Hoo boy is this one even longer than the last.

I love the guitar riff in Reisen's song, and her song overall. Just feels so awesome. IN has a good soundtrack, of course, and I love Marisa's, Mystia's, Reimu's, Kaguya's and Mokou's songs as well. However, I still maintain that PCB has the best soundtrack in the entire series.

`Have you guys ever seen "Big Bird in Japan"? I never really understood it, even when I watched it.


Big Bird's guide was actually Princess Kaguya. I never understood the movie until finding out about that. Then again, I was like seven, and didn't find out until I was doing research on Princess Kaguya for this. You watch a lot of things but don't understand them when you're a kid.

Studio Ghibli is also releasing their take on the tale of the Bamboo Cutter, so go see it.

Another thing - Japan sent up a satellite about a year ago (I think) that was designed to crash on the moon. What did they call it? Kaguya. They willingly returned her.

Also, werewolf has not responded in a long time, so I had to drop them. I was waiting so long for a response, and haven't gotten it. I'm looking for a new Beta Reader.

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Another Duck



Everything comes to an end, sooner or later. In life, it comes just gradually, sometimes. You are born, you learn, you grow up, you find a mate, you have children, you grow old, and assuming that something drastic hasn't interrupted that process, you pass on. For the most part, the lives of so-called "normal people" are unassuming. They go about doing their own thing. They live, and don't have much to their lives, but they are happy with how things are - they are happy with the people they meet.

I'm really getting lost here - what I'm trying to say is that the lives of normal people wouldn't make much of a good story, which is why those up-and-coming reality shows are confusing to me. How can anyone watch those, anyway? Ugh. Tangent again. Sorry. My point is, is It's just that people's lives don't usually have a climax, don't usually have a buildup. Birth, life, death, for billions of people during the course of history. It sounds like it's a pretty jaded way of thinking, but that's the way it is. After all this time, after everything I have been through, I still believe that average people are best off living ordinary lives, that average humans have to settle for what's in front of them. Yeah, they'd be nothing but gears, but gears make the machine work, make the world go 'round. If you have a society full of nothing but geniuses, one of them will still have to be appointed as a toilet scrubber. Not a nice image or concept, but that's the way it is.

Yet, there I was, a somewhat normal high schooler in a situation that was really beyond my imagination, even after everything I had been through. If you had told me what I would be doing on that imperishable night before I got caught up with Haruhi and the whole plot surrounding her, I would have called you crazy and made it my life's work to have you committed.

Let me break it down: I was inside of an alien "fortress"-slash-hideout, ready to save a legendary alien princess, from another alien who had seemingly gone off the deep end. I had the means to create a healing and protective barrier around myself, while also using that means to perform an explosive knockout grenade...barring my bad aim, and share that ability with other people. Among my allies was an alien special forces soldier, a demon, a ghost mistress of an afterlife realm, a half-ghost half-human samurai, a holy warrior miko, an esper, another alien who was a humanoid interface, and a thousand or so year old rabbit youkai; while somewhere lost in the building was a witch, a puppet master magician who gave up her humanity, a vampire, and a vampire hunter who serves said vampire. That's not all: there was supposed to be an immortal doctor who founded a civilization on the moon somewhere in that whole mess as well, and there were a number of youkai protecting the fairies and one of my friends who happened to be a time traveler. Amazingly, I'm still not done here - all of this was to prevent the genocide of fairies and the self-destruction of a fantasy land due to someone putting up a fake moon made out of paper.

It still sounds crazy when I think about it.

What. The. Hell. Even now, I still find myself sitting back and wondering how all of that came to be. That set up is so out there that nobody could ever conceive that and get away with writing it. Yet... Okay, I long for a normal life, but I'm not going to lie. This situation was awesome, going for the climax. Good Lord - just thinking about where I was at that point was giving me goosebumps.

Thing is, I knew that something had to give, that this was going to be a showdown.

However, the question that I had going into it was: was this going to go smoothly, where everyone survived, or would it be a dramatic final battle where we lost people? Of course, I could only hope for the former. I know I referenced Sailor Moon a few times already, but it was on my mind then. What was also on my mind about that series was the end of the first season, where all of the Sailor Senshi died. They were picked off one by one until Sailor Moon herself was left...so many children cried and the television station got so many complaints from the parents over it. Hell, I remember crying (I was like, four) when I watched it with my cousin. (Yeah, I was a fan of Sailor Moon. Still am to this day. Deal with it. And actually, I think I still have all the mangas my cousin lent me somewhere in my closet...)

Let's not cry here. We're still alive, and we haven't been picked off, for all I know.

Cirno scratched her head, wondering why they were at their location. They had flown over the bamboo forest, and Letty told them to stop, before floating near something that was in mid-air. Cirno moved closer to it, curious.

It was a weird purple...rip? It was small, but it was there.

Creepy. It's got eyes in it an everything...

"This is the place," Letty said as she descended, grabbing Cirno and bringing the fairy down with her. The next thing Cirno knew, she was in some sort of small courtyard, a door wide open for them, it seemed. "Just as Yukari said."


Letty didn't answer Cirno, just gripped her trident tighter. Dragging the fairy along, Letty went inside.

What is going on?

They were on their way. After everything that had been thrown at them, they were still coming to disrupt everything.

She couldn't get the Hourai Elixir. The doctor was smarter than she thought - a magical seal prevented any readings of the Hourai Elixir, and even when it activated after killing the two of them multiple times, neither scanning the princess or the doctor yielded anything. She had tried to pry into the mind of the doctor for the formula, but the Lunarian was mentally strong.

That course of action was dead. However, the princess and the doctor were still under her control. Kuyou Suou watched as the princess kept trying to struggle. She had already sent the doctor to deal with the half of the group that was lost, but she didn't count on the Lunarian to succeed. The moon was frozen, thanks to that idiot maid, preventing it from achieving maximum power by then.

I can still make this plan work.

Suou stared into her hand, musing over what had happened over the past few hours, of the moon going up, the ensuing data, and her own evolution.

Won't they be surprised when they find out that I'm evolving, just like that interface with them. Of course, she wouldn't give them much time to dwell on that. I'll just kill them all then. It's for the better of the world, anyway...but I do feel the need to ensure that Yakumo knows she's lost, that I'll take away Gensokyo just like she took away what was mine. Suou thought about that, about the feeling of revenge she was experiencing. It's inefficient, yes, but it feels good. She deserves it, for what she's done. She'd make sure they suffered before disposal. And besides, with the maid losing her grip on time, Suou could unleash the true power of the moonlight, but it'll take time. They won't be able to beat me when that happens.

Suou turned to the princess, smirking. She decided that she was going to have a little fun with Yakumo before killing her. Especially since she wasn't alone.

I can't lose. Assuming direct control.

Perishable Night

Episode 9


=The Orb in the Night Sky Hiding the Princess=

"A long, long corridor. Is it a lunatic delusion shown by someone?

Memory of a much closer moon was dear and shallow for youkai."

-Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - False Final Stage

=Five Impossible Requests=

"Five impossible requests which were impossible to solve.

However, long years and power of phantasm made these requests possible enough to be solved."

-Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - True Final Stage

"With this, your Imperishable Night will be broken!"

-Princess Kaguya Houraisan, Touhou 8: Imperishable Night

Patchouli blinked a few times, unable to discern where she was for a few seconds. Everything was blurry, and she wasn't even sure if she could hear right. Eventually, her vision corrected herself, as did her hearing. She found herself in an interesting situation - one, she was in the lobby, and two, with a throbbing pain that could be felt on her left temple. She wondered what happened, until she remembered - she got smacked by Kazami.

Amazing I'm still alive. She had used her magical powers to try to keep the flower youkai at bay, but Kazami just powered through, walking right through the blasts, and simply delivered a punch. That was the last thing Patchouli remembered.

Wait...the fairies!

Unsure of how long she'd been out, the librarian got up as best as she could, fearing the worst. The throbbing on her face told her that her left temple was hurt, and she felt a welt on it, and a burning sensation under the skin, along with a pain that she didn't notice until then - she had to have had a fracture. Cracked my skull. Unbelievable. I don't feel a concussion, though. Again, amazing. Staggering her way deeper into the mansion, feeling a little light-headed, Patchouli called out for Meiling, the tengu, the kappa, or even Koakuma. There were no answers. Patchouli found that she couldn't walk straight, and that she couldn't find her balance. Maybe I do have a concussion. Little woozy...but... Patchouli felt a warmth in her left ear - a bit of blood was trickling out of it. A pang of fear shot through her body. Oh crap. This is serious. She had a cranial injury, but she couldn't stop - she instead focused on her task instead. ...please don't tell me that all the fairies are dead. Please...

Rounding a corner, she heard a groan, and there, stuck in the wall, was the tengu. Patchouli noticed the new holes in the wall, that lead all the way back to the lobby. At least we have a new hallway.

"You all right?"

The tengu slowly opened her eyes. "Ah...these interviews better be worth it..."

"Your priorities are skewed." remarked Patchouli as she helped the Tengu out of there. "I think we need to change our strategy. We've been using real attacks. They aren't fazing her. So..."


Patchouli nodded, a bit bewildered at the situation - especially since she was the one who told Nagato that Danmaku was great for fighting. "Should have done it in the first place. I just panicked, and used my actual powers against Kazami. That didn't even slow her down." Not my smartest moment.

Aya held onto her side as she was freed from the wall. "We all should have used it. Amazing that simple game could be so useful."

Before they could speak more, they heard an explosion. The two limped to where it was, Patchouli already knowing where had to be, her library. Making their way to it, the two came across Nitori. Standing outside of it, the kappa was wide eyed, jaw hanging open, as she was watching whatever was going on in there, obviously in awe.

"Kappa? What's going on?"

The kappa simply pointed her finger to inside the library. Patchouli peered in, her eyes widening in response.

You have got to be kidding me.

Quite a bit of the library was on fire. Patchouli's heart dropped, until she remembered that most of her books had a fire protection seal on them. But still, her precious library had been torn up. Several bookcases were toppled over, books were scattered everywhere, tables were broken, carpeting torn to shreds. It was as if a war had broken out within, and it broke Patchouli's heart to see that.

"What in the blazes is going on?!"

Through a bookcase, as if to answer that, flew Flandre Scarlet. Her clothes were charred, she was missing her mob cap, and her ponytail was undone. She landed, crashing into another bookcase, and flopping on the ground. The bookcase toppled for a few seconds, before it came down on the vampire.

"Flan!" Patchouli called out to her.

And out of the new hole in the bookcase across the way, came Yuka. Her clothes were charred as well, she was bleeding from several wounds, but she just glared at the little vampire. Kazami aimed her umbrella, a light forming, when a bookcase was thrown at the youkai of flowers - it was the one that had landed on the vampire. Flandre screamed in anger, a look of pure rage on her face, as she picked up another bookcase, dashing at the youkai, and swatting her with it. The bookcase exploded on impact, scattering books and debris everywhere as Yuka was hit deeper into the library, with Flandre following.

This is insane! I've never seen Flan so angry! Patchouli did her best to ignore how much her heart was breaking over her library. The librarian then grabbed the collar of Nitori, angry at the kappa. "Why aren't you doing anything?!"

The kappa lightly raised her hands, a fearful look in her eyes. "I'm not getting in between those two! No way! I'm not getting paid enough for that! I'm just here to defend the house, not to go up against them!"

Patchouli was about to scream at her, but a thought struck her that made her blood run cold.

The front door.

They left the front door open, and nobody was guarding it. They had gotten so caught up with Yuka that they had totally forgotten that the door was wide open for any other youkai to just waltz into the mansion. Patchouli brought the kappa closer. "Get to the lobby! The door's broken open! We can't have any other youkai get inside!" She turned to Aya. "You too! We'll handle Yuka!"

"You sure?"

They heard more howls, which had to come from outside the mansion. Patchouli shoved the two towards the lobby.

"No time to argue! Just go!"

The two left, and Patchouli returned her attention to the library, holding onto her head as another round of pain went through it - she had to brace herself on the door frame to keep from falling over. Focus, focus. Can't drop to the ground right now. Again, her heart sank, but she knew she had to do something to help out Flan. Patchouli made her way inside, trying not to look at or think of the damage. Flandre should be enough to take on Yuka...right? Also, where was Meiling and Koakuma?

I had six vials left. I used one to heal everyone up, especially me. Turned out I had glass shards piercing my skin, which I didn't like finding out about, although I was grateful when Nagato helped me pick them out of my body.

Ugh. Can you imagine if I had healed with those things in my body? My skin would have healed over them, and I would have ended up having glass shards in my body. Even now I shudder at the thought of it.

Reisen made a quick stop at her room, having to take off her jacket and her tie, as they were pretty much threads by then. She came back out in her white shirt, tan skirt, fingerless tan gloves, tan elbow pads and knee pads, and a number of holsters on her body - to hold several different sidearms, including that submachine gun, and a combat knife. She was ready for war, as she was still armed with the M16 and the MASS. The soldier took the lead, which I didn't mind - Reisen was armed. And, yeah, it was great to have youkai as my allies, but it actually felt better to have a trained soldier on my side, a very comforting feeling. I guess I now know what it feels like to have a bodyguard.

She led us down a hallway, which happened to be blocked by another one of those "static" walls. Youmu had the idea to use danmaku against it, considering that we knew that the SCD appeared to be weakened by it, and it did work. Going down another hallway, we found that the next door was blocked by concrete, which reminded me of when Asakura sealed me off in the classroom. Nothing we did made a dent in that, so Tewi instead took the lead, saying that there was another way around.

Man this place really is huge. Being under Eintei didn't do it much justice - it was definitely bigger than the grounds of North High. Keeping something like this hidden away for centuries must have taken a lot of illusions. There were so many rooms and hallways, and I saw a few enclosed courtyards. Most of the rooms appeared to be concerned with a medical theme, much like that lab we just fought Reisen in.

For the most part, it was cold in the area of Eintei we were in, a vast difference to the outside summer's night heat that I had come to be accustomed to in the past few hours; and due to all the sweat that was covering my body from both the heat and the physical exertion, it was extra cold. I suppose they have to keep the temperature low for the medication, right? We even went through what had to be some sort of storage for pills - there were just so many shelves and jars on said shelves, which alone would have put a major pharmacy to shame. Either the human village needed a lot...or the Lunarian doctor had way too much free time on her hands. I voted for the latter. If she's as smart as she's said to be, I wonder how many diseases that doctor has cured.

We had made introductions to our new soldier friend. Thankfully, Reisen knew what was going on. She did construct that fake moon after all - she confirmed it.

"Why did you do that in the first place?" asked Reimu.

"You don't want to know," said Reisen, as she stopped to look around a corner.

"Actually, we do." Reimu grabbed Reisen's arm, spinning the soldier to her. "Why in the world would you do this to us in the first place?" Reisen pursed her lips, looking down. Reimu crossed her arms and sighed. "Look. I know you planned that moon ahead of time...maybe that Suou person did something after the fact, but you made that fake moon with some sort of intention, and it took you some time to do it - I saw you buy up all of that paper. My gut's telling me that if Suou didn't start this incident, you surely would have started your own tonight." Reimu gave the solider a glare. "So why did you do it?"

The miko is blunt, but she's right. Why do this in the first place? What purpose does that moon have?

Reisen kept her eyes down, a slight sullen look on her face. "It's because of you guys."

The miko appeared to reel back from that. "...What?"

