Author's Note: This plot bunny came into my head and refused to go away, so I have decided to start a fic on it. I know that there are other fics with Harry Potter going to a magical school other than Hogwarts, but I don't think there are many, if at all, having Harry's parents and their friends attend an alternate school, so I decided to start it there. I hope you like my idea for Nightwind School of Magic.

Disclaimer for entire fic: I do not own the world of Harry Potter. It is J.K. Rowling's brainchild and I am merely playing in it.

Lily Evans and Severus Snape stopped in the middle of their conversation in the Evanses' yard and looked up as a woman walked up to them. She was in her late twenties, looked Indian, and wore a short-sleeved pink shirt with a pale blue sari. "Good morning," she said in slightly accented English. "I take it that you are Miss Lily Evans?" At Lily's nod, the lady smiled and then looked at Severus. "And you are-?"

"Severus Snape," he replied, wondering who the woman was and what she wanted.

"Good, then I can explain things to the both of you at the same time. I am Professor Malati Singh from the Nightwind School of Magic. Since the two of you are friends, I assume that Mr. Snape has already told you about the wizarding world and that you are a witch, Miss Evans?"

"Yes, he has," answered Lily, she and Severus standing up from their spot under a tree and brushing off their clothes.

"Why are you here, Professor Singh?" asked Severus. "From what I heard about Nightwind School, it's really exclusive and only takes those witches and wizards around the world with great potential or skill or are the children of former students or staff members."

"Well, not quite," said Professor Singh. "If you show signs of being evil with little or no chance of being redeemed, your invitation to the school is rescinded. We do not make a habit of teaching students just so they can become the next Dark Lord or Lady, like the one that has recently gained power in Britain. Anyway, I am here to inform the two of you that you are eligible to attend Nightwind School, tell you some things about our school, and if you wish to attend, speak with your parents or guardians about arranging for that to happen."

Lily and Severus exchanged looks and the former said, "I think we might want to accept the invitation to attend Nightwind School. What is it like, Professor Singh?"

"It is a very good and liberal school, Miss Evans. First and foremost it teaches acceptance and equality of everyone, including beings such as goblins and werewolves. Prejudice is not tolerated and those students that may have been raised to look down on others learn otherwise by the end of their first year. The classes offered are the same ones as at Hogwarts, with a couple extra ones. In first year, all students raised in the Muggle world have to take a Wizarding Culture class, while those raised in the Wizarding world have to take a Muggle Culture class. Those that are knowledgeable about both worlds, like you Mr. Snape, will have a study period instead. Also, everyone is required to learn one foreign language. Here is a list of all the classes you will be required to take, plus the electives you can take starting third year."

Professor Singh handed Severus and Lily each a list and they looked them over. "Is Magizoology the study of magical creatures, Professor Singh?" asked Severus.

"You are correct, Mr. Snape," she answered. "I believe at Hogwarts the class is known as 'Care of Magical Creatures." She opened her handbag again and withdrew two envelopes, which she handed to them. "Here are your acceptance letters and list of school supplies. If you wish to attend, we will make arrangements for you to go to Nightwind School a week before term starts. You will attend Orientation, get settled into the school, and buy your supplies at the nearby village."

The two friends exchanged looks again and nodded. "We would like to attend Nightwind School, Professor Singh," said Lily and Severus at the same time.

"Very good," said Professor Singh with a smile. "Now, let's go speak with your respective parents about your decision."

Remus Lupin was curled up on his bed, reading a book, when there was a knock on the door. "Come in," he called, looking up from the book.

The door opened and his mother said, "Remus, could you please come downstairs? There's someone here to see you."

Wondering what it was about, he marked his place in his book, set it down on the dresser, and followed his mother downstairs to the living room. A man in his mid-thirties, with graying dark hair and dark eyes, and looked Italian, was sitting there with Remus's father. When Remus came in, the man got up and said with a smile, "Hello, I'm Professor Antonio Romano, fourth-year History of Magic teacher at Nightwind School of Magic. I'm here to extend you an invitation to the school, Remus."

Remus was startled by this, for he had never expected to be able to attend a magical school after being bitten by Fenir Greyback and thereby becoming a werewolf. Especially Nightwind School, which had a reputation of only taking students around the world with great magical ability or potential.

"I would like to attend Nightwind School, Professor Romano, but are you sure about the invitation? I'm a-"

"Werewolf?" interrupted Professor Romano. "I'm one myself. Nightwind School doesn't care, other than to make sure proper precautions are in place so that nobody gets bitten whenever there's a full moon. The Potions teachers at the school are working on developing a cure for lycanthropy during their free time. So far that hasn't been done, but they have been able to develop a potion that makes the transformation less painful and another that makes you less prone to violence."

Remus looked interested at the news. "That's great! So Nightwind School doesn't mind at all that I'm a werewolf? I definitely want to attend, Professor Romano."

Professor Romano smiled. "Here is your acceptance letter and list of school supplies, Remus. You will be provided with a Portkey to Nightwind School a week before the school term begins. That will give you time to attend Orientation, meet the other students, get settled in, and purchase your supplies at the nearby village. Oh, and here is a pamphlet giving you a general overview and a brief history of the school. Mr. and Mrs. Lupin, I will be in touch with you later with any further questions you or Remus might have. If you will excuse me, I shall take my leave, as I have to see other young wizards and witches about attending Nightwind School. It was a pleasure meeting you all and I shall see you at Orientation, Remus. Good day, Mr. and Mrs. Lupin."

