"Helen tells me you got pretty upset about yer daddy," Art said.

"Shut up," Raylan growled. "I wish they'd just let me the hell out of here. I'm fine now. And I wasn't upset, I was drugged. I don't give a shit about Arlo, and he doesn't care anymore than I do. I was just a little messed up, what with having a bunch of drugs pumping through my system."

Arlo snorted. "Whatever. Look, I got some questions."

"What kind of questions?"

"Well, there are some holes in your story is all."

"Holes," Raylan repeated.

"Well, yeah. You told me this guy knew full well he was gonna be locked up, decided he wanted to kill you before he got arrested."

"Yeah," Raylan confirmed.

"Then why in the hell did he take you to the middle of the woods?" Art asked.

Raylan didn't answer.

"Look, Raylan. I ain't gonna fire you or anything, but don't you lie to me ever again. Just give it to me straight what happened."

Raylan sighed. "You 'member how you told me not to go after Ricky when he got out? On account of me being the one that got him arrested? And the fact that he was an armed fugitive and you didn't want either of us gettin' shot?"

Art groaned. "And you went and did it anyway and got both of you shot."

"Hey now, it ain't that simple," Raylan protested.

"Then explain to me what happened!" Art cried.

"Fine. I wasn't going after him, not really. I just happened to be driving in the area where he was last spotted. And then I saw him in a gas station, and well, I was just doing my civic duty. I went in there to get him-peacefully, ya know-and he made a run for it. I took off after him. He hopped in a car and drove off into the woods. It was a dumb move, really, since it was not the kind of car that can drive on anything bumpier'n gravel. And since I shot one of the tires. Wasn't too hard to catch up with him where the car finally stopped. Stupid son of a bitch was just sittin there in the car. I approached the car, nice and civilized, and he opened the door and shot me. Barely got his shot off before I put a bullet in his brain."

"Now, wasn't that easy? Why didn't you just tell me that in the first place?"

"Because I was disobeying orders going after him, I was stupid to chase him alone, I was a damn fool to go at him thinkin he was just sitting around waiting to be taken, and because damn it, Art, I was drugged!"

Art smiled and shook his head. "You hurry up and get the hell outta here. There's something waiting for you back at the station."

"I'm intrigued," Raylan said. "What could you possibly have waiting for me?"

"I'll give you a hint: It'll help you cover up all those gray hairs of yours."