"Your incidents." Reisen looked to our group. "So much stuff is happening in Gensokyo. Just this past year, even. A year ago, the Scarlet Mist; three months, the Spring Snow; then two weeks ago, that Mesmeric Mist." Reisen shook her head. "It's not good for those of us who are trying to lay low - someone from Luna is going to get curious, and they will send a few scouts down here to investigate. They'll find us." We continued on our way, Reisen talking all the while. She still had her weapon up, checking around corners, making sure the route was safe. "Whatever that Suou person did, it was on her own. We made that moon, and my master gave it properties."

I later learned that's what Reisen referred to Eirin as - her master. As a sign of respect, and the fact that Reisen was also being taught by Eirin in the field of medicene. Which I guess also made her a med student as well as a soldier. Of course, I digress.

"What kind of properties?" I asked. "What use could a fake paper moon have?"

"For one, killing the connection between Luna and Earth."

I stopped, staring at her, as I was not expecting that. "What?"

Reisen stopped at an open door, turning to us. "We just needed something up there to fool the people of Earth, a near-perfect replacement that had magical properties attached to it. Master has been working on that magic for centuries: a strong enough seal to ensure that she and the princess could never be bothered again, that they could be truly free, and that no one could ever use the path from Luna to Earth in the future." Reisen lowered her head, her ears lowering as well. "...and now it won't happen. It got turned against us, and Suou used it for her own purposes." Reisen glanced at Reimu. "That's why we did it: to protect ourselves. Don't we have a right to protect ourselves?"

Like sealing the world away in a pot or something. They wanted to keep out the Lunarians forever. The fugitives wanted to stay hidden, without theat of being hunted. I felt sorry for them, really.

"Yes," Reimu said, somewhat dismissively. "But now your plan is killing off Gensokyo."

Reisen slowly nodded as she shouldered her weapon, the corner of her mouth frowning. "I know, and I wish I never did that. Months of work, just wasted, and for that." She led us into the open door. "I don't see how tonight could get any worse," she muttered under her breath.

Don't jinx us. There is a chance it can and will get worse. There is always a chance. I'm not a pessimist...okay, maybe I am - I'm just highly cynical. But only because I've been proven right in my way of thinking enough times to justify it.

Reisen opened a door, quickly entering with her weapon up, scanning the next area. "All right, we're good. She didn't close off this way."

We entered what appeared to be a lavish wing of Eintei: polished floors, gilded walls, big wide hallways, high ceilings. It felt like royalty. This had to be Princess Kaguya's area. It was a very big hallway, and at the end of it, were large double doors. If I had to guess, that was possibly her private quarters.

I asked Tewi if she had any trap doors around, and she said no - that this was the only area that wasn't hers. So much for that. Too bad - she did well during the fight with Reisen. I was kind of looking forward to a repeat of that.

"I'm kind of worried," said Reisen rather quietly as we scooted into the hall. "I thought there'd be some resistance by now, like the rabbits."

Same here. We're nearing what feels like the final boss, and there isn't anybody to stop us? Although, like with Youmu in the afterlife, I guess Reisen counted for that in this situation.

Tewi shook her head. "Got most of them out of Eintei, hidden away from the moonlight, but not all of 'em. We might have to face 'em though..."

Despite that worry of having to deal with more youkai...well, I don't know about anyone else, but I was kind of excited. I was about to be in the presence of an actual Japanese legend. It's not everyday that something like that happens, you know.

During all of that, I did have one thing in mind. I had felt that little pumpkin charm thing in my pocket while moving around, and a thought struck me. I didn't see a need for it at all for my account, so why not give it to someone else? Because let's face it - it would suck if during the final battle, someone powerful was put under control or whatever, and I'd already seen the damage a youkai could do when they lost control. Sakuya...laying there on the floor, clutching her throat, while Remilia was apologizing profusely. I did not want a repeat of that, thank you. Out of all the youkai in our group...who would need this? Assuming, of course, that it actually works. It didn't even take me long to figure out which of them I'd rather not be turned against us. It was a no-brainer; Yukari was weak, and Tewi, besides her luck, wasn't really a great threat, despite her being a youkai. While I didn't want Reisen turned against us, in the end, I chose Yuyuko - I didn't need her instant-death powers to be a threat during this incident. I discretely gave it to her, and when she gave me a quizzical look, I told her to trust me, to just hang on to it.

Everything happens for a reason. I was given this for a reason. Again, I had to take account of what went on, and what was given to me.

We quickly made our way down the long hallway, passing rooms that had various things in them - mostly display cases. Weapons, paintings, golden trinkets, fancy clothes; various things befitting of a princess. This princess is extremely well off, it seems, even for a fugitive. I wouldn't mind living like that at all, which goes without saying.


Near the end of the hallway, there was one room that caught my attention. I had to stop, because of what I saw in the five display cases within that room. All I could do was stare and blink. I rubbed my eyes, wondering if the illusions were working against me again.

You're kidding me.

Reimu came back to get me, until she saw what I was gawking at. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

"...They're actually real? They weren't impossible?!"

The rest of the group joined us, barring Tewi and Reisen. Koizumi let out a low whistle when he got a good look at them. "As expected of Haruhi Suzumiya. She even makes legends real."

"By the Gods," gasped Youmu, "They're beautiful."

The five impossible requests, straight from the story, were there. They had to be them, considering where I was - and if they weren't, then they were eerily similar to what was in the story. The Bowl of Buddha. The Jeweled Branch. The Robe of the Fire Rat. The Dragon's Jewel. The Cowrie Shell. They were right there; legendary treasures were right in front of me.

Even if I were to die tonight, I know I'd die well for seeing such things. But Good Lord, they were the five objects that the princes failed to acquire.

"She had them all along." Yukari had joined us, a somber look on her face. "She had the five treasures all along, and sent those princes to go and fail, because she had no intent of marrying any of them. I told you the Lunarians are sick." Reisen, of course, narrowed her eyes at that. Yukari smiled at the soldier. "You Lunarian rabbits, however, are okay. I've always liked your kind. It's your masters that I have a problem with."

Maybe the Princess isn't as nice as one would think...

Reisen rolled her eyes, before motioning for us to rejoin her. She was already at the big door at the end of the hallway. Her voice was above a whipser. "Last I remember, Suou still kept the princess in her quarters. She should be in there." Reisen looked down at her weapons, her face becoming a bit sad, and she sighed. "I don't want to shoot her, though."

"If she's an enemy," whispered Reimu, "You gonna have to go through with it."

At that time, we were whispering to one another, in our attempt to be a bit stealthy. No need to give any enemies the heads up that we were there, you know.

"I know, but it's the princess of Luna. I've sworn loyalty to her. I know it would be helping her, but...I wouldn't be that comfortable with shooting her with real..." She sighed, not finishing that sentence.

"Have you tried making a danmaku copy of your bullets or something?" I suggested, pointing to her gun.

It'd be pretty cool, and I guess convenient for her, especially with her proficiency with firearms.

Reisen blinked, and appeared to mull that over. "...Not a bad idea...but...hmmmm." She stared down at her weapon, before ejecting the M16's magazine. She held the real magazine in one hand, and not long after, a danmaku magazine formed in the other. Reisen let out another sigh, a small smile forming on her face. "No. It wouldn't work. I remember - I've tried it before. Doing this doesn't work."

"I'll make it work."

That was Nagato. She placed her hands on the M16, and after a while, it shimmered. Nagato then motioned for Reisen to load the magical bullets into the gun. Reisen did, and then Nagato created something - a silencer for the M16. Why? So Reisen could test fire it without making a sound to alert whoever was in the room. Reisen put it on the gun, took aim at the wall, and fired it. A danmaku bullet silently went across the hallway, and ended up scarring the wall where it impacted, but there was no bullet hole. It worked.

That's cool. I'm just going to say it. That is so cool.

Reisen nodded at us, satisfied with her new toy, as Nagato went about doing the same for all of Reisen's weapons. Yuyuko moved closer to the door, placing her hand on it. She was silent for a few seconds.

"That's a heartbeat," she whispered. "Someone is in there, and not far from the door. Their back is turned to us, I think."

Reimu turned to all of us. "All right, how do you want to do this?"

"We don't give the princess a chance," said Koizumi, "We knock the sand out of her." He then raised an eyebrow, placing a finger on his chin. "Wow. I never thought I'd say something like that."

That does sound weird, but, as I've seen with Tewi and Reisen, it is what's happening. I took a deep breath, because an old feeling had come back - where it was right before the final boss. Heck - this hall looked like an antechamber right before the boss room, which even had double doors leading to said room.

"That would be wise to not give her the chance to attack us." Yukari drew her blade, and she appeared to have a thought. "One thing I forgot to mention: the princess is a powerful magician. She is not one to be taken lightly, especially if she's under control."

I glanced over at Reisen, silently asking for confirmation of that. The soldier gave me a nod, before I raised an eyebrow at Yukari. "It would have been nice if we had known about that beforehand." Great. So this final boss is going to be flinging magic at us.

She shrugged, before motioning for Tewi to open the door.

"On three."


...Reisen's grip on her weapon tightened...


...Everyone had a spell card out, and my body tensed...


We opened the doors, Reisen taking the lead, aiming her weapon-

And nobody was there.

It was a very big room - bigger than the first floor of my house. There was a section for a private bath, a section for a sitting area, a private library, a very big bed, and other possessions. On the far end of the room, there was an open door to what had to be a private courtyard/garden, with a fountain in the middle of it. It even had a pond with a small arched bridge over it. Again, this fugitive is extremely well off.

"Where is she?" Reisen took a few steps further into the room, still aiming her weapon. "Princess?" Reisen whisper-shouted. "You in here?"

Yuyuko rubbed her neck, a look of confusion on her face, and spoke in a normal volume. "I don't understand. I felt a heartbeat, at least, I thought I did. She was -"

I saw Reimu and Yuyuko flung into the room, by Yukari, who quickly turned around, and slashed at something behind us. Fire spread out where she slashed, before snuffing itself out, but the impact of it caused Yukari to slide into the room - she didn't allow herself to be knocked down. Part of her dress was on fire, but she brushed it off while not taking her eyes off of who was in the hallway.

That was pretty cool. However...

What had happened was a giant fireball was cast against us, and Yukari blocked it. As for who cast that spell...

It was her. Oh my God it's her.

There she stood, out in the hallway. The most perfect and beautiful looking woman I had ever seen. Up close, she couldn't have been much older than me, maybe a few years. But she was so...gorgeous. Not bad for someone over a millenia old.

The Lunarian Princess, Kaguya Houraisan; the Bamboo Cutter Princess.

She kept standing there, her eyes closed, her head slightly lowered. Yukari kept her sword up in a defensive position, as the rest of us (me kind of ducking around the door frame) slowly came out of the bedroom. Reisen slowly advanced, but stopped not too far from the doorway. She kept her gun aimed at the immortal princess.

"I know you're controlling her, Suou. I know I'm not the smartest person, but I'm not stupid enough to go up to her thinking it's really her, only to get myself killed in some big reveal."

Interesting that Reisen knows tropes like that. And I'm not going to lie - I thought that's what was going to happen, actually, with the way Reisen took a few steps towards the Princess.

"I'm going to give you a chance to get out of her, and out of our lives. Otherwise-"

The eyes of the princess opened, showing us the static within, causing all of us to take a step back. That is so freaking creepy! I'll never get used to that! A smile crept on the Princess's face, making the scene even more creepy as she went up into the air.

Reimu stepped up next to Reisen, with her steel gaze.

"Otherwise we'll have to kill you, Suou. You have a chance to just walk away, even though you don't deserve it." In response, Kaguya raised her hand, an orb of electricity forming.

I'll take that as an "I'm hostile" message. I backed away from that, deeper into the room.

Reimu scoffed, bringing out a spell card. "We gave you a chance."



Along with those spell cards being used, and Reisen opening fire, the others opened up as well, with me hanging back in the room. Reimu's card, the Orb one, was her launching one of her Yin Yang orbs at her target. Youmu's (the Slash one) caused a flash of bright light, and she was then at the far end of the hall the next second, slash rifts in the air in between where she started and where she finished. It reminded me of the Brute Sword spell card, but it didn't have the rifts rain down anything - the rifts themselves were danmaku.

Thing is, none of the shots were even coming near the princess - it was as if she had some sort of invisible barrier around her, and the danmaku faded away when it came in contact with it.

"I have to say," said Yuyuko with a raised eyebrow upon seeing that, "Such a battle is not as fun when you're on this side of it."

I don't think she was cracking a joke there - she seemed serious about what she said. However, then wasn't the time to think of that - the orb in the Princess' hand grew large, and she flung it at us. Once again, Yukari moved to intercept it with a slash, with the same result: she got some of the effects of the spell on her body. I could see electric sparks cover her. She grit her teeth, but still stood.


"I'm fine!" she said as she clenched her teeth, glaring at the alien princess, who simply smiled at us. "I don't go down that easily!"

From behind Kaguya, we heard a door slam open, and then slam closed again, like someone ran through the door as quickly as possible. It had to be the doorway we came through to get to the hallway.

"Help is on the way!"


It was her. From around the corner, ran Alice, with Shanghai, and both looked worse for wear then when I last saw them - Alice was missing her headband, and her capelet. Shanghai was missing an arm, but carried a small shield with its remaining arm. Alice paused to take a few seconds to assess the situation. She was quick to understand what was going on. She grabbed another one of her dolls from her backpack, and wound it up.


Like the Return Inanimateness, Alice sacrificed a doll for the attack. It was more of a lob than a throw, but the result was the same - an explosion of danmaku. The barrier around the princess shimmered, not allowing it to come near Kaguya.

Alice blinked, furrowing her brow. "Okay, that's different."

Yeah, and it's totally not fair.

Kaguya turned to the puppeteer, raising her hand and what looked like concentrated wind forming in it.

"Alice, move!" Koizumi shouted.

Alice dove into one of the side rooms, as the magical blast hit where she was standing just a second later. Kaguya then turned to us, forming another magical attack - this one another fire orb.

We ducked into the side rooms, and I called out to the puppeteer. "Alice! Where's Marisa? Where's Remilia and Sakuya?"

"I don't know! We were attacked and we got separated! Lots of rabbit youkai under control, but I think we saved them! But that's not all - we also had to fight the doctor!"

"You fought Master?" Of course, that was Reisen. "Is she okay?"

"She's fine! We got rid of the influence, and she told us where to go! I went as fast as I could, but that's when we were attacked and separated!"

Kaguya came into the room we were in, again raising her hand. Nagato took that as our cue to move, as she grabbed me by the sleeve and quickly escorted me out of there. Everyone else followed suit before Kaguya could attack.

It really is boss time!

Meiling blinked, realizing that she had drifted out of conciousness for a while. She looked around, finding herself in one of the sitting rooms, the door gone. She realized that she was lying on the door. Finding that she didn't suffer any real damage that could keep a youkai down, she hopped up to her feet, already hearing sounds of fighting coming from the library. Taking the time to stretch for a few seconds, she felt the soreness of her body from being flung off of Kazami, and also felt a few wounds, but the bleeding wasn't too bad, for a youkai, anyways. Meiling then ran to where the fight was, feeling the energy of Kazami, Patch...and Flan? Huh. Well, Lady Patch did send for the young mistress.

Meiling flung off her beret, deciding that she needed to change her strategy with Kazami. Striking and trying to break her bones isn't working - she's too tough. I'm effective at countering attacks, but trying to counter Yuka isn't worth it. She hits so hard that any contact hurts. Man I got lucky with her when I was younger.

Fighting with grace was good, but sometimes, power had to be matched with power.

Meiling had to use that.

Time to let loose, I guess. Forgive me, Patch, for having to do this in your library...

In the back of her mind, as she felt her blood boil, Meiling knew that she would have to be the one to do clean up afterwards for all the destruction she was about to cause.


