Prompt (#): Panorama (1)
Fandom: Sorcerer's Apprentice
Author: hitagashi
Warnings/Spoilers: headcanon implemented
Character(s); Pairing: Drake, Dave, Veronica, Balthazar
Rating: G
Genre: friendship
Summary: Magic, when implemented correctly, was like a panorama.
Disclaimer: I do not own Sorcerer's Apprentice and make no money off of these writings.
Note: So I decided to take that 1000 Prompts sheet I have in my computer and turn it into five pairs. Chosen at random. Except for the first five.

Magic, when implemented correctly, was like a panorama. It was a basic shape and then accents, 3D ones that made it unique and different. Balthazar's were a mixture of bubbly and fiery effects. Veronica's were like halos, halos and planetary rings. Dave's was more like mountains and he thought it meant something with stability and laziness or something. When they'd finally given Drake back his ring, Dave had given the condition that he wanted to see it. Drake had blinked, confused as to why, obviously.

"It's a right shocker though." This had no impact on Balthazar, who merely snorted. Veronica took a step back, eyes intent on his hands. Dave had scooted a bit closer, too curious for his own good. A snort, a roll of eyes and then there was energy just floating there. It arced out with electric charges, fire surrounding the ball. It moved a bit like liquid and had what looked like wind whipping around it. Dave was entranced, reaching out to touch it even as it was being held away.

"How's it... doing that?" Drake looked at him and then back at it, stretching it and twisting it. The only thing left was the base energy, more electric charges arcing up and out of it. Drake looked a bit crazy with the lighting, grin firmly in place.

"Told you I'm a right shocker. S'pose it started with the plasma bolts, yeah?" He nodded, extinguishing the ball of light, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Got my ring an' made a bolt. Nearly knocked my poof of a master off his arse." He chuckled, ruffling Dave's hair before turning and starting up the steps. "Ta, muchly!" And with that, he was gone.