Sirius Black frowned when Kreacher appeared in his room and informed him that he was wanted in the drawing room downstairs. The only times he ever got summoned to the drawing room was if family or other guests he found annoying or boring was visiting. As his parents had not mentioned that anyone was coming over to visit during breakfast, he supposed that whomever was visiting hadn't sent a notification beforehand.

Sirius entered the drawing room to find a man in his early thirties, with sandy hair, blue eyes, and dressed in dark green robes sitting there with his parents. "Good morning, Sirius Black," said the man with a slight Welsh accent. "I am Professor Gareth Llewellyn, one of the two Arithmancy teachers at Nightwind School of Magic. I am here to notify you that you have been accepted to the school, like your cousin Miss Andromeda Black, and-"

"She is no family of ours!" snapped Mrs. Black, for Andromeda had been disowned two years previous for eloping with a Muggleborn named Ted Tonks. "And Sirius will not be attending Nightwind School, regardless of your reputation of taking only those with great magical talent. She went and was influenced to not being a proper member of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. I will not have Sirius be the same! It's bad enough that he's already showing signs of rebellion."

"That is not for you decide, Mrs. Black," said Professor Llewellyn coldly. "Sirius is the one that has received the invitation, not you, and so he will be the one to decide whether or not to accept and attend Nightwind School. You will not try to coerce him into refusing. It must be done of his own free will. Sirius, do you want to attend?"

"Yes I do," responded Sirius firmly, looking defiantly at his parents. Attending Nightwind School would get him away from them, as unlike Hogwarts, they would not be able to simply show up the school if they felt the need to discipline him for something, and it would be another way to rebel against his family. Furthermore, his two favorite family members had attended, though Uncle Alphard hadn't done anything of yet that would cause him to be disowned. He also knew that Nightwind School would help him develop the talents he had, for he wouldn't have received an invitation otherwise, since it only took those with great skill or potential.

"SIRIUS ORION BLACK!" thundered Mr. Black, getting to his feet. "You know our opinion on this! How dare you decide that you want to attend!"

"Go stuff yourselves," retorted Sirius, also getting to his feet. "I hate you guys, with your stupid thing of looking down on those that aren't purebloods. Nightwind School doesn't teach stuff like that and it will help me be a much better person than the rest of the family. Uncle Alphard and Andromeda are the only ones I like, and they attended. Nothing you say is going to change my mind. I am going to Nightwind School and you can't stop me."

Mrs. Black stood up, a look of fury and great dislike on her face. "If you insist on attending Nightwind School, then you will be blasted off the family tree."

"Go ahead then," said Sirius, crossing his arms. "I'm going to Nightwind School, not Hogwarts."

"You are no son of mine," hissed Mrs. Black. "Get out of this house at once! You as well, Professor Llewellyn!" She then stormed out the drawing room, her husband following her.

Professor Llewellyn sighed and looked down at Sirius. "I'm sorry that this had to happen, Sirius. I suppose you'll have to be one of our scholarship students now, since your parents have cut you off. Unless you wish to see if your uncle will help you? Alphard was a few years above me and he tutored me in some of my classes. I was considered brilliant in Arithmancy, but only an average wizard when it came to spellwork, so he was a great help."

"Professor Llewellyn, I'll see Uncle Alphard," said Sirius, looking not at all upset over being disowned.

"All right then," said Professor Llewellyn. "I'll Side-Along Apparate you to his place. Since you've been disowned, you'll be showing up at the school much earlier than the others. You will have to live at the school or at the home of one of the families in the nearby village, unless your uncle decides to take you in."

Sirius nodded and then Professor Llewellyn took his hand and proceeded to Side-Along Apparate him to the home of Alphard Black.

James Potter looked down to see his father standing in the back yard, waving at him to come down. He quickly steered his broom downward and landed on the ground a few seconds later. "What is it, Dad?" James asked.

"Your letter just arrived," Mr. Potter said. "The one from Nightwind School, since you know it's too soon for the one from Hogwarts."

James grinned and snatched the envelope from his father's hand. Ever since Edmund Potter had received an invitation to attend Nightwind School over two hundred years ago, the Potter family, with the exception of two Squibs in the line, had gone there rather than Hogwarts, including the ones that had married into the family. James had been awaiting the day when he was old enough to get the invitation and go off to Nightwind School, where he would develop his talents, broaden his mind, and eventually find his future love among one of the female students there, as his father, grandfather, and so on had done before him.

He eagerly opened the envelope and took out the acceptance letter. It read:

"Dear Mr. James Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to attend Nightwind School of Magic. Enclosed is your list of supplies for the upcoming school year.

The first term will start on September first. You will be taken to Nightwind School at the start of the last week of August so you may attend Orientation, purchase your supplies, and get settled into the school. We shall see you then.

Yours sincerely,

Headmistress Hikari Nakamura and Deputy Headmaster Oluchi Ihejirika"

James then took out the second sheet of parchment, which had the list of supplies and the classes that he was to take. He scanned the list and then looked up at his father. "I can't wait, Dad!"

Mr. Potter smiled down at his son. "I know you'll enjoy your time at Nightwind like your mum and I did. Let's go inside and talk to your mum." James picked up his broom and then followed his father inside the house.