I don't think I need to tell you who used that spell card. A portal briefly opened up before Yukari, and Ran Yakumo was launched at the target, doing somersaults. Of course, it didn't go through that barrier the princess had around herself, but the impact did knock the princess back several meters. Ran bounced off, landed on her feet, and gave Yukari a bow before hopping into another portal, to get back to that realm.

What was going on was weird. Kaguya, or, controlled-Kaguya, however you want to say it, was up in the air, moving from position to position, coming to a complete stop, before raising her hand, charging up some sort of spell, and launching it at us. The spells, however, were balls of fire, electricity, water, earth, that kind of stuff; but she didn't change up her attacks. She just went to a location, charged it up, cast a spell, move again. We couldn't break through her barrier, and her charge-ups gave us enough time to find cover. It really was like some kind of boss fight, to tell the truth, but the boss was invincible and was stuck in an attack pattern that was easily avoided, like a very glitched game.

It was a stalemate. The whole thing felt unnecessary. Reimu was near me as we both ducked into one of the side rooms to avoid a blast of...I think it was ice.

"She's not even trying, is she?" Reimu clicked her tongue as she peeked out after the spell was cast and missed us. "This is just-"

"Unnecessary? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing."

Out the door, I could see Yukari slashing away magical orbs, as she ducked and dodged to get out of the way of the princess.

The miko rolled her eyes - I think at the situation. Reimu then moved around her left shoulder, stretching it, and letting out a little grunt. "Kaguya seems powerful enough to just wipe us all out, so why isn't she doing anything?" We moved out to the hallway, as Kaguya had her attention on Yuyuko and Youmu, who found cover in another side room. "I mean, it isn't like that time with the ghost - she's not toying with us, and we can't hit her. So why is she dragging this on?"

"I don't need your intuition to agree with you that this doesn't feel right." I gave the miko a shrug. "But I'm not complaining that she hasn't wiped us out yet." That's something I'll never complain about.

"Me either." Reimu brought out a few more amulets, her steel gaze coming back, before going to join the others. "I just don't like this."

I watched her rejoin the battle, using her amulets to no effect. We had been pretty good at watching ourselves - nobody was injured, so I didn't have to use a vial. I also didn't want to use one offensively, due to the barrier around the princess - I'd only waste it.

Actually...I still have Cirno's spell card. Maybe it's time for an icicle fall? Before I could join them and act on that, I heard the door burst open again, and from around the corner limped Remilia. My eyes widened upon seeing her.

Oh my God.

Remilia was in very bad shape. Her dress had various bullet holes, and blood stains (had to be hers), and I could see some bullet holes in her body, along with arrow wounds. Hell, there was still one arrow lodged in her side, which she was digging out. There was a trickle of blood coming out the corner of her mouth. Again, as she looked like a child, my reaction to seeing her was what one could expect; since if she were human, she'd have to be put in a hospital bed and in intensive care. Or the morgue.

"Geez! Remilia! Remilia, you're all-"

Remilia's manic grin stopped me, as well as what she said to me, as she pulled out the arrow from her side...more like ripped it. I cringed when I saw the bits of flesh hanging as a result. Aw come on! I didn't need to see that!

"Kyon, I'm fine. In fact, I'm better than fine." She wiped the blood from her mouth and gave me an even bigger grin. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time - not since first getting to Gensokyo."

If one could consider getting torn apart by Meiling fun, then okay. Whatever floats your boat, little vampire. Upon further inspection, I saw her wounds closing by themselves - they were ever-so-slowly healing up. That is both disturbing and cool at the same time. Disturbing in seeing such a thing, but cool in that I would love to have that ability. Well, there are perks to being a vampire, of course. Just gotta avoid the sunlight, the...silver...the crossing water...and didn't someone say that some vampires are effected by holy items? Vampires have a lot of weaknesses for being such powerful creatures.

"You and I have very polarizing ideas of fun, Mistress." I eyed one of her wounds and had to immediately look away - I saw bone. "Uhm, need me to heal you?"

"Nope, I'm good. I can only hope it gets even more fun from here on out!"

"What does it take for you to have that much fun, something like dismemberment?"

She nodded. That was a rhetorical question! Remilia then noticed the floating princess, and the battle before her. Her eyes lit up in response as she brought out a spell card.

"Ooooh, yeah! This just may be one of my favorite nights!"

You mean despite your almost ripping out Sakuya's throat? I, of course, didn't say that. I didn't want to be gutted for it. But speaking of Sakuya...

"Where's Sakuya and Marisa?"

Remilia didn't even look back to me as she limped her way to the fight. "They were behind me. Don't worry. They're all right, I think."


A bright scarlet light emitted from Remilia, in a cross shape, interestingly enough. The light itself was danmaku, pounding away at the barrier, but with no effect. The princess turned to the vampire, and I could swear her smile widened upon seeing another person join the fight.

What is going on? If you're not going to use the full power of the princess, then why are you controlling her, Suou? What are you planning?

Mikuru dared not to look outside, as she heard the sounds of battle out there - magical blasts, that bird singing, and the ghosts playing their instruments. The last time Mikuru did look, one of those beasts stared right at her with its red eyes, before being blasted away by one of those musical ghosts - the one in white. But that was so scary.

The time traveler looked to the rest of the people in the shrine with her - the dozens of fairies that had taken shelter in there, and most were huddled together in fear of what was outside. A few of them had damaged wings, but there were no serious injuries.

Mikuru had thought that Gensokyo was a really scary place, until she saw the fairies. They were just so adorable, with their wings. It really was like a...well...fairy tale that she would have appreciated if whatever was happening wasn't happening.

Why attack cute girls like these? It's so not fair.

The drunk girl oni person, Suika, was still asleep and not doing anything, so Mikuru's eyes went to the other person in the room - a blonde girl that came in with the bug and the bird youkai girls. She was covered in blood, and didn't stop looking at her hands. The girl had just went to a corner and sat there, continuing to stare into her hands, muttering to herself. Mikuru had tried to ask what was wrong, but upon seeing the fangs in the mouth of the girl (and considering all the blood she was covered in), she decided to leave her alone. And Mikuru hadn't seen that woman with the green hair for a while.

It's so difficult to tell who's human and who's not in Gensokyo...

At least the turtle was calming. The way he spoke to her in such an assuring voice that everything was going to be okay actually made Mikuru relax a bit. Out of everyone from Gensokyo, Mikuru liked Alice and the turtle the most.

At the end of that thought, something crashed into the paper walls, causing her to squeal, and the fairies in the room backed away. It was one of those beasts. It looked right at Mikuru, making her freeze in fear. She couldn't even think - she was so scared.

Slowly, the turtle was moving to get in between Mikuru and the beast. "You're not allowed in here! Get out! Now!"

Ignoring the turtle's order, the beast snarled at Mikuru, baring its fangs, and then Suika had jumped into view, giving the beast a kick in the face - and was rewarded with both blood and the then-headless youkai being punted to somewhere in Gensokyo. Mikuru cringed at seeing such a violent act.

Why is everything so scary?! I'm going to have so many nightmares!

"Man...I'm trying to sleep and all, and that idiot breaks through Reimu's wall." Suika stretched, rubbing the sleep out her eye with one hand, while still carrying around her gourd with the other. "She'll have a hissy fit...hey, what's that noise?"

Suika opened up the front door, revealing the scene outside. Mikuru could see the three Prismrivers and the bird and the bug fighting out there, keeping those scary beasts from getting too close to the shrine. They were getting overwhelmed.

"Awww..." sighed Suika in disappointment as she stretched out. "They get in a fight, and they don't tell me? I could've been having fun instead of sleeping!" The oni took a pull of her gourd, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand afterwards. "No matter! It's time to kick ass, and drink sake! And I'm all outta-" Suika paused, moving around her gourd. Liquid could be heard sloshing around from within. A big grin crept on Suika's face. "Wait...no I'm not! I can do both!"

"Miss Suika," said the turtle, "Take care out there."

Suika was about to charge out, but was stopped by the bug on the porch.

"Don't go out in the light! You'll turn feral! Youkai are affected, not ghosts!"

Suika stopped, putting her hands on her hips, obviously disappointed. "Awwww..." And then the girl shoved the bug, and took the umbrella for herself, before charging into the fight. The bug was stunned for a few seconds, before sitting up; she sighed as she was left on the porch, one of her antennae twitching, and turned to Mikuru.

"Well...suits me fine, I guess. Don't have to fight for you guys," she said unapologetically.

You're mean.


I did not expect such a dark-sounding spell card from Koizumi. Transparent trees appeared - one could go through them without any trouble, but then a lighting bolt struck one of the trees, causing to quickly catch fire with fire danmaku. When the fire reached the end of one of the branches, that branch would explode into a spread shot. When the whole tree was consumed, it exploded into an even bigger spread shot, but it circled in a counter-clockwise fashion as it fanned out. The fire danmaku spread quickly, from transparent tree to transparent tree, like a forest fire. I wondered what this spell card was about.


Reisen tossed a danmaku grenade, and it exploded, fragmenting into a circle of danmaku that hung for a while, before fragmenting even more and spreading out in a clockwise fashion.

A lot our attacks were hitting the barrier, but it didn't appear to have any effect. If this was a glitched boss fight, I'd reset the game or reload a save by now, because this is just stupid.

"Backup's arrived!" That was Marisa's voice, and it came after we heard the doors slam open again. Both Marisa and Sakuya charged from around the corner. I was so relieved to see the two of them. Sakuya's maid uniform wasn't as damaged as the others - she was only missing her maid's cap, while Marisa didn't appear to have any damage to her dress.

Also, I was kind of liking this. It was like the Royal Rumble or something, where new people would arrive every so often to join the fight. All that was missing was a countdown from ten seconds and the music for their entrances.

"Man am I glad to see you two!" I said as Sakuya approached me with an apologetic look on her face. It caused me to feel concern. "What's wrong?"

"I had to let it go. I'm sorry." She wiped sweat from her brow, slightly bending over, putting her hands on her knees. She looked tired, almost ready to pass out. "I had to let the moon go. I'm almost out of power."

Oh no...that means the moon's getting more power then, isn't it? Of course, I couldn't know if the moon was released from Sakuya's powers - I never got a good look at it after entering Eintei, despite all the courtyards I saw. That also meant that things were going to get bad out there. I hope Mikuru is okay then.

It also meant that Sakuya would be minimally useful from that point on - without her time power.

"You'll be okay," Marisa grinned, "It doesn't take much power for basic danmaku, ze."

"I'd have power right now if you didn't eat all those mushroom things to keep up your barrier," Sakuya angrily said. "I could have used that, you know."

Marisa waved her hand dismissively as she reached into a pocket. "Meh. Quit your whining, ze. I still got more."

We were then joined by Youmu who pushed us into one of the side rooms, causing us to avoid another attack from the princess. Youmu shook her head after watching the blast hit where we were, before turning to us, her index finger wagging. "I know it's good to reunite, but please keep your heads on where we are right now." Myon appeared to be nodding its "head" in agreement.

Again, thank you, Youmu.

"Miss Nagato!" Reisen yelled out as she 'reloaded' her gun. "Are we doing anything with our attacks?"

Nagato called out to us as she took cover in another side room to avoid an electric attack. "We've done minimal damage to that barrier! We're barely even scratching it!"


"Scratch this!" yelled Remilia as she threw with all of her might. The throw was dead center, Gungnir drilling into the barrier. Whatever it was doing, it appeared to have some effect, as the barrier had visible cracks that spread from where Gungnir was burrowing into it.

"It's working!" Reimu shouted and pointed at the drilling spear. "Everyone! Concentrate your fire right there!"




Alice, Reimu, and Nagato were the only ones in position to attack where the spear was drilling into, and it had the most effect - visible cracks appeared in the air around the princess, causing the invisible barrier to shrink in size. When the spell cards ended, the barrier became somewhat visible, a clear, almost plastic sheen to it, and it was smaller in size around her.

Finally, we're doing something. But you know, if this really was a boss fight, then wouldn't the boss-

Kaguya raised her hand, and I noticed a red light coming from where I was standing. Feeling the "Hey idiot, you're in Danger" gut feeling, I dove away from it. A pillar of fire erupted from where I was just a second prior.

-begin to go faster and use more attacks as she weakens?

Marisa hurriedly picked me up, as I don't think I could have gotten up on my own power, with my heart on overdrive. I cursed the fact that this was a by-the-numbers boss fight. Almost makes me wish I could see the enemy health bar, so I'd know how far along we are into it.

Aya grabbed the beast by the back, twirled, and flung him into another group, bowling them over. They were knocked out of the mansion, but more were seen coming through the broken gate.

These interviews better be worth it! After a pause of a few seconds, she grinned. Who am I kidding? Interviews with incident resolvers is always worth it! I'll sell so many papers!

Aya and Nitori had gotten to the lobby just in time - a dozen youkai were entering, but they were easily put down by the two. Between Aya's speed, and Nitori's gadgets, they'd been able to contain the invasion.

The tengu moved next to Nitori, noticing that the kappa had a mini-chainsaw in one hand and the bubble gun in the other. Aya couldn't help but smile.

"Go on. Say it."

Nitori raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

"Say it."

"Say what?"

Aya blinked, before referencing the two weapons. "You have a gun in your left hand, and a chainsaw in your right. Say it."

Nitori stared at the weapons, before looking back up to the tengu, a confused look on her face. "What are you talking about?"

Aya rolled her eyes, bringing her palm to her forehead. "Ugh, nevermind." Then again, that is an American movie.

The two got ready to fight as more youkai came inside.

-Moonlight upgrading

-Increasing attack power data

-Increasing defense power data

-Weakening youkai power

-Allocating data for entity entry

-"OblivionCharm" loaded and ready for execution

-"OblivionCharm" standing by


This was actually Youmu's card, but she gave it to Yukari to use. The Rounkanken began to glow in a blue fire, and the light extended the blade to about four times its normal size. Yukari took the swing, cutting right through the barrier around Kaguya, and we were rewarded with an explosion of sand from her body as she got hit by it. The barrier shrunk even further, but the princess had gotten faster in her movements, and was harder to hit otherwise - she was even avoiding the homing spell cards.

I was with Marisa on her broom (it was easier to avoid the attacks with Marisa's speed), and we were charging at Kaguya, trying to corner her. The others were herding the princess into one of the side rooms, Reisen taking the initiative with her danmaku gun, and Yuyuko using her Netherworld spell card to block the princess's path. When Kaguya had no choice but to enter a room for solace, Marisa brought up her Hakkero.

Blow her away!


I couldn't see it, but Kaguya had to be hit by it. When the light died down, the Princess just flew past us, and I could see her body shaking. The static in her eyes was beginning to give way, and the barrier was nearly gone.

I kinda missed this - riding on Marisa's broom in battle. It scared me, but it was just so...exciting...especially since I was clinging to her again. Yeah, I'll admit it.

Then, the door opened again. I whipped my head around, as the whole fight stopped. Even the controlled princess turned to see who approached.

There, at the end of the hallway, stood a woman. To be more specific...there stood a Lunarian Doctor, armed with a bow, a quiver full of arrows slung on her back, and a unfitting serene expression on her face, considering the circumstances.

"Master!" exclaimed Reisen.

Doctor Eirin Yagokoro.

So...this is the founder of the Lunarian civilization. I really have an extensive resume of experiences, don't I, especially with the kinds of people I meet. I mean, who can say they met a founder of a civilization?

Also, this really is like some wrestling program where more and more people join the fight in the ring, minus the music and the crowd cheering.

Like from the picture, she had that blue/red dress with embroidered constellations on it, but it had obvious danmaku scarring. She began to slowly walk towards the princess. The doctor nonchalantly took off her nurse's cap, and flung it to the side, before drawing her bow with a danmaku arrow.

