Stormer shuddered a little as he felt something fussing with the cables at the back of his neck, exposed during the battle that'd landed him stuck here in the first place. He couldn't see, nor could he use his audio output, preventing him from speaking to whoever was monkeying with his wires. A loud crackling noise came from Stormer's mouth before he coughed, noticing now that his voice was back online. "Who are you?" He demanded immediately, trying to get his hands out of the cuffs that'd been put on him; his own cuffs, to be exact.

His captor laughed, sounding rather amused. "Now really Preston, why would I tell you that? It would take all the fun out of this."

Stormer hesitated now. Whoever this person was somehow knew his first name, something that he didn't really like spreading around. Then again, the media and everyone else did, so it didn't really provide him with anything to work with. As this was the case, Stormer asked something else. "Just what are you trying to pull off?"

Again, the voice laughed. "Ah, always right to the point. The thing is, you Heroes owe me something. Something that I have yet to be given. Since you've held out on me for so long, I decided that it's high time I took my payment by force."

"We owe you what, exactly?" Stormer questioned, his voice betraying his irritation. "What sort of thing would we even take from you?"

His question went unanswered, the voice merely laughing quietly. "You are the first of many, Stormer. I can hardly wait to see who will show up next. I do so hope it's one of your precious little rookies. They're so much fun to play with. And you know something; I think, deep down, you're afraid. Afraid that I'll be able to bring them down just as easily as I brought down you. That's it, isn't it? You're afraid of me. The strong and mighty Preston Stormer, merely a shell against my power. You're the defenceless one now, getting to feel what the villains you drag in feel like when they have no control any more. How does it feel to know you're powerless?"

Stormer grunted as he struggled against the cuffs some more. "What I want is to actually see what's going on." He responded crossly, ignoring her questions. "And I want to know who gave you the right to do this."

Again, his question was met with laughter. "Ah, Stormer, you never cease to amuse me. I might just have to keep you the way you are for a while. I do love a good comedian."

"Keep me the way I am?" Stormer asked, his voice now quite cold in tone. "And what do you mean by that?"

More borderline-insane giggles ensued. "Now now Stormer, it's no fun to ruin surprises. You'll see soon enough what I'm up to. Oh yes, very soon you'll get to know what I'm going to do with Hero Factory. It'll be a spectacle to remember…"

Predictably, Stormer didn't like the sounds of that one bit. Struggling even more against the Hero Cuffs he was wearing, the Alpha Leader tried to sort out what his surroundings were. As far as he could tell, he could be anywhere, but going by the fact that the room didn't echo, they weren't in an overly large area. That was something he could work with, if he had more information. However, there wasn't much else that he could really decipher yet. "Are you going to at least tell me where I am?" He asked flatly.

"Oh I see no reason to do that." The voice replied with an impish giggle. "It's so fun to leave you guessing, and asking questions. That's what I like about you Heroes; you question absolutely everything. It makes the whole lot of you more… amusing to toy with. Sure your Cores are fascinating, but we all know what happened to Aldus Witch when he started to experiment with Cores. Drove him completely bonkers, and then fine Heroes like you showed up to lock him away. No, I find the Core of a Hero perfectly fine where it is. It's the personalities and other things that make a Hero tick that I'm more interested in… and what better studying specimen could I have than you? You're bold as brass, strong as a mountain, and have excellent leadership skills. And of course you have your flaws too, but no I won't focus on those. It's the good points I'm interested in."

"I can see one of your flaws right now." Stormer grumbled. "You talk too much."

"Ah yes, I suppose I always have been one to ramble. But nobody's perfect. You know that. You saw that with the Von Ness incident."

"You know a lot for being a random hairbrain." The white Hero said hotly. "Aldus Witch, Von Ness… you know almost as much as you talk."

Yet again, the voice laughed. "Good deduction, Stormer, and straight to the point as ever. You should've been called Arrow. Anyway, it doesn't matter a great deal I suppose." Now Stormer felt something tugging at his wires again, and the voice spoke from directly behind him. "You need your rest, you know. Blind Heroes could always do with more down time. I think I'll put you under right now, just so you get enough rest."

Stormer knew all too well what that meant. She was going to unplug his power unit and shut him down. His struggling grew stronger as he tried to move away, though just like he'd predicted, it didn't work. He felt his captor's hands wrap tightly around the one wire that kept him conscious, and even as he went still, he knew it was over. "Good night Stormer. Sweet dreams."