys for his apartment, so she could enter anytime she wanted really. He stopped by the store and quietly slipped the note onto the counter, and leaving before anyone saw him. He then left to the monument to get breakfast...Assuming there was any left… 'Hey Neji, who all has woken up?'

'Only me. Whatever you cooked, I have to admit smells good.'

"You're all so lucky! I don't get to eat!" Takuya said huffily.

"You should hurry before Kiba, Akamaru, and Sasuke wake up, or you might starve…Especially considering how much you eat."

"Already here," Naruto said entering the area. He dug into the fridge and found the food, it was cold- and he put it in front of Neji, kicking Kiba and Sasuke on his way to wake them up.

After a nice breakfast Naruto left to go to his lesson with Jiraiya and allowed the other three to finish devouring the food…


Uh oh! Lesson with Jiraiya, I've had this in planning for a while…As in like since chapter 3… Yea a while- Oh and by the way I'm going to rewrite this! It's actually pretty embarrassing, because it's so horrible, it's like The Ultimate Digital Adventure, and When Worlds Collide (Both of which I've started re-writing) and it's got like uberly long chapters, so I'm going (Case and point this one is over 7000 words long), and I want to do NaNo if I can make a good compromise with my mom… I hope I can it's one of the few things I look forward to all year long, from the time it finishes, until it starts again… So yea… Here you go.