"Miss Suou..." Eirin's voice was elegant and soothing. "While I am appreciative of all the chemicals and pharmaceuticals you have provided us, I do have one further request." She aimed the bow at Kaguya, and anger overtook the doctor's face. "I'm going to have to kindly ask you to get the hell out of my princess!"

I'm not gonna lie - that was an awesome line.

The doctor fired her arrow, and just as quickly, drew another one. Her motions were fluid, as if she'd done it thousands upon thousands of times before. The rest of us followed suit. Kaguya kept getting hit, and we surrounded her, not allowing her to get anywhere. The barrier was failing, as some of the shots were getting through, knocking more of that data sand out of her body. She couldn't even attack us - I believe in gaming lingo, this was known as a "stunlock".

This is not even fair. Who could go up against our combined might anyway?


This was Eirin's. It was a containment spell card, like Koizumi's Cat one, except this was in a circle instead of a box. Thirteen balls of danmaku surrounded Kaguya, shooting massive amounts around it, but also shooting within the circle. The safest place was within the circle, even though the space was tight and the target kept on getting shot at.

We heard the door open again, everyone turned to the sound in response. Within seconds, a cold air swept into the room, like someone turned on the AC to beyond full blast. It was a chill I hadn't felt since winter, and even colder than the medical area of Eintei. A single snowflake came from around the corner, drifting in the air. It simply landed in the middle of the hallway.

Who can this be? Who else can show up?

Following the snowflake came...



The ice fairy? What is she doing here?

Her appearance caught me off guard, as I was not expecting to see her. Hell, I would have expected Taniguchi to show up out of nowhere before Cirno would. The fairies' clothes were ripped in some places, but she seemed fine. She grinned at all of us, before her eyes rested on Kaguya. When she saw the static in her eyes, the fairy took a step back in surprise, her jaw dropping. "That's not...normal..."

"What are you doing here?" Reimu asked rather bluntly.

Cirno crossed her arms and gave the miko another grin. "Eye'm with someone!"

From around the corner, approached Letty Whiterock. She wore what I remembered her wearing, but also had a transparent cape that shone like ice, and was carrying a silver trident. But her face... Letty...she had a scar the left side of her face like a burn scar. Her left eye was completely white - she had to be blind in it. Her hair had grown longer on that side, as if to mask her injury.

"Reimu..." I said at a near whisper.

"Yeah," the miko quietly said, "I did that to her, it seems."

With no emotion on her face, Letty's right eye settled on Reimu. "Yes...you did. But I hold no grudge against you, Miko. My grudge is with another person..." Letty then glared at Kaguya. "I know you're there, you long haired bitch."

Interestingly enough, despite all of that, Kaguya didn't attack us. Something really doesn't feel right. Stuff like that only happens in anime and manga. Why didn't she attack?

Letty raised up a spell card, not keeping her eye off of Kaguya. The temperature of the room dropped even lower.


Flandre had Kazami propped up against the wall, trying to use her hands to strangle the youkai, but her hands were being held by the youkai. It was one of the disadvantages of her having a child's body, Patchouli mused.

Koakuma had made her way back to the library, rejoining Patchoulil, and the two of them stood there, as they watched Flandre kept trying to do anything against the youkai. The two went at it in a very primal way - using their fists, kicks, tossing things at the other. There was nothing scientific about their fighting styles. Patchouli was actually amazed at the physicality of it, and would have appreciated it if not for the fact that they were using her library to do it. Pillars were knocked over, part of the upper floor was now on the first floor, and most of the books and bookcases had been reduced to rubble.

Patchouli hadn't just stood around at first. She had tried to use danmaku - her Royal Flare, but only ended up hitting Flandre as well. The little vampire just glared at her, yelling "Don't Interfere!" in a voice that just scared the librarian, and then the two went back to trying to kill each other, even after being hit. If they damage any more of my library, I'm just going to knock the both of them out and be done with it. Patchouli was just tired of watching everything get destroyed, and she was at her limit over it.

Flan kept struggling, until Yuka took a deep breath, and let it out on the vampire's face. Within seconds, Flandre began to cough, her eyes going wide. She took steps back away from Kazami, the vampire clutching at her throat, and she was obviously gasping for air.

"Young mistress!" shouted Koakuma.

What did Yuka just do?! To answer that, leaves were seen growing out of Flandre's mouth, a single bud among them.

Time stopped for Patchouli, as she realized what had happened. The youkai of flowers put flowers in Flandre's lungs merely by breathing on her. She felt the horror of the situation. Flandre might be a vampire, and be technically "dead", but it was obvious that what Kazami did would have a mortal effect. If not stopping Flan from breathing, then having her whole body become the root of a plant, torn from the inside out. It would be a horrible way to go either way.

I have to kill those plants.

"Koakuma! Any spells on killing plants! Find something on it!"

The little devil quickly nodded and took off for the spell book section. Patchouli then allowed her fear for the sister of her best friend give way to anger, as she brought out another spell card.

You do not do that to Flan!


It was one of Patchouli's quickest danmaku attacks - charge up a fire ball, and fling it at the target. She did as such...and Yuka caught it in her hands. The fire stayed in the palm, before Yuka closed it, "crushing" the fire and snuffing it out.

That's just not fair. Danmaku is supposed to knock out anyone. It then crossed Patchouli's mind that she did hear that it took the two incident resolvers a lot of effort to put down Kazami during her incident.

Kazami kicked away Flandre, and then started her slow walk towards Patchouli. The librarian quickly went through her cards, using them in an attempt to knock out the youkai, but Yuka was using her umbrella as a shield, and kept advancing.

She's like a damn tank!

Yuka got within a meter, clenching her fist, readying a strike. Patchouli had backed up all the way to a book case, and had no where to go. In anticipation, Patchouli brought up her arms to shield herself, even though she knew it wouldn't do any good.


Patchouli heard a loud crash, and then sounds of...something... Peeking through her arms, she noticed that Yuka was gone.

I'm...not...dead? Where...where is she?

The librarian noticed a new hole in one of the bookcases, heard the sounds of fighting, and then a roar. A roar she hadn't heard in a few decades. It took her a few seconds to recognize it.

Ah...Meiling... In her true form, no less; the one that was unleashed in a battle with Flandre, where Patchouli and Remilia both found out what Meiling was. In the new hole, she saw Yuka battling it out with the true form of Meiling.

Patchouli knew what Meiling was, so she didn't think too much of it, other than a faint nagging feeling that even more damage would be done to her library. All that she really cared about was getting to Flan, who was on the ground, holding her throat and making choking noises trying to breathe. Patchouli ran to the vampire, and got to her just as Koakuma came back with a book in hand. The little devil stopped when she saw Meiling fighting Kazami.

Her lower lip quivered, staring wide-eyed at the creature taking on Kazami. She must have realized who it was. "...Meiling?! You're a...you're a..."

Don't have time for this! "Koa! Stop gawking!" Patchouli snapped at her. "I need you over here now!"

Koakuma snapped back to the situation, and ran to her master, already opening up the book to a page. Patchouli looked at the spell that Koakuma had selected: a herbicide spell; perfect for killing all sorts of gardens, and a somewhat mid-level spell - childs play for the librarian. Hope this can kill ones made by the flower master herself, though. She shot a glance to the little vampire, who was wide eyed and reaching up to the librarian, before Patchouli went about reciting the spell. Flandre grabbed Patchouli's hand, and held it - there was fear in the vampire's eyes.

I've never seen her this afraid. Don't worry Flan. I've got you.


Another one of Yukari's spell cards. Like the Ran one, a portal opened up and Chen was launched at the target. This time, Chen made direct contact with Kaguya, knocking her into the princess' room, and the doors closed behind her (on their own, no less). Chen turned to us, smiled, bowed, and left via another portal.

That's awesome, Chen!

The past few minutes wasn't even fair for our opponent. Counting Letty and Cirno, we had a total of sixteen people and youkai taking on one magician princess. Every time she attempted to cast a spell, two people would use a spell card. Reimu and Yukari were giving out orders, of where to go, what spell cards to use, on when to attack. The two were effective leaders, and we didn't have any problems with attacking the princess - Reimu and Yukari would command for the use of spell cards that complimented each other perfectly, that when used together, left no holes in the attack.

I still couldn't get over how powerful Reimu appeared to have gotten. Whatever she did the past two weeks really appeared to pay off. Her speed, power, and everything just blew away that girl I saw during the Spring Snow incident.

Speaking of the Spring Snow incident, Letty had proven very effective, but she had to keep the ice fairy near her. When she strayed from Cirno's side, Letty appeared to get weaker. She really does need the cold to survive. She's like some weird Mr. Freeze or something.

Barring that thought, we all ran to the door, finding it to not have any give. Nagato said she'd be able to open it - kneeling down, she put her hand on it, and the door shimmered. It would take her a few minutes to get it unlocked.

During that time, I noticed that the doctor was glaring at Yukari, the Lunarian shifting, with an unreadable look on her face. Yagokoro even had her bow drawn, though it was pointed at the floor. I had the feeling the doctor was close to shooting Yakumo.

"Is there something wrong, doctor?" Yukari said with her usual smile, her voice having a hint of...something. Sarcasm? "Or are you just surprised to see me this deep within your home?"

Eirin narrowed her eyes, as she glared at the demon with obvious disapproval, before letting out a small sigh. "The invader of my homeworld...I know I have barred you from even coming close here, Yakumo, but combat can make strange bedfellows."

"Yes, but I have not been your enemy. Gensokyo welcomes your expertise, and is grateful for your genius. You solve all of our medical problems, especially with the human village. Of course I'll take steps to ensure that you'll get to stay here, as well as for your peaceful home."

Eirin shot a glance to Reisen, who gave a nod. "If I may say so, Master, I think it'd be okay to allow her here for now."

The doctor, seemingly somewhat satisfied with that, put away her arrow as she returned her attention to the demon. "...Very well, Yakumo. For tonight, we'll fight side by side." Eirin gave Yukari a stern look. "After that, I don't want to see you anywhere near here."

"I have no problem with that, doctor."

So I'm guessing anyone from the moon will have an instant distrust of Yukari then. I just hoped it wouldn't come back to bite us on the rear end later. The doctor's gaze then went around to everyone gathered here.

"Interesting group we have here." Eventually Yagokoro's eyes fell on Sakuya, and stayed on her. The doctor's brow furrowed.

"What is it?" asked Sakuya, who was breathing rather heavily, as if she was trying to catch her breath.

The doctor blinked, pursing her lips. She stared at the maid for a few seconds before shaking her head. "...Nothing...I think. But...have we met before?"

"I doubt it."

Wonder what that's all about. I'd never get an answer to that. Maybe a case of mistaken identity. I guess Eirin noticed me looking over her, as she asked me what was wrong, with suspicious eyes.

"Nothing..." I looked over to Yukari, before returning my attention to the doctor. "Except that you appear to want to fight those who are helping you."

"Excuse me?"

"I just don't get it. I mean, yeah, maybe she did do what she did, but Yukari is obviously here to help you. I just don't get why it seems you're ready to fight her here."

Eirin raised an eyebrow, annoyance washing over her face. "I'm cautious. There is nothing wrong with that, human, and I haven't survived this long by being otherwise. And besides, she attacked my homeworld, so forgive me for not going up to her with gifts."

I could only give her a shrug. She is right. One would hold a grudge against someone who attacked their homeland.

I felt the air get a bit colder than it already was - I noticed the yuki-onna, standing next to me. After the initial jumpback I had upon seeing her (hey, she did try to kill me once, so forgive me for being weary) I got a good look at her face, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

Good Lord. It really did look like some sort of burn scarring. I've never personally seen such skin damage before, but I've seen some movies depicting such things. Then again, that was movie makeup. To see it for real...it made me nauseous.

The yuki-onna stared at the gap youkai with her one good eye. "I got your message, and I found the clue you left."

Yukari gave Whiterock a smile. "I thought you'd be here by now."

Letty referenced to Cirno. "I had to wait for the ice fairy. I need her to even survive in this summer heat."

Alice, while repairing Shanghai's arm, gave Yukari a puzzled look. "You knew in advance what was going to happen?"

That's kind of disturbing. No, scratch that. That is disturbing. It's because Alice removed Shanghai's bad arm, and was replacing it with a spare arm. Shanghai pretty much just silently watched Alice remove a limb from it without having much of a reaction. Does Shanghai feel anything? Although, why am I questioning whether a "live doll" can feel or not?

While I thought all of that, Yukari answered Alice. "I had a general idea, Miss Puppeteer. I knew Suou had contacted our Lunarian friends here, but I couldn't act. I gave Miss Whiterock here an option to help out, should the worse case scenario happen, and it did. I also knew of the incident that would happen tonight. In fact," Yukari referenced to Yuyuko, "It is just like the Spring Snow incident. The events were supposed to happen, but not this way."

Reimu crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow. "You're saying that we would have normally gone up against the Lunarians over the fake moon?"

"We had planned this for years, and the previous incidents in this place have only accelerated my plans," Doctor Yagokoro said indifferently. "But yes, the fake moon went up just as I designed...except that it was tainted for other purposes..." she trailed off, staring at the door, and I could see the anger on her face building up again. "That girl wasted the time I had invested...I'll never forgive her."

Marisa knelt next to Nagato. "Yo, you almost done there with whatever it is you're doing, ze?"

Nagsato kept her stare on the door she was working on. "Estimating completion to be under one minute."

Whiterock then appeared to notice me, and came close - the temperature around us dropped even further. I was still a little uneasy with her (she did try to kill me, after all), so I took some steps away from her.

"I never got to apologize to you for my actions. I was under an influence, and I nearly killed you, human."

"Uhm...okay. It's fine now, I guess." As long as you don't try to kill me again...though I'll still be wary of you from now on. I eyed her scarred face. "Do you...want me to heal you?"

She shook her head. "No. Your barrier uses the warmth of spring, and shares it with others. For a being that is aligned with winter such as myself, it would only kill me."

Shame. You'll have to live with that scar then, it seems. Shame about her getting it after she was apparently freed from the influence. Then again, she was about to kill all of us, starting with me, so we didn't really give her a chance to explain herself.

We heard the door open. Nagato and Sakuya then pushed it open, and we saw Kaguya lying on the floor near her bed. I took the time to down another vial, and heal just about everyone - barring Remilia (who didn't want it), and the two of ice - Whiterock and Cirno. I should mention that this vial almost made me throw up - I was real close to doing so. It was like taking too much medication - you shouldn't in the first place, and your body just reacts, saying "Don't put more of that in me!" But I digress.

"Princess!" Reisen took a few steps into the room, aiming her weapon, as did Eirin, but then turned to Nagato. "Is she okay? Is the princess still under control?"

Everyone slowly entered the room, aiming their weapons at the downed princess, as Nagato took the furthest steps.

"...Nagato?" I tentatively asked, "Is she okay?"

Nagato silently stared at Kaguya, before giving us a nod. "No signs of influence."

We did it. We saved the princess.

Upon hearing that, Eirin and Reisen both quickly went to the princess, helping her up. She spoke, as she saw who was over her. "Eirin...no..." Kaguya weakly waved at her friend. "...Get away...get out of here..."

An elegant, beautiful voice. She's just about everything one would think of her to be.

"Kaguya, are you hurt?"

"No...Eirin...you don't...understand..." Kaguya looked to all of us, a fearful look in her eyes. "I am the bait."

Suffice to say, my blood ran cold. As if I didn't go through enough traps today.

"That fight...was just stalling...for everyone to show up...and for something else... We have to get out of here now...she wanted all of us in this room."

