Prompt (#): Machine (64)
Fandom: Sorcerer's Apprentice
Author: hitagashi
Warnings/Spoilers: mentions of touchies and kissies, Steampunk AU
Character(s); Pairing: Drake, Dave; Drave
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance
Summary: It's not that Drake's a machine that upsets Dave sometimes, it's that people say that is all he is.
Disclaimer: I do not own Sorcerer's Apprentice and make no money off of these writings.
Note: I have absolutely no idea how full on Steampunk Aus work. Basically this is a "reset" of canon. Imagine Marvel's Ragnarok and apply it. Because their lives started over in Steam-verse. I may or may not have thought of that bit because of that Cloud Atlas movie coming. I AM PSYCHED. Anyway, yeah.

It's not that Drake's a machine that upsets Dave sometimes, it's that people say that is all he is. But really, when you live on your own in a bustling metropolis you need company. Especially when you're a recluse. Especially when you're a reclusive sorcerer. Although... nowadays he worked more magic with gears and wires than actual magic.

"The little old lady 'cross the way sent this to you, luv." The young man snorted, grabbing them and considering them.

"She's not old. Her name's Becky. She's my age." And this is why he was so upset when people called Drake a machine. He was his own person. A jealous one at that. "Seriously, it's been years since I even saw her in person. Besides, I've got you." The smile that met him was all teeth (metal ones, shiny and all) and sweet.

"Glad you know that, yeah?" Dropping the package seemed more important than holding it when his mechanical companion lunged at him. He dove out of the way, rolling and then levitating himself into standing. Adjusting his goggles, he was expecting to be hefted up, his finest creation grinning and holding him close.

"All right, you win! You win!" Dipping forward was met with a movement up and their lips meeting. He was fine with Drake, perfectly happy. His teachers were silly and kind of old-fashioned to be honest. Didn't understand why he'd worked for years on making Drake. But he had, he'd spent five years working and working to build him and make him function.

"Stop thinking." A wry twist of his lips as he fell into more kisses, held securely to his best friend and creation. As the machine finally sat he left Dave sitting in his lap, arms around his middle and playing with the 'vintage' hoodie he was wearing.

It's only later after they'd spent hours kissing and touching each other that Dave remembered the odd dream he'd been having. It was a dream about him and Drake in some time so far back that they still used oil and gas and all those other fossil fuels. They'd both been sorcerers, both on opposing sides. There was a little girl that reminded him of Abigail, his mentors' daughter. They were there, Becky was there. The magistrate Horvath was there as well.

The inventor didn't remember his parents in it very well but he knew Bennet was there. Except... he wasn't his guard or even a wolf, he was human. And Tank was still the same dog he'd been. It seemed better though. At times.

"Dave?" Humming, the sorcerer's fingers slid over the machine's arm, marveling at his own work. And so he told him, told him about all the people in the place and how it worked. About how he and Becky were a couple (or so it seemed) and the former tyrant Morgana dying from his magic. He spoke until his voice turned into a whisper and he couldn't look his lover in the eye.

"So... yeah."

"It's not a bit better. Know why?" A tired smile, a fond roll of his eyes and him shifting to look at the other was his answer. "Simple. 'Cause you and me weren't a pair, yeah? Use your loaf, lover. If that other me isn't jumpin' on the chance to be with you then he's clearly not me." This was greeted with a kiss, lips pressing insistently to his own.

"I can live with that, you beautiful, sentient machine, you."