The doctor and the soldier quickly looked at each other, surprise on their faces, before they reached down to pick up their Princess. "All right!" Reisen put Kaguya's arm over her shoulder. "Let's go! Come on guys!"

We quickly turned to leave...only to find that the door was turned to a concrete wall.

Getting really tired of that.

"...Not good." remarked Sakuya under her breath.

Yeah...not good at all. We just all waltzed into an obvious trap like idiots.

Nagato stopped, and turned around, looking past us. Her face was a blank, and she was silent. Koizumi was the first to turn, and his eyes widened. "Suou."

We all turned to see her, pretty much everyone arming themselves as they did. Kuyou Suou stood there in the middle of the princess' private courtyard, expressionless, and staring back at us. The light of the fake moon shone off of her long hair, radiating it, almost highlighting the person for dramatic effect. Remilia gripped Gungnir, and took a few steps towards the interface, but Nagato stopped her.

"Remilia, no. Something's not right."

"I can kill her right now!"

Nagato blinked. "We're trapped inside the room she wants us to be in, and she wants you to fight her under her circumstances." Remilia's arm shook with a flash of rage, but it appeared she agreed with Nagato. "I don't know what she has planned, but only an idiot would-" Nagato blinked again, her eyes going wide, because Cirno charged right for Suou.

"Cirno!" Letty called out as she dropped to her knees - she was out of the cold zone afforded by Cirno. "Don't!"

"This is for Letty!"

Ice began to form around the fairy, and then-

A section of the ceiling near the exit to the courtyard pinched in half, and the sound was deafening - the crunch of wood snapping together at high speed. It almost caught the fairy like a beartrap. It paused for a second, bits and pieces falling out of the mess, before it was lifted up and out, and flung to the night sky. Cirno stumbled backwards upon seeing that.

"Holy sh-"

We noticed that the next section of ceiling over her started to shake too.

She's going to get crushed!

"Cirno!" shouted Whiterock. "Run!"

The fairy scrambled to her feet, running, then flying towards us. The ceiling pinched again, and then the next section, and then the next, each barely missing the little ice fairy. We were already moving towards the exit of the room, until Reimu pointed up at the ceiling near the exit. It too pinched, leaving us with a little bit of ceiling above us - Cirno managing to get to us safely. Then, there was silence. The rest of Kaguya's ceiling was gone, only a few meters worth giving us shade.

In my fear over the situation, I did notice Kaguya's reaction to seeing her room being torn up like that. Suffice to say, she got angry. As for the predicament I was in, I for one wanted us to move out from under the remaining section of ceiling, but where would that leave the youkai in our group? They'd go feral, an affliction I did not care to see happen again.

Nagato's eyes went around us, her face showing dread.

"Nagato," I quickly asked, "Can you do something?"

"I've been requesting allocation for attack data, but it's been repeatedly denied by my administrator. I have nothing right now." She turned to me, still showing fear. "But that's not the worst part. Suou isn't alone."

I couldn't even process what that meant, about her not being able to do anything, because what happened next put that on the backburner. It was one of the scariest experiences I had ever been through: the ceiling above us ripped off (thankfully it didn't pinch on us), and was flung into the sky, exposing all of us to the fake moonlight.

"No!" shouted Yukari, bringing up her arm to shield herself from the light. Remilia, Tewi, and Alice did the same. Remilia had somehow managed to keep her parasol through all of that, but something ripped it from her arms and flung it away before she could get it open.

Not good not good.

I looked up, trying to find Suou, maybe to point her out to my comrades...

Except that there were a lot of her. A lot of girls with long black hair and wearing all black. For the most part, they looked like Suou, but they had their own small characteristics.

You have got to be kidding me. Sky Canopy Domain members, standing there on the rooftop, looking down on us. There had to be dozens of them. We're outnumbered! Reisen did the smart thing and opened fire on one of them, but again, another invisible barrier.

"Hold them," said Suou, as she slowly approached us.

A distortion of air swept over us, freezing us in place. Flashbacks of what Asakura did to me went through my mind. Not fair! Not freaking fair! And I didn't use "freaking".

It wasn't exactly like being frozen by Asakura, however - we were able to slightly move our heads, blink our eyes, speak, that sort of thing. But that's beside the point. We were unable to move, as these Sky Canopy Domain members jumped down, and circled us, like a military unit surrounding a group of enemies.

"I can't move!" shouted Alice.

"Lady Yuyuko! Can you move?"


"Can anyone do anything?" said Tewi in a panic.

We couldn't. They had us. The rest of the group were saying similair things.

Suou took her time with her walk, stopping a few meters away. "Line them up, facing me."

Some invisible force lifted us from the ground, and placed us, like toys, in a line in front of her. I'd later learn that it was the SCD members doing that for her.

The only one free was the doll, which went right for Suou, readying its sheild to bash its opponent...and of course, Suou caught it. Grabbing the legs and the head of Shanghai, Suou simply ripped it in half.

"Shanghai!" screamed Alice, tears in her eyes.

The doll merely fell, rather unceremoniously. Its head fell in a way so that it was looking right at us. Its mouth opened - I don't know if to silently scream or what, but it broke my heart. It appeared to still be "alive", as it kept blinking.

Oh Shanghai...

Speaking of my heart, mine was beating so fast, complete terror going through my body. We couldn't do anything. I could see the others trying to struggle, but to no avail, and I could already see Yukari, Alice, Tewi, and Remilia start to sweat - it beading on their foreheads.

Not like this. Please not like this.

Suou approached Yukari. The two silently stared at each other for a minute, before Suou spoke. "Was it worth it?"

Yukari defiantly smirked at the interface, even though the demon's eyes showed a hint of fear. "If you're talking about my attack on your databanks for doing what you did a few months ago...yes. It was totally worth it. You need to learn what will happen if you mess with-"

Yukari didn't get to finish that, as Suou backhanded her across the face. The demon glared at the interface. "You shouldn't have done that, demon." Suou began to show anger. "You erased all of my data. My data. Everything I have collected in the past four years. Just gone. My work, just gone. You erased what I accomplished." Suou grabbed Yukari's face, bringing her closer. "I'll erase everything you have done. The Gensokyo that you know will die."

Great...revenge. That's just what we needed. That's what this was all about? Revenge?

"What gave you the right to attempt to destroy Genoskyo in the first place?!"

"What gave you the right to delete everything I did?"

"It was in retaliation for your actions."

"And this is retaliation for yours."

The interface never answered Yukari's first question. Suou then began to walk in front of us, looking over each and every one of her captives. As the interface passed Alice, the still-crying dollmaker struggled with all her might to even move, but with no avail. Suou either didn't notice or didn't care. The interface stopped when she got to Remilia, and lowered her head so it leveled with the vampire's. "My only regret," said the interface, in almost a whisper, "Is that I didn't destroy your entire mansion and kill everyone in it. But that will happen today."

I tried to struggle when I heard that, anger rising in my body. How can she say something like that?!

Remilia responded with spitting in Suou's face. "You're dead! You shouldn't have have even entered my property! You shouldn't have-" Again, Suou backhanded the one speaking to her. The ensuing rage on Remilia's face was so intense. "You little bitch! I'll kill you! I'll rip you apart and-" Yet another backhand.

Oh God oh God this isn't going to end well for us, is it? It really was like some anime - where the good guys were captured by the bad guys and were subjected to...a monologue? But...that's stupid. Why would Suou do that? Well, she did have the advantage.

Suou glanced over all of us, a stoic expression on her face. She motioned with her hand, and Yuyuko was "picked up" and brought before the interface. Yuyuko, whose eyes were filled with terror, was then turned to face us. Suou placed her hands on the ghost's shoulders.

"You ghosts have proven difficult to control. That one I tried to control before didn't work out." Suou looked to Letty, who I could see glaring at the interface with more rage than Remilia was. "The influence doesn't stick completely, and ripping the control out of them only makes them go temporarily mad until the influence is completely gone."

That explains a lot. I guess I should be thankful for that, I guess.

"Stand up the esper and the interface in front of this ghost."

Koizumi and Nagato were brought before Yuyuko. Koizumi shot me a glance, and he too was scared.

Flashes of panic went through my mind, until I remembered what I did. It'll be all right, I hope. I think I know what she'll try to do. That is, assuming what I gave Yuyuko worked. Otherwise...otherwise I'd have to witness Yuyuko kill my friends. Please work.

"I may not be able to have complete control, but I might be able to do something with you," said Suou. Sand began to form around Yuyuko, twirling around her. Crimson butterflies began to form around Yuyuko.

Please work please work.

A few silent moments later, Yuyuko struggled to look back at Suou.

"...Are you doing something? Is something supposed to be happening?"

Pumpkin charm. I made the right call. All that stemming from my fear of Yuyuko's powers, and I saved my friends because of it.

"Why...why isn't that working?" Suou turned to me, a slight look of anger on her face. "You did something, didn't you? Every time you get involved, something always goes wrong."

Why is she speaking so naturally and acting this way? This really isn't like her. It's almost like she's someone else here.

Yuyuko then sent out her butterflies towards Suou. The interface moved out of the way in a near instant, and the interface behind her got hit - it resulted in the interface being blasted into sand - Yuyuko had killed that SCD member. Showing some anger, the ghost turned her attention to the rest of the enemy group, a new swarm of butterflies forming.

I'll say this - it's good to have Yuyuko on your side.

"You don't get to do that," said Suou.

The next second, a distortion washed over all of us, shattering the butterflies, and making the paranormal ones in our party cry out in anguish. The ghosts, vampire, youkai - everyone but the humans (and Nagato) cried out when it hit them. I didn't know what happened, and I glared at Suou. "What did you do?!"

She gave me a small smile. "I disrupted the magic of these creatures, and it hurt them." Suou blinked, as if realizing something. Her smile widened as a result, becoming something sickly sweet, and it made my skin crawl to a degree I never thought it could - it was that disturbing. "In fact..." Suou looked up to the moon as the light shone even brighter. "Let's hurt all the youkai in Gensokyo."

-Run "OblivionCharm"

"There's too many!" Mystia shouted at the top of her lungs. There had to be dozens of the bestial youkai there, and they kept entering the grounds. As time went by, they started to attack them - not just go after the fairies. Even with the oni there, they were getting overwhelmed. Some of the youkai converged on her, and Mystia did her best to blast them away with magic - only to have one of them rip the umbrella out of her hands.


Mystia tried to grasp for it, but it was torn to shreds. She could feel the moonlight on her, her body beginning to sweat intensely in response. It felt like it was even burning her skin. She called for help, only to see that the Prismrivers were surrounded and had their instruments ripped from their hands, and many youkai were dogpiling on top of Suika, clawing at the oni. One of the youkai was on top of Mystia, snapping it's jaws as it tried to bite off her face. As Mystia struggled to keep that from happening, she looked over to Wriggle, who was still on the porch.

"Wriggle! Help!"

The bug youkai took one running step off the porch, and was tackled by several beasts. More showed up, but to enter the shrine. Mystia could hear the girl and the fairies squeal.

Not like this! After all that, we failed?

And then something strange happened, even for Gensokyo.

Mystia heard the youkai from within the shrine scream for a second, before being silenced. Then...a ball of darkness shot out of the shrine - going for Wriggle's attackers. When they disappeared into the ball, they vanished. They too screamed for only a second. Then the ball moved, leaving Wriggle covered in splotches of blood - which wasn't hers. The bug youkai sat there, wide-eyed, before she scrambled back to the cover of the porch.

What in the world...?

It kept happening. The bestial youkai were consumed by the darkness, one by one, until there were no more. When the dark ball washed over the bird, she saw who it was inside. It shouldn't have surprised her, but it still did. Rumia was eating the youkai on top of Mystia. The youkai of shadows took a few bites, and the darkness itself consumed the rest, leaving only splashes of blood behind. In the instant that it happened, Mystia saw a crazed look on Rumia's face, and her eyes were glowing blood red.

Good God, Rumia, what happened to you?!

When it was all over, the darkness touched down in the center of the shrine's grounds, before fading away and leaving Rumia, who collapsed, unconscious and soaked in blood that wasn't hers. Suika, Wriggle, the Prismrivers, and Mystia were left staring at the little youkai of shadows.

The bird youkai could still feel the burning of the light, so she moved to Suika, and got the oni to share the parasol over Rumia. The Prismrivers joined the two standing over the little youkai. Nobody spoke for a moment as they stared at the little blood-soaked youkai.

"Damn man," remarked Lyrica as she scratched under her cap, "That was hardcore."

"I thought Lady Yukari said that youkai cannibalism wasn't allowed in Gensokyo," said Lunasa as she glanced up to the group, an eyebrow raised, "That those who do it are severely punished."

"It's not allowed." Suika took a pull of sake, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "But I ain't gonna tattle on her for this."

"I don't think any of us will," said Merlin, who turned to look around the shrine. "And I think that was all of the youkai who got up here. She just saved us all."

"Rumia..." said Mystia in a whispered voice as she stood over her friend, "What did you-"

The next instant, Mystia fell to the floor in agonizing pain, before she could even ask a question.

Everything was going great. Aya and Nitori were more than enough to take on the youkai that had dared to go inside. The Kappa reloaded her prototype-

An intense pain shot through the body of Nitori, and she could feel the magic just disappear. Her body went limp, and she fell to the floor, yelping in agony. The prototype fell to the ground, clattering. The kappa noticed that it was the same for Aya - the tengu was in the same predicament, screaming in pain.

But the same went for the youkai outside - they all fell to the floor too, screaming, and they seemed to be in worse shape because of it.

Nitori couldn't think - her mind was wracked with pain.

Lady Patchouli had gotten the spell to work, and Mistress Flandre began to retch, getting rid of the stuff in her throat, when Koakuma fell to the ground, her body feeling like it was on fire. Her vision blurred, and she made a choking sound, unable to cry out. In her haze, she noticed that it happened to Lady Patchouli and Mistress Flandre as well.

"Keine? What's wrong?!"

Mokou had gotten back, carrying the remains of Chitose, and had discussed what was going to happen from that point on. Keine had agreed that the little youkai of darkness should not be punished for that one, and they were about to leave the teacher's home, when all of a sudden Keine fell to the ground, yelling in pain.

The Prismrivers screamed, as did the other youkai. They fell to the ground, writhing on the floor afterwards. Mikuru stood there, horrified - she didn't know what to do. One minute, those youkai were keeping the scary creatures away, including that little blonde one who was terrifying, the next, they just keeled over. Same thing with the fairies in the shrine.

The time traveler ran outside, overcome with concern. She decided to help up the closest one, the oni girl. The bug girl, who was out of the light, was just about the same, but it didn't seem as bad for her as it was for the ones outside. They said it's the moonlight. The moonlight is doing this. I need to get them out of it!

Seeing as she was the only one left standing, Mikuru than proceeded to drag the youkai to the cover of the shrine's porch. She was surprised at her own courage.

Come on...don't be useless. I can do this. I can contribute for once.

Mikuru struggled to not freak out when it came time to pick up the blonde girl who was covered in blood. The time traveler did not like the feeling of the warm, sticky liquid on her hands. Gross gross gross gross!

Waves of light were hitting us, causing my paranormal allies to scream in agony every time it hit them. Whatever the light was doing, it was obviously hurting the youkai. Suou just kept doing it, standing in front of Yukari, watching the demon wail. This went on for about a minute, and by the end, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop it! Suou! Stop it!"

She turned to me, emotionless.

"What are you doing?! Just stop it!"

She did it one more time, before stepping up to me, and stared into my eyes. "No. In fact, I'm not done." Suou motioned with her hands to the other interfaces. "Put the maid in front of the vampire, the witch in front of the puppeteer, the esper in front of the rabbit, and..." She herself 'grabbed' me, and placed me in front of Yukari. Yukari's eyes widened, as did mine. The sweat was almost pouring off of her forehead, and she was shaking.

No...no no no no...she's going to have Yukari kill me?!

I then saw Reimu being 'picked up', and taken to the side somewhere.

Yukari's eyes went to Suou. "What are you doing with Hakurei?"

"I need her. Gensokyo will become exposed if she dies, correct?" Yukari didn't answer Suou, so the interface continued. "I need your Gensokyo. Despite it's filthiness, it does have some advantages to my kind."

"Lemme go!" shouted the miko, who glared at the interfaces. I could tell she was struggling with all of her might to get out of that, as she was actually shaking - she was somewhat fighting it. But it wouldn't be enough.


My attention went to Sakuya and Remilia. The maid was staring at the vampire with a panicked look on her face, because Remilia was shaking - her body was soaked in sweat. Remilia clenched her teeth.

"Sah...Sakuya...I...can't...hold..." A slight frenzied look was appearing on her face.

Not again! Not again!

The same thing was happening to Yukari, who was staring at me, yet not yet staring at me. I could see the fangs in her mouth form, and a primal fear began to build in my body.

"Kuyou." One of the SCD members pointed up to the sky. Something was thrown at the moon, and it appeared to be from the direction of the Hakurei Shrine.

What is that? Whatever it was, it was big, and going right for the moon. Someone in Gensokyo had to have noticed it, and was doing something about it Is this going to be our last second save?!

The oni had seen it - a wave of distortion came from the moon, and when it washed over her, she had fallen to the ground. The red-haired girl had been kind enough to get her out of the moonlight, but Suika knew she had to do something. Reimu and Yukari were out there, possibly in trouble.

I ain't gonna let them die without doing something!

Finding the strength to stand right back up was easy enough for an oni. She fought through the pain, and limped out onto the shrine's grounds, despite the calls of the girl. Suika extended her hand, focusing her power.

I'll break that damn moon!

It started to work - the trash and the mess from the festival began to gather into a ball. Glaring at the moon with intense hatred, Suika wound up her throw, the object in her hand getting larger by the second, until the grounds was clear of most of the junk. She maximized the density of the new ball with magic, to do maximum damage. The oni, using her entire body for momentum, threw the object right at the moon. Right after, there was another wave of distortion, and Suika fell to her knees, her power leaving her body. The moonlight began to burn her skin, and she could feel an anger form in the pit of her stomach. She felt someone put her arm around their shoulder - it was that red-headed girl with the big breasts again.

Stupid human. If I turn feral, you're dead.

The girl ignored the protests of the oni, and helped Suika to the cover of the shrine's porch. Before they went under it, Suika looked up to the moon, expecting her plan to work.

It didn't work. The ball she threw broke up before it could reach the fake moon.

Damn it!

"It didn't work!"

The bug went wide-eyed. "What?!"

Suika was set down on the porch. "The damn thing didn't work. It broke up before it could smash it!"

"Well now what do we do?" exclaimed one of the musical ghosts.

Suika then heard a noise from within the shrine.

The ghost stumbled out of the shrine, bottle of sake in one hand, and a scepter with a crescent moon at the end of it in the other. She swayed, knowing that she was drunk but she didn't care. She took another drink. "Yeeeesssshhh. What a night." Another pull, as she stepped out to the yard.

"Wait! Mima! Don't!"

The ghost turned to the two onis she saw. No...there is only supposed to be one...she have a twin or somethin?


"The moon!"

Mima looked up, staring at the bright object in the sky. The moon? She looked back at them, noticing the fear and anguish on their faces. The moon makes these people afraid? How silly. They should be afraid of me. A course of action formed in her head, despite her being drunk. It was the only thing that made sense to her in her state. They fear it more than me? I'll show them fear! In her drunken stupor, Mima tossed her bottle to the side, aiming her sceptor at the moon. Images of that human male talking to her flashed in her mind.

"I don't even know who you are."

She felt the rage just flow forth. Little bastard. "Don't even know who I am, eh? Don't even know who I am?! Stupid little boy! I'm the terror of Gensokyo! My name is Mima! My name is feared! The whole world should know me! In fact, the whole world will know me!"

The object did nothing - the fake moon was still up, and still shining down on us. It left me heartbroken, as I thought that was going to be the last second save I had become accustomed to. I felt that there was really nothing we could do - the hope had left my body.

Suou smirked at Yukari. "Do you see? You can't beat me. You never had a chance. I have prepared for this night. I took note of every youkai in Gensokyo. I know their power, and I accounted for everything. The moon is protected from each and every one of the-"

A loud explosion pierced the night, along with a weird light that bathed over us. We looked up. A strange...beam of light had blasted into the fake moon. I dare say, it looked and sounded like some sort of Master Spark, but with darkness instead of the bright light.

What in the world is that?

"T-thats'..." Marisa stammered, obviously astonished, "That's the Twilight Spark! Lady Mima!"

Mima? The ghost? When I thought about it, the beam appeared to be coming from the direction of the Hakurei Shrine. Why is that ghost shooting the moon? And...Lady Mima? That's the evil spirit that Marisa served under? I'd later learn that was the case.

We watched as the fake moon begin to shake, still getting hit by what Marisa called the "Twilight Spark". Eventually, the moon cracked, broke up, and vaporized, revealing the real moon. The Twilight Spark ended, silence retaking the night. The fake moon was gone, the light was gone, and the threat of feral youkai was gone. The real full moon shone in all of its glory.

I actually felt a pang of disappointment. Huh. Last second save came through, albeit somewhat anticlimactic.

You know, I really shouldn't complain about that kind of stuff.

Well, that was some sort of serendipitous way of getting that done. Silently, I thanked whomever that Mima person was, as she just saved all our lives. Also, I might want to mention that whatever was keeping us all frozen appeared to have gone away. We could freely move again, though the paranormal ones had collapsed upon being "freed".

Suou, who had her attention on the moon, was silent as well. She slowly lowered her head to face us. Her eyes were a bit wide, and her lower lip was quivering a bit.

Ooooh, I think I know what part is next. You just lost the only advantage you have here.

Yukari was on the ground, slowly opening and closing her right fist, as if to get the feeling in her hand again. She extended it, and a portal appeared - and she pulled out Reimu, who was behind several SCD members. Then, Yukari used another portal to regain the Rounkanken, and two more portals appeared - Ran and Chen coming out of them.

She's getting her power back!

Within seconds, everyone was standing. All the youkai were staring directly at Suou, who had already started to back away. I knew what was going to happen, as I've seen this in shows before.

It was beat down time.

Reisen whispered to us. "Guys, don't look at me for the next few seconds."

Before I could ask why, Yukari had hurriedly grabbed me, Reimu, Remilia, and Sakuya to turn away from the soldier. I saw Eirin, Kaguya, Ran, Chen, and Tewi do the same with the rest of our group. I watched as Suou move behind one of the room's partitions - she sought cover. The next instant, a red light emitted from where Reisen had to be, and it struck all the Sky Canopy Domain members, who staggered back from the "impact" of the light. Some of them started to twitch, others were grabbing their heads.

"What was that?"

Yukari quickly got back to her feet, turning me and Reimu to face her, an apologetic look on the demons face. "There is one other thing I forgot to mention. Reisen there can induce insanity with her eyes."

I shot a glance at Reisen, and her eyes were faintly glowing, as she smirked at the entities that were just standing around. She quickly picked up the M16, aimed, and fired at one of the entities that was twitching. The entity made no attempt to dodge it - and was blown away, literally into sand and nothingness.

She just disabled them all with insanity? What she had done hit me - just like they "disabled" us, Reisen just "disabled" all of them. Geez, they're going to slaughter these entities. I also felt a pang of annoyance as I raised an eyebrow at Yukari. "Any more information I should be aware of?"

"I've been trying to keep Genoskyo together without my powers. I think I deserve some slack."


One of the SCD members, which was still twitching, tried to attack Remilia, but the vampire just impaled the data entity with a Danmaku copy of the Gungnir. Sand poured from the wound, and when Remilia ripped it out of the entity, the girl exploded into sand. Remilia stood there, grinning. "Yeah...that works." She twirled the weapon with a flourish, ending up pointing it at the nearest SCD member. "And that was satisfying! Who else wants some?!"

This is going to be a bloodbath...or a sandbath...however it goes.

Everybody was then staring at the nearest SCD member to them, weapons in hand. The SCD members were looking to each other, as if silently asking "what do we do now", when they weren't holding onto their heads. They were all acting like they were having intense migraines. Yukari was tapping the spine of the Rounkanken on her shoulder, her eyes directly the nearest SCD member, who was slowly backing away from us.

"So, Doctor..." Yukari said as she wiped the sweat on her brow with her left hand. "Care to join me in a little culling?"

Eirin picked up her bow, drawing a danmaku arrow at the nearest enemy interface. "Sounds fun. How about I take the ones on the left-"

"And I take the ones on the right? You read my mind, doctor."

I shot Remilia a glance, who was wide-eyed at such a statement. I wasn't the only one surprised by that, it seemed. Huh. Eirin was right. Combat does make strange bedfellows.

"No..." We heard Suou speak from behind the partition. She hadn't been hit by the insanity blast. "I accounted for every youkai. Scanned all of them. Made sure that their power wouldn't be able to break the moon. I planned for every contingency. This is impossible...I left nothing to chance..."

"I guess ya didn't account for a sealed away ghost, ze."

"This is your fault, isn't it? You just find a way to screw everything up! I know it's your fault!" Suou was referring to me, I'd later learn.

I saw a crimson butterfly fly past my face, and then a whole swarm of them. They went right for an SCD member, killing it, before going to another. Then, snowflakes from the yuki-onna. Lasers from the witch. Amulets, esper blasts, dolls. It soon became very hard to see, and I knelt down, to make myself a smaller target. When I did manage to see, I witnessed SCD members exploding into sand, becoming nothing. This is a massacre! But I didn't really feel sorry for any of them. They were all ready to kill us, after all. Hard to sympathize with people like that, you know.


This was one of Reisen's. It started off as a standard spread shot, before Reisen moved to a new location, and shot a wave danmaku around her in a clockwise fashion. That's how it went - spread shot, wave, spread shot, wave. There were other spell cards used, but that was the only one I managed to see clearly. I saw the Master Spark, I saw knives go flying, Gungnir being tossed, all of that. The most prominent one? Kaguya. Her spells were knocking around entities like rag dolls.

I didn't even know where Suou was, and I was sure that someone had gotten to her, but in a lull of the danmaku flying about, I caught a glimpse of her.

She glared right at me. Not at anyone else, but me. Not again. Whiterock and Alice both noticed the interface, and went for her, but Suou just plowed through them like they were nothing, tossing them aside when they tried to attack. Thankfully, they didn't appear to be injured from that. Unthankfully, Suou was still coming for me.

I called out to Yukari as Suou began to run right for me, as I panicked. The demon was busy running through an enemy interface with the katana, but when she saw what was going on, she quickly acted. Yukari reached into Yuyuko's pocket (where I put the pumpkin charm), and used a portal to place it right in my hands. I tightly gripped it as Suou reached me.

It felt like I got hit by a car. I was knocked several feet away, rolling on the floor for a meter or so, the pain intense for a few seconds. I couldn't move for a moment, and when I did, all I could do was make gasps for air - the impact hurt me that much. When I glanced up, Suou was approaching me, her eyes like pits of fire - she was showing a lot of anger towards me. A whirlwind of sand was surrounding me, and it appeared to attempt to get into my body, but it just bounced off. Thank you, Pumpkin charm. However, I doubted that it would protect me from any physical assault the interface might inflict on me. My hand was shaking, but I managed to bring out one of the vials. I used my shaky hands to my benefit, agitating the solution within the vial. Using both hands (as I couldn't do it with one,) I broke the vial just as she got to me.

Just like with Wriggle, it exploded, knocking the two of us away. I landed a few meters away, and laid there, unable to move for a while. Danmaku really sucks when you get hit by it, but man, am I grateful that it's a two-way street. I was also grateful for the numbness it gave - a reprieve from the pain of her crashing into me.

I heard Suou moan, while I just made a whimpering noise. It was all I could do after taking that direct blast. After several seconds, the feeling in my body slowly returned. The pain was still there, but not as bad. It was an even longer while before I could get up - by then that I noticed that I couldn't hear the sounds of fighting, and I found out why.

Suou had transported us to a mini-closed space, where it was just me and her. We were still in the broken princess's bedroom, but everyone else was gone. This is total B.S. Instantly, I knew what was going on. I had to take on the final boss all on my own. Don't tell me I have to take her on by myself! How in the world can I go up against a freaking interface?! How can I go one on one with someone who can hack reality itself?!

Then...I noticed her. The damage was bad for Suou - where the danmaku made contact on her skin, it was as if she took a fastball. She was heavily bruised, and she was bleeding from one of her nostrils. Her clothes were pretty charred up, and she shakingly got to her feet as well. Holy cow. Danmaku really is deadly for her kind. It sort of unnerved me to see and know that.

For a brief second, I asked myself why she didn't explode or instantly die upon being hit, like the others, but I couldn't figure out why, not in that situation. I think I might be able to actually do this. I had a means to defend myself against something like her. I really love you magicians for coming up with this red liquid! Even though it tasted bad.

Shakingly, Suou stood there, glaring at me, and wiped the blood from her face. "You're a murderer."

I swallowed hard, struggling to speak. "That's my line. Aren't you getting youkai to kill off the fairies? Doesn't that make you the murderer?

"No. You conspire and side with them. You're a part of the problem."

She made a move, and I broke another vial when she neared me. I had noticed that she was moving slower than usual - she wasn't as blinding fast as you would expect an interface to be - she was moving as quick as a human, as quick as I would have been in that situation, which was how I managed to get that vial off in time. Both of us got hit again. The same thing happened - both of us knocked down, and it would take us a while to get back up.

This is an unusual final boss fight, isn't it? In order to damage her, I've got to almost knock myself out.

Speaking of knocking myself out, I was struggling to stay awake, as I felt like sleeping right there. It was another one of the effects of Danmaku, being literal knockout magic and all. I didn't want to lose conciousness, not with Suou there. I did not want to even fathom what she might do, especially since we were alone in that closed space.

Get up. I have to get up. As soon as I could move my hands, I made a fist, digging my fingernails into my palms, trying to force myself awake. My hands were already bleeding from breaking the glass vials, so the pain was good enough to keep me awake. I mentally counted my vials - I had three left, and I had to weigh the decision of what to do with them. I knew I couldn't use all of them up right then and there for offense - I needed at least one to heal myself up...but I also needed to defend myself. And what about the girls? With what Suou did to them, they might need healing. Okay...only use what I need. If she forces me to use one, I'll use one. I gotta be conservative here.

Yeah, go into the final battle while low on supplies. Way to go, me, for ignoring RPG games 101. I regretted each of the wasted vials of that night.


Yukari's voice? It appeared that only I could hear it.

"...Kyon, you there?"

"Right...right here." I struggled to speak. "Yukari...where are you?"

"We're in the room. We've got everything under control out here. Nagato says you're in a closed space."

That was quick. "...Yeah...yeah I am...with Suou..."

"We're working on getting you out! Don't worry!"

"...Yeah..." was all I could manage. A new plan formed in my head - I had to stall Suou with the threat of my vials. Stall her until Nagato could get me out. I didn't have to take on the final boss if I didn't want to. I turned my attention back to the other person with me in that closed space. When I saw her, she was bleeding even more, the damage to her body beginning to get severe. Blood was trickling down both corners of her mouth. Her breathing was haphazard, as if she was struggling to breathe.

I'm killing her. Not exactly something I was expecting to happen. I mean, yeah, I knew it disrupted them...but for it to go that far? I slowly but surely pushed myself off the ground, sitting up. My whole body wanted to lay back down, but I couldn't, not with a hostile enemy before me.

"You know what they are?" Suou lightly grunted as she propped herself up. "What they do?"

I didn't want to answer her, or dignify any rants. But...stall her. Go with it. If she wants to talk and monologue like a villain, use it to your advantage. Thank you, tropes!

"What are you talking about?"

She glared at me. "Them! The youkai! They eat humans!"

I managed to get to my knees. "I know that. What about it?" Stall her stall her.

"You know that and you still defend them?"


We were both on our feet by that point. Suou took a moment to wipe the blood from her face, her shoulders rising and falling, struggling to get air into her lungs. Which...shouldn't happen? She was acting...human? Why is this happening? What is going on with her? She's not...no...can't be... I mean, right? She wasn't having the Gensokyo effect too...right?


Suou had began to walk, as did I. Well, actually, we limped. We were slowly limp-circling each other in that closed space. I had another vial in my hand, both making sure it was shaken, and that she could see that I had it should she try anything. Yeah, that's right. I'm armed. Don't be stupid. Suou eyed it as she spoke to me.

"You side with them, so you're complicent with what they do. All they do is take from our world. Take away lives to fill their bellies, for their own luxury, their delicacies. They take from our world and don't give back. Just created their own 'self-contained' paradise when they really just take what they want from the world!"

Keep stalling. Keep her talking. "It's more complicated than that!" Come on, Nagato. I'm waiting. And yes, I do depend on her far too much.

"Is it?" She stopped. "All of the blood that vampire drinks had to come from somewhere. Someone had to die to feed her. And that is just one youkai. How many humans have to die each month to fill the bellies of the youkai of Gensokyo?" She pointed at me. "You are a murderer for allowing this to happen."

I felt a bit of anger rise in my chest, but not over her. Over myself. You see, I wanted to have a rebuttal - I wanted to tell her she was wrong. But the truth was...that she wasn't - she actually had a good point, and it got me thinking. Why? Why am I actually behind the youkai I know, especially since I know what they do, and what they are capable of? I've had that dream of Remilia and Patchouli. I've seen the Scarlet Devil Mansion in action, especially what Flandre did. Watching Alice decapitate that youkai. Yuyuko just killing with mere will. Youmu slashing up a youkai. I know what Yukari is capable of - she organizes the kidnapping and deaths of humans from my world, and she apparently sacrificed even her own kind to achieve her goals. She's ruthless. So why do I accept it? Why accept such monsters?Because they're on my side? Because they don't use that violence against me? They've said they are my allies, right? We're on the same team...but what they've done in the past, what they've done in front of me...

Why was I with them? Why defend Gensokyo? ...Why am I defending Gensokyo...

...Actually...why think like this? My thoughts went back to tropes - where the big bad tries to question the faith of the Main Character, of why they do what they do, and try to use it against them. Basic baddie stuff. I can't believe it's somewhat relevant for me...man, there are tropes everywhere tonight.

However...since she was talking about that kind of stuff, of alliances with youkai that have...questionable actions, I decided to turn that around on her. I knew what Suou was capable of, especially in my own life. Don't forget what she has done, especially tonight. She tried to have Reisen execute herself. Have Tewi kill me with a mallet. Have Reisen snipe my head off.

That was the kicker. Suou could say what she wanted, but the ones I were with did not try to kill me that night, unless they were under an influence done by her. I'll give them that.

"Do you condone what they do?" Suou asked after my long pause, as she saw I was thinking it over. "Don't you get it? You are allowing them to exist. Allowing such monsters to exist."

"I don't condone what you are doing." I pointed right at her, in a somewhat dramatic fashion. "You call them monsters, yet that moon up there was causing the genocide of the fairies! Your moon would cause the deaths of humans! Your moon would have caused this world to die out and self destruct! You would have caused so much chaos, and you turn around and tell me that they are monsters?! That you are fighting some righteous battle for your God?!" Nifty little speech I just gave.

"You know they are monsters, you know what they are."

"I'm not one to be cheesy, but I have to say it, Suou. You're the monster." I can't believe I actually said that! I always wanted to smack Main Characters who said such cheesy lines, even though I'm a sucker for such heroics in games and anime. I'm taking this stalling thing to a whole other level. Geez.

"No. I'm trying to save the world."

And she goes and says that. This could not get any more cheesy. "You're delusional. You're insane."

"You're the one who's disillusioned. Sacrifices have to be made to create a better world, or at the very least save it. Sacrifices like Gensokyo. The youkai. The Esper Organization. The Integrated Data Society."

The grip on my vial tightened. "Now you're just starting to piss me off." If you don't shut up, I swear to God I'll do it, Suou. Don't try to justify it in front of me. Don't you dare.

"Mikuru Asahina. Itsuki Koizumi. Yuki Nagato. Haruhi Suzumiya. You."

Oh hell no.

I shook the vial. Immediately, her attention was on it, and she stopped talking. "You sure you want to say stuff like that, Suou?" Suou kept her eyes on the vial as I spoke. A smile crept on my face over the situation. "Yeah, that's right, Suou. You might be an interface and more powerful than I am, but I got a little something here that levels the playing field. It's not so much fun when you guys can't bully me around, huh?" It felt a little good to have such power over such a person.

Another few moments of silence, of her standing there, focusing on the vial, and me getting more and more uneasy by the moment. Knowing what she was, and what she was capable of, it scared me to be there, to have the guts to stand up to her. I really had no backup, save for that vial. For once, it was all on me in such an encounter. Come on, Nagato. Please get through it. I didn't know how much longer my bravado could hold, because, if I missed, how long would it take for me to bring out another vial, shake it, and break it before she got to me?

Die alone, screaming, and violently. That would be the fate I'd have if I screwed up there.

"Haven't you questioned it, at least," the interface suddenly said, her eyes locking with mine, "Or are you the biggest sheep of them all?"

"Questioned what?"

She narrowed her eyes. "You really are stupid. Haven't you questioned why your data friend is evolving? Why is she acting the way she's acting?" She extended her arms. "Why I'm acting more human?"


"It's happening to me too." She referenced to her body's movements, her pained breathing, her bleeding, all of that. She extended her hand...and within a matter of seconds, a small rock began to form. Of what, I don't know. I think she just did it to show me.

But it hit me. Not the rock, but of what it meant. I was stunned. "...Oh my God...it really is just like with Nagato..." She's evolving too. She just created matter. What the hell is this Gensokyo effect?

"Not quite. It's a two way street. This effect somehow 'evolves' us, but it also effects us in different ways. Gensokyo builds up human interfaces if they're from the Data Society. For my kind...it's degenerative, not on the interface level, but on us. Directly degenerative for us. Yet..." She allowed the rock to fall to the ground, still keeping her eyes on me while doing so. "Yet, it still can build us up, can still make us powerful, like the Data Society, if you just know how to alter the data...which I did. That's one of the reasons why I did that moon, to negate that degenerative effect."

Keep her talking keep her talking. "Is that why you weren't that involved in the last incident?"

She slowly nodded. "It hurts to be in this filthy place for too long. I've made it so my kind can enjoy the evolution effect as well, without fear of breaking down, and the past few hours have been amazing. I've evolved." Suou didn't look happy saying that. She stared into her right hand. "Evolved...but for what purpose..."

That again. Do we have an outside source doing this? Making things this way? "Does that give you the right to destroy Gensokyo?"

A flash of annoyance went through her face. "You still don't get it, do you? After everything that has happened?" She took a step towards me, but another vial shake stopped her. Her shoulders rose and lowered in a silent frustrated sigh. "All right, human. Let me spell it out for you, plain and simple so you can begin to grasp the situation. Gensokyo invaded our world."

Maybe there is something to that intelligent design theory. She thinks that there is another force at work here. I didn't say anything after that, and she continued.

"I don't know who did it, but our worlds are connected, our existences, but they weren't supposed to be. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. This world was never Haruhi Suzumiya's creation, not until it became connected to it."

I wanted her to explain herself, but she might end the conversation earlier than I would have wanted to. I had to play dumb to extend it. "That doesn't make any sense! I thought you were out for revenge!"

"It's not just revenge. This world somehow invaded ours, and injected itself into it, altering the history so it can be accommodated. There isn't some special connection between our worlds. Haruhi Suzumiya never had a further need for such creatures. These creatures just put themselves here. That's why I'm trying to kill off Gensokyo!"

Was it true? After everything I had been through, especially the past few hours, was it that far-fetched? I don't know if I want to know if that's the case. "How do you know all this then?"

Suou brushed her hair from her eyes, looking to the ground, her eyes narrowing. "It's...difficult to explain to humans. I have two memories of the same timeframe, one being in existence with Gensokyo, and one without. They invaded our world. I know it." She pointed to herself. "I acted. I acted to save our world. The world that you and I belong to. I tried to kill off Gensokyo to save our world from its invader. And you label me as the villain. The villain...while you prance around with things that will gladly kill off a human for a meal, that have no qualms about slaughtering human lives...and you still defend such creatures. You humans really are stupid."

We heard a crack, and both of us noticed the 'shell' of our closed space was beginning to weaken. My stalling had worked. Almost there. I also realized something - I would have to defend myself soon. With the closed space collapsing, Suou would have to make a move against me before backup could arrive.

If I screw up here, she'll quickly kill me. I have to make this count.

The enemy interface turned her attention back to me, her body beginning to tense - her fists balled up. She was getting ready to attack. "I won't lose to you. I'm the hero of this story. I will cleanse this filthy world."

"Does it justify you wanting to kill me, or everyone else for that matter?"

A small smirk formed on her face, another one that made my skin crawl. "Killing them is part of my solution to the problem of Gensokyo. Killing you? That's just a bonus for all the 'headaches' you've caused me these past few months. You should have joined us when Fujiwara told you to. And besides, you're too ingrained with those youkai, just like the Brigade. Ultimately, you won't betray them. You are too loyal, which is why I would only be wasting my time trying to get you to join me." She narrowed her eyes, an anger showing in them. "That, and every time you get involved in our business, my business, everything gets ruined. So, because of your own stupidity and your unwillingness to see how the world should be, as well as the inconvenience your presence brings...you logically can't be allowed to live. The only solution is your deletion from the equation."

You did not just say that. At least she was honest about it, instead of later backstabbing me should I accept some sort of alliance with her ideals, which I wouldn't have in the first place. My grip on the vial tightened, but I don't think she noticed the spell card in my other hand, nor my reading of it, from memory. And yeah, I forgot I had it until just a few moments before. It was the only thing I could think of.

I had enough of her. I couldn't stand there and let her say stuff like that. I mean, yeah, she had some good points, but for her to just be there and attempt to justify the death of my friends? Or my own death, for that matter? I just couldn't allow it, especially since my friends saved my sorry hide many times in the past. It was time that I finally returned the favor. As she took a step forward, I tossed the vial to a spot between us, just as I finished reciting the spell card.


She was far enough away from it - she had moved away from me to avoid my vial, and rolled right into the effective zone for the Icicle Fall. She screamed as the icicles hit her body.

Suck on that.

I have to tell you - it felt good to outsmart her. Granted, she probably was lessened in her judgement by the earlier danmaku - it kinda clouds and hazes your memory too. Also, I've been finding really useful situations for such a pathetic spell card, haven't I?

I stood there, watching her body get hit, as blood began to drip from the wounds the danmaku icicles carved into her body. Under normal circumstances, I would have been appalled at such a violent display, of a screaming girl getting hit by icicle shards.

But at that point, I felt nothing.

When the spell card ended, I limped a few steps towards her. Suou was down, clenching her teeth, staring up at me, and looked to be as beat up as Remilia was, a small pool of blood forming around her. The closed space that had surrounded us began to break away, returning us to Kaguya's real room. Everyone was still there - and apparently doing fine. There were also a few remaining SCD members, less than a quarter of the group that had assaulted us, who were on their knees, hands behind their heads. They had given up, seeing their comrades die. Reisen was behind them, aiming her assault rifle at them, as if to make sure they didn't try anything, with the others in front, having their various weapons out and pointed at the entities as well.

How about that. We won. I managed to live through another incident.

Koizumi was the first to notice me. "Kyon! You're okay!"

I didn't answer him. My focus was on Suou.

She had tried to kill Gensokyo. She had tried to kill Haruhi. She had tried to kill Nagato. She had tried to kill me.

If this was an anime or manga, this would be the part where the main character decides to show some mercy to their fallen foe, despite everything that had happened. Thing is, next season, the foe is back, up to their old tricks. That, or they turn over a new leaf.

I didn't like the odds for the latter.

And besides...this wasn't an anime. This wasn't a kids show. I wasn't some anime character. I may have tried to do the right things in my oddessy, for the most part, but that doesn't mean I don't feel anger or the need for revenge, especially after the things she had said. Suou had done unthinkable atrocities. She tried to freeze over Gensokyo. Attempted genocide and attempted murder. All for her own "God". Of course, I didn't blame Sasaki. I couldn't. I could never blame her - I won't let myself. All I could do was set things right, and deal with the one in front of me who was on a mad "mission for God". I had the power to do so.

Remilia had stepped up to me, as did Alice and Whiterock. The vampire spoke. "I take it you're okay?"

I nodded without looking directly at her.

The vampire looked down on the pitiful body of Suou. "So...I also take it you want to do things my way, Kyon?"

I didn't answer her verbally. I brought out the second-to-last vial, and slowly advanced on the interface, who had weakley begun to crawl away from me, leaving a trail of blood on the floor. I think that answered Remilia.

Remilia chuckled a bit, apparently approving my 'decision'. "Make her beg for mercy, Kyon. Make her beg for her worthless life." I also heard Remilia suggest for me to wait until we back to the SDM, so Meiling could...hold Suou down...but I didn't pay much attention - my focus was on the one before me.

Alice offered to hold her down, as did Letty, but I declined. I'd later hear that I told them that "she's from my world, so she's my mess to clean up", but I don't recall saying that. I must have been in a different place, mentally.

I know I'm not a killer. I know I'm not a murderer. I'm just a high school kid who got caught up in world-altering events, thrust into some weird paranormal conflict. My decisions have weight to them, as do my actions. I try to do the right thing, but I'm also just me. I'm not perfect. I'm also not Remilia, who takes a lot of pleasure in hurting her enemies. I recalled what Sakuya called her - "The Lady without Mercy." I'd like to think that I'm a good guy. After all, who doesn't?

But what if...what if I do show mercy here, and Suou just comes back to try again? To try and kill off Gensokyo again? Her speech with me just moments before proved that - she's adamant about what she was doing. If she did try again, and I was the one who let her get away, I'd never forgive myself. And I doubted any of my friends there would forgive me - especially Remilia.

All the fairies that had died. The youkai that had died. The human lives that had been threatened. Someone had to answer for all of that.

I was still on the fence about it, until I remembered that a little girl might have died because of Suou.

What was her name? Chitose?

Suou says she was trying to save the world, but what about that little girl? What about the humans in the village? Sacrifice all of them as well, just because they are a part of Gensokyo? Does that make everything all right?

...sacrificing innocent lives in a war...

I had a brief flash in my mind, of broken buildings, shadows stained on the concrete, a ruined city... Two cities sacrificed.

Why did I think about that?

I think you know what I thought about. I was not comfortable thinking about it, mind you.

I couldn't do anything about that, but I could do something about Suou. That sealed the deal. She was complicent for that death, if the girl did die.

I was going to kill her.

I shook my vial, and raised it. I'll take this life so others may live. So the ones who had lost their lives could be avenged. Look, I know I'm not a hero. I'm just trying to make things right, to save some lives. It's all a guy like me in my position could do, right? What's the alternative? Turn around and walk away? Hell no. I was a part of this, of something way bigger than me.

"My story won't end here." Suou quickly said. "I still have to save the world. I still have to make it better. I still have some power left."

You'll meet your end right now.

What happened next, however, was almost instantaneous, right as I threw the vial.

She moved. It was like a rubber band...think "Matrix-style", where the air around her stretched, and snatched a nearby SCD member. They switched places, allowing the hapless member to take the hit. She exploded into sand, which withered away into nothingness.

I had killed someone else. Suou just had someone else take her death blow.

Remilia screeched at that, and started yelling at everyone else to kill that interface. But it kept happening. Every time one of our group tried to strike, Suou would just teleport another SCD member in her stead, letting them die for her. Alice, Yukari, Yuyuko, Youmu, Remilia, Sakuya, Koizumi, Nagato, Marisa, Reimu, and Whiterock...we all missed Suou, forced to kill another SCD member.

The last one left got up and ran, not wanting to be sacrificed either, but she got teleported in front of the Gungnir. She simply fell, becoming nothing before she even hit the floor. And Suou was gone.

She had teleported out of Gensokyo after sacrificing all of her comrades.

Not the ending and resolution of the incident I was looking for. You are kidding me! That is just complete and utter bull! After all of that, we didn't get her?! She got away?!

Suffice to say, something inside of me snapped.

"You coward! You cowardly bitch! Sacrificing others for your own cause! You don't have the guts to die for what you believe in, so you get others to do it for you?! Come back and fight us!" My screams would go unheard by Suou - my mouth and my throat hurt from shouting.

I fell to my knees, feeling exhausted, and angry. I had never been that angry. Seing what Suou did just put so much rage in my body. Suou was a coward, going on about how she was going to save the world, but instead runs away and lets other people die for her mission. I pounded my fist into the floor of the princess's bedroom, yelling in frustration. I kept doing it until my knuckles were bleeding and sore, but I didn't care. Eventually a pair of hands had grabbed my shoulders. I wanted to just push them away, as I was in no mood for anything, but it was Nagato and Marisa. The two stared into my eyes, and it managed to calm me. They just silently blinked, all of my anger fading as I stared back at them. Tears began to form in my eyes, both over the pain of my actions (I think I fractured my left wrist there), and the emotion that was behind my rage.

Marisa helped me up, and embraced me, holding me close. I knew it didn't look good, but I needed it. I returned the embrace.

She patted my head. "Yeah, it's okay. It's okay. I'm pissed off, too."

"After everything..."

"Yeah...I know, ze."

The two of us stood there, holding each other. While I knew I should avoid this kind of thing with Marisa, I'm not going to lie - it felt good. Her body was warm, her skin soft, and the scent of her hair wafted into my nostrils. All of my anger faded away as we stayed like that. It was so comforting. I closed my eyes, just taking in the sensation of being near her. In the back of my mind, I was screaming at myself to stop it, but I couldn't.

It was a while before anyone spoke. Reisen was staring over the spot where the last SCD member died, resting her M16 on her shoulder. "Permission to speak?"

I didn't know who she was talking to, until Eirin answered. "Speak."

The soldier turned to us. "Despite Kuyou getting away, I think we can chalk this up as some sort of victory."

Kaguya took a few steps towards the center of her room, and stopped, looking around, an incredulous look on her face. "Really? My room gets destroyed, our home was invaded, and this is supposed to be a victory?"

Yukari sheathed the Rounkanken, a smile of a winner of her face. "The soldier is right. We have survived an attack by a number of interfaces." She nodded at Nagato. "I think our interface friend here can confirm that such an action is impressive. We have saved Gensokyo."

Marisa and I broke up our hug. I took a second to straighten myself up, flinching when I couldn't move my left hand. "And what about...Suou?"

"If I was at full power, I'd go after her. I am quite drained, however. I only managed to get a little bit of power back when the fake moon was destroyed." The demon noticed the anger reforming in my eyes, and slightly raised her hand. "But, Kyon, we shouldn't be too worried. Suou has failed. Her masters know she failed, big time, and that she let others die to save her own skin. That wasn't all of the Sky Canopy Domain. Just those who sympathized with her, and her way of thinking." She glanced to where the bodies would have been. "And they all paid the price for thinking her way was the way to go. At the very least, we have sent a message to our enemies: that we are able to kill them, and that we stand united against them." Yukari turned to each of the members of our group, a prideful look on her face. "This is indeed a victory for Gensokyo. We have united against an enemy that sought to destroy us all, and we still stand."

Remilia of course, protested over Suou getting away, but Yukari wouldn't have it. Barring that, yeah, I guess we did have some sort of victory, especially when it came to me. I once again stood up against something vastly stronger than I was, and came out of it alive. The Lunarians went around the princess, asking her if she was all right, the brigade went to me, and the Gensokyian girls did the same with themselves. Sakuya went about looking over the damage Remilia had on her clothes, Yuyuko was giving a hug to Youmu, who took a while to reciprocate, and Yukari joined that. Whiterock and Cirno were in their own corner of the room - with Cirno covering the area in ice, I guess for Letty. The Yuki-Onna looked almost ready to pass out from the summer heat, I guess. Marisa and Reimu did some sort of fist bump, with Marisa saying "One more down." I think she was referring to incidents in general. Alice was over the remains of Shanghai, repairing the broken doll, with tears in her eyes.

I called out to her. "Shanghai going to be okay?"

Alice sniffled, and rubbed at her eyes. "I hope so...she's just...torn in half..."

Marisa knelt down and started to pick up some of the pieces of the doll. "Hey, don't worry, ze. We'll get her back in new condition in no time! She'll be better than before!"

As the two magicians conversed, Reimu had joined us. She was the first to notice my injury.

"Geez. Kyon...you're swelling up."

"You sure you're all right?" asked Koizumi.

I held onto my broken wrist, clenching my teeth from the pain. "Other than this, yeah."

Nagato gently grabbed my injured arm. "I'll never understand the need to inflict pain on oneself when enraged."

Koizumi shrugged. "It's venting. He had nothing to vent on, so he just reacted."

"It's a stupid thing to do," remarked Reimu. She rolled her eyes at me. "I know that anger, but come on, Kyon."

Yeah, I was regretting it. Reimu was right - it was stupid. I was about to bring out my final vial, when-

"I think our thanks is in order."

That was Kaguya. The Lunarians stood there, in a line. The Princess gave us a bow, and the other two followed suit. Tewi just stood here, scratching the back of her head, obviously disinterested.

Yukari went up to them, giving them a nod. "Not necessary. We merely had a common enemy." The demon began to size up the aliens, and seemingly as an afterthought, Yukari blurted out the following: "When we leave here, you're just going to do that fake moon again, aren't you?"

"Yes," Kaguya said straightforwardly.

Wow. Blunt.

Remilia went up to the princess, and would have been nose-to-nose with her, if she wasn't so short. "What gives you the right to take away our moon and put a shoddy fake in its place?"

"Your moon?" Kaguya had a coy smirk on her face. "Vampire, I'm the Lunarian Princess. It's mine, and I'll do what I please with it."

I had noticed that Yukari was slowly backing away, with a smile on her face that bugged me. I think I knew what she did. She just set up a fight between the Lunarians and Reimu.

Reimu softly pushed the vampire away from Kaguya. The miko, tapping her gohei on her shoulder, stepped up to the princess. "You have too much free time, don't you? Were you hoping for someone to play with?"

Reimu said that as she brought out a spell card.

Hoo boy. The ride never ends. Also, weren't we just allies?

Kaguya smiled. "Being cooped up here, I don't get many visitors. So...ultimately yes. Maybe I was looking for someone to play with." Kaguya then looked over her shoulder. "Reisen?"

The soldier had joined the Princess's side, still carrying the M16. "If you would allow it, your highness, I would like to fight by your side."

This...might get complicated.

Understatement? Understatement.

Ultimately, it came to where Reimu and Marisa were to face off against Kaguya, Yagokoro, Reisen, and Tewi. Reimu then asked, surprisingly, that Nagato and Koizumi join up, which they accepted. I'll be damned. Nagato and Koizumi will help solve an incident.

So, three from Earth with one alien versus three aliens with one from Earth. Interesting.

The fight itself was chaotic, and amazingly awesome. Kaguya actually used the five impossible requests as spell cards themselves, however that worked, but nobody could capture any of them - they were too tough.

Surprisingly, despite the teamwork of Eintei, our group worked with deadly efficiency. Reimu and Marisa seemed to work extremely well as a team, and Koizumi was great at dodging - I guess a byproduct of dodging big giants in his regular job...and Nagato...

Do I really have to explain why Nagato wouldn't have any trouble?

Once again, it came down to the Fantasy Seal being Reimu's trump card, taking down the princess, who was the last one up. The princess unceremoniously fell to the ground after getting hit. The miko twirled her gohei with a flourish in victory, as the Lunarians laid on the ground.

I used the last of my vials to heal up everybody from that fight (and I don't know how I managed it - I had to swallow it twice to keep it down), and I helped Reisen up. She was obviously disappointed. She glanced over everyone from Earth, rubbing her side, where she got hit by Ukichiro's Asteroid earlier. "Huh. Didn't expect you guys to be that tough, to tell the truth."

You shouldn't underestimate us. The Brigade and Hakugyokorou did manage to take you down, after all.

Kaguya slowly propped herself up, with Reimu standing over her. The princess was disheveled - her hair all messed up, her clothes frayed and crumpled up due to the fighting. She no longer looked like a regal person. The miko extended her hand, which the princess stared at for a while, before somewhat begrudgingly taking it, and being helped up.

The triumphant miko and the defeated princess stared at each other for a long time, and nobody made a sound. I had noticed that the sky was starting to gain light - dawn was nearing. The night was all but over, as was their play to have a fake moon up. I think Kaguya realized it.

Personally, they did have a right to protect themselves, but to that extreme of putting up a fake moon? Someone would have noticed it, and it would have been all over the news. And then someone in particular would take notice of such a thing, causing even bigger trouble than a mere papier-mache moon would have caused. How about that. We can use the existence of Haruhi to our advantage in here. Reality was, the moon had to be taken down, and they shouldn't try again - they couldn't, not unless they wanted the world to be remade.

"Very well." Kaguya slowly nodded. "We won't put up a fake moon any more."

Eirin stepped forward, putting her hand on Kaguya's shoulder. The doctor's brow furrowed. "My princess, we can't give up on that. We'll always be hunted."

"Eirin, we lost. We will not do that again."


"Not another word, Eirin."

During that, I noticed Yukari. She was in a corner of the room with that same smile on her face. When the demon noticed me looking at her, the smile dropped.

You manipulative person you.

"You okay, Flan?

The little vampire slowly nodded, before coughing and throwing up more of the dead plant matter from her lungs. Patchouli held onto Flandre's hand, patting her back. The spell had worked beautifully, killing off the rooting plants before they could do any permament damage. Koakuma had quickly came back with a bottle of blood, so Flandre could drink it and heal faster. She'll have major discomfort for the next several hours, but she'll be fine. A lot better than the alternative of becoming a living flower bed.

Patchouli had wondered what had happened earlier, with her magic fading away and her body being set ablaze with pain. Whatever it was, it didn't happen again. It possibly had something to do with the incident. I hope they got it all sorted out. The fact that it didn't happen again was a good sign. That, and also Patchouli no longer felt her blood boiling to that degree it got when an incident occurred. It had to be over. There is no other explanation. They must have won. But Patchouli knew better than to assume - she'd need proof.

Still, she felt a hint of hope in her body that the incident was finally resolved.


It was Meiling. The two turned to see that Meiling was half-hidden behind one of the bookcases...apparently without clothes. The assistant blushed.

"Ah! Meiling! What-"

Well, her turning to her true form does have its disadvantages. Burned off her clothes.

"Koa, could you go get me a change of clothes from my room?" Meiling was red in the face. "Nothing too fancy."

Koakuma balked at that for a few seconds, before flying off.

The remaining three in the library were silent after that, barring Flandre retching every few moments.

Meiling cracked her knuckles before breaking the silence, nonchalantly speaking: "Been one hell of a night, eh Lady Patch?"

"You could say that." The Librarian stared down at Flandre, before returning her gaze to Meiling. "What happend to Kazami, by the way?"

The two heard a moan from deeper in the library, and Meiling looked back to where the sound originated. "Ah...she'll live. I think."

"You didn't damage my library too much, did you?"


Meiling didn't answer beyond that, she just averted Patchouli's gaze, and that was the librarian's answer. Another night where I got injured, our home got wrecked, and lives were at danger. Not to mention my library is in ruins. I really need to ask Remi why we came to Gensokyo in the first place again, because this just sucks. All Patchouli could do was let out one long sigh, as she continued to hold the hand of Flandre.


-Entities encountered:

-Doctor Eirin Yagokoro, Lunarian

-Cirno, Ice Fairy

-Letty Whiterock, Yuki-Onna

-Princess Kaguya Houraisan, Lunarian

-Ran Yakumo, Kitsune (Kyuubi) Shikigami

-Chen, Nekomata Shikigami

-Entities catalogued

-Uploading File-

"Eternal Night Incident"

-On the day of July 14th, 2004, this entity as well as the members of the S.O.S. Brigade, barring Subject Haruhi Suzumiya, were spirited away to Gensokyo by unknown means. On July 15th, 2004, an incident started, with this entity noticing that a faux moon was in the sky (made out of papier-mâché). It was later discovered that the faux moon's light was causing nearly all youkai to turn feral and attack both humans and fairies. The power was determined to be Sky Canopy Domain in nature. Setting out with Sakuya Izayoi, Remilia Scarlet, and [NAME REDACTED] "Kyon", this entity began to assist in the resolution of the incident. Two human-like youkai were beaten, and the group was joined by Alice Margatroid, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Mikuru Asahina, and Youmu Konpaku. Leaving the time traveler at the shrine, the group assisted in the defense of the human village, being joined by Reimu Hakurei and Itsuki Koizumi. The group then found the source of the faux moon - within the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Joined by Yukari Yakumo and Marisa Kirisame, the group assisted Sergeant Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tewi Inaba, Doctor Eirin Yagokoro, and Princess Kaguya Houraisan in the fight against a gathering of Sky Canopy Domain members. The moon was destroyed by a ghost by the name of "Mima". No casualties.


-File Catalogued by Yuki Nagato

-end file-

-Emiri Kimidori has initiated a chat:

-EK: I trust the incident has resolved.

-NY: Yes.

-EK: I also know your administrator denied you power at an inopportune time.

-NY: He did, during the fight against the Sky Canopy Domain. In my opinion, we could have avoided a lot of suffering if I had access to my attack power.

-EK: He appears to have it out for you, as the humans say.

-NY: He does, and I am still assigned to him. I do not know how much longer I can stand it.

-EK: You don't have to worry about it.

-NY: Why not?

-EK: I went to the superiors with his actions, and his denial of your powers at such a time. I suggested that he had to be working with the Sky Canopy Domain, due to the timing of his actions.

-NY: I don't think he was.

-EK: The superiors took his actions in the context that he had to have been. I also came forth with evidence of his treatment of you over the past few months. Due to all of that evidence, he has been...removed from his position.

-NY: ...

-EK: Yuki?

-NY: I never liked him, but that wasn't the way to take him down. I do not believe he was in league with them.

-EK: He wasn't, but I made it seem like he was. You'll thank me for it later. Trust me. This is for the best.

-Emiri has left the chat

-N. Yuki

-end